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25 Jun
What critical race theory is, in voters' own words. #CriticalRaceTheory
32% say critical race theory should be taught in schools; 36% disagree.
48% of GOP voters view critical race theory negatively, including 42% who do so strongly. #CriticalRaceTheory
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19 Jan
1/4: After weeks of decline, GOP confidence in the 2020 election outcome ticked up notably this week: 36% of GOP voters say the 2020 election was free and fair, up 14 percentage points from last week to the highest level since before the election.
2/4: The movement has also driven an uptick in general confidence in the U.S. election system among voters.

59% of all voters now say they trust the United States' election system either "a lot" or "some."
3/4: A majority of Republican voters believe there was widespread fraud. Those voters were most likely to cite information from President Trump (55%), Fox News (45%), and Congressional Republicans (37%) as the basis for that view.
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8 Dec 19
NEW @jpiacenza DATA DEEP DIVE:

➡️Districts Potentially Most Vulnerable to @Facebook Misinformation

➡️In Blue Districts, GOP More Likely to Use @Twitter

➡️@FoxNews' Upper Hand
@jpiacenza @facebook @Twitter @FoxNews DID YOU KNOW @FoxNews is the most-watched cable news outlet in nearly 70% of U.S. congressional districts?

@MSNBC is the most-watched in just 1 district: California’s 2nd, a historically Dem district that encompasses the state’s coast north of San Fran.
@jpiacenza @facebook @Twitter @FoxNews @MSNBC More than three-quarters (76.4 percent) of U.S. adults are on @Facebook at least once a week.

Congressional districts w highest share of weekly Facebook users largely have one thing in common: Their representative is Republican.
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