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#Python is seriously lacking a product vision with priorities that align with user needs. Instead of spending so much bandwidth on controversial and overly complex features like pattern matching, the standard distribution should include some pretty obvious missing features: 🧵
1) asyncio is great; yet, years after its adoption, the standard library still lacks async http client and server modules;
2) type hints are great; yet, mypy--an official project and reference implementation, still lacks support for built-in generics; 🧵
These are just 2 examples. Threads or subinterpreters not tied to a single GIL would probably be more welcome than pattern matching. BTW, I love pattern matching in #Elixir, but the way it's shaping up in #Python is too complicated and full of corner cases. Please don't rush it.
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#favicons are #SVG with #XML payloads easily injected by malicious programs. #KHTML has been around for a very long time and this methodology of obfuscation has been in development since #NetscapeNavigator
whats a #favicon?
😉😄😆😅😌🥰😀😅😌🥰 lol dunno, sry bruh
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With 💎 Ruby 3 released, let's have a look at how the language evolved since the version 2.0 was released more than 7 years ago. A history thread about #ruby #ruby3 🧵:
In 2013 @yukihiro_matz announced Ruby 2.0 and he said the core team would release a new minor version every year during Christmas time🎄This was huge news 🎉 for Ruby devs since until then the releases were irregular. It made the future look very bright
Ruby 2.0 brought a bunch of features: keyword arguments, module#prepend and lazy enumerators.
One minor, but verys useful feature was %i literal to create arrays of symbols - I use it so often! 💪🏻
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[Thread] Chaque année, nous devons choisir notre #assolement (surface dédiée à une culture, prenant en compte la #rotation des cultures). La 2ème étape est de choisir une #variété adaptée à notre terroir.

#ThreadAgri ⬇️ pour expliquer nos choix sur le #lin
Les variétés de #lin de printemps sont choisies maintenant et seront implantées dans quelques mois (mars/avril)...

J'ai appris qu'il était important "de ne pas mettre tous ses œufs🥚🥚🥚 dans le même panier".
En agriculture, on ne peut pas prévoir la météo par exemple : 🌧️🌞⛈️
Les semences se commandent dès maintenant, car tt le travail de préparation des semences est en route chez #TerreDeLin.
Les semences sont récoltées chez les agris en juillet. Ns avons d'ailleurs fait de la semence l'an dernier.
(📷🔻écapsulage, machine qui récolte les graines)
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I know you have heard of password #Salts which are similar to Nonces and used to add uniqueness to passwords and protect against pre-computed hashes (rainbow tables).

Did you also know about password #Peppers ? They are equally important too.
In modern web applications of today, you should #Pepper your passwords as well as #Salt them too before hashing them. Here is the order:

Original Password ---> Salt ---> Pepper ---> Hash ---> Store-In-DB.

However, if you #Pepper passwords wrongly. It could be very disastrous!
What do i mean by this ?

Well, the simplest (and safest - very important) way to #Pepper a password is to HMAC(Original_Password, key) it.

HMACs are resistant to length-extension attacks & brutes-force attacks.

There must be a #Pepper key used for the HMAC too
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Which other sites do Elixir Forum users access to get more information about Elixir or software development in general?
There were 134 responses to the survey.
120 responses to this question, which was optional and multiple choice.
We suggested the five options below and the respondents could add others:

Elixir on Slack
Elixir on Discord
#elixir-lang on freenode IRC
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