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“This will never end” said one exasperated EU politician to me tonight. At the moment EU leaders are hoping to avoid having to coming to Brussels “just for #Brexit again” as they put it /1
If EU leaders stick to 31st Jan extension requested by the PM (even if he asked through gritted teeth) then they feel they can agree in writing rather than in person at a special summit. /2
An EU politician expressed his frustration at the thought of another #Brexit summit. “We have to dance like Pinocchio in this game that’s not ours” an EU politician said to me, adding:”It’s so annoying and upsetting by now” /3
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EU source rejects the PMs assertion in Parliament just now that the ball is back in the EUs court now (regarding extension etc). EU leaders say they wait to hear from Boris Johnson as to what his next steps are /1
Im hearing immense frustration EU-side. Not at Parliament. There is European understanding that they want to scrutinise legislation in more detail. Frustration is with the PM /2
EU diplomat from influential member state said to me: “What game is being played here? Boris Johnson tells us, tells everyone he just wants to get #Brexit done. But now he halts the legislative process with 10 days till the deadline still to go.” /3
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Mogg is now pondering the theological origins of limbo. #Brexit
Bercow replies that ‘we are wallowing in the realm of metaphysical abstraction’. Some of us have been doing that for three years mate
Best line from Margaret Beckett on the subject of limbo: it isn’t just open for the dead but those pure of soul. We know who you were talking about, Margaret
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Former NI Secretary @OwenPaterson has quoted Michael Collins - in Westminster - as he voices his support for the #Brexit deal.

He ended it by saying "I hope I don't follow the fate of Michael Collins".
@OwenPaterson Owen Paterson : "Michael Collins in the Dáil Eireann on 19th Dec 1921 said something which pretty reflects my views this evening."
@OwenPaterson The passage of Michael Collins' speech in the Dáil which just Owen Paterson quoted.
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🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 It's actually worse than this, since UK must agree to extend transition in by July 1 2020.

But we only paid up Dec 31 2020, so that is going to mean new negotiation on 💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶

Now. Consider the timetable... 1/Thread
The new @EU_Commission won't start now until December.

@BorisJohnson is going to have an election.

Officials on both sides clear that trade negotiation mandates and negotiations very unlikely to start before Spring 2020. Say March 1st. /2
@EU_Commission @BorisJohnson The UK, per Withdrawal Agreement (Art 132) must notify of decision to extend the implementation period by *July 1 2020.

That's THREE months after likely start dates of negotiation.

Which means... /3
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Contrary to media reports, we can't leave on 31 Oct with a deal. The EP won't have given "consent". But then, I suppose we can't expect the media to know how the EU system works. After all, we've only been in it for just over 45 years...… #Brexit
On European Parliament which also must ratify the new #Brexit deal, Mr Juncker said: "It's now not possible, not imaginable that this parliament would ratify the agreement before Westminster ... First London, then Brussels and Strasbourg".

^ They catch up eventually, although they don't understand they words they are hearing. Juncker is confirming that there can be no exit with a deal on 31 October.
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The #WithdrawalAgreementBill is 115 pages long.

Complicated to understand, full of legal technicalities.

The government wants it sorted by tomorrow while the #Maastricht Treaty took 40 days.

No economic impact assessment of the deal overall, apparently not needed. 1/4
If you thought 3 years were too long and you are already fed up with #Brexit, wait to see if the #WithdrawalAgreementBill passes.

Brexit has not started yet and you'll certainly enjoy the next 20 years of Brexit on the political agenda on a daily basis. 2/4
The only way to move on to all the things that actually matters is to #StopBrexit.

Or we will waste 20 years and billions of pounds to try to get to a similar place than the one we have now. 3/4
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1/ A depressing night at the British Embassy regarding #Brexit. The Government clearly only thinks (or cares) about super straight forward cases, but some people are utterly terrified...
2/ first, woman attending for 99 yr old mum, who’s lived in PL 50 yrs & received letter saying she’d lose healthcare access. She doesn’t receive her UK pension into PL bank acc, or qualify for private care, so will now have to pay 400zl a month to ZUS to receive treatment...
3/ Indian citizen, mum to a little girl who’s a British citizen because estranged father’s English. Mum in PL legally atm because daughter currently EU citizen. Until Brexit when, as a result, mum will lose right to stay. Unresolved.
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Boris Johnson

When you started as a companion, this isn’t what you had in mind, but here you are now! Your main reg, has always been the black sheep, a true rebel. Austerity in the streets, 👱🏻‍♂️iwillgetadealnomatterwhatittakes in the sheets
Jo Johnson

He books you for a month long sugar baby arrangement. leaves half through. “Sorry, I just want to spend more time with my family.”
Jezza Corbyn

The “woke bloke”. Respects you as an intellectual equal to say “You’re above this babe, you shouldn’t objectify yourself like this” Despite being your main regular.

You don’t know whether he wants to stay or leave...🤷🏼‍♂️
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EU views PMs letter accompanying his formal #Brexit extension request - saying that he doesn’t actually want an extension- as a gimmick aimed at a domestic audience. As far as EU law is concerned: a formal request from the UK prime minister, is a formal request full stop /1
EU leaders not rushing to make decisions. Instead they watch events in Westminster carefully. If their newly negotiated #Brexit deal is approved by the majority of MPs - as the PM promised them it would be - then possibly no extension will be needed OR /2
Only a short one maybe to allow for necessary legislation to be completed. If this is the case, EU leaders won’t think twice about granting this short extension. They may even approve it by writing rather than on person at an emergency #Brexit summit. Spoiler alert../3
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1. What is the last time a perceived leftist liberation army won? Did the #IRA win? If they did it was done gracefully. What separated them from other groups to buy a deal? IMO because they showed they'd kill the Royals. When they killed Dianna's uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten
2. it all changed. Things got more violent but peace in the end.

In 1978 I lived in #Sunnyside #Queens. @AOC District. There was a small magazine shop at the corner on Greenpoint. It had IRA publications in the window & they were openly collecting money for "the cause."
3. Twenty years after Mountabatten's killing the Good Friday agreement was the culmination of hard work of many including the Mitchell team to bring peace. Bitterness may remain but Ireland had moved on. Until #Brexit. @BorisJohnson @foreignoffice @GCHQ
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I used to have alot of respect and admiration for @JamesBlunt until I read this interview.

Apparently we should "Get the fu*k on with #Brexit because HIS life isn't going to change" (he has a salaried tour mgr to fill out his forms...)

So @JamesBlunt what abt smaller groups of amateur/semi-prof musicians who cant afford additional red tape #Brexit will bring?

My choir went to Barcelona last yr& sang British sacred music in their beautiful cathedrals.Nxt yr's trip to Budapest at risk .2…
And @JamesBlunt what about the nearly half a million people who have already lost their jobs as a direct result of the #Brexit vote, and are now struggling to put food on the table?

Also see:…
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The #Brexit Minister Stephen Barclay just confirmed to me in his @LordsEUCom evidence that, under the Govt's proposals, Northern Irish businesses sending goods to Great Britain will have to complete export declaration forms.
This revelation confirms two things.

1. The GB-NI border inside the UK will, from a commercial point of view, feel like a real border.

2. The Govt is trying to push through a vote on the deal before the text of the Withdrawal Bill is seen for a reason: the contents are alarming
A reminder, given Ministers now concede Northern Irish firms will have to complete export declaration paperwork to trade inside their own country with Great Britain, what lengths Jacob Rees-Mogg went to in 2018 to prevent this outcome. Here’s his amendment that became law (S55).
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If you read one thing about #Brexit today - make it this thread...

EU labour standards underpin majority of labour standards in the UK. They're implemented/protected in the UK because they are required to be by law BUT it’s not just their existence that's important...⬇️
It’s also the progressive way those rights have been interpreted, the requirements for effective and dissuasive sanctions and the requirements for individuals to be able to enforce them. Workers’ rights underpinned by EU law standards include: ⬇️
The fact that these rights are so important is demonstrated by the efforts of Conservative governments to resist them - e.g. resistance to the Acquired Rights Directive, Working Time Directive, Collective Redundancies Directive & Agency Workers Directive. #WorkersRights #Brexit
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On the 19th October 2019 we travelled from Cheshire on trains coaches and automobiles for a #PeopleVoteMarch to demand a chance to have a say on this #brexitshambles which threatens our jobs, our families, our rights and freedoms /thread

We had a little song song on the way to pass the time on the road #singingtoremain
We assembled before joining the march. As we walked through the streets of our capital city we were cheered and smiled at and given the thumbs up. #FinalSay
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Thread. This stuff is dangerously lacking in analysis.

1. Rights were won by the Labour Movement and legislated for by Labour Governments that won elections. #BrexitDeal
2. Rights in other European Countries were won by Labour movements in those countries and legislated by social democratic governments which won social consensus for progressive change. #BrexitDeal
3. Socialists and social democrats along with labour movements across the EU co-operated and won social consensus to legislate rights at work into EU treaties, especially Maastricht. #BrexitDeal
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In the future of the UK, @NickBoles personal feelings about the PM are not relevant. Next he uses some random private member’s nonsense by @andreajenkyns with no chance of becoming law to suggest he’s “changed his mind” on a #Brexit deal he was never going to vote for.
As I wrote yesterday, if these utterly irresponsible MPs refuse to give the UK and EU businesses the certainty this agreed deal on Brexit provides, @BorisJohnson should make it the centerpiece of his election campaign. This Parliament of Paralysis cannot run forever.
Johnson will be elected in an absolute landslide and every sitting MP knows it. Expect this shower, therefore, never to allow any early election. But let us be thankful that they cannot sit forever. The next, massive majority @BorisJohnson govt can leave in the first week back.
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It's understandable that the crowds' reaction seemed out-of-order after yesterday's vote, but I suggest you look to history to see that when people are not happy with you, they will show it.

Any of you heard of Sir Charles Wetherall? >
Wetherell was Bristol's senior judge. In 1831 he made a statement in Parliament that Bristol was not in favour of parliamentary reform.

The people of Bristol responded by rioting for two days. Wetherall had to escape the city in women's clothes.…
The Great Reform Act of 1832 was enacted because the British people, denied representation through a Democratic voting system, rioted. Not just in Bristol, but in all major cities. The elite wanted to head off a Revolution, and they did. Men got the vote.
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Europe’s papers chew over the government’s defeat in parliament yesterday as well as the PM sending letters regarding another #Brexit extension. Italy’s Corriere della Sera believes “This unprecedented ‘game of two letters’ seriously embarrasses EU… /1
The paper says the EU “will have to decide whether to give Britain an extension that parliament is asking for but the British government does not want.” /2
Most European papers focus on how the vote in Parliament yesterday means the #Brexit process will go on even longer. Spain’s El Mundo describes it as “another unpredictable scenario of this labyrinth”… /3
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Keir Starmer on @AndrewMarr9 just now talking about amendments he wants to new #Brexit deal including UK membership of EU customs union NB Amending deal in UK law is one thing but in EU there is complete fatigue and no appetite to sit down and reopen deal once again /1
Of course EU would prefer all of UK to stay in customs union - in fact to stay as close as possible but there’s possibility for that to be negotiated after #Brexit when the two sides sit down to hammer out a trade deal /2
Bare bones FTA that Boris Johnson asked EU for as outlined in Political Declaration on future EU-UK relationship that makes up part of new #Brexit deal is not legally binding. All options on table after Brexit - from bare bones FTA to customs union and single market membership /3
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Good morning! The #Insiders host this Sunday is Fran Kelly and on the panel are two people with books about the election, David Crowe and Niki Savva, and news dot com journalist Malcolm Farr.
the opening gambit is a familiar #Insiders tweak: the claim that government politicking has trumped policy, as though political journalism operates entirely independently of, and has no influence on, this outcome.
straight to the #Insiders montage. This was the week that our dismal economic outlook, known to anyone paying attention for well over a year, was finally noticed by major media.
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This is a clever letter which does not say what the soundbites do. It does not call the unsigned letter “Parliament’s letter”. It calls it “the request mandated by Parliament”.…
It probably would violate the law to call it “Parliament’s letter” and so @BorisJohnson has avoided that formulation. “The request mandated by Parliament” is very good.

Johnson’s position was made clear today; restating it cannot be an issue, surely. The law can’t force a lie.
It is hardly as if the EU 27 do not already know that the government and the PM do not want to delay. To pretend otherwise would be to insult their intelligence. Parliament mandated a letter be sent. It was sent. There, @BorisJohnson’s legal obligation ended. #Brexit
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1) For all the praise laid on @Keir_Starmer and others, there is *no* authentic Labour Leadership voice saying *unambiguously* that #Brexit is a bad idea, only that this or that particular deal is

Because Labour will not displace Corbyn eventually the brexiters will win
@Keir_Starmer 2) the frustration is, so many Labour supporters pretending they care about the NHS, workers rights, the vulnerable

But they don't, in the end they put supporting Corbyn, and therefore enabling #Brexit, above everything
@Keir_Starmer 3) at this point Remain looks like a busybody, a spoilsport, endlessly delaying

Because there is no public facing consensus in Labour that #Brexit itself is a stupid idea so we have to fight the deals rather than Brexit as a concept
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