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Operative, problem solver, run @potomacstrategy. Co-founder @SaveAustinNow. Chairman @TravisGOP. Steelers/Pens/Horns. The most committed always wins. ♥️Amy Sowa
Aug 7, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
Three years ago I looked like the photo on the left. The second photo was taken a week ago.

There was no miracle diet. No surgery.

The only necessary ingredient is determination.

At the time of the first photo, I weighed 260 pounds.

1/ We new commitment to being healthy started in March 2020 when I walked at least six miles a day, everyday, for two months. Walking at least 120 steps a minute, you burn calories. I lost 20 pounds in two months.

But I kept going. I coupled that with a better diet.

Jun 4, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
It is now clear that @AllenWest’s entire tenure as @TexasGOP chair was intended to do only what many suspected: Provide him a platform for his political future, not an opportunity to build the party.

Allen West inherited a strong party passed down from the heroic efforts of Steve Munisteri, ably transitioned and sustained by the work ethic of successor @jamesdickey after Tom Mechler’s failed reign.

Now, the party is in the weakest financial position in at least 10 years.

May 26, 2021 14 tweets 5 min read
Here's a quick thread on the absolutely dire public safety situation in Austin ...

Austin has never been more dangerous than it is today. I've lived here since 1984 (except 8 years in DC after college).

It is true that major cities have been dealing with a violent crime surge since 2018/2019, but in Austin it has accelerated. Why?

Nov 8, 2020 15 tweets 2 min read
Sunday Talk lineup:

Biden deputy camp mgr Kate Bedingfield
Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT)
Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC)
NBC News’ Kristen Welker & Kelly O’Donnell
Dem pollster Cornell Belcher
NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell
WSJ's Peggy Noonan
Cook Pol. Report’s David Wasserman ABC This Week:
Gov Andrew Cuomo (D-NY)
Gov Kristi Noem (R-SD)
Sen Chris Coons (D-DE)
Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO)
ABC News’ Jonathan Karl & Rachel Scott
Fmr Gov. Chris Christie
Fmr Mayor Rahm Emanuel
ABC News analyst Matthew Dowd
DFA CEO Yvette Simpson
Fmr Sen. Heidi Heitkamp
Oct 10, 2019 7 tweets 3 min read
Statement from @PeteSessions that I am releasing:

“Today there was information about an indictment released by SDNY and I have read it. There has been a suggestion that I am ‘Congressman One’, which I cannot confirm.

@PeteSessions However, I will vigorously defend myself against any allegations of wrongdoing.

As it relates to my role as a member of Congress and a candidate in 2018, the most important sentence in the indictment is this:

Aug 22, 2019 22 tweets 5 min read
Quick tweet storm on the Homeless Camping disaster in Austin.


In June, with almost no public input, the Austin City Council changed a city ordinance that would allow homeless people to sleep and camp in public places, to take effect on July 1. They then took a five week vacation.

Oct 7, 2018 14 tweets 4 min read
#Kavanaugh tweet storm beginning now:

Today’s confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is the most significant judicial victory for conservatives of my lifetime. All conservatives should thank @SenMajLdr & @ChuckGrassley for their extraordinary leadership through a grueling battle.