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BE CAREFUL major distraction attempt being led today by the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg. She’s pushing the story fed to her by a source that the Government are “close to a solution on #socialcare
More in this Thread (1 of 7)...
If you listen to her, she’s selling hot air. She’s saying the Government had “90% of a solution” before #COVID hit and they were planning to launch the policy in the autumn. This is based on one source telling her this and is based only on a handful of meetings..
..Andrew Dilnot had with the PM, the Chancellor and Health Secretary.

None of this stands up to analysis. The Tories had no plan for social care in their manifesto in December. When pressed after the election they said their plan was..
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The threat of judicial review (JR) has already achieved at least three wins for disabled people’s rights during the current crisis (thread to follow, JR explainer here)… (1)
First, a ‘letter before action’ (first step in JR) was sent by @Simpson_millar challenging guidance on ‘vulnerable’ children which wrongly suggested duties to children with #SEND had changed. Result - new guidance which accurately reflects current law… (2)
Second, letter before action sebt by @PeterTodd_ @hodgejonesallen challenging NICE guideline on prioritising treatment which risked discriminating against disabled people. Result - guidance amended, ‘CFS’ tool not to be used to assess disabled people… (3)
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A really important thread, looking at the harsh, hidden realities for those living and working in #SocialCare during #covid19.

The clearest demonstration of how #covid19 is entangling urgent questions of economy with public health, human rights & dignity, #ukemplaw.
Well worth reading in conjunction with this new brilliant study from @abicadams @MartaGolin @TeodoraBoneva1 on the economic shock for workers on low income and insecure work - many of those working in #socialcare right now.

Some of the hard-hitting stats in that study are broken down in this excellent thread by @JeremiasPrassl. It’s a sobering reminder/wake-up call of the need for a multi-faceted urgent policy response.
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A closer re-read of govt's #immigration policy paper & its possible effect on #socialcare drawing on some international learning: 1/
Govt’s decision to “not implement a route for lower-skilled workers” means the UK will be on a poor footing to compete with other countries. 🇦🇺🇳🇿🇨🇦 have all used points-based systems for years, & all found that they need some kind of parallel route for much-needed care staff 2/
Govt is firm that “Employers will need to adjust”, but have pledged minimal help beyond an additional £1bn per year for social care. Employers can’t simply adjust to the sudden absence of key frontline staff without significant help to boost domestic recruitment 3/
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This has profound implications for #socialcare. EU workers currently make up 1 in 11 careworkers and, from January 1st, they will not be replaced when they leave. So social care will have to find more British nationality workers. 1/6…
1 in 13 jobs (122,000) in the sector is already vacant, far higher than the average in other industries (and rising). Unemployment is low so, without EU workers, #socialcare employers will have to entice these staff from sectors like retail. 2/6
But #socialcare pays less than many other sectors, including retail.… Raising pay will therefore be critical. 3/6
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I'm about to do the @CoProCare podcast. @andytildensfc asked what sector organisations can do now to change the narrative. Here's a few thoughts....
..Creating a new narrative requires research & our research into how to tell a more compelling story in support of a brighter #socialcarefuture is underway. But there are some things organisations communicating to the public, media & politicians about #socialcare could do now....
1. It's about people's lives, not the wellbeing of a system or sector. Start with the desired results of great care & support for people, rooted in shared universal values: love, family, home, fun, friendships, purpose, happiness. Use visual imagery that supports this.
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You may have heard that the @UKLabour Labour Party plans to scrap the Married Couple's Tax Allowance if they get into power. Attack ads are being shared on Facebook by the Conservative Party arguing that people will be worse off because of this. Here are the facts:
Maximum tax allowance available through the Married Couple's Tax Allowance is £250 a year. BUT…
Every Married Couple will be BETTER OFF under @UKLabour Labour - because: - and here are just five of the ways:
1. People on the #MinimumWage wage will get a minimum of £3,400 more a year,…
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We’ve made a video 🎬

No spin lines
No empty slogans

Just the FACTS

From #nhs workers of what we’ve seen happen to #ourNHS over the past few years

The #ToriesTrackRecord speaks for itself

Please share
#FactsNotSpin #NHScrisis

Thread ⬇️

These promises of “extra spending” we hear every year never materialise

The reality: An NHS underfunded by by 30% since 2010

That’s 30 BILLION / year short

The recent ‘cash injection’ promised by the Tories, is STILL under what the 4% needed to stop further decline

Dangerous staffing shortages across the NHS

40,000 nurses
10,000 Hospital DRs
7000 GPs

For years the govt have been warned about the worsening shortages

Their response:

Visa caps
Nursing bursary cut
Training budgets cut
Imposing unfair contracts on Junior DRs
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A decade of funding cuts and reforms have radically reshaped English councils’ revenues and spending, with potentially significant implications for the future.

Today, we've published our first annual report on English #localgov funding:…
Cuts have been larger in poorer parts of the country.

The most deprived tenth of councils cut spending per person by 31% (or £432 per person) between 2009–10 and 2019–20.

The least deprived tenth of councils had to make cuts of only 16% (or £134 per person).
The local government funding system still redistributes from less deprived to more deprived areas – but less so than a decade ago.

The next government will need to take a decision on whether to entrench or undo this change.
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New @NASEM_Health @theNAMedicine report “Integrating Social Care Into the Delivery of Health Care: Moving Upstream to Improve the Nation’s Health” #SocialCare

full report:

Summary in @JAMA_current

My THREAD 1/18
Great committee of outstanding experts in medicine, public health, social work, healthcare financing, digital platforms, implementation sciences, nursing, law, gerontology, health equity #SocialCare cc: @djmasonrn @KedarMate @LisaCooperMD @KBDeSalvo (2/18)
Why this topic?

⬆️ healthcare spending, but outcomes lag

⬆️ focus on healthcare value

Social factors ▶️ health, but not necessarily addressed in healthcare

⬆️ activity integrating social care into healthcare -> need framework to design/evaluate/improve #SocialCare (3/18)
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British Social Attitudes #NHS + #SocialCare satisfaction data analysis by @TheKingsFund @NuffieldTrust @RuthRobbo @jappleby123 @HarryAEvans @NinaHemmings92 is out. Won’t rehearse content but thread gives view from @HealthwatchE perspective. @danwellings @jacoblant #HealthForCare
Here’s the link. And my subsequent comments on the #NHS figures are made against the background context that although there’s a statistically significant decline in overall satisfaction, which is concerning, it’s still quite high for individual aspects.…
Top 5 things causing #NHS dissatisfaction are all at the heart of what the #NHSLongTermPlan focuses on - so getting local/regional plans right is vital and the @HealthwatchE network’s current engagement work in partnership with @NHSEngland is so important.…
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Now reading the the #TopolReview report - Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future. It's an illuminating read #DigitalHealth
It's clear that a lot of effort has gone into the #TopolReview - it paints a glorious vision of what healthcare would look like over the next 20 years (for both staff and patients) - enabled by technology such as #genomics, #AI and #robotics
For me the #Topolreview has too narrow a focus. It's been commissioned by healthcare, yet we know that with an aging population, many people with long term conditions have to rely upon #socialcare as well. We need joined up thinking, imho.
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Please note, this research is economic garbage.
The U.K. government doesn’t collect anyone’s tax to put aside for the future whether that’s for pensions or social care.
There will be no funding black hole for social care in 2031.
It is a government choice not to fund it today and it will be a government choice whoever is in power to fund it or not in 2031.
The only constraint to the provision of social care services that any future government will face will be a resource one not a financial one.
“Research carried out by pensions and risk consultancy Hymans Robertson suggested a German-style system could raise half of the money needed to plug the £30b-a-year gap in social care funding the U.K. is facing by 2031”
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This week we'll be looking at 5 key challenges affecting the #NHS & #SocialCare workforce. We want to hear YOUR views through our #TalkHealthandCare platform on how we can improve your experience working in the sector. The first challenge explores whether staff feel empowered…
🎯CHALLENGE: Staff don’t always feel in control or empowered about the decisions regarding the care they provide, leaving them feeling unsupported by their colleagues. We want to create an environment where staff can fulfil their potential. Have your say:
📊 More than 70% of staff feel their manager values their work [Source: NHS Staff Survey’17] – but we want EVERYONE to feel supported & empowered. How can we ensure this happens? Join the #TalkHealthAndCare conversation:
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1/Children & young people with autism and learning disabilities who could be living in the community with specialist support are languishing for years in Assessment & Treatment Units, some of them locked up 24/7 in isolation rooms, bec of severe financial pressure on Local Auths
2/ At the same time, private providers running these ATUs are raking in profits, being paid £452m per yr in what has become a market driven provision where autistic and LD people are little more than commodities
3/ This in spite of the fact that caring for them in the community would be far less expensive not to mention far better for the individuals concerned, their quality of life, their security and safety and their wellbeing
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5th July 2018 will be the 70th birthday of our beloved #NHS.

This THREAD argues that it is in severe danger under this #Toryshambles government, with #Brexit posing an imminent & particularly invidious threat.

To #SaveOurNHS we must work tirelessly together to #StopBrexit.
1/ Today's devolved #NHS is a complex federation of tens of 000s of orgs employing some 1.7m workers. It's combined annual budget is just shy of £150bn. It handles, overwhelmingly successfully, almost a million patients daily.

With each box maybe 000s of orgs, & England only:
2/ Unresolved public health issues & a fast-expanding multi-morbid elderly population, coupled with chronic underfunding & the blowback from the butchery of social care since 2010 means the #NHS is pressured as never before.
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