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24 Sep
Who imposed the lockdown?
Central Govt

Who caused a humanitarian crisis?
Central Govt

Who provided relief to migrant citizens?
State Govts and NGOs

Who is being punished?
State Govts and NGOs
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21 Sep
Voice vote system in Parliament is utter bullcrap.

Division voting should be made mandatory for each bill which needs to be passed.

Additionally, all votes of MPs must be individually recorded and immediately made available to the public too.
BTW, there is a big reason why this is not a thing.

If they record individual votes of MPs and make it public, the effects of anti-defection law towards killing our democracy will be clearly visible.

The system won't allow this farce to be exposed.
If you are done living in denial, speak up and talk about this broken system of lawmaking. It affects ALL political parties & YOU.

This. Is. Not. A. Democracy.

MPs should not be forced to vote in a certain way. Anti-Defection law needs to go.
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20 Sep
Crazy scenes from Rajya Sabha emerging this afternoon where division vote was denied for MPs.

Yet another day, when it's proven that, this govt is not interested in debate or discussion. Now it's not even interested in voting tbh.
BJP supporters will have a predictable reaction to this whole thing:

1) Opposition should be dealt with like this only. (Those unruly elements!)
2) Historic day, Historic bill, jai Modiji.
3) UPA did the same thing during Telangana formation. (So we will do it too yay!)
Don't fall for it.

Going by the visuals emerging from Rajya Sabha, it's clear the Farm Bill was bulldozed through because they knew there is more opposition to it than support.

Now only chest beating and screaming "WE DID IT! FOR THE FARMERS!" loudly is the plan.
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19 Sep
Do you want to be famous?

Are you wondering how you can insert yourself into our reality TV based 'news' shitshow?

Here are some tips!

If you go around, you'll find a journalist doing something like this.

As you can see, they aren't very difficult to spot.

Approach and tell him you have EXCLUSIVE insider information on some famous person, preferably an opposition politician types.
"But why would the reporter trust me?" you ask.

Oh pls. They trust anyone.

Check this out: the same bicycle fellow in the clip above wanted an EXCLUSIVE from a random lady who just showed up and screamed "KALA JADOO KARTE HAI YE!!!"

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16 Sep
On a day when Supreme Court put a stay on Suresh Chavhanke's 'UPSC Jihad' show -- saying that it it can “destabilise the nation by targeting particular communities” -- guess whose ads are back on Sudarshan News?

Wow @Amul_Coop, you really seem to be making a point here, no? Image
Few weeks ago, @Amul_Coop got caught in a controversy for funding a show where Chavhanke literally alluded to Muslims indulging in incest, about India being a Hindu Rashtra and much much more.

We didn't spot any ads after that.

But they're back!…
Here's @sighyush's report on what happened during that 'UPSC Jihad' show and how it violated multiple rules of the Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994.

We didn't spot @Amul_Coop ads then as well.

But now they're back.…
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12 Sep
Remember that "UPSC Jihad" show which Sudarshan 'news' was supposed to do, but was stalled by the court? It happened yesterday and was as vile as we expected it to be.

Good news: Amul didn't sponsor it
Bad news: UP Government did.

@sighyush 🔥…
The show was an attempt to weave a conspiracy theory that Indian Muslims have taken over UPSC exams.


Chavhanke claimed that Dr Manmohan Singh was connected to ISIS + Osama Bin Laden, so he did it deliberately.

Like... wow.… ImageImage
At multiple points during his offensive show, Chavanke used cartoons with big beards, crooked noses and skull caps to represent Muslims.

Yes, the taxpayer is funding this vile show through the UP Government. Wonder how the bureaucrats in the state feel about it. ImageImage
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10 Sep
The TRP war is getting ugly. Allegations are being made on Republic for gathering a crowd to chant anti-Aaj Tak slogans.

Whoever wins this godawful war will get the ads, will get all the top brands. And, as of now, Republic seems to be winning.
Arnab has managed to turn news into a proper reality show. We might not like it, but clearly he's setting the agenda.

There was no real reason for other channels to go after the SSR case, which is a non-story. But they did, didn't they?

They all followed Arnab's lead.
Right now you have journalists harassing delivery men and postmen, you have reporters trespassing on private property & getting into fights, now a crowd chanting slogans.

Wait a while and you'll see some street fights too. Reporters are being turned into proper thugs.
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8 Sep
Fun Fact #1: Making marijuana use a criminal offence is a 'western concept'. It was banned in 1985 due to pressure form USA.

Fun Fact #2: Rajiv Gandhi was the one who buckled under pressure from USA and brought in the NDPS Act.
Fun Fact #3: In 2016, MP Dharamvira Gandhi proposed a private members bill to decriminalize the use of marijuana and it was cleared by the Legislative branch of Parliament.

Never became a law though.…
Hey, it's never a bad time to question a badly drafted law which has been practically ineffective in dealing with the actual synthetic drug menace.

Why? Simple.

The amount of resources spent on seizure of organic drugs as compared to synthetic ones is *insane*.
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7 Sep
“I think in his head, he’s the most powerful person in India after Modi. I remember this time when Arnab once came out of his office at 12:30 am and screamed, ‘Are we going to be number fucking one or what?’ And we’d loudly say yes and clap."

@MnshaP 🔥…
This story by @MnshaP reveals what everyone suspected till now:

Arnab Goswami is an obsessive toxic megalomaniac media mogul who wants to be bigger than everyone else, at any cost, and he'll do anything to get there.

Arnab essentially runs a gang that has a TV channel. And people are expected to do proper hit jobs.

@MnshaP's Full Story:… Image
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4 Sep
Why you, as news consumers, need to develop a habit of calling out advertisers on News Channels.

I know a lot of you are tired and frustrated with the kind of shit our TV News media spews, day in and day out. You must be wondering what you can do to bring about a change.

Here's a simple yet wild idea: Become conscious of advertisements.
Usually you must be just tuning out when ads start playing, or even barely register the title sponsors of a show.

But please realize that these brands are the ones which keep rewarding our TV channels for broadcasting divisive & hateful content.

It has to stop!
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3 Sep
Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the dumbest channel doing a story on the dumbest terrorist in the history of mankind.

Someone sent a letter to the NATIONAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY expressing their wish to harm the PM of India.

Who in the world does that?! 😆😆😆
I was trying to see if I was mistaken, if the letter was passed on to NIA or something. But nope.

Times Now removes the doubt by showing us a screenshot of this dumb email.

This is too funny!
😆😆😆 Image
Can't stop laughing and couldn't resist. Image
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1 Sep
Do something today.

Share this video with the people who are obsessed with SSR case. Let them see how the people who are creating this drama are behaving like hooligans.

Help your friends see how TV news has absolutely degenerated & is now harassing citizens like them.
There comes a point in time when you have to say certain things out loud.

Our TV News channels have now declared war on citizens. This is next level psychological warfare being inflicted on us and powered by advertisers who want this to happen.

It just can't go on like this.
Please support independent media to change this broken model of news.

The only way out of this rut is to create an alternative model, which gets an incentive to cover actual news which is relevant to YOU.

Do it:…
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1 Sep
Welcome to September 2020.

We now live in a world where an anchor on a TV News channel can confidently say that talking about the economy and a raging pandemic is a "waste of the nation's time".

Enjoy this satire playing out in real life.
More context for the uninitiated.

@tehseenp mentioned the fall in GDP and was shot down for it.
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29 Aug
Hi @Amul_Coop.

Why are you paying for hateful content?

Do explain.…
Dear @Rssamul,

In yesterday's show, Chavhanke said: "Does a Sunni say a Shia is his brother? Those who don't even treat their own sisters like brothers are trying to teach me and the Hindus of India brotherhood?”

Why is @Amul_Coop associating itself with such things?
Dear @Rssamul,

Did you know that during the show which you sponsored, a man called in and called Gandhiji a "takla" who is responsible for the partition of India?

He also advocated removal of Muslims from India.

Again, why is @Amul_Coop associating itself with this?
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29 Aug
While Twitterverse rejoices/outrages about Suresh Chavhanke's "UPSC Jihad" show from being censored, Sudarshan TV did a hateful show about how they weren't able to do a show.

Sponsored by Amul and Uttar Pradesh Govt!

My piece.…
Apart from Amul and UP Govt, there were two other sponsors.

Say hello to Vidya Balan & Raveena Tandon selling products on Sudarshan News.

We see you. 🧐
Brands really need to rethink about what they sponsor and what sort of hateful content they are paying for.

Oh and while advertisers pay to keep news hateful, it's time you step up and #PayToKeepNewsFree.

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28 Aug
The reasons being given to justify holding JEE - NEET exams are ridiculous.

- "Admit cards have been downloaded"

Downloading admit cards DOES NOT mean they're OK with giving an exam during a pandemic. Students can ask for postponement *and* DL cards at the same time.
- "Admit cards have been downloaded."


If our daft govt doesn't open another window or website doesn't work or the exam happens as planned, students wouldn't DL admit cards in anticipation?
- "Students will lose an year! Career career success success youth youth!"

Look around you, the entire WORLD is losing an year.

If a student, says in the future, "Yeah it was the COVID year & I didn't go to college", the other person will not ask:

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26 Aug

Panelist: "Sir, it was Hummus. The delivery guy said Hummus."

India TV: "Kya Rhea ke Rasode Mein Dawood tha? Janiye aaj raat Hummus ki delivery ka Sach!"

Anchor: "Hum pichle hafte dikha rahe the ki Dawood 2,32,138 baar pakda gaya hai, lekin aaj pata chala hai ki woh halaki Rhea ke Rasode mein HUMMUS phochane ki koshish mein laga tha!"
Sudhir: "Aaj hume dekhne ko mila ki ek delivery boy koi Pia ke ghar ke bahar ja pahucha. Zee News ki team ne chaan been karne ke baad pata kiya ki woh Pia nahi, balki RHEA ko delivery de raha tha. Kya ye ek naya kisam ka jihad 'deliver' ho raha hai? Chaliye karte hai DNA test."
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21 Aug
It starts slowly.

One piece falls off first,
It falls to the ground and shatters unnoticed.
Then another, and another, and another.
Until one falls on your head as you walk by.
You look up to see an ageing, ill maintained building,
Crumbling, creaking, crooked, crying.

As you walk by everyday,
Curiously looking up at the decaying structure,
You see it unraveling,
Inch by inch, bit by bit, crack by crack.
Yet, you tell no one.

"Surely someone knows," you think,
"Surely someone knows," another one passing by thinks,
"Surely someone knows," says another one to himself.
"Surely someone knows," says the demon.
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24 Jul
A bunch of you have been asking @newslaundry what is #NLsena and how it works.

Here are some answers.

1/n Image
Step 1: Our editors take a decision on a story that requires deep investigation, intense reporting and a lot of digging.

Ex: @sighyush and @Basantrajsonu are currently investigating the Delhi riots. #NLsena stories are being put out in English & Hindi.…
Step 2: We put up the project on, putting up a target amount and asking people to contribute.

It's essentially a crowdfunding project.

Ex: This project is currently up! Image
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22 Jul
मैं हिंदी भाषा सीखने के बारे में कुछ कहना चाहता हु.

पिछले कुछ महीनों से मैं @nlhindi #NLcharcha में एक रेगुलर पैनेलिस्ट के रूप में, अपने विचार व्यक्त करने के लिए, भागीदारी ले रहा हु.

मेरी हिंदी इतनी अच्छी नहीं है, मुझे ये पता है. लेकिन ये मेरी एक कोशिश है सुधारने के दिशा में.
कुछ लोग है जो बार बार मेरी भाषा का मज़ाक उड़ाते है और कहते है की मुझे ये पॉडकास्ट से बहार हो जाना चाहिए.

अब बोलने वाले तो बोलते रहेंगे, आदत सी हो गयी है. लेकिन ये हिंदी भाषा को लेकर जब कमैंट्स पढता हु तो थोड़ा ज्यादा लगता है.

पता नहीं क्यों लेकिन बचपन की यादे ताज़ा हो जाती है.
मेरे सभी हिंदी के शिक्षक क्रूर दानव थे, इंसान नहीं.

उन्होंने हमे मार मार के हिंदी भाषा के प्रति घृणा के बीज बो दिए थे. एक डर सा पैदा कर दिया. 

दिल और दिमाग से ये नफरत और दर हटाने में काफी साल लग गए, और इस साल मैंने तय किया की अब हिंदी को अपनाने का समय आ गया है.
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16 Jul
Why do some people get upset and resort to death threats when comedians crack jokes about certain subjects?

A lazy opinion #thread.
Comedy is about finding humor in places where it's least expected.

A joke is basically a twisted form of tricking your brain into thinking about something, letting it process the information and come to a conclusion about how ridiculous the whole thing is.
When someone cracks a joke, there is a lead up to the punchline which lays out the scenario. The storyteller ensures the audience is glued to it till the last moment.

Then, there is a well timed punchline.

The person is caught off guard, forced to THINK and then LAUGH.
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