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For a maximum 12:1 UK National Pay Ratio - and a #GreenNewDeal funded by a #WealthTax. #Coops ❤ #PublicOwnership ❤ #PR ❤ #Democracy ❤ #JoinAUnion 👍 #GTTO 👍
Dec 5, 2023 32 tweets 12 min read
1/32 BRITAIN’S CORPORATE SHAME 🧵 After two years, our reporting of #FTSE100 CEO pay and pay ratios is complete. We’ve shown the bosses gouging millions for themselves while the UK falls to pieces. But what else have we learned? Please share widely.
Thank You! ❤️ #Max12to1 Image 2/32 The final figures are:

➡️ Total CEO pay = £429,719,636❗️
➡️ Average CEO pay = £4,297,196 p/a❗️
= £82,638 every week❗️
= £358,100 every month❗️

Pay ratio rolling averages:
➡️ CEO:AVG UK pay (£35,464 p/a) = 132:1❗️
➡️ CEO:MIN UK pay (£19,772 p/a) = 234:1❗️

Apr 22, 2023 12 tweets 8 min read
1/12 SALTED EARTH: We are living in the land poisoned by Thatcherism. We have been brought low by a doctrine of “me-first” selfishness and a devil-take-the-hindmost philosophy which, together, hobble any effective action against the huge problems we now face… 🧵 #Max12to1 Image 2/12 Economically, we were torn apart in the 1980s as #inequality and #poverty soared to levels not seen since the 1920s. We have not recovered. Gross #inequality now seems the norm. No subsequent government has even tried to reverse the damage wrought in the 1980s. #Max12to1 Image
Jan 7, 2023 12 tweets 9 min read
1/12 A BRIEF HISTORY OF UK #INEQUALITY: The UK used to be far more equal. Our current high level of income and wealth #inequality is a result of choices made (and not made) by successive governments (see section 11 in link > for graph below). #Max12to1 2/12 Broken down into its constituent parts, high #inequality means having excessive incomes and wealth for a small minority while a much larger number of people live in or near #poverty. This is what the UK has tolerated for decades. #Max12to1
Dec 19, 2022 6 tweets 4 min read
1/6 WORTHLESS: What extreme pay #inequality really means. A short🧵... #Max12to1 2/6 If a company (or any employer) has a top-to-bottom pay ratio of 100:1, then it values those who work for them on minimum wage (whether outsourced or not) at 1% of the CEO or highest paid employee. #Max12to1
Jan 9, 2022 10 tweets 7 min read
1/10 #BREXIT – A LONG VIEW IN A SHORT THREAD: The EU (previously the EEC or Common Market) was the lifeboat that Britain jumped into (very enthusiastically) after the Empire sank and the prospects for further exploitation of our former colonies receded. #Max12to1 2/10 Any good history of Britain post-WW2 (e.g. Ben Pimlott’s biography of Harold Wilson 👇 – highly recommended) shows how fundamentally shattered the British economy was after 1945. We have never really recovered. #Max12to1…