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I've been spending my time recently updating the Axon training API to mirror the functionality of the amazing @pytorch_ignite library. You can check out the new API here:…
If you are remotely interested in Elixir or neural networks or both, I would be very happy if you helped me out by testing out the API with some fun examples and providing feedback, reporting issues, etc. :)
Also, I tried to be as thorough as possible with explanations in the documentation. If anything is unclear, please let me know!
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Today's summary comes from the book Elixir in Action. by @sasajuric.…

What is Erlang?🧵0/17

#myelixirstatus #elixirnewbie
Erlang is a general-purpose development platform that supports concurrency, scalability, fault-tolerance, distribution, and high availability. It was built in the 1980s by Ericcson, a Swedish telecom giant. However, it is not specialized for telecom systems.

Erlang powers large applications such as WhatsApp, the Riak distributed database, the Heroku cloud, the Chef deployment automation system, and the RabbitMQ message queue.

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Todays summary: Watched @lawik's LiveStream: Video: Nerves, Livebook & small displays (eInk, OLED)…

How @NervesProject helps you get started with Elixir and IoT without needing to know a lot about the hardware.


#myelixirstatus #elixirnewbie
Raspberry pi is a great way to get your start in IoT, and Nerves and Livebook take that even further. Cool enough: the first real Elixir code Lars wrote was for the Rasberry Pi Zero.

You can sandwich a Rasberry Pi and an eInk display together. The Rasberry Pi runs your application and your application can use The Libraries Inky and Chisel to write to the display.

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Do you want to create a GraphQL API with Elixir?

Here are all the resources you need to get started.

A 🧵

#MyElixirStatus #graphql #elixir
Absinthe GraphQL

@absinthegraphql is THE GraphQL library you want to use. It is an amazing toolkit that implements the GraphQL specification in an idiomatic Elixir style.
Absinthe allows you to define schemas:

- define the data entities, queries, mutations, and subscriptions
- supports custom scalars
- allows deprecating definitions
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Listened to @ThinkingElixir with @cadebward @bernheisel and @brainlid and guest @voltonez

OTP Certificates Woes with Bram Verburg.

On September 30, 2021, the root CA certificate DST Root CA X3 will expire. Here's how you stay safe. 🧵

Bottom line, before the end of September, if you are on Elixir OTP 23 or 24 you should upgrade to the latest patch.

specifically OTP or OTP 24.0.4
If you are on an OTP version older than 23, the good news is you will be unaffected so long as you do not upgrade your dependencies. You can freeze your dependencies in order to buy yourself time to upgrade to OTP 23 or 24.
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Ready to deploy Elixir to production? Do you know which options exist for deploying @elixirlang apps?

Let's explore the current landscape of #Elixir hosting:

A 🧵 👇🏽


Allows you to deploy from CLI, git, or bundle uploads. Multiregion support. Support for Let's Encrypt certificates.
Doesn't support releases, uses Buildpacks instead to control the deployment process.

Clustering support, hot upgrades, remote console, observers, GenServer, and ssh access to running instance. Let's Encrypt certificate support. Releases support. Regions support. Scaling support.
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Listened to @BeamRadio1 Episode 18: Code Heresy with Chris Keathley.

Today's panel: @lawik @akoutmos @_StevenNunez @redrapids, @sm_debenedetto, and special guest @ChrisKeathley.

Summarizing some interesting and controversial opinions today 🧵 0/24

#myelixirstatus #elixirnewbie
By far the most loved library on the Panel today was Telemetry. Telemetry powers monitoring and observability in elixir projects and provides a consistent interface to do so. Other mentions were OTP, Livebook, and site_encrypt.

When members of today's panel came into the Elixir Industry, they found opinions they like and trust from the Elixir community but also questioned established norms. Thus today's topic: Code Heresy.

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The WebSocket architecture of @elixirphoenix
#myelixirstatus Image
1. The endpoint will start several children, we only focus on server and socket here:

* socket children

pool supervisor + a bunch of dynamic supervisors which will eventually start channel servers

the number of dynamic supervisors is the number of CPU cores of your server Image
* server children

The ranch listener supervisor will start a connection supervisor and an acceptor supervisor.

The acceptors will handle connection creation requests.

A cowboy server process is created after a connection is accepted. ImageImage
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Thanks to @malafortune, "mix xref graph" in Elixir v1.13 can return all files that lead to transitive compile-time deps.

We used this new command to ensure new Phoenix v1.6 apps come with 0 transitive compile-time deps. Even after running "mix phx.gen.auth". 🥰

Ideally teams will add "mix xref graph --label compile-connected --fail-above 0" to their CIs, to make sure those dependencies do not slowly creep into the codebase.

We will write a blog post on @dashbit blog about CI checks once v1.13 is out!
More information on mix xref and compile time dependencies can be found here:…
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Phoenix.PubSub is probably the most important component in @elixirphoenix @elixirlang .
We will benefit a lot by understanding the internals of Phoenix.PubSub.

Here is the basic structure:
* a :pg server is started with the scope name: Pheonix.PubSub
* a pubsub supervisor supervises a registry and an adapter server
* the adapter server joins a :pg group during initialization
The adapter server is also the PubSub shard, they exist to broker broadcasts across the cluster, and relay those messages to local node subscribers which are recorded in the ETS table in the registry.

This is how it looks like in a two nodes cluster:
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I...almost completely forgot about giving this talk. I think I may have repressed it. I suppose now would be as good a time as any to talk about why. #MyElixirStatus
The last enjoyable thing I did * for me * was attending Lonestar Elixir Conf 2020. Immediately afterwards came shelter-in-place, the end of a contract gig, and the beginning of a lot of uncertainty for my family. We quickly found ourselves fighting battles on multiple fronts.
I was elated to be asked to give a talk about LiveDashboard. Unfortunately the conference was only a few short weeks after the murder of George Floyd and a period of the greatest civil unrest of my lifetime. My mind was anywhere but on this talk. I did my best to be excited...
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I decided to *keep* my book both open-source and freely available online. IMO this the only way to prolong its value for the community, and I can make continuous maintenance of it sustainable 🚀

Read the thread below to check how I plan to do it 👇

#myelixirstatus #elixir Image
(2/11) In the past couple of days, I had conversations on the topic of monetizing the open-sourced book🤔. In the end, a lot of effort needs to be put into writing the book, and then continuous updating requires dedication and commitment(similar to any other open source project).
(3/11) The theory is that making the book open-source and freely available to read online will cause me to lose all potential sales profits. I believe that nobody should be banned from benefiting from it because of a lack of financial resources, so I can't sell it.
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Livebook v0.2 is out! I have recorded a video with our latest features:

After the initial announcement, we have added user profiles, notebook importing, inputs, charts, and interactive widgets with Kino!

Thread 👇 with a TL;DW [1/6] #MyElixirStatus
Feature #1: User profiles

Livebook was collaborative from day one and now we have user profiles and a pane where you can see all current users or even pin one of them, to follow them as they make improvements.

[2/6] Image
Feature #2: Imports

You can now import livebooks from other users! Just give it a URL and be sure to double check the code before you execute it!

#ProTip: If you point to a GitHub file/Gist, we will automatically extract the raw .livemd from it.

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I’ve been interviewing a lot lately. Some good leads, but I don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket. Today, I took a call from a CTO supposedly looking for an Elixir developer... ( #myelixirstatus )
He was indeed looking for an Elixir dev, but then proceeded to explain how he found that Elixir devs were typically subpar compared to Clojure devs, who were typically experts in data flows. Elixir was also apparently fundamentally flawed, and the Actor model was ridiculous.
The previous CTO who he replaced had build their old stack in Elixir, and apparently it was so bad that they had to start from scratch with a “legitimate” tech stack featuring Clojure and its genius devs.
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📚 Looking for beta testers / reviewers for GenMagic: Elixir access to libMagic, in a customisable and supervised way. #myelixirstatus
I’ve forgotten that the library (0.x) was already open-sourced 🙃 so will release 1.0 next week.…

👋 @davecaos @lostkobrakai @joaothallis2 @mcrumm @thibaut_barrere @rubysolo
@davecaos @lostkobrakai @joaothallis2 @mcrumm @thibaut_barrere @rubysolo Collaborators all added. History cleanup to be done shortly.
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There are 5 Elixir podcasts.
A thread.
The first one to be created was @elixirfountain.
It's first episode was published on 9 June 2015.
The latest, 9 Aug 2019.
85 episodes up to now.
The second one was @ElixirTalk
First episode: 18 Oct 2017
Latest: 25 Oct 2019
57 episodes
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Which other sites do Elixir Forum users access to get more information about Elixir or software development in general?
There were 134 responses to the survey.
120 responses to this question, which was optional and multiple choice.
We suggested the five options below and the respondents could add others:

Elixir on Slack
Elixir on Discord
#elixir-lang on freenode IRC
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By browsing the slides you can get a list of scientific papers that were relevant for Elixir:
"Papers we love: Elixir edition" @whatyouhide…
I will try to list all papers: 1. The Design of a Pretty-printing Library by John Hughes @rjmh…
2. A prettier printer
Philip Wadler…
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The Elixir Community of Practice:
- People (Actors?)
- Roles and Achievements
- Organizations (companies and non-profit)
- Artefacts (artifacts?)
- Events
People (actors) play Roles. For instance, @whatyouhide is a "Member of the @elixirlang core team."
People have Achievements. For instance, @josevalim is "Creator of Elixir".
There are two basic types of organizations. @Plataformatec is a company (for-profit organization) and @TheErlef is a non-profit organization.
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StackOverflow Developer Survey Results
Most Popular Technologies
Programming, Scripting, and Markup Languages

Elixir is there.
Was it the first time?
#myelixirstatus #elixirlang
1.4% between all respondents, and 1.6% between professional developers
Elixir is, to 68.2% of the more than 90,000 respondents of the "StackOverflow Developer Survey" 2019, a "Most Loved Language"
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So the world's biggest developer survey is in and we're excited to see what it says about the #Erlang and #Elixirlang community! What's your favourite bit of insight from the results?

#myelixirstatus #ElixirConfEU #CodeBEAMSTO
Elixir is towards the top of the most love #programminglanguages! Taking eighth place in the @StackOverflow #devsurvey2019! 💕

Congrats to @elixirlang and the entire community! Can you feel the love...?

How can one #programminglanguage simultaneously rank on the most loved and most dreaded lists?! 😂 Hands up if you love #Erlang's duality! 🙌

They don't know what they're missing. #devsurvey2019
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1/3 Don't forget this moment. @elixirphoenix #liveview *feels* important because it *is* important. It marries fast and smart.

@elixirdigest @ElixirOutlaws @ErlangSolutions

2/3 #LiveView is *smart* because the abstraction is perfect: your page is a function over state, based on an event.

That state can change in a conceptually sound way, over OTP, through processes and message passing.

It's a highly productive framework for *developers*.
3/3 #LiveView is *fast* because the framework knows how to send down *exactly the right bytes* based on the LiveRender commands.

You can't do this as well without the beam, because each user needs their own process.

Not much data yet but it will be highly *cost effective*.
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"Erlang/Elixir Syntax: A Crash Course
This is a quick introduction to the Elixir syntax for Erlang developers and vice-versa."…
Can I say that there is a BEAM community, including all people interested in BEAM languages and subcommunities (which intersect):
- Elixir community
- Erlang community
- LFE community
- Luerl community
- Efene community
For instance, in Buenos Aires, @elbrujohalcon organizes a BEAM meetup group:
BeamBA: Erlang, Elixir, Efene & LFE Buenos Aires User Group
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Why do I love Elixir? #myelixirstatus #elixirlang
A thread
Because it was created by a Brazilian: @josevalim
Because it was created by a University of São Paulo @usponline graduate, like me.
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