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Same concept, but for GOP and notable third party/independent candidates.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
First up: Libertarian candidate John McAfee. Accounts retweeting @officialmcafee also retweet Trump, a variety of #AltWankers such as @JackPosobiec, @PrisonPlanet, @CassandraRules, and @Cernovich, as well as @RT_com, @wikileaks, and @ggreenwald. They tweet mostly in English.
An interest in cryptocurrency shows up in both the hashtags used and media sites linked by accounts retweeting @officialmcafee. Other favorite sites include Reddit, Zerohedge, RT, and Wikileaks, and Assange/Wikileaks-related hashtags and #MAGA turn up frequently.
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Claire Fox was one of the mongs who went out with the "invoke Article 50 now" banners the week after the referendum knowing nothing about the process, caring nothing for detail and has learned nothing since. A carpetbagger spouting empty rhetoric. Farage with a vagina.

She'll trot out all the slogans "largest mandate in history" etc but has no more idea of what's involved in the process than any of the other Brexit blob morons. She hasn't thought about a destination for Brexit much less having an idea of what she actually wants to achieve.
She'll go on the telly and the radio to blether about democracy, claiming that anyone who voted leave voted for her own version of it - ie anything that isn't no deal is somehow a betrayal of Brexit - operating from a position of TOTAL ignorance.
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So. IDS and fellow Brexiteers are back punting the Malthouse compromise...and @theresa_may has "reluctantly" agreed to look again per @tnewtondunn

Totally mad? Well IDS makes one good point. A quick #Brexit thread.
@theresa_may @tnewtondunn @nick_gutteridge First, lets take the 'totally mad' approach... which @Jack_Blanchard_ sums up rather beautifully here. And on the idea of a negotiation in three weeks, he's totally right.

So where does IDS have a point? /2
@theresa_may @tnewtondunn @nick_gutteridge @Jack_Blanchard_ It's here, in the highlighted portion of the Sun story - it's the dirty open secret about the Irish backstop (hugely overlooked in Brussels and Dublin) which is that in practice, it's hard to see how it gets implemented. /3
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As Easter ends, I find myself on West Coast (SF now; LA from Weds) talking to US investors about EU political risk. It's an interesting moment for EU - Germany, France, Italy & Spain are all "in play" - and EP elex could impact pol stability in each. Thread on how we see things
In Germany, atmosphere in Govt is stable & both CDU & SPD have incentives to avoid an early divorce, but there's plenty of reasons why Grand Coalition might still unravel this year (we think 45% probability)
Situation is particularly bad for SPD, who've been overtaken by Greens. CDU has been providing SPD with minor concessions to keep them in Govt, but bad showing in EP or 4 upcoming regional elex might encourage them to exit. The SPD's "halfway consultation" might be another reason
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After listening to four days of post Mueller Report US cable news broadcasts (as podcasts) I’m experiencing a phenomenon I’m going to call ‘reckons nausea’. /1
Not because the reckons are inherently nauseating, but because the Trump debate is evolving into a new phase - one that derives its qualities from metastasizing stupidity. /2
To understand why, let’s forget about Russia-Gate for a bit and zoom out. /3
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To nexit or not to nexit?

Een poging om het steeds wisselende #fvdemocratie standpunt in deze psychologisch te analyseren. Dit keer maak ik gebruik van de cognitieve psychologie. #draadje
Zoals jullie wellicht weten is er een verschil van benadering in het vraagstuk #nexit van #fvdemocratie
De #nexit staat los van de EU, beweerde Baudet onlangs.
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I was going to tag a few people into this thread, who I knew were discussing the subject matter, but I've decided not to & let's just see where it goes.
I just want to make a few observations about the upcoming EP elections & the Remain 'strategy'. But first - #Brexit and #Trump.
There are distinct parallels between how the Trump and Brexit campaigns were co-ordinated. The one I want to focus on is the ability of both campaigns to successfully unite their core support (both roughly 37% of the electorate) under a single issue.
That issue is Nationalism.
Now I realise that other strings hang off that issue, but it is at the heart of everything emanating from both Trump and Brexit Leavers.
And this is where they have the advantage over both US Liberals and UK Remainers.
Because as Remainers, we *know* Brexit is complicated.
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During 2016, I campaigned with all my heart to Remain.

Very early on, I realised the 'official' Remain group ("Stronger In") was incompetent and even obstructive.

In my wilder moments, I even began to wonder if there was foul play going on.

Later, I found out that the Chair of Stronger In was Stuart Rose, a man who had previously advocated for #Leave, who is on record as stating that #Brexit would lead to higher wages and who is now vigorously opposing a 2nd referendum... Not, in my submission, a committed Remainer.
Other figureheads of Stronger In jumped onto the 'we must respect the Will of the People' bandwagon almost before the results were in, and some of them then *actively* subverted Pro EU manifestations. Any Remainer on the 'March for Europe' in September 2016 will know what I mean.
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I lived in England for years and as an investigative reporter I followed the creation of this monstrosity of globalization called the #EuropeanUnion. It's #NAFTA times 50!… #Brexit
My investigation into the EU began when I got the minutes of 14 secret meetings between all the top banking chiefs and international government operatives. They called themselves #TheInvisibles.… #Brexit
The Invisibles were writing the rules of the EU to smash unions and stop regulation of industry. We’ve just seen an example of this; Germany was about to vote to eliminate #RoundUp, but changed its crucial vote weeks after BAYER bought #Monsanto.… #Brexit
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When #NigelFarage left #UKIP he started to re-invent himself. He's not talking about immigration any more. He's talking about being the saviour of democracy, and leaving UKIP to be the extremists. He's trying to attract a more moderate voter. The polls seem to show this working
I wonder, if he does well if the #EuropeanElections2019 and the #Brexit mess in Parliament continues, it might give some #ERG members the confidence to cross the floor. Will they have confidence that they can re-elected on a #BrexitParty ticket.
That would then likely cause a general election as the government would not be able to pass anything. The #Conservatives would not have time to sort out a new leader so #TheresaMay could end up leading them into it. They could get slaughtered.
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1) Brexit has become a national obsession in the UK, an all-consuming topic, which makes people forget that there are so many other things that matter.

The debate over the EP elections is the worst example of this, creating yet more divisions about false assumptions...

2) Contrary to what's being discussed in the press, the EU elections are NOT a proxy referendum on #Brexit.

If it were a proxy referendum, then the results that matter are overall votes NOT seats, but as parties are also internally divided over Brexit, this is not so.
3) This means all the arguments about aliances are pointless and people have a simple choice:

a. vote for whichever party you want to represent you in the hope it may get a seat,
b. vote against whichever party you least want to see representing you and your country.
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Now here's a thing.

In fact, 5 things that the UK would do well sit up and pay heed to. As soon as possible.

They arise from the current visit of Speaker Pelosi & the congressional delegation.
#Brexit #FTA #GFA

1. Soft power works,
& Ireland has it by the bucketload when it comes to the US.

The combination of diasporic heritage + sense of moral achievement in @BelfastAgmt is hard to beat.

Congressman Richie Neal described entering the room in Belfast like a 'high school reunion'.
2. There is a strong US sense of ownership of @BelfastAgmt.

As Richie Neal put it to the audience in Belfast: "It is our agreement too."

And they recognise the GFA is not just a domestic concern.

Pelosi noted at the same event "what it means to the world as an example".

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so no one thinks Labour and Conservatives will agree a #brexit deal - @instituteforgov we tried to assess how far apart they are...and hwo likely the EU is to concede...
On a customs union, the PM's withdrawal agreement contains as near a legal commitment to a permanent CU as you could get - and its compatible with the political declaration Proximity rating: 4/5
but the EU may have a problem with Labour's demand for a say on trade policy if that implies some degree of decision-making.. EU autonomy red line alert Negotiability rating: 4.5/5
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Daily Indyfact No2: An Independent Scotland in the EU would not have to accept the Euro, indeed we wouldn't be able to! Since the rule was first brought in, no country in the EU has been forced to adopt the Euro. For this next bit I will use a simple analogy to explain further.
Say tomorrow all the vegans in Europe said "Screw you! We're sick of your meat-eating ways" and one with a lot of money bought an island somewhere and they established the independent republic of vegans. (sorry vegans)
Well it is clear that their values are "we don't eat meat!". Now, if the Acquis communautaire (rules for joining the EU) said every country had to sell meat, then that would prevent the independent republic of vegans from joining right?
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So am told this was pretty spicy encounter...but it speaks to the extent that ERG @Jacob_Rees_Mogg @OwenPaterson have just had their heads in the sand on the political ground realities in Ireland - like them or not. 1/short thread
@Jacob_Rees_Mogg @OwenPaterson It is no good simply complaining that the Irish or the British governments are not putting their back into technical solutions for an invisible border - which exist nowhere on the planet btw.

The politics of the @BorderIrish are everything in this discussion. /2
@Jacob_Rees_Mogg @OwenPaterson @BorderIrish Every constituency on that border is Sinn Fein controlled.

You only need to scratch the surface for a second to know that there is no political will to make the fantasy tech border work.

This is as much a reality as camera gantries, drones and blockchain. /3
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I am proud to present the updated ladybird story of #Brexit the story of a heroic national triumph
It is true that some are bored Shitless of #Brexit but contrary to the claims of remoaners this boredom will disappear and there will be renewed enthusiasm once people realise that this is just the end of the beginning there is 10yrs of 10x more intense #Brexit to come
Some say #Brexit deferred is brexit cancelled but this would be surrender to naysayers. @DominicRaab famed brexiter plans to celebrate #Brexit day by jumping off a high building with wings to disprove so called experts who claim this will not allow him to fly to a soarway future
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Thought experiment thread 👇; can one explain British history as a country regarded as a commodity for sale by its rulers? Would that interpretation principally explain #Brexit?
Let's see...
Flawed Model
The Uk's history is popularly explained by only one interpretation, known as the Whig interpretation. This explains it as a series of events by which parliament became supreme. Given the government's contempt for parliament, it doesn't look that supreme to me.
Serfs not Smurfs
In the middle ages the Kings of England found it hard to raise taxes, so they established parliament to do so. Nobles, & in exchange for granting taxes they demanded land. Since the kings had little they instead gave them the land of the serfs in the Enclosures.
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1/ A thread about the Government's response to the petition asking for a Public Inquiry into illegality in the #Brexit referendum, because this sort of self-serving and bilious dismissal of the public needs calling out sometimes. And I'm cross.…
2/ Statement-by-statement...

Yes investigations are carried out by the EC, but not solely. The Government could, to take an example completely at random, choose to launch a public inquiry based on the conclusions of an investigation by the Electoral Commission. If it chose.
3/ Yes, we know. That's the point of the petition, to ask you to make plans. There would be no point petitioning you to do something you are already doing, would there?
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I’m afraid too many Remainers are treating the #EuropeanElections2019 like all the previous #EuropeanElections when the reality is if pro-Brexit parties get a clear majority of MEPs that’ll be spun as a mandate for #Brexit and a rejection of a #PeoplesVote - simple as that🙄
I’m a Green Party member but if Greens can work with other parties during a GE, why can’t we do the same for a European election? I get there are ideological differences but this is bigger than narrow party politics and it just seems counter-productive to me
TIG especially seem to be treating these elections purely to raise their party’s profile rather than to do what’s in the national interest - and the ideological differences between them and the Lib Dems are very slim, so it’s unforgivable really
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Alt Black

A #TrumpRussiaMatrix Study...

A #TrumpRussiaMatrix Study...

8chan to the White Knight

A #TrumpRussiaMatrix Study...
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Farmers face the biggest Brexit hit and still they don’t think they need to worry! THREAD
In a grim report published on Friday, the #government Agricultural, Horticultural and Development Board @TheAHDB predicted that post-Brexit #farming incomes would fall by 25%. @FarmingUK /1
This wasn’t just in an apocalyptic #NoDeal scenario. If it was, farmers seeing this figure could mutter Project Fear and carry on their arduous work. The problem is that this collapse occurs IN ANY BREXIT SCENARIO @bbcfarmingtoday. /2
It is no exaggeration that entire enterprises, for example poultry production, could be unviable if the AHDB predictions are correct as @RCorbettMEP notes. This is a problem because, in Shropshire @BBCShropshire poultry accounts for 86% of all cattle and livestock. /3
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This is a #Thread about one of the many trolls who is targeting #Native and #Indigenous @Twitter accounts.

The account #@Blondi65003273 is interacting with #NativeAmericans by #JustAskingQuestions

Nothing obviously provocative.

One of Blondi’s followers is another account that claims to be #Native #Ojibwe
However, one of her first posts demonstrate her to be not your average concerned Wisconsin #Native from the North Woods. She posts a picture of a dismembered body that is supposed to convince voters that we need a stronger immigration policy to deter crime.
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"Covertly" -- April 13, 2019

Operation Disclosure…

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)
The Earth Alliance is covertly smoking out all Cabal/Deep State operatives embedded within the US Government.

The entire Cabal/Deep State criminal syndicate is being dismantled from within.
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It's another beautiful #swotsunday morning, we wish everyone a wonderful #PalmSunday & #GameofThrones weekend.

Today, we will examine the impact of post #Brexit on the United Kingdom.

#SundayThoughts #SundayMorning #BrexitDay #BrexitDelay #brexitdirectaction #Brexitcast
The word #Brexit is simply an acronym for Britain exit. The United Kingdom consist of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. The UK became a member of the European Union (EU) in 1973, but wanted to backout after only two years of its membership.
However, the majority of those that participated in the referendum voted for the UK to remain as a member of the union.

The recent agitation for Brexit led to another voting process taking place across the UK.
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