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UK 5 mins behind US not 10 years! US seduced by Koch's $$$s shaping Govt policy that has subverted democracy from within, James Buchanan was the go-between forging a right wing libertarian bridge with catastrophic impacts on entire US infrastructure. Parallel legacy for UK Brexit
Over decades Koch funded stealth tactics have been deployed to set up libertarian law and economics curricula in private US universities to train up antitrust lawyers and 'select' newspaper journalists. This undermined the intellectual foundations that serve public interest.
Subversion from within had to progress as the radical rights biggest hurdle was overcoming left wing academia and liberal arts by buying and training people to dessimate a 'persuasive libertarian analysis of social problems' The right built its counter intelligentsia in the 70's
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Bookmark this tweet. It's not "The Guardian" that is worried about the dangers of not having full checks on EU food imports after #Brexit, it's the flipping Food Standards Agency...and the British Veterinary Association, the National Pig Association, the National Farmers' Union/1
The point here is that professional folk advising the government are I reported last month the FSA has already warned pig industry of 'white vans' of illegal pig meat entering from Romania, with risk of African Swine Fever/2… Image
If you advertise the fact that you're leaving the front door open, don't be suprised if a crook walks through it.

As Zoe Davies of Nat Pig Assoc @Mrs_Pig says, “We know that this is an accident waiting to happen, because it’s an accident that has already happened before" /3
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This is such an important piece in the FT. I remember leading on Brexit / Covid19 impacts and all roads led to SMEs - who have dwindled in number/output since GFC - getting squeezed to breaking point. How do we want this sector to operate?
"UK construction has 244,000 fewer employees than three years ago due to a loss of EU workers and early retirees." #ukhousing
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Two thirds of Labour supporters voted Remain yet Labour doggedly appeasing the one third that voted Leave. Labour are a Pro Brexit party, no debate, no consideration of untold damage to UK infrastructure, they are embracing the oligarchs revolution, the libertarian clean slate.
Federal Trust’s new project -Brexit Can Be Undone. Prof Andrew Blick “Rejoining is the only satisfactory means of addressing the manifest problems caused by Brexit.” The opposition parties operating in self interest not their constituents, 'Govt' an obstacle to anarcho capitalism
Brexit will destroy what's left of public services, the UK will become a shareholders paradise, Govt will shrink, laws rewritten. Post Brexit will see rise of modern day slavery in charter cities and freeports, a not in my back yard approach to austerity will seal 'home rule'
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It's here, the far right ERG Tories wrecking crew unleashed their total f*cking tits up libertarian free market fundamentalist bollocking of their own Leave/Remain citizens livelihoods. Holy sh*t
‘What have we done?’6 years on UK counts the cost of Brexit…
Mogg has no intention of monitoring the economic effects of Brexit. “I’m not going to make those sorts of assessments because lots were made before the ref and they are all bilge"
Q -Who in their right mind would go along with this kind of denialism?
A -The ultra-rich that's who
It is completely bonkers-If you can’t ship your goods to the biggest market, you are shooting yourself in the foot-Our growth stopped 5 years ago-70% of turnover was international before Brexit. It went from 70% 50% to 30%. We would be twice the size now if it were not for Brexit
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Tory MPs: 1)#traindrivers are not on strike; 2)the voters created their own #TacticalVoting scheme + executed it because they wanted to spell out just how much they want anything but #ToryLiars; 3) we like our #HumanRights...leave them alone; 4) loyalty to a liar will end careers
5) smashing things up/ defunding, then claim to be fixing stuff is not a sustainable strategy and we see what you're doing.#SaveOurNHS
6) your Twitter bubble may love hideous policies like #RwandaDeportation..the country as a whole does not;7)#foodbanks are not a photo opp but a
source of shame; 8) we aren't stupid...unlike your front bench; 9) we know where levelling up money goes and why...10) not mentioning #Brexit doesn't make it less of a sh*tshow.
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Roll up, roll up #Brexit faithful....@Jacob_Rees_Mogg wants you to say which bits of 'retained EU law' you don't like ... you can look them all up here. Good luck. Bag of smarties for the winner. No seriously.../1…
@Jacob_Rees_Mogg I am being serious. He really is his statement to the House of Commons today...he wants the public to "join us on this journey" and deliver a "crucial boost" to productivity /2…
@Jacob_Rees_Mogg It's genuinely hard to know where to start we really think the public are going to trawl this website (pretty gritty stuff)...and do we think repealing bits and bobs of EU law will lead to a "productivity boost"...economists don't. /3
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The Sun, Mail, Telegraph & Express on a new "report" by "experts" which claims "BRITAIN is failing to reap the benefits of #Brexit because of the defeatist mindset of ruling elites!"

The report is from a new 'think tank', Chaired by disgraced Tory Owen Patterson! 😬🇬🇧
Fortunately, the good people at @desmog document a vast range of 'free-market-supporting individuals & organisations, including 'The Centre for Brexit Policy' (CBP) - a pro-Brexit, free-market thinktank, established in March 2020.…
The The Centre for Brexit Policy seeks to “trigger a deep and wide debate about what Brexit should mean for the UK” and to “formulate an overarching framework for the UK that maximises the opportunities Brexit affords”.

In reality, it produces opaquely funded #propaganda.
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What I find as interesting about this chart as its contents is the label at the top: "#LIBERAL WOMEN"

Labour may in part* be more 'liberal' than the current Conservative party, but it is not a Liberal party...

*It still has its more authoritarian, "law'n'order!" tendencies. Image
...indeed, the chart itself 👇 suggests that "the women of Wakefield" support the Liberal Democrats LESS than the men.

This rather American(?) conflation of "left" and "liberal" in both language and assumption is a form of #CategoryError - in large part due to the insistence... Image
...on the all-too #binary 'left/right' framing that fails to encompass many nuances within politics.

That UK-level choices prefer only two 'parties of Government' does not entirely reflect either sentiment or ground reality, as the local government layer in England indicates... Image
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Master of 'wedge issues', Lynton Crosby, has been attending Boris Johnson’s meetings in No 10.

The political strategist, whose advisory firm has represented tobacco as well as oil & gas interests, is at the heart of Johnson's political strategy.…
Like many senior Tories, Crosby is a master of 'Divide & Rule', & an expert in the 'Dark Arts' of voter manipulation, infamous for his 'dead cat' strategy & the promotion of toxic & deliberately divisive 'wedge issues' - evidence of which is everywhere in Britain at the moment.
A 'wedge issue' - a key component of the classic 'divide & rule' political strategy - is described as a political or social issue, often of a controversial or divisive nature, which splits apart a demographic or population group.

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1. The diversity of the issues raised at @IrelandsFuture public meetings around preparing for unity tells us this is a current and important conversation which people want to engage in, says chair @andreemurphy at latest public meeting in #Sligo #preparingforanewireland
2. Now is the decade of opportunity and our constitutional future is being discussed by all sorts of people in both public and private forums, says @MacManusChris
3. #Unity is about the dynamic that provides a better standard of life for all the citizens says @MacManusChris . It is not the responsible of one or two political parties to outline that vision.
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🚨NEW: This week's PMQs Fact Check with @Femi_Sorry.

#BorisJohnson spins the truth even on #Brexit, while #PritiPatel defends welcoming Ukrainian refugees while deporting all the others to #Rwanda

Are you ok, mates?
The government remains committed to sending asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda and plans for future flights have begun, #PritiPatel has told MPs.

"We will not be deterred from doing the right thing," the home secretary said.…
Despite what Boris Johnson keeps saying in his alternative reality, the Uk economic situation is dire and worsening…
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Eventually the run of #ParodiesDoPolitics having important guests had to come to an now we have to resort to so called "Experts"
This week we'll be having a chat with Trade guru @DavidHenigUK.
Topics: #Brexit and the #Protocol.. Image
..and the rest of this week's current events(it's been boring hasn't it?), really looking forward to this one! Friday 8:15PM. Here is a reminder:
/cc @BelfastAgmt @cowandspoon @HaulieMalo @Sime0nStylites @TheActofUnion @patricklohlein @BenKingNI @dmcbfs…
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Today the EU fires back in a brewing 🇪🇺🇬🇧 trade war.

The Commission is expected to announce unfreezing of legal action against 🇬🇧 (and the start of new actions) following the UK government's tabling of legislation to undo the #Brexit divorce deal's Northern Ireland Protocol.
Both Brussels and national 🇪🇺 capitals were infuriated by Monday's bill from 🇬🇧 government which, if/when passed, would unilaterally terminate large parts of the NI Protocol by ending checks between Northern Ireland (in EU customs area) and Great Britain (not in EU customs area).
🇪🇺VP @MarosSefcovic reminded 🇬🇧 Monday that NI Protocol was a prerequisite for agreeing the free trade deal (TCA) that came later and is now in effect.

The widespread feeling in 🇪🇺 now is @BorisJohnson signed protocol in order to get the deal, with no intention of honouring it.
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We are now sliding into fascism.

How? A thread.

#Brexit #Rwanda #ToryCorruption

Authoritarian leaders can't just flick a switch and turn a democratic, free country into a fascist state. It takes time.

Two major things needed to happen.

1) They needed to remove the control of external forces

2) They needed to soften and weaken the population

EU legislation protected our population on key issues such as workers' rights, human rights and right to protest.

They needed us out of the EU and so paid their pet tabloids to slowly drip feed negative messaging about the EU to the population over years.

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Brexiter's banging on about Sovereignty? Honduran Supreme Court did not take to their Sovereignty being violated by colonialist capitalists, slamming Singham's libertarian philosophy as showing an “aversion towards states, their laws and regulations. Romer/Sunak gear up for UK.
Honduran Supreme Court ruled in 2012 this type of administration invalid as it would violate the national sovereignty of the Central American country..Although the project promised various vital services such as education and health>
even Honduran nationals would have to apply for 'permission to be in the area.'Technical University of Munich subsidiary withdrew from the ZEDE project in Honduras because of “indications of human rights violations”
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🇪🇺VP @MarosSefcovic responding now to 🇬🇧legislation undoing NI Protocol of #Brexit divorce treaty:

"🇪🇺&🇬🇧are partners facing same global challenges where upholding the rule of law is imperative. This relationship must be based on full respect of our legally binding commitments" Image
"After countless hours of intensive line-by-line negotiations, the NI Protocol was the one and only solution we could jointly find to protect hard-earned gains of the peace process in NI while addressing the challenges created by #Brexit and the type of Brexit chosen by 🇬🇧"
"Renegotiating the protocol is unrealistic," says 🇪🇺VP Sefcovic.

"No workable alternative solution has been found to this delicate long-negotiated balance. Any renegotiation would only bring further legal uncertainty for the people and businesses in NI"

"🇪🇺will not renegotiate"
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No surprises from Liz Truss this evening but a few thoughts on what is probably the lowest day in this entire sorry #Brexit process. 1/ Image
This legislation is quite simply baffling in its disregard for international law, the people and businesses of Northern Ireland and the EU. 2/
The contents of these proposals beg the question of have the UK Govt been listening to any of the concerns raised by the EU or Northern Ireland over the past six years? 3/
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Govt is introducing a Bill that (a large number of) its own MPs are saying is going to violate international law.
Bill not dictated by national interest (in fact it undermines it).
Only comes in so that PM will 'shore up his support on Right of the party' after confidence vote
2. Bill will be sold to the MPs on the Right of the party—and Brexiteer voters—wrapped in the usual anti-juridical, anti-European, narrative: "European judges to be stripped of Northern Ireland Protocol powers under new Brexit law"
3. This is the anti-human rights narrative too. Many will confuse 'European judges' for those in Strasbourg. The attack on the European Court of Human Rights is of course alive and well in the UK.
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🚨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨NEW: leaked section of Northern Ireland #Brexit bill that I've seen hand ministers massive powers to 'switch off' the Protocol...only 3 articles of the NI Protocol are specifically protected. My latest via @FT w @GeorgeWParker @jude_webber /1…
@FT @GeorgeWParker @jude_webber This legislation is far broader in scope that the Internal Market Bill 2020 that the government admitted breached international law in a "limited and specific way"...section 15 of this bill makes clear how broad the powers are.../2
@FT @GeorgeWParker @jude_webber Section 15 lists nine very broad criteria for using the powers for switching off parts of the Protocol...

- “safeguarding economic stability”

- and the “safetguarding territorial or constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom” /3
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Brexit was the single best strategy for the UK to pursue in order to safeguard everyday Briton’s long-term national security. Bi-lateral trade and investment deals are easier to negotiate, execute, and monitor. In multi-lateral deals, one is only as strong as their weakest 1/6
link. Just look at the failures of the so-called EU.Brexit has nothing to do with racism. It’s the foundation for a proper national security policy. It’s not anti-immigrant. Once the borders are secure, a diverse and inclusive immigration policy will be implemented. Today,2/6
Brexit naysayers are blaming the administration for lower tax revenues and a declining business climate…in an environment where ill-conceived energy policy, Putin’s massacre of Ukraine, inflation caused by aggressive monetary printing, and a general European (and global) 3/6
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🧨🧨 NEW. Leaked Treasury memo concedes Boris Johnson’s plan to cut civil service risks ‘adverse impacts’ on frontline services - my latest with ⁦@eirnolsoe@FT /1
So @BorisJohnson said this week the decision to “prune back” Whitehall departments could be achieved “without harming the public services they deliver” — but no-one agrees with that. Not insiders or experts. /2
Because cutting one fifth of Civil Servants in three years when HALF deliver frontline services (prison officers, probation, court staff, govt agencies like DVLA etc) can’t be done without impact /3
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Also... Der "langsam" nach rechts abdriftende #Musk wird bzgl.Twitter von #VyCapital (Dubai) unterstützt, vertreten durch den "mysteriösen" Alexander Tamas. Zu dem findet man kaum was privates.

Aber oho, er ist der Bruder von Joana #Cotar, #AfD. Tststs.
Ping @LarsWienand @janboehm @zdfmagazin @Volksverpetzer

Ist ja vielleicht für euch von Interesse...
Hier aus Wiki zu Joana Cotar, geb. Tamas:
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Thread: 1/4 Access to the Single Market & Customs Union would revalue the UK & the Pound. The UK's Credit Rating would improve, reversing the drop due to Brexit. People forget #BrexitBrokeBritain and was to the very great detriment of the UK
2/4 #Brexit was never actually intended. It was Cameron's game of chicken with UKIP & a strategy to stave off UKIP's challenge to Tory voters afflicting Tory polling. The referendum was only ever about preservation of Tory hopes of ongoing power. All to the detriment of the UK
3/4 Since then, the Tory party has downgraded their ambition & has replaced the objective of saving the Tory Party with the objective of saving Boris Johnson. All to the detriment of the Tory Party and also to the detriment of UK
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