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“UN digital ID”

Notice, at the end, they refer to Idemia...

Between Idemia, and Thales, you outta check if you’re state is screwing you, too. (Yes, even Arizona, Texas, and Florida...)

(Not just, too!)
...notice how the car won’t start without his facial recognition...

Now, imagine that tied to your behavior, your “social credit”.

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New paper co-authored by myself & my @WHO colleagues. It covers data gaps in 47 low- and middle-income countries & their effect on achieving our health-related #SDGs & #TripleBillion targets.

Full paper 🔽…
Country’s progress to reach the #TripleBillion targets & health-related SDGs are tracked through 46 indicators. For many low-income countries, international surveys are the only way to monitor them and we found #HealthData gaps exist in all 47 countries. (2/5)
Some key recommendations:
🔹 Collaboration between surveys to ensure data is comparable & close data gaps
🔹 Shorter cycles between surveys to ensure policies are informed by most recent data
🔹 Use of mobile technology & network services for surveys
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If Republican influencers would use their brains, they’d see the science & finance piece to it...look around at what is happening in the world.

Lynn Rothschild intro’d Epstein to numerous key people, who are now promoting her (WEF’s) inclusive Capitalism.

Club of Rome 🇺🇳 4IR
#TerraCarte bears a lot of resemblance to TerraMar...and Inclusive Capitalism.

Please, for humanity, look at Maxwells & Epsteins = WEF, 🇺🇳, Club of Rome.

Larry Coben
Amir Dossal
Boris Nikolic
Melanie Walker
Scott Borgerson
Michael Dorsey
From its founding as “European Management Symposium”, Kissinger&Maurice Strong’s protege, Klaus Schwab had infused Club of Rome&🇺🇳 into WEF

These entities are stripping us all of individual&national sovereignty

Child rape is terrible, but there was a *purpose* for the blackmail
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Die neue #Landesregierung in #Berlin hat es zugelassen, dass haushohe Platanen gefaellt wurden, welche das einzige Stück Grün für die dortigen Bewohner war & natürlich für #Voegel

Darin zeigt sich hoechste Ignoranz angesichts von #Klimakrise & #Wohnungsnot!

#Stadtplanung #WBM
#Warum soll das Bauen ein Ausdruck von #Ignoranz gegenüber einer #Wohnungsnot darstellen?

Aus mehreren Gründen.

1. Die #Wohnungsnot ist systemisch, das heißt sie wird eben nicht durch Bauen, Bauen, Bauen gelöst, sondern teilweise durch das #Bauen forciert.

Stichwort #Leerstand
Da sich mit jedem #Neubau e. #Renditemaximierung verspricht - was seit der #Privatisierung des #Wohnungsbaus alleinige Motivation für d. Tun darstellt - hat dies zur Herausbildung v. Fehlanreizen geführt:
Es werden bewusst #Immobilien nicht mehr saniert & in #Leerstand ueberführt
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Pierre Trudeau(Justin’s dad)
Klaus Schwab
Stan Johnson(Boris’s dad)
David Rockefeller
Maurice Strong
WEF Al Gore
Ted Turner
Bill Gates
Mikhail Gorbachev

Very high correlation between👆🏼Epsteins, Maxwells,🇨🇳,🇺🇳, Club of Rome

🇺🇳&WEF is CoR being put into action.
Isn’t it interesting that Club of Rome’s Gorbachev & Robert Maxwell set up a $100 million “Global Research Institute” to address things for all humanity, such as **global warming**

Robert Maxwell’s CoR ties, w/Isabel at WEF, Ghislaine at UN, Mark Epstein HDI, & Jeffrey science🔥
“Man can create a society in which he can live indefinitely on earth if he imposes limits on himself and his production of material goods to achieve a state of global equilibrium with population and production in carefully selected balance.”

Schwab’s 3 books
Gates formula
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You believe the narrative Melinda left Bill Gates because he hung out with a human trafficking, pedo, rapist...

...but you won’t consider she left him because he went too far to ensure he made out on his💉investments&🇨🇳style global governance aspirations?


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Just reading at the moment - The Right to Repair - Reclaiming the Things We Own @APerzanowski…
#repair #righttorepair #intellectualproperty #consumerrights #competition
'Legislation and regulation are part of the solution, but fixing our culture of repair will demand lasting changes to our behaviour as consumers and citizens'. @APerzanowski (p 268)…
#repair #righttorepair #intellectualproperty #consumerrights #competition
'Protecting and restoring repair will require us to rethink product design, recalibrate market incentives, and shift the social norms of our consumer culture to better reflect the value of repair' @APerzanowski (p 13)…
#repair #righttorepair
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Global #FoodSystems must be transformed to ensure human wellbeing & environmental sustainability. All food companies have to play their part.

Here's a new resource to guide companies to improve their practices & contribute to the #SDGs

See 🧵👇 Image
Our new Handbook for SDG-Aligned Food Companies is based on our Four Pillar Framework and its standards.

It was designed to help companies to adjust their practices to align with the SDGs.

#FoodSystems #FixingFood #FoodSupplyChains #SDGs Image
The standards in Pillar 1 look at how food companies’ products & strategies can drive more sustainable diets, healthier habits & support food security for consumers & producing communities.


#FoodSystems #FixingFood #FoodSupplyChains #SDGs Image
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⬇️To deepen trade links
⬇️To strengthen global supply chains
⬇️To invest together in green and digital technologies
⬇️To keep people safe

💡The #GlobalGateway is our new strategy to connect the🌍

Together, we make connections work for people and the planet

The #GlobalGateway stands for trusted connectivity that works for people and the planet

For us, global connectivity needs to be:

🌳 sustainable
🤝 comprehensive
🛡️ secure
🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏻 human-centric
🌍 geographically adapted

The #GlobalGateway is an innovative project to deploy digital networks and infrastructures with partner countries through investments in:

🌳☀️Climate and energy
👩‍🏫Education and research

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95% of people are chasing meme coins

But few are looking at one of the biggest long-term opportunities in crypto...

A deep dive into how $XRP is building a frictionless decentralized liquidity pool for the world 🌍

(Not financial advice)

/THREAD/ Image
1/ The problem:

“With today’s internet of information you can’t store, move, transact value without a powerful intermediary. And that’s what blockchains solve”

Quoted by @dontapscott a leader in the decentralized blockchain revolution Image
@dontapscott 2/ Before blockchain

The internet had a problem with transferring $ value peer to peer

The only 2 options for sending money were:

1. Send $ using a cross border payment via bank transfers
2. Use a 3rd party and trust a stranger with private information

Lets dive into those👇 Image
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#Sustainable Alternative Futures for #India (SAFARI) is a user-interactive scenario development tool developed by #CSTEP.

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction #Climate #CSTEP
The #SAFARImodel helps simulate long-term pathways where #development goals AND #ClimateAction are achieved synergistically.

#ClimateEmergency #Climate #CSTEP @ConnectSDGs #COP26 #SDGs @UN
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❗️If you are in crypto you should know what SDX is❗️

Let me break it down👇

Swiss Digital Asset Exchange @SDX_global

The first fully regulated digital asset exchange that provides trading, settlement, and custody for institutional & retail customers

#SDX $QNT #regulation ImageImage
SDX provides digital asset interoperability options for legacy financial institutions.

A regulated playground for digital asset investors.👀😃

#fintech #blockchain #SDGs #digitalization #sustainablefinance #interoperability #SDX #DLT #regulated #capitalmarkets ImageImage
Who are some of SDX's partners?
@yoshitaka_kitao SBI holdings

Partnering countries:

#tradefi #blockchain #futureoffinance #SDX ImageImageImage
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(Thread) - New Report: we are proud to present ‘A Compass towards 2030’, which tracks progress towards a #resilient and #regenerative well-being #economy. Access it here:… #COP26 #ClimateCrisis (1/9)
We start from the observation, that the #EU is confronted with a proliferation of dashboards. They provide neither a narrative that is compelling, visually attractive and easy to understand nor a #political summary to monitor developments towards #BeyondGDP (2/9)
We take inspiration from #DoughnutEconomics to close this gap. The Doughnut shows overshoots of planetary boundaries (outer ring) & shortfalls on #social foundations (inner ring). Challenge of the century is to get into green ring: a #safe & just space for #humanity & #EU (3/9)
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When do people consider the possibility the guy who, repeatedly, even after arrest, met w/a CHILD RAPIST/TRAFFICKER, who happened to be “interested” in twisted sciences, is actually *also* a psychopath who was meeting him FOR the sciences we see playing out today? 🦠💉🧬🦾
#4IR Image

Here’s a link to Epstein’s unchallenged, court-submitted, FAA flight log, w/Gates on it.

They did not report on all the Epstein/Maxwell connections. They lied about the lab 🦠. They lied about the 💉intent.

👀they are evil.… Image
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China systems integrated its solution with @EnigioTime and Enigio's DLT based solution uses $XDC for the underlying technology for securely transferring digital documents originals.

Let's take a dive in the connections 👇

#blockchain #information ImageImageImage
Currently, the legacy banking system has major problems with moving original trade documents. They mostly deal with paper and have to store copies.

Enigio acts as a digital notarization service for verifying the documents.

Reducing the need for a paper system.

#banking #SDGs ImageImageImageImage
Paper invoicing in global trade between SMEs also creates a lot of headaches and friction.

It creates a very slow verification process that's hard to keep track of.

Enigio & $XDC Network can solve this

By digitalizing each invoice on a decentralized platform easy to access ImageImageImage
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Not to miss!

🏆 Witness the very first edition of the ISC Awards where we will honour outstanding individuals and groups in 10 award categories.

🔴 Follow LIVE: #ISC2021
ICYMI: ‘Eye ad Sea’ by Christoph Spangenberg

Written and performed especially for the first ISC Awards ceremony 🤩 Image
2021 Science for Sustainability Award

'For outstanding scientific contribution to the achievement of the #SDGs using an interdisciplinary approach'… Image
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A learning thread about bodily #autonomy.

"Bodily Autonomy" falls under UN SDG3.

The #SDGs have been officially adopted by 193 countries - every member state of the UN.

All are to uphold #MyBodyIsMyOwn - yet whole populations are being coerced -

in servitude to capital. Image
United Nations:

"Bodily autonomy means that we have the power and agency to make choices over our bodies and futures, without violence or #coercion.

Our human rights, mental wellness and futures all depend on bodily autonomy."

This means NO to #MandatoryVaccinations.
United Nations:

"Intertwined with bodily autonomy is the right to bodily #integrity, where people can live #free from physical acts to which they do not consent."

UN Geneva: "Stop telling #women what to do with their bodies." Image
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Sept 29 2021: On sidelines of 76th session of the UN Gen. Assembly, the #G7 Partnership for Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion in #Africa. #Gates

Framed as inclusion - in reality, entry point into #debt economy for billions w/ absolute compliance.


#WorldBank, July 22, 2021: "Building on existing international norms, the ID Principles were first developed and published in 2017 by a group of orgs committed to supporting the development of identification systems"

#SDGs #digitalidentity #ID4D

#blockchain will further chain impoverished:

"Our loan officer is that SIM card in the device that can shut it off remotely," ... "We know that it's important for them to keep their lights on at night, so they can be counted on to keep paying."

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Why is blockchain one of the fastest innovative technologies and what benefits does it provide?🤔👇

#blockchain #DLT #fintech #innovation #financial #cryptocurrency #utilitytokens #education ImageImage
Industries Blockchain can & will innovate!
Healthcare and medical records
Decentralized voting
Cross border remittances
Digitalized securities and derivatives (no fee swaps)
Supply Chain shipping and tracking
Digital identities
Real estate and land titles

#blockchain #DLT #IoV ImageImageImage
Did you know Blockchain & DLT is listed in the World Economic Forums Sustainable Development Goals?

Under Industry Innovation & Infrastructure!

In my network, I like to talk about Utility Tokens doing something for this world!

#regulatedcompanies #makingadifference #SDGs ImageImage
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PWH Director @mchorowitz welcomes our in-person and virtual audiences to @perryworldhouse for today’s conversation with @MaEllenSirleaf. Follow this thread for updates🧵
“Few have better insights on pandemic response and preparedness through her leadership of Liberia through the Ebola crisis,” says @PennNursingDean, introducing this event.
“Penn’s work has touched the shores of West Africa,” says @MaEllenSirleaf. “I urge the professors here to keep @Penn the open house you are to train those from distant lands to go back and serve their countries.”
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1. The U.S. sees a vital role for the Security Council to tackle the negative impacts of climate on peace and security.

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken said this when he addressed the U.N. Security Council on the impact of climate change on security.

Thread 🧵

#Climate Image

2. Blinken said climate change is taken into account at every foreign policy decision because of its devastating implications and the cascading effects on virtually every aspect of our lives, like #agriculture, infrastructure, public #health, or food.…

3. Blinken said: "The consequences are falling disproportionately on vulnerable and low-income populations. And they're worsening conditions and human suffering in places already afflicted by conflict, high levels of violence, instability".

🧵 #UNSC…
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1. Yesterday, the UN Secretary-General warned: "We face the greatest cascade of crises in our lifetime."

World leaders gathered at the U.N. General Assembly, where the climate crisis and other 'Great Divides' are on the agenda.

➡️ RT

Thread 🧵

#UNGA #ClimateCrisis #peace

2. Unlike just five or ten years ago, it's now only the odd one out who is not alarmed about the climate crisis.

Especially the younger generation doesn't need to be convinced of the seriousness of our global challenges.

#youth #schoolstrike…

3. Being alarmed doesn't always lead to concrete action.

Nobody can ignore the daily news about extreme weather disasters or the latest scientific report about the climate crisis.

But our leaders still don't treat the new reality as a crisis.

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"Our world is challenged like never before.From #climatechange, to conflicts, to #COVID19, which is putting the Sustainable Development Goals further out of reach. It would be easy to lose hope. But we are not hopeless" @antonioguterres
"We have a path to recovery. Ifwe choose to take it. That’s what this SDG Moment is all about.Coming together to save our planet. And today we are coming together with @BTS_twt" @antonioguterres
"Two weeks ago, I launched Our Common Agenda –A plan to re-boot the multilateral system and gather the world around our common objectives. Because only by recovering together can we get the SDGs back on track"
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