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Settlement payments have always come from the General Fund. The city self-insures by requiring departments pay into a shared liability fund. Payments into the fund are based on each dept's liability in the prior fiscal year. The $14m in a single FY dwarfs prior totals, though.
More in this story i reported last year.… Image
The complicating factors are a) $14 million in one year is way more than the city has ever paid in a single year (2011-2019 was $8m) and b) state law prohibits the city from reducing the police budget, unless the Gov. gives them permission.
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🧵 for today's #atxcouncil work session on "housing supply and affordability" that council's been workshopping over the past month. The meeting will feature staff briefings on housing in Austin and a range of CM policy proposals…
More info on today's schedule, council priorities, and input on housing policy from community orgs is available thru council's online message board…
Mayor Adler kicking off by running through goals of today (debate, with no final policy votes), background on process, where the city's LDC lawsuit appeal stands ("Who knows" how that will shake out). Morning will feature CM intros and a presentation before afternoon discussions
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Continuation of yesterday's #atxcouncil budget meeting kicks off in a few minutes here. Yesterday's session saw some discussion of council budget asks and the potential direction council may take relating to the tax rate, in addition to a few additional agenda items:
Council approved the language and ordered elections for 2 propositions Austinites will vote on Nov. 2. The first, Prop A, comes from the Save Austin Now proposal to staff up Austin's police department to a level of 2 officers per 1,000 residents
The city estimates that could cost $54.3 million-$119.8 million on average annually over the next five years and bring hundreds of new officers to APD's force, if approved…
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#atxcouncil Budget adoption meeting now underway. Mayor Adler says the meeting will start with ~110 public speakers before moving into an executive session to discuss items including city's Candlewood Suites purchase for shelter space and Nov. 2 election
First few public comments have been related to crime/APD budget and Candlewood Suites. After former Council Member Bill Spelman spoke about police staffing and homicides, CMs taking a minute to question him on current trends, potential fixes
Spelman told me last week the SAN ballot measure that would tie Austin to 2 police officers per 1,000 city residents--something city staff yesterday estimated could cost ~$54.3M-$119.8M annually--is a "well-meaning but terrible idea." Council will discuss the measure later today
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#ATXCouncil 49-day gap in Adler Council meetings - 6/10-7/29. Pants-on-Fire @MayorAdler says this "has been done since 2000." UNPRECEDENTED! Did you think we wouldn't Fact-Check?
2000 6/29 - 8/3= 35 holidays
2001 7/19 - 8/2= 14 holidays
2002 6/27 - 7/10= 13 holidays
2003 6/16-7/17=31 holidays
2004 6/24-7/29= 35 holidays
2005 6/23-7/28= 35 holidays
2006 6/22-7/19= 27 holidays
2007 6/21-7/26= 35 holidays
2008 6/25-7/23= 28 holidays
2009 6/22-7/22= 30 holidays
2010 6/24-7/28= 34 holidays
2011 6/29-7/26= 28 holidays
2012 6/28-7/31= 34 holidays
2013 7/9-8/1= 23 holidays
2014 6/26-7/31= 34 holidays
2015 6/25-7/30= 35 holidays
2016 6/29-7/18= 20 holidays
2017 6/28-8/1= 34 holidays
2018 6/28-8/1= 34 holidays
2019 6/25-8/1= 37 holidays
2020 6/11-7/2= 21 holidays (6/29 COVID briefing)
20121 6/10-7/29= 49 holidays

Steve lied
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@nedepaz Local #democrat #socialist stronghold #Austin media rather quiet & in bed w/ #atxcouncil when they hired a 2nd "homeless strategy officer" czar Dianna Grey - hears from Portland making 6-digit salary (OUR TAX DOLLARS) "affordable housing" advocate
"I’m honored & excited to be joining @austintexasgov efforts to [end homelessness-this is a fallacy] in our community," said Grey. "There's much work ahead, but I’m confident that Austin's equipped to meet this challenge [taxing citizens to death-$63 MILLION]."
"I look FW 2 collabing w/ [talented] (!!!) City staff, dedicated svc providers, & community stakeholders [urban socialist developers, planners, & @MayorAdler's real estate empire] 2 achieve our shared goal 2 ensure all Austinites've access 2 a safe & dignified place 2 call home."
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During our meeting today, #ATXCouncil approved ⬇️

✊🏿 Formally recognizing & apologizing for the City’s participation in enslavement, Jim Crow, & discrimination, and affirming a commitment to reconciliation, restitution, & investment in Black Austin. #ATX…
⚡💧 $10M in utility bill relief for @austinenergy & @AustinWater customers impacted by the public health, economic, and weather disasters.…
🔑 Extending the eviction protection "grace period" ordinance through May 17. Our local eviction protections are saving lives.

Previous coverage:…
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As the first-ever employee of Austin Convention Enterprises, Inc, Jimmy Flannigan gets paid $140,000/year (+ reimbursements) for 20 hrs of work/week. ACE is a nonprofit org formed by City of Austin. He was hired on Jan. 7, 2021, following his electoral defeat by @mkelly007 (1/4)
Flannigan is primarily responsible for administrative tasks associated with ACE Board meetings. The Hilton has a contract with ACE to manage the actual hotel. …… (2/4)
Today, ACE is requesting consent from #atxcouncil to apply for a PPP loan to pay front-line hotel staff. Although PPP loan is not sought to pay Flannigan directly, his $140k part-time salary would otherwise be eligible to pay expenses. (Item 68)… (3/4)
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I've got 155 seniors at the RBJ center who haven't had a hot meal in days. Southside could only give me 33 pizzas. Anyone got tips on something that's open where I can buy food? #AustinPowerOutage #Austin #Austinfreeze #atxcouncil
Southside was able to squeeze out another 7 more pizzas so hoping there will be enough for everyone. They're going to need hot food tomorrow if their power hasn't been restored. nothing was allocated by Meals on Wheels/mobile loaves and fishes/CoA for seniors. Need y'alls help!
Just FYI for everyone who is following this thread, RBJ seniors got their pizza. Just FYI, their generator has failed so if anyone can bring them hot food let me know and I'll steer you towards who to talk to and coordinate.
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🚨IMPORTANT AUSTIN WATER UPDATE: Austin Water is issuing a Boil Water Notice to customers in southwest Austin and Lost Creek today. The boil water notice is required because water pressure dropped below minimum levels in the water distribution system. 1/x
Austin Water’s treatment plants are functioning normally. Even so, water use has far exceeded typical water usage and exceeded water production by 250 percent over the past 24 hours. 2/x
Water pressure and water storage have significantly dropped throughout Austin Water’s service area in the past day. 3/x
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There's been drama between Council Member Alison Alter and APD Chief Brian Manley brewing this week that boiled over today when the Austin Police Association sent out a press release blasting Alter for "clearing being against" APD employees

Why? Here's a thread. #atxcouncil 1/20
Earlier this week, Alter emailed Manley asking that he:

1) "Proactively investigate" whether any APD employees participated in the Jan. 6 insurrection, as other LEOs, including one in Houston, did.
2) Send a department-wide communication condemnding the involvement of LEOs. 2/20
Manley refused both requests. They got on the phone and talked it out for about an hour.

Then another email from Alter: "I am dismayed by your refusal to proactively investigate" if APD personnel participated in the insurrection, she wrote. She Manley again to send a memo 3/20
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@MayorAdler does not listen to the science - he creates it.

On 6/22/20, @MayorAdler AGAIN lied to Austin, instilled more fear & CREATED DATA to continue lockdowns. How many jobs did he steal from us?

Read the damning emails provided by @johnnyk20001

.@MayorAdler, @GregCasar and #tax council MUST BE investigated over their handling of coronavirus, their mask and lockdown mandates based on data they created - everything.

We must demand it.

@GovAbbott @TXAG @TXsecofstate @RonnyJackson4TX
And despite having the science and doctor recommendations, @MayorAdler @GregCasarand #atxcouncil spent $1.3 MILLION of our dollars on a field hospital that WAS NEVER USED.
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THREAD: Today, Gov. Abbott held a press conference about Austin's recent efforts to re-imagine policing. As your mayor, I want you to know the truth. Tonight at 7pm my media avail will stream again. Tune in here: . Recap below.
2/13 Today we mourn the deaths of more than 10,000 Texans that have died from #COVID19. Why wasn't the press conference this afternoon about the biggest single public health safety crisis in our state?
3/13 The governor’s press conference today was not about facts. It presented no plans, it presented no data. It was about trying to make us scared, frightening us, and furthering lies.
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@GovAbbott⁩ announced any city that defunds its police departments will have property tax revenue frozen at the level it is at currently. The cities will be unable to increase property tax revenue again.…
“Austin's decision puts the brave men and women of the @Austin_Police Department and their families at greater risk, and paves the way for lawlessness," Abbott said in a statement last Thursday. "Public safety is job one, and Austin has abandoned that duty."
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On Defunding The Police, Austin Asks, “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Wokest Of Them All?” @MayorAdler @GregCasar @ToddJeffries #atxcouncil…
Of Texas’ six most-populous cities, five plan to increase their law enforcement budgets: Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. El Paso looked to increase its public safety budget 3%.
Dallas Police Chief Hall emphasized countering violent crime while also “reimagining public safety.” Houston budgeted a 2% increase to its police department while San Antonio considered a 1.6% increase.
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He’s not only inept, he’s f**king INSANE.

“This is the budget where we launch our future as a fairer, more just, more equitable, more universally accessible city. This budget is full of opportunity and hope. For me, this is the ‘JUSTICE BUDGET.’” - @MayorAdler
Austin City Council Approves $100,000 in New Abortion “Logistics and Transportation Funding”

This fiscal year, the Austin City Council has allotted $250,000 to provide logistical support to women obtaining abortions.…
Last year, the 86th Legislature passed a bill prohibiting government entities from funding abortion providers.
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1/9 Did #ATXCouncil cut $150M from the police? No. Did Council do something transformative? Yes.
2/9 Here’s what you should know about the budget #ATXCouncil passed yesterday. It's immediate action & the first, hopeful step in a sustainable, transformative way forward.
3/9 This is a budget that addresses “How much safer might we be?” The FY21 new budget reflects a new way of thinking. What did #ATXCouncil change in the proposed budget? Think of it in buckets.
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.@GregCasar of Austin’s City Council celebrates #atxcouncil UNANIMOUS LY slashing the @Austin_Police budget by $150 million.

RIP Austin.

GFY, @GregCasar @MayorAdler and #ATXCouncil

47% of Austin voters believe the city is on the “wrong track,” compared to 34% who believe the city is going in the “right direction.”

84% of those surveyed were dissatisfied with the handling of homelessness, and 74% were dissatisfied with the handling of traffic issues.
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Austin Police Department seeing more officers leave…
The average number of officers and cadets leaving the Austin Police Department each month has more than doubled since the end of 2017 and increased by nearly 34% through mid-June compared to 2019.
The increased rate of departures has sparked concerns within the department about its ability to perform its duties as @MayorAdler @GregCasar and #ATXCouncil tee up major cuts to the police budget.
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In front of @WHotelATX where @MayorAdler resides
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Yes. Let’s throw more money to end the Austin “address challenged” disaster.

Amid Economic Crisis, Austin Taxpayers Forced to Buy $8.75M Homeless Hotel…
AUSTIN — During an economic crisis where government shutdowns could force 261,000 Austinites out of work, the local government is now spending more of citizens’ money on expensive hotels for the homeless.
In May, #atxcouncil approved spending $8.75 MILLION on a downtown-area hotel to house roughly 75 homeless people. The council is forcing taxpayers to spend over $116,000 per room—a price that doesn’t even include the ongoing maintenance and operation costs.
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#ATXCouncil proposes eliminating mounted patrol from @Austin_Police…
“So when officers go in to make arrests or they go in to break up fights, we will bring the horses in to provide a barrier around them so they can do whatever they need to do without worry of any of the people in the crowd coming up behind them to do any harmful things to them,”
The team of mounted officers is used mainly for crowd control, but the department also turns to them to reopen roads, engage with the community, and even search and rescue operations.
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