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🚨 @pmdfoster's #brexit newsletter this week is focussed on this excellent @resfoundation report stating that " that the UK’s initial post-Brexit trade plan has run out road and must be replaced with a far more ambitious twin-track trade strategy " ../1
"that protects high-value manufacturing while seeking out new markets for our world-leading services sector." That means a defensive approach on goods that protects high value added manufacturing firms struggling to retain their place in European supply chains. " /2 Image
The report recommends "revisiting our relationship with the EU ideally delivering a ‘UK Protocol’, building on the agreement for Northern Ireland, that will mean a frictionless flow for goods trade between the UK and EU. This could boost our GDP by 1 to 2 per cent". /3. Image
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Financial checks on £60 billion of public money spent every year on essential services like schools, social care, housing, roads and environmental services has virtually collapsed in England. 350 councils have no independent verification of money spent…
Situation is “unacceptable” and could lead to loss of  public trust in councils to spend their money. Problem is now spreading to the NHS, housing associations, the Department for Work and Pensions and other public bodies since they are audited by the same firms.
Problem has arisen after the Govt abolished the Audit Commission quango, which kept a tight monitoring of local council expenditure. It handed the job to private accountancy firms to do the work instead.
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'Number of Britons working in EU travel sector down more than two-thirds since brexit'. New piece by @pmdfoster shows that the cost for obtaining visas, permits & paperwork after #brexit has led to a sharp reduction in opportunities for young Britons.… 👇👇
"The industry is urging the government to agree to a Youth Mobility Scheme with the EU, similar to that which the UK has with countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand that allows 18 to 30-year-olds to live and work in the UK for up to two year." h/t @ABTAtravel Image
Peter's article is based on important research and surveys from @ABTAtravel and @SBIT_UK .
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A great article on Boris Johnson's resignation, by German journalist @annettedittert - who since 2008 has worked in London as senior correspondent & bureau chief for ARD German TV, & in 2019 was awarded "political journalist of the year" for her reporting on #Brexit.
'The party is over.'

Johnson's departure is a victory for democracy over Britain's declining political culture. And it shows that even a prime minister must not lie to parliament.

A commentary by Annette Dittert.

Johnson's political career ends as it began: with brazen lies. Image
In his farewell statement, which is more like the heated tantrum of a five-year-old than that of a former PM, Johnson explained his departure as the result of a "witch hunt" called for by anti-Brexit, pro-Europeans & other members of the "establishment". None of this is true. Image
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How much of a coward do you have to be to ignore urgent pressing issues like the CoL crisis choosing instead to focus on rewarding cronies and sychophants for 13 years of Tory misrule?
Rishi Sunak reportedly set to accept Boris Johnson’s honours list…
The moment Sunak awakes and opens his eyes, its wrong, getting dressed is wrong, taking jets and helicopters to appointments is wrong, not investigating billions of tax payers money lost to Covid fraud is wrong, being elected by Tory members and not the public is wrong. #GTTONow
Sunak is an oligarch, he studied at Stanford, his mentor was Prof.Paul Romer, a libertarian advocate of charter cities, these monsters want to escape democracy and install private corporate governance in enclaves beyond big Govt reach, to do this you need money and power. #Brexit
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@lisanandy Asset stripping, land grabbing, sell-off of public land to private investors at bargain basement prices will repeat across all Sunak's freeports and their surrounding 75km investment zones, quietly picked up by Hunt after Sunak dropped them. #Brexit
@lisanandy Reminder that Micahel Gove is awarding millions of pounds of Govt money to the devolved governments to kickstart Sunak's freeports where deregulation will usher in a fever of illicit corporate activity, and the losers will be local people as minimum wage will no longer exist.
@lisanandy Shanker Singham, 'the brains behind Brexit' is a Governance consultant specializing in deregulatory frameworks and privatisation, he is a threat to democracy and is a key shadow operator with transatlantic links to what Truss termed the network of liberty
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Le #Brexit , c’est la victoire du #mensonge, de la #manipulation de masse, de l’#ignorance des acquis de l’#UE, et surtout la volonté des Tories de se débarrasser de certaines lois Européennes qui les empêchaient d’exploiter les gens,
(travail , droits humains, droits sur la sécurité, la santé , etc) . Évidemment , ils ne l’ont jamais dit, pas plus qu’un Frexiter ne l’avouera jamais, la surprise arrive ensuite , quand il est trop tard.
Le 31 décembre 2023, la loi sur les libertés du Brexit (comprendre suppression des dernières lois restant de l’UE) entrera en vigueur au Royaume-Uni, supprimant le droit aux congés payés,
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En Juillet 2020, le rapport #Russe sur le #Brexit fut délivré par le gouvernement Britannique, après que des MP's aient demandé une investigation.Le gvt de Johnson a fait traîner autant que possible ce rapport, car évidemment,
vu les millions de livres reçues par les tories de la part des Oligarques #Russes, Johnson savait que çà ne lui serait pas favorable.
Le rapport sur la Russie accuse le gouvernement de ne pas avoir enquêté sur l'ingérence de la Russie dans la politique britannique,
en particulier lors du référendum de 2016 sur l'#UE. Le langage de la commission du renseignement et de la sécurité de la Chambre des Communes est cinglant. Elle affirme que Downing Street a fait preuve d'un "manque de curiosité" à l'égard de l'ingérence du Kremlin.
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Hitler, Franco, & Mussolini all headed coalitions of Nationalist Fascist & Conservative factions, & all subscribed to a far-right ideology which we may call National Conservatism, & which involves scapegoating minorities & the Left as threats to 'Western Civilisation'. ImageImageImageImage
Should we be concerned that it was Britain's turn to host the National Conservatism conference aka #NatCon, aka the #NatC conference?

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll know that in May, the American hard Right came to England. Calvin Robinson did not speak at it. Image
Unlike in Hungary, where last year's gathering of Europe’s extreme-right figures was an offshoot of the Trump & Bolsonaro supporting US Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the NatCon conference here was backed by the Edmund Burke Foundation.

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#France and #Macron deserve a thread in the context of #Ukraine, #Russia and beyond.

- First, some historical context: France, just like #Britain, is a declining power. This process started with the loss of colonies after the World War 2.

🧵 ...

- A clear geopolitical shift happen with the Suez Crisis in 1956, which marked the emergence of #USA and #USSR as the world powers.

- #France also experienced a humiliating military defeat by #Germany during the World War 2. That shaped rather pretentious politics of ...

.. Charles de Gaulle, who tried to restore the French power with dissenting views vis-a-vis #Americans and #British (or the "collective Anglo-Saxons"). In 1966, #France withdrawn from the #NATO's military command.

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Guardian puff piece😡 about Free trade deal with🇦🇺 with zero mention of catastrophic undercutting of British farmers, carbon footprint, 🇦🇺track record of appalling climate change denial and intensive farming practices. Race to the bottom is complete.…
A winter of self-inflicted discontent is coming with lashings of chaos, disorder and departures from European standards that protect food security. Brexit embracing globalism for anarcho-capitalists is rotting the foundations of regulation with unecessary red tape. #Brexit
Food price rises as inflation skyrockets from a triple whammy of Brexit, Covid & Ukraine. British food production is suffering and cannot sustain being undercut by 'big agri' like 🇦🇺EU requires all imported beef to be strictly HGP-free, which restricts majority of 🇺🇸🇦🇺🇨🇦 produce
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Cindy McCain is World Food Programme Chief?

You really can't make this stuff up..
So, lemme try to wrap my brain around this

Cindy McCain was appointed WFP chief in April 2023… Image
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The Times finally gets real about #Brexit

In the first of a two-part series, business reporters look at how parts of the service economy are faring almost two and a half years after the end of the Brexit transition period in late 2020.

#BrexitHasFailed ImageImage
“Britain voted to leave the EU seven years ago, but has failed to define its new global trading relationships. To regain its place as one of the strongest growing G7 countries, Britain needs a bold, forward-looking policy agenda and industrial strategy integrated with an actively…… Image
China USA trade war is serious threat to Britain thanks to #Brexit.

“Britain voted to leave the EU seven years ago, but has failed to define its new global trading relationships.”

Analysis finds that the UK’s economy will suffer more than those of the US, EU and China in the…… Image
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How does a 'solidarity union' function when Drakeford's Freeports pact with Sunak, Gove and Shanker Singham paves the way for patchworks of corporate sovereignty in Wales? He's just invited anarcho-capitalists to carve up Wales for off-shore profiteering.…
Read @eyes_lilly expose of Sunak's Freeports bolstered by the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill and of course the REUL Bill which will further trap locals in investment zones, aka charter cities.
The tactic is to make rejoining EU impossible. #Brexit…
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@carolvorders Something very suspicious here, I suspect an engineered attempt at insolvency to 'merge' this council into a CCA, transferring public wealth to private hands and start land grabbing like Teesside, this area sits on the border of Southhampton (Solent) Freeport.👇🏻
@carolvorders Well, what do you know? US ExxonMobil listed here as a tax site with Southampton Water...ExxonMobil's environmental record has faced much criticism for its stance and impact on global warming, so the usual greenwashing BS of deregulated Freeports is a go…
'As the UK’s number one export port, Southampton handles exports worth £40 billion annually, including £36 billion destined for markets outside the EU'...deregulation dystopia off-shoring wealth for the 1% will devastate what's left of UK economy. #Brexit…
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🇫🇷🇷🇺 "Les Anglais et les Américains sont de grands spécialistes de l’ingérence."

Retour sur l'audition de @FrancoisFillon, le 02/05, devant la commission d’enquête relative aux ingérences politiques, économiques et financières de puissances étrangères.

THREAD #Rillettes ⬇️ Image
🇫🇷 "Jamais, durant quelque 36 années de vie publique, on n’a trouvé une seule action de ma part qui ait été influencée par une puissance étrangère. J’ai toujours défendu l’intérêt national, tel que je le conçois, et cette attitude n’a pas changé." #ingérence
🇫🇷🇷🇺 "J'ai des convictions. Elles n’ont pas varié, notamment sur la question des relations entre la France et la #Russie. On pourrait les qualifier de "gaullistes" si cela ne risquait de faire ricaner." #Fillon
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This🧵examines Free Market Fundamentalism with particular attention to William Rees-Mogg’s book 'The Sovereign Individual - How to Survive and Thrive During the Collapse of the Welfare State'. Please read and RT!🙏🏻
Credit to…
'Nurses skills are not so scarce, their bargaining power is lower and so they are paid less'.
Market fundamentalists argue if nurses were worth more, they would be paid more; if the CEOs’ really were worth less, they would be paid less.
Rees-Mogg’s father wrote about libertarian ideology citing ‘tax as theft’ being one of the driving forces to dismantle big govt, short-circuiting intervention, and ultimately abolishing the welfare state.
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A little late to the party, but catching up on this webinar to read the runes of the recent local elections & see what the results mean for urban Britain #LocalElections
Jennings also highlights that this was Labour's best electoral performance for some time, even compared to the 2013 peak. However, Jennings notes that our Parliamentary geography has changed since 1990s, so harder for Labour to get a majority in Westminster now #LocalElections Image
Jennings also highlights that this was Labour's best electoral performance for some time, even compared to the 2013 peak. However, Jennings notes that our Parliamentary geography has changed since 1990s, so harder for Labour to get a majority in Westminster now #LocalElections ImageImage
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Mogg's comany Somerset Capital Management was until recently heavily invested in a company closely connected to the Kremlin. He will always put personal greed before moral and ethical principles.
Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Kremlin Contradictions – Byline Times…
No surprise that Mogg’s calls for stronger sanctions against Russia were conspicuously absent. His investment firm at that time was heavily invested in the Russian Federation, and these investments included a stake worth some £60 million in Russia’s Sberbank. Follow the money.
'Sberbank is very far from being a conventional bank as that might be understood in Western countries. Majority-owned by the Russian government, it has provided copious funding to Russia’s military-industrial complex'. This is basically Putin's Bank.
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🇪🇺Your reminder : EU citizens domiciled in the UK, paying council tax/ income tax were forbidden to vote in Cameron’s Brexit Referendum. #Ridge that’s over 3 million votes not counted.
Gerrymandering didn’t start with Voter ID. And they had lied told about them by #BorisJohnson Image
🇪🇺EU citizens were in the UK because the UK was in the EU
It was called Freedom of Movement.

Thanks to #borisjohnson* we were seen an ‘illegal migrants’.
A LIE perpetuated by Farage etc.
#ridge #brexit
*about to be ‘let off’ a long suspension for lying to Parlt.
#BBCLauraK ImageImageImageImage
🇪🇺Even today, i am asked ‘why don’t you go back to your own country’ by the sort of people who are ignorant and gullible and read the Mail/Express
The Conservatives have reduced this country to something akin to 1930s Germany.
They are utterly despicable ImageImageImage
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Property tycoon Ivan Ko hopes to find site for a charter city named Nextpolis between Dublin and Belfast to host 50,000 fellow Hong Kongers #brexit…
China’s recent imposition of national security laws in the region has prompted many Hongkongers to consider leaving. The British government has promised to provide assistance and relocation.
A department of foreign affairs spokesperson in Dublin confirmed there had been talks with Ko but appeared to pour cold water on the idea.
But don't assume there won't be many more property/city developers eyeing post-Brexit deregulated 3rd country UK to install slave cities.
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