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#Exvangelical/#ChristianAltFacts story time! Been sitting on this one a while.
CW: Mentions of rape, suicide, and abusive thinking
A lot of you guys who know me on here probably know that I deal with a lot of self-hate. It started with me getting really mad at myself as a kid. 1/
I went from a self-deprecating remark here and there to crying, yelling, hitting myself and thinking I deserved to die by the beginning of high school, and I saw my parents' reactions change too - from comforting, to dismissing, to my mom threatening physical punishment. 2/
A bit counterproductive of course, but it was enough to keep me quiet.
The funny thing is, the threats weren't bc of an emergency (I never really hurt myself or attempted suicide or anything), or bc I owed myself better. I actually didn't really get much of a reason. 3/
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1/ ME, A VERY TIRED #IMMIGRATION LAWYER: this just in, our awful government is doing an illegal thing to #asylum seekers

YOU, A CONCERNED CITIZEN: Like, *how* illegal though


*pours a Laphroaig double*

okay, let's do this
2/ 1st, this is not exactly an executive order. That's coming later, via "Presidential proclamation"--obvs a totally cool & normal way to make things happen in a democracy

This "final interim rule" skips usual due process and goes into effect NOW, because #MigrantCaravan
3/ N.B.: This doesn't complete cut off all possibility of legal protection for #asylum seekers. "Withholding of removal" (a form of relief I like to call "asylum lite") and protection under the Convention Against Torture remain. That's not to say that this is necessarily OK.
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1. #QAnon asks us a simple question: Why is the #FakeNewsMedia continually expending resources to defame, debunk, and cast as a conspiracy, for, as they say, a nobody who started on 4chan?
Why the attempt to cast blame of recent events on the '#Q' movement?
Attempt to silence?
2. #QAnon gives a sample of #FakeNewsMedia's #Q obsession from the last 7 days:
3. #QAnon cites Moritz-Rabson's article mocking Nevada Congressional candidate Joyce Bentley for a post on #DeepState having achieved almost total influence over the media. Moritz-Rabson writes, "QAnon 'believers' .. post.. violent threats".…
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The Supreme Court just agreed to hear a case that could nuke the separation of church and state —you know, that integral part of our Constitution that guarantees our religious freedom (and fact-based laws ..., etc.)‼️
| Think Progress
This 👆🏼☝🏼👆🏼is the precursor to revoking human rights and hopes for personhood/equality rights for women and #LGBTQ.

We’ll see legalized discrimination and #talibangelical fascists will play an integral role government, laws, education, etc.

This 👆🏼☝🏼👆🏼should scare the holy 🔥hell out of all Americans ... and the world, with authoritarian governments on the rise.

Say goodbye👋🏼 to freedom and facts.

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A most unsettling thing about Brett #Kavanaugh & His Amazing Secret Treasure Trove of Hidden Legal Work for the Incredible Unknowns is he's not only been adjudicating real world cases, there's a system in place that could be funneling his Secret Incredible Unknowns to his court.
If so, every contest that lands in his Court of Hidden Findings for Bretts Buddies is intended to reward his Secret Incredible Unknown Clients for a variety of reasons, not limited to financially punishing the Many Legal Suckers Destined to Lose by Brett, even if In The Right.
That there's a Judge Brett #Kavanaugh sitting as judge in U.S. Federal Court System, working on behalf of his secret clients, shielded by Bush, Obama, & Trump, all riding legislation from Clinton or before, says our government is corrupt, right in full view.
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Welcome to our weekly Wednesday party for #PA01 @RepBrianFitz Tonight we're celebrating #FrighteningFitzpatrick
#PA01 @RepBrianFitz constantly berates candidates to release their Tax Returns yet he voted all these times AGAINST releasing Trump's Tax Returns. Oh and also he hasn't released his own Tax Returns!
Frightening Republican @RepBrianFitz #PA01 voted all these times AGAINST addressing the Conflicts of Interest in the Trump Administration - With Trump, his hotels and his children in Trump Administration.
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Happy Halloween! Ready for another terrifying stream of Wonder Womans, Moanas, and babies dressed like pumpkins?

No matter who comes to your door for tricks and treats, we see much scarier things every day in our reporting:
The #EPA is now in the hands of a lobbyist for the coal industry. We’re sure that’s going to go super-duper well for the environment:
This “Christian charity” is fundraising off the children separated from their parents .… They’re totally not going to hell:
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📌Stone claims he was "in touch" with J-Ass b/4 the Podesta GRU hacked emails were released via Wikileaks

SCO Alerts FBI Of Scheme To Pay Women To Accuse Mueller Of Misconduct

MAGA Trolls' Efforts to Take Down Mueller Flame Out in Hilarious & Spectacular Fashion:

📌10/3/16: Stone Says He’s Been “Assured” Through An Assange Intermediary (“Back Channel Credico”) That “The Mother Lode Is Coming”

📌10/3/16: Roger Stone Promises That WikiLeaks Release Will “Roil The Waters” And “Change The Whole Complexion Of The Race”

📌8/9/16: Roger Stone Confirms That He's In Comms With Wikileaks J-Ass.

📌@StateDept’s Global Engagement Center has obligated $40 million to support initiatives that counter disinfo spread by foreign countries abroad, including #Russia, #Iran, and #China.🤗
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10/28/2018 thread #PittsburghShooting.

This sounds like actual Neo-Nazi. Referring to the #PittsburghSynagogue shooter:

“This guy just blew out the kneecaps of the movement in order to kill some no name Jews.”

Payoff, motive, timing don’t add up.…
2) My working theory is that George Soros bankrolls both sides in order to set them against each other.
3) “Screw your OPTICS, I’m going in” is an odd thing to say. This is how DC bureaucrats talk. It is not how Nazis talk.
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32) Social media profile of Robert Bowers thank you @MontegnaJoe

33) Deleted a couple of Tweets. Let’s go down a different path.
34) Robert D. Bower social media post mentions “HIAS” a refugee aid society.
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It all comes down to what kind of country you want to live in and what kind of country you want to pass to future generations.

No matter what happens, there is no panacea capable of fixing what is broken.

It will take decades to root out the corruption & clean the courts.

We might have had an easier go of it had we been able to stop this earlier, but we couldn't or didn't, and the die has now been cast. The tipping point has tipped.

One of the surest signs of an emerging fascist state is the delegitimization of its judiciary. Done.

In less than two years Donald Trump has corrupted our judiciary upto itsl highest possible levels.

And he has filled it with the very worst kind of partisans and operatives.

Some of them will still be deciding important legal cases decades after Trump's death.

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#Kavanaugh talked about joining a “team of nine.” In fact, he joins a team of five that reliably delivers big wins for the #Republican interests that had such a big role in his selection and confirmation.…
Perhaps Roberts can then explain the 73 decisions in which he led the #Republican appointees to deliver 5-4 partisan victories serving powerful R interests. 73 is a lot. The pattern is damning. Talking about independence doesn’t cut it, not w that record.…
Happy talk is one thing.

The test will be what he does about the 73-decision partisan romp his “Roberts 5” took the Court on, in service to big #Republican interests. That’s a little hard to explain as “balls and strikes.”…
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In ANY type of criminal case, Rape, Assault, Robbery etc., a person can be convicted solely on the word of a complainant.

If you think that's not enough in a Rape case, you should be similarly concerned about every other type of criminal prosecution.
Until relatively recently in most US states, in order to prosecute rape cases there was an additional legal requirement of "Corroboration." This was only needed in rape cases. So in a robbery case, I could say you stole $1000 from me & that would be enough for a conviction.
But in a rape case, there had to be something more, for instance, an eyewitness. Clearly rape cases were the least likely to have this sort of "corroborating" evidence, by their very nature, so to require this extra proof was illogical & unfair.
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1 #georgeclooney at the #powerofwomen claiming to support #metoo & #yesallwomen by joining anti due process #democratmobrule against Trump/Kavanaugh. Let’s revisit his role in this movement- Amal Clooney skips royal wedding to attend women's conference
3 Moonves’s wife Julie Chen was the one to announce the Clooney twins pregnancy…
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On #NationalComingOutDay I wish I could tell the 16 year old me that she'll survive.

I had been expelled from my all girls high school for being a #lesbian.
I had been put in a psychiatric ward for #conversiontherapy.
I had been separated from my gf.
I don't want other #LGBT teens to experience what I did--the self-doubt, suicidality, cutting, anorexia--the many forms of self-harm that we learn/teach ourselves as ways to cope with lives that feel fraught, to take control we don't have.
#NationalComingOutDay ❤️💜💙💚🧡💛🖤
Knowledge is power.
Embrace who you are--there is so much strength in that.
Don't let other people define you.
Don't let other people claim you aren't "really" who you know yourself to be.
#NationalComingOutDay ❤️💜💙💚🧡💛🖤
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1) @ChuckGrassley - Final analysis -10/10/18 - A Man of the People. Senator Grassley has been in DC since 1958 & nothing but a model Citizen the whole time while selflessly & namelessly guiding America through some of it's worst crises's in the infant History of the Nation.
2) While we step through these perilous times and scorn the @JeffFlake 's of the World, we should also always remember to have faith in the honest & steadfast keepers of the flame of a grateful Republic poised to do even greater things to add to it's already amazing evolution.
3) @ChuckGrassley is worthy of that praise. Sometimes, Senators must put themselves even above the best interests of their State to achieve goals for the Nation as a whole.
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I want to share a brief story of a person, now 53 (same age as Justice #Kavanaugh) who was convicted of a sex crime at age 14 for conduct not dissimilar to that of which Kavanaugh is accused.
They have to register as a sex offender for life. They have never been convicted of another sex crime. They happen to be on parole now for a completely different offense (being in jail as a child can mess you up).
When you are on parole & a registered sex offender, that adds a whole bunch of extra requirements, especially if the complainant was under 18. Remember the person here was 14, & the complainant was under 18. This is the case, even where the sex offense was literally 40 years ago.
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#gop #GOPCorruption #Republicans

By Spencer Savoie on FB:

"There is no morality in staying silent when your party's leader praises white nationalists shouting "Blood and Soil" or "Jews will not replace us," (common white power/neo-nazi slogans) (1/9)
There is no morality in staying silent when Mike Huckabee praises Josh Dugan as a "Good Christian Man" after he admits to molesting his sister and other young girls (2/9)
There is no morality in ignoring your party's leader when he mocks sexual assault survivors. (3/9)
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It's nice that we absolved #ColinPowell of his HUGE role in the #IraqWar because now he says stuff like this about Trump.

It would be superb if we had a collective historical memory in this country, but then again, #ColumbusDay is still a federal holiday, so, maybe not.
#GeorgeWBush created the climate that got us Trump. He stole that election. He got us into 2 wars we are still in nearly two decades later. He tortured people in our names. He created the war on women AND the evangelical war on gays. & he convinced Collins to vote for #Kavanaugh.
So whatever #ColinPowell has to say about Trump must be viewed through the lens of GWB, #Guantanamo, #AbuGhraib and Powell sitting there on your TV screens with pie charts and fake aerial shots of WMDs.
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Thread. Nazi--#Kavanaugh posters found yesterday on the campus of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY and all around the Hudson Valley region. Designed by The Daily Stormer (a reference to “Der Stürmer,” the Nazi tabloid), a webzine formerly known as Total Fascism.
2. Daily Stormer was launched in 2013 by Andrew Anglin, who embraced a Nazi ideology on the Daily Stormer.
3. was getting more than 10 million page views until it was shut down by GoDaddy and Google after remarks about the activist murdered in Charlottesville. It then briefly reappeared on a Russian domain.
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Here is a thread about why #Kavanaugh most likely doesn’t remember what happened with Dr. Ford, and why the #MeToo movement will make sure this never happens again.
It’s 1985 and a friend of mine has just secured a job as a receptionist/bookkeeper position at a small family owned law firm. The father is the head of the firm. He has two sons who work for him.
She’s just out of college and thrilled to have her first job. She doesn’t ask why the receptionist/bookkeeper before her left. She knows it’s a starting position and just assumes the previous person moved on.
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I was with you up until this point Grummz

The problem we face is not external it never was

Don't get me wrong here, the enemy is at the gates rn, but before you can win that battle the key thing republicans need to contend with is years of programming by the left
If you're thinking in terms of defensive actions you've already lost. The left's guiding principle is to attack and, in doing so, force the right onto the defensive

On a long enough timeline a continuous defensive position leads inexorably to defeat
Look at all the accounts that have fallen one by one on here. Some to lack of technical knowledge, some to sheer frustration and some to abject fear

But the numbers of those that do keep strapping back in are falling by the day
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#JudgeKavanaugh #TRUTH

Given the spin in the media and by leftist Hollywood/celebs + skewed (or fabricated) polls , it can sometimes be hard to know where the public stands on an issue. People tend to live in their "bubble" and get affirmed w/in their own echo chamber.

While this is not a scientific method, I thought I would analyze data available on Twitter, which is open to all people but is known to skew things to the left, to see what the numbers tell us about support for or opposition to #JudgeKavanaugh.

My method was simple. To avoid being "served" input from within my bubble, I did this analysis anonymously while logged out of Twitter. I pulled the 15 top results served by Twitter on a search of "Kavanaugh" and compiled these results, which are VERY interesting.
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1) Columbus Day 2018 is half time at the 2018 Mid-Term Bowl. The score is GOP 17 and Democrats 16. Let’s recap the first half.

#BlueWave #RedWave #2018MidTermElections…
2) Going into the game the Democrats were riding their #BlueWave of enthusiasm. They were so confident America was tired of all the lies and sordid behavior of Coach Trump that the Democrats could win the game easily.
3) They laughed at their good fortune every time a GOP player would pledge to work closely with their coach; such easy pickings.

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