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29 Jul
For those of us with mental health problems, some of us may find masks feel very hard to cope with. But there are things you could try to help make the experience more manageable. (1/5)
Covering your mouth and nose might affect the air you breathe, which might make you feel anxious or panicky. This can then cause other symptoms as well, like feeling dizzy or sick, which you might associate with the mask. (2/5)
Having certain materials touching your skin might feel very hard to cope with (sensory overload). (3/5)
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6 Nov 18
Yesterday the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions @EstherMcVey1 mentioned us in a list of organisations who had recognised and welcomed changes to #UniversalCredit. We thought it was important to set the record straight.
Here’s what we said in July when the Government first published its plans for moving people from older benefits onto #UniversalCredit > bit.ly/2zzxP2y
Here’s what we said in response to the budget last week > bit.ly/2AOupLf
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