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🔭 Smol Joes + Creeps alpha
~ from Smol Hall discord meeting

🏠 Website coming in October
🛠️ "First utility" revealed next month
🖌️ Joe Studios has worked with an agency to ensure attractive branding

Creeps 👇

#AVAX #Avalanche #NFT #cryptocurrency #wesmol ImageImage
🎃 Trick or Treat Pumpkin airdrop to creep holders based on rarity
👻 "Unique creeps guaranteed to get something cool"
⚰️ Generative creeps will have utility in the future, it's tricky to make uniques too so it's taking time to work out the mechanics
Joes utility is likely to be no fee when depositing JOE for sJOE staking Image
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$link A short 🧵:
The market hasn't worked out where the long term value capture is. The oracle problem is worth more than all of crypto combined😲

#web3 #defi #crypto #cryptocurrency
#link #btc #eth
>Blockchain = Computer
>Blockchain + Oracles = Computer + Internet
>Blockchain + Oracles + DECO (CL component) = Computer + Internet + TLS/SSL

$link is Layer 0 (see CCIP), the blockchain of blockchains without a blockchain.
Abstraction layer that will be used by everyone, in the end crypto = the "Chainlink Cloud" and everything else will be plug-in's and adapters to said cloud. $link building the worlds first trust network which is an extension layer to the entire Internet.
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1/12 Top 10 #crypto research tools every successful #cryptoinvestor must use.

A thread by @esatoshiclub! 🧵

Not financial advice, not sponsored, not endorsing anything. Just sharing our top picks.
2/12 @MessariCrypto

#Messarimainnet is a #cryptocurrency data aggregator with tons of helpful tools to analyze charts and graphics.

Messari is the best tool if you want to make better investment decisions. If you want to get out the most of #Messari, buy their pro tool.
3/12 @glassnode

This top tool covers more #blockchains' simultaneously and displays various amounts of data, giving useful insights about any available #crypto.

You can choose between three subscriptions: Standard, Pro and Advanced. Each has its price and functionality.
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#XRP from a Technical perspective:

A chart thread 🧵


$XRP #XRPUSD #XRPArmy #XRPCommunity #XRPCommunity #Ripple #CryptoNews #Crypto #cryptocurrency #Cryptos
I have been involved in #XRP since 2017 and I have been watching patiently during this last 2 year Law case with the SEC. @attorneyjeremy1 has covered this diligently throughout and it appears things are heating up 🔥

Lets look at the charts, bullish and bearish:

Support/resistance and trend line:

- Price has entered the first key HTF resistance level

- Price still below the bear market diagonal trend line/ zone

- These are both key zones, if price can flip these into support it would be extremely bullish

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Investing in #crypto can be a bit tricky with all the different factors that govern a coin.👀

It's not only the price of a #coin that makes it a good #investment. There are other factors as well.💰

Read along to find out what to look for when buying crypto:👇

1. Circulating supply:💎

Circulating supply is the amount of #crypto that is already on the #blockchain.👏

The higher the circulating supply, the better.✨

Suppose a #cryptocurrency has only 50% of its total supply out.⚡

By the time the rest is mined, there will be a 2x inflation in the project's #ecosystem.👑

The lower the circulating/total supply ratio, the more #inflation there would be.📉
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#QNT Medium term outlook from a technical perspective:

A chart thread 🧵

#cryptocurrency #Cryptos #altcoins #Quant $QNT #QNT #CryptoNews #Crypto

We all know how promising #QNT is from a fundamental perspective. In this thread I want to explore #Quant from a TA POV both bullish and bearish medium term scenarios


Bullish Scenarios-

The chart below displays #Qnt's impressive bullish momentum:

- Price above 50d, 100d and 200d ema (not many alts can say this!)

- Crucially, the 50d is above the 100d which is above the 200d. This formation is seen in bull markets such as 2020/21

3/9 Image
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We think you should consider Bouzy’s alleged activities prior to 2018 🙂

As “IconicExpert,” Bouzy is accused of defrauding many of thousands of dollars in a cryptocurrency scam back in 2014.

This is whom #media is now referencing as an “expert.”

Notably, in addition to his BlackCoin scam, Christopher Bouzy aka “IconicExpert” is accused of defrauding investors/running #cryptocurrency scams (mostly “pump-and-dump” schemes) multiple times, using several aliases and attacking various coins, such as LibertyCoin, and others.
Warnings about Christopher Bouzy aka “IconicExpert,” the alleged #cryptocurrency scammer, began to appear on #BITCOIN forums and Twitter throughout 2014, even as Bouzy/“IconicExpert” schemed his next “pump-and-dump” fraud.
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Friday Fudgery
#Cryptocurrency Market / #Bitcoin Market analysis 9/16
I'm using the words lightly there, but I hope it's quite clear. As it's a quadruple witching friday, I watched trades basically evaporate. It was kind of a mess.
$SPY went up and down all day, thus $BTC as well. Notice distinctly how the $BTC responses are slower, because that's what I want to call attention to.
Remember when I talked about billions in liquidity exiting the market faster than sand falls through someone's hand? This is the result. There's nobody trading crypto and so the prices can't really move.
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Where do we go? Down, of course.
#Cryptocurrency Market/#Bitcoin Market Analysis 9/15
So, our big bearish channel trend got confirmed. Nothing has changed outside of that, really.
#CPI is slightly bearish #PPI is bearish, #quadruple witching is tomorrow. Looks like people dumped close to a billion dollars of $BTC a couple days ago, and over 5 billion since August.
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Remember this meme. Famously called the 'Disaster Girl', it has been on the internet for 17 years now.

Interesting fact is that the little girl, now a 22-yr-old college goer, has made almost over $285,000 from the meme. Meet Zoe Roth or the 'Disaster Girl'
#Memes #Trivia #Facts Image
It was in 2005 when Zoe Roth was clicked by her father Dave Roth in front of a house which was intentionally set ablaze by firefighters as a controlled fire. Dave asked Zoe to smile and rest, as they say, is history
Read this @nytimes report
#Memes #Facts…
In subsequent years of clicking this picture, Dave Roth entred it in a photo comeptition, and won. The #photo has since been morphed with various disasters of history taking place behind Zoe Roth smiling knowingle at the camera.

#Memes #Viral #Facts Image
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Last week I wrote a piece about how opening the wrong PDF led to a #cybersecurity breach that rapidly escalated

Since then I've figured out how the PDF managed to evade all major virus/malware detection tools and exploit a vulnerability (that may still exist!)

Let's dig in👇
As mentioned in the piece I had suspicions about the PDF because it had come from the vicinity of #cryptocurrency criminals, so before opening I ran it through a bunch of reputable malware detection tools.
They all gave it the all clear... and they still do. Here's a link to the @virustotal report showing 0 out of 61 malware scanners alerted on this PDF.

#VirusTotal is Google's #cybersecurity offering so it's not surprising Gmail also gave it the all clear.… Image
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Mini Thread 🧵

30 DeFi Research Tools and how to utilize them 🪄📈👇
1. @zapper_fi
2. Debank @DeBankDeFi
3. Dextools @DEXToolsApp
4. Token Terminal @tokenterminal
5. CoinMarketCal @CoinMarketCal
6. ListingSpy @ListingSpy
7. Dexguru @dexguru
8. APY vision @ApyVision
9. CoinGecko @coingecko
10. L2BEAT @l2beat
12. CoinOwl @Coinowl_io
13. VestLab @VestLab
14. Dappradar @DappRadar
15. Messari @MessariCrypto
16.CryptoPanic @CryptoPanicCom
20. DefiLlama @DefiLlama
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The DeFi insurance industry is one of the most flawed sectors in the Crypto realm

If you do not understand the risks associated with DeFi insurance, you are unlikely to get any insurance claims

We expose the wild west of DeFi insurance and present a viable option for you:

🧵👇 Image
1/ In this thread we will discuss:

2/ Before we get started...

You can read the unrolled version of this thread here:…
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We are real-time witnessing #Russian collapse
#Cryptocurrency #Market/#Bitcoin Market Analysis 9/12
So, I warned in my quarterly Macro - that I see Russia collapse coming. And I mean, the entire country. This means: even the Russians don't want to serve anymore after the rout.
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1/ How do the cross-chain #bridges works? In this #visualguide, we explain how assets are transferred between chains and how interoperability becomes a fundamental aspect of the future.

#DeFi #Cryptocurrency #Ethereum #Bitcoin $ETH $BTC Image
2/ Blockchain networks are very fluid and efficient as single entities but lack the ability to communicate with each other. This creates demand for seamless transfer across different chains without using centralized exchanges as intermediaries or selling the token first. Image
3/ Cross-chain #bridges solve the problem by enabling the transfer of tokens, smart contracts, data, feedback, and instructions between two independent chains without intermediaries. Image
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Technically Bullish, but for how long? 🤷
#Cryptocurrency Market/#Bitcoin Analysis 9/11
So, I guess we're bullish for now. Let me add emphasis again: *FOR NOW*. 4H crossups are significant headwind for at least even short term bullishness. Follow the market.
Macro things: #Ukraine has crushed the F out of #Russia and may have turned the war. So all those macro scenarios are going to come into play very soon, be it bullish or bearish - someone is going to make a move.
Powell spoke 9/8 and basically said we're going to tackle inflation + regulation crypto- , so that alone tells you this is not a bullish market time.
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IUS Coin will be doing an #airdrop for the first 5000 people to follow our page, repost this and/or tag 3 friends with the hashtag #Iustitiacoin. Like our page, reshare our post, tag 3 friends and we will airdrop you! To find out more about IUS Coin, visit Image
Thank you to all for continuing to support our vision and project at IUS Coin. We thank you for your patience as we work to #airdrop IUS$ to the first 5000 that have retweeted our post! The future is near and we are looking to reshape it with you all.
#cryptocurrency #IUSCoin
We are also looking for #ambassadors #partnerships and #influencers who wish to collaborate and/or can refer us to those making positive impact in the #green or #sustainability #crrypto space! DM us - we want to hear from you
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ES Short Squeeze - Stock market lookin good,
#Cryptocurrency #Market/#Bitcoin market analysis 9/9
So, there was a short squeeze. A really, really big one. A lot of weird crap happened, but a lot of people keep looking in the wrong place.
Why? Because it's the $SPY that gapped up on it's futures, not some magic $BTC move as BTC follows the SPY these days.
Notice the $ES moving up here, hours before BTC follows. Why would anyone wait for this or even care? But I digress, that's not what we're here for. How is all that doing anyway?
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What is this noise?
#Bitcoin/#cryptocurrency market analysis 9/8
I took a day off yesterday, was too tired with life going on. #life. Anyway, let's look at the market.
First, stock market is gapping up into Friday, which usually implies one thing - an explosive Friday to come, depending on how morning goes. $SPY is about 403 overnight via ES futures, but could naturally rebound by morning or go further. Time will tell.
$BTC side : $BTC continues to rise as $BTC.D continues to drop. Pretty much zero volume behind the bounce is ultra telling so far in that people are extremely noncommittal. I think a lot of folks want to scalp a bullish high Friday, which is fine.
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A deep dive thread 🧵

1) What are they?

• Sharding technology is a form of dividing a database into smaller parts, called "shards", and storing them on different computers.

#Blockchain $AVAX #cryptocurrency #Crypto #subnet What is the difference between Sharding and Subnet?
In the #Blockchain network, Sharding refers to the division of nodes in the network into groups responsible for a piece of chain data, these small groups can process many transactions at the same time.
• Subnets are a feature on #Avalanche Network that allows anyone to create their own L1 blockchain which can also operate as a L2 for new use cases.

A subnetwork can be a single customized blockchain or a group of customized blockchains that are validated together.
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We're excited to announce a significant breakthrough for #BNBChain scaling and ZK innovation.

Introducing #zkBNB an industry leading zero-knowledge proof based scaling solution providing:

🔸Advanced Scalability
🔸Transaction Speed
🔸Faster Finality
🔸Unmatched Security

[1/9]🧵 Image
zkBNB Testnet went live on September 2nd, allowing developers to begin interacting with the code, and start building exciting applications.

With access to developer documentation and integration playbooks for #zkBNB at the ready, the exciting process is seamless.

#Blockchain scaling has long since been an issue in our industry and with onlookers suggesting tangible Layer 2 solutions would take years- our #zkBNB development is ahead of schedule.

But what exactly will it mean for developers?

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We're bleeding, but not blood on the streets.
#cryptocurrency market/#bitcoin Market Analysis 9/6 . Today, is well, bearish. I think some people did indeed pick up on the $1000 drop for Bitcoin that happened across about 10 minutes.
Of course, those do tend to shock people, as they are not bullish. Meanwhile, some call groups are hilariously moving the goalposts lower. "It's going to stop at 19k, no 18.8k, no 18.6k!" the word for that is #rekt.
I guess this is more like - $800 drop in 15 minutes, or $1000+ in 30 - but still, not too much of a surprise. The big part there is the volume was significant.
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#Cryptocurrency Market/#Bitcoin Market Analysis 9/5
I just got back from a nice vacation (Yay), so I'll keep this one short and sweet. A number of people think Oil is going to be the trigger for Bitcoin moving, and I will say it's quite silly.
Let's sum up what has happened in brief links:
Russia: "Why can't we pull out our $100b in China?" But hey you know, #BRICS ever so strong except when reality comes into play. Here's google translate:
"#China "took hostage" $ 100 billion of #Russia's reserves By investing 17% of gold reserves in the #yuan, the Central Bank stated that it was de facto impossible to withdraw money from Chinese assets. To use the yuan, you need permission from China"
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What happens in the next bull cycle when $QNT brings major enterprises into crypto? ImageImage
This past cycle was driven by irresponsible monetary policy and speculation. It is extremely impressive that the total crypto market grew from a few billion to almost 4T with very little utility in such a short time.
#Quant being the BEST solution for interoperability of large legacy systems. I believe we have entered the utility mass adoption phase. $QNT will allow countries, governments, and private enterprises to bridge their services and benefit from the efficiencies of the space.
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