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15 Sep
Do you want to create a GraphQL API with Elixir?

Here are all the resources you need to get started.

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Absinthe GraphQL

@absinthegraphql is THE GraphQL library you want to use. It is an amazing toolkit that implements the GraphQL specification in an idiomatic Elixir style.

Absinthe allows you to define schemas:

- define the data entities, queries, mutations, and subscriptions
- supports custom scalars
- allows deprecating definitions
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14 Sep
Ready to deploy Elixir to production? Do you know which options exist for deploying @elixirlang apps?

Let's explore the current landscape of #Elixir hosting:

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Allows you to deploy from CLI, git, or bundle uploads. Multiregion support. Support for Let's Encrypt certificates.
Doesn't support releases, uses Buildpacks instead to control the deployment process.


Clustering support, hot upgrades, remote console, observers, GenServer, and ssh access to running instance. Let's Encrypt certificate support. Releases support. Regions support. Scaling support.

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