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Today's @thefabians report on a National Care Service offers thorough analysis of #socialcare problems and wide-ranging proposals for reform. It was commissioned by @UKLabour, perhaps the next govt, so should command attention. But it has issues. A thread.…
The report is comprehensive and, in the main, detailed. There are 48 major proposals, grouped in 10 sections: structure and identity, workforce, co-production, rights, carers, access, models of support, providers, affordability, money.
FOUR big proposals stand out to me...
1>         Overall, the direction is toward greater national direction and control over #socialcare. National govt will be responsible for #socialcare funding, provider pricing, workforce pay rates, strategy, leadership and branding. That is a major change from the current system
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New report: ‘What happens in English generalist #daycentres for #olderpeople? Findings from case study research’ by @katitao @JillManthorpe & Anthea Tinker
@hscwru @DunhillMedical @NIHR_S_L
1/6 Image
The report aims to improve understandings of #daycentres among social care/health professionals & potential collaborators. It showcases the complexity of these services & their diversity, shedding light on what makes them multi-faceted ‘interventions’. 2/6
The Covid-19 pandemic led to a greater appreciation of the need for in-person contact and the difficulties facing some older people when they could no longer meet other people in their #daycentre when these closed temporarily. 3/6
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Looking forward to what should be an interesting debate on the importance of prioritising prevention in our policymaking #BuildingResilience
In her opening statement @JoBibbyTHF highlights the timeliness of today's webinar, observing that the impact of health inequalities in the UK has been an "almost daily" subject in the media headlines #BuildingResilience
Next, @davidfinchthf presents his research on making the economic case for prevention. Notes that, even prior to the #Coronavirus pandemic, life expectancy gains had begun to stall & working age adults reporting ill health growing, especially mental health #BuildingResilience
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Why do #socialcare workers stay in their jobs despite low pay? Really valuable report from @resfoundation suggests a) they like their jobs (the caring, autonomy) b) few other jobs offer the flexibility they need. Short thread……
Here’s the evidence on job satisfaction. #socialcare may not do better than all work but it does better than the other low-paid work with which it competes. (The difference isn’t huge but it’s there).
And this is one of the attractions - the sheer demand for #socialcare workers means it’s relatively secure compared to other sectors like hospitality, leisure, food processing.
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Following up on @olliehart7 tweets with on @LouHaigh @katejosephs @SouthYorksMayor @roz_davies @markgamsu @simonjduffy @EmmaLatimer3 @gavinNHS w. one concrete example of where we have the capacity to act differently and solve our own problems: #socialcare
[Pls. forgive thread]
We don’t just need to invest in #socialcare - we need to rethink it from the grassroots up. It means combining respect for Disability (ie. Human) rights with creating the conditions for inclusive and supportive communities. In practice this means #neighbourhoods.
We saw with #COVID that communities could self-organise - but the most effective communities were also already organised, networked and their own grassroots architecture. e.g. see this @wearenewlocal blog:…
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See where the lies take you. I cannot claim to validate, but striking parallel
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Today’s @skillsforcare report paints a seriously grim picture of the #socalcare workforce situation. It’s not just bad, it’s the worst it’s ever been and may well be deteriorating further. A thread……
First, the vacancy rate. After 2 years of small improvements, look at the huge jump in vacancies between 2020/21 and 2021/22. Then look at the further increase (light green bar) to August this year. This is a problem that isn’t going away.
Vacancies aren’t just a #socialcare problem, they affect the wider economy too. But this chart shows that #socialcare is faring much worse than other sectors. The vacancy rate is 10.7% in social care compared to 4.3% elsewhere.
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The plan announced today by @theresecoffey to support #socialcare falls far short of the measures needed to ensure people get the support they need this winter and beyond. It was also, alarmingly, saw social care entirely through an NHS| lens. A thread.…
There were 3 measures announced, of which only one has real resources - a £500m fund to support hospital discharge. Details are scarce but it looks like targeted reinstatement of parts of the hospital discharge fund and recruitment/retention fund, both scrapped earlier this year.
The money is of course welcome and necessary but its short term nature and limited focus on discharge means it offers no more than a couple of stitches to the gaping wound that is the state of #socialcare at the moment.
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We’re expecting a statement from @theresecoffey on hospital discharge today. It certainly needs urgent action but a thorough plan will require more than just short term £££ and a focus on more than just #socialcare. A quick thread with some stats.
Historically, delayed discharges have not been mainly been due to #socialcare. Before COVID-19, it was responsible for only a THIRD of delays (the biggest issue: home care packages). The rest were due to NHS issues. There are no recent stats on this NHS/socialcare split though.
Have things got worse for #socialcare since then? Yes - there are fewer staff. The vacancy rate rose to 10.7% in 2021/22 (and may now be even worse). The biggest problem is home care, with a 13.2% vacancy rate. All this might well well be pushing up #socialcare delays.
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Eurgh, I've been putting this off, because I know it's going to be grim.

Yesterday @CareQualityComm published four reports into care provided by @ASDspectrumASD in Cornwall.

All four found to be inadequate.

In this thread I'll cover some of what was found.

1/ Photo of the front of four ...
Silverdale in Redruth inspected 5 May 2022…

Silverdale is a residential care home providing personal care for up to four people with learning disabilities.

At the time of our inspection the service was supporting one person.

2/ Front page of CQC report: S...
The service is a detached two-story property with a front garden. It is located in Redruth, Cornwall within walking distance of shops and other local facilities.

[From here my comments are in brackets, all other text is lifted from CQC report]

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Every letter one of our members receives from either their MP or directly from @GillianKeegan ends in the same way - who to contact including @CareQualityComm 🧵 1/9 #rightsforresidents
but what is the point @GillianKeegan in contacting @CareQualityComm if they cannot act on our behalf? 2/9 #rightsforresidents
Every MP that as written to Minister for Care and Mental Health has received the same letter with the same ending - recommending you speak to @CareQualityComm only they will not respond to any complaint - so who will @GillianKeegan 3/9 #rightsforresidents
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These windows aren't shutting themselves, onto archived services.

2 services I reported on in July have already closed and

Now @AffinityTrust Specialist Support Division North has shut down

The original report into the Specialist Support Division North had no enforcement action recorded on its publication date, 22 June

Now the report is re-issued with enforcement action taken and the service is archived.

2/ Front page CQC report: Affi...
Which does suggest @CareQualityComm are taking action, behind the scenes, once reports are published.

I guess larger providers are choosing to close services, rather than improve them.

There are more services that have been recently archived coming up.

3/ Page from CQC report: Enfor...
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1/ The Levelling Up, Housing & Communities Committee’s report on long-term funding of adult social care released today is calling for additional funding to be allocated to the adult #SocialCare sector, along with clearer long-term planning:
2/ People #LivingWithDementia are the largest group using social care. We've been calling for the Govt to deliver a long-term, sustainable funding model - and a clear plan and timeline for the delivery of high-quality personalised care.
3/ James White, Head of Public Affairs and Campaigns comments:

'Social care is a lifeline for 100s of 1000s of people with dementia every day, but the system is still failing them. Yes, the Govt has provided a vision for a better care system – but a vision alone won’t help... 'The Govt has provided a vision for a better social care sys
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Another damning report on #socialcare today, this time from @CommonsLUHC: “The Government currently has nothing more than a vision [for social care], with no roadmap, no timetable, no milestones, and no measures of success.”
A thread on some key points……
The MPs commend the Government for “introducing reforms to the sector where previous Governments failed to act”. But they say it has “not come close to rescuing #socialcare, and needs to be open with the public that there is a long way to go.” So, a long way from being ‘fixed’.
It also urges the govt not to ignore the immediate crisis in the sector: “The Government is focused on long-term reform of adult social care, but in order to get to the future it needs to save the sector from the brink of collapse.”
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Time for some inadequate care, I can't switch off when I know they're there for sharing, so might as well get on with it.

First up Centurion Health Care Ltd Penley Grange…

1/ Front page CQC report: Penley Grange  Overall rating for thi
Just a reminder from here on tweets will be quotes from the report, I may remove the odd word or two if it doesn't affect meaning but helps brevity.

My own commentary, thoughts, sarcasm and cynicism will be added in [square brackets] from here on in. Thank you for reading

Penley Grange is a residential care home. The service was supporting five people at the time of our inspection and can support up to six people. The service is adjoined to a separately registered care home operated by the same care provider.

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Top line on today’s @1adass survey of #socialcare directors? Funding isn’t sufficient to meet increased DEMAND and increased COSTS. But if that sounds familiar, this year there are a few important, COVID-related twists. A thread.…
Let’s look at DEMAND first. Partly, this is demographics - it’s a familiar story that there are more older people, living longer; more working age people with disability, including LD; and more mental health issues. Directors think these will add 4% to budgets this year.
Added to this, the report now suggests demand arising from problems in the HEALTH system. As the NHS struggles, directors are seeing more people needing #socialcare due to early discharge from hospital, lack of community support or failure to admit people to hospital at all.
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I’ve been reporting from Robert Chaplin’s inquest this week so am behind on newly published @carequalitycomm reports into learning disability and/or autism care

First up @ConsensusLD Smugglers Barn, which inspectors decided requires improvement…

1/25+ Front page of CQC report into Consensus Support Services Ltd
The date on the report is 5 July but the date published on the CQC website is 13 July, and the inspection took place in February.

That seems like a long time between inspection and findings. Maybe something, maybe nothing.

So that do we know about Smugglers Barn? And @ConsensusLD, well a little snippet from their website:

Our strong governance systems and processes give safety and security to the people we support and allow us to manage risk effectively.

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Conservative leadership candidates are proposing tax cuts to boost economic growth.

Yet the UK already has lower tax intake than many other countries in Western Europe… and lower GDP...🧵 (1/12)…
...lower GDP means less spent on health care.

GDP (2020)
Germany: £3.2 trillion
UK: £2.2 trillion

And it shows..
Total health spend per head (2020)
Germany £4,723
UK: £3,326… (2/12)
...beds per head MUCH lower.

See our analysis featured in @FT this week 🔽… (3/12)
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I spent two days last week with social services professionals from 40+ countries at the @ESNsocial conference in Hamburg. A quick thread here on some key #socialcare themes. Very impressionistic and not always evidenced so take with large pinch of ‘salz’.…
Increasing demand for services seemed a consistent issue, forcing at least some countries to evaluate what they do and how. One Icelandic delegate said its country’s approach was ‘moving from a right to have services to a need to have services’.
That demand was mainly driven by long term factors, particularly ageing populations. But inevitably it was exacerbated by COVID-19, which exposed underlying structural problems. ‘We were unprepared as a sector’ said @ThomasBignal. Sound familiar?…
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Lots of interest today in @TheKingsFund @NuffieldTrust findings about public satisfaction with the NHS. But the findings about #socialcare are no less remarkable. Only 15% say they are satisfied - the lowest of all services asked about. 50% are dissatisfied. A short thread…
This year, the survey asked WHY people are satisfied (or not). The main reasons are staff pay, unmet need, unaffordability of #socialcare and lack of support for unpaid carers. Lack of integration between health and care also gets a look in. These are familiar problems…
…and all grounded in fact: the number of people able to access long-term care has been falling since 2015/16, workforce pay has failed to keep pace with other sectors and 1 in 7 people are now estimated to face lifetime care costs of over £100,000.…
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Are markets the right way to deliver #SocialCare? Very excited to share our new piece in @LancetLongevity exploring how market logic has failed service users in the UK, US, Aus & Sweden over the past 30 yrs & what’s next. A long 🧵

@CUSP_uk /1
Neoliberal market logic has worked its way into the welfare policies of many countries, under pretence of improving efficiency & service quality.

It's core principles are:🥇Competition,👥Consumer Choice, & 💰 Profit Motive. But they don't quite work as expected in social care /2
The dynamics are complex & Twitter is a tough medium to communicate nuance, but I’ll try to do justice to the key arguments @ProfTimJackson @ADruckman and I developed for how & why these principles lead to dysfunctional outcomes in the care sector /3
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This is an important analysis on the implications of @DHSCgovuk 'fair cost of care' reform, which has received less attention than the 'cap' but involves an unprecedented, potentially risky intervention by govt in the #socialcare market. Quick thread:…
'Fair cost of care' basically involved the government funding local authorities to pay more for the care home places/homecare they commission. Why is government bothered about that? Two, related reasons...
1. Most councils, because they're short of cash, 'underpay' for publicly-funded care home places/homecare. To compensate, providers 'overcharge' people who self-fund their own care. This 'self-funder subsidy' is obviously unfair. However, it's not why govt is acting now...
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Looking forward to what should be an interesting conversation on the impact #UniversalBasicIncome could have on how we may rethink the world of work - and, in particular, the work done by 🚺 #LondonMetResearch
Dr @JessieJWL opens her presentation nothing that #UBI is still very much a "hot topic" amongst policymakers, particularly on its effectiveness on improving women's working lives #LondonMetResearch
Bustillos defines #UBI as "a regular cash income paid to all on an individual basis, without means test or work recruitment". Also notes it has been called a "citizen's wage", "existence income" or "guaranteed universal subsidy" #LondonMetResearch
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1/17 Been reflecting on the Joining up care for people, places and populations White Paper published 8th Feb 2022. The announcement on “Managed Convergence” of #EPRs last week has made me go over it again and it raises more questions for me on the Transformation Agenda - a 🧵
2/17 The White Paper’s intentions are laudable, who could disagree with what it is seeking to achieve? However the Digital and Data Section is extremely ambitious. Is it achievable and is it really focussing on the right things to deliver?…
3/17 Each ICS will have a single health and social care record for each citizen by 2024. This relies on digitisation of existing 1/3 to 1/2 (70 - 100) of Trusts who have inadequate digitisation by end of 2023 and digitisation of all of #socialcare by end of 2024
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