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Many #investors will be focusing on the #PresidentialDebates, which begin tonight, but while there are quite meaningful #policy differences between the parties, ongoing structural #deficits are likely to exist regardless of who wins in November.
Further, to the extent that these #deficits are #monetized by the @federalreserve, then significant increases in #money supply could drive nominal #GDP growth for a time, even in the absence of new fiscal initiatives. Image
Also, we’re skeptical of the arguments that fret over a #FiscalCliff, since the @USCBO estimates that even with no further #stimulus measures, the U.S. will have a #deficit of 8.5% of #GDP for fiscal 2021.
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What are the implications of excess global financial market volatility on economic growth? Are there threshold effects in the relationship between growth & excess global volatility for individual countries? How should we model the nonlinear effects in a multi-country setting? 1/n
We answer these questions in recent work with Alexander Chudik @DallasFed, M Hashem Pesaran @USCDornsife @TrinCollCam, @mraissi80 @IMFNews & @arebucci1 @JHUCarey @cepr_org @nberpubs:… #TGVAR 2/n
The #Covid19 #pandemic has been a shock like no other, initiating simultaneous demand and supply disruptions. In addition, it led to a sharp tightening in global #financial market conditions during the first quarter of 2020. 3/n Image
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The UK has so far suffered ~50k excess deaths ‘with #COVID19 mentioned on the death certificate’ - 6 out of 7 aged 65+, 1/3 in care homes, 1/5 in hospitals where many were 1st infected.

At the same time, government has borrowed almost £150 billion more than in 2019... 1/3
... that works out at almost £3 million per death and counting.

Do you suppose better management could have lowered both the death toll AND the cost? EG by protecting the vulnerable, treating the sick -with or w/out #COVID19(84) - setting everyone else free!!
FYI projections for full FY20-21 borrowing were already almost double the current tab, at £372bln - imagine what they look like now that the #BorisJohnson Junta, Nicola Maduro #Sturgeon, et al, have swung the Camp #Covid gates shut again on the Flu-lag Archipelago! 3/3
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Day6: Parliament #MonsoonSession2020 Updates

#RajyaSabha has assembled

On agenda:
-#IBC (Second Amendment) Bill, 2020
-#Epidemic Diseases (Amendment) Bill, 2020
-#Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill, 2020 Image
Important issues raised during Zero Hour:

-Escalation of India's issues to #International media to create pressure & prevent Cross #Border #Terrorism
-Increase in #Reservation to #OBC in #JammuAndKashmir
-Reopen All Indian #Handicraft, #Handloom & Powerloom Boards for Artisans
Other issues:

-Raise in #MNREGA wage
-Appropriate #digital infrastructure to enable access to #Online classes to all
-Relaxation in age limit for Central Govt #Jobs for #EWS students
-Declining representation from all sections of society in #SupremeCourt
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"...sagte der Vize-Chef der rheinland-pfälzischen #GdP, Rene Klemmer. Zudem stünden Polizisten zunehmend im Fokus der von SPD-Chefin Saskia #Esken "angestifteten" #Rassismusdebatte. Seitdem diese laufe, stießen die 1/4…
Kollegen auf der Straße auf erheblichen #Widerstand und zum Teil auch auf #Gewalt."

Ähm...wie bitte?
Dass nicht wenige Cops überlastet und frustriert sind, will ich überhaupt nicht in Abrede stellen. Dagegen kann und sollte etwas getan werden. Aber: 2/4
- Überstunden/schlechte Erfahrungen machen einen nicht zum Nazi. Wenn doch, ist man nicht besonders gefestigt.
- Die #Rassismusdebatte wurde weder von Frau Esken "angestiftet" ( was für eine Wortwahl ), noch ist sie über euch hereingebrochen wie eine 3/4
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A tremendous amount of ink has been spilled discussing the supposed quandary of the #equity market’s robust recovery since March, while at the same time #economic improvement has been more uneven and uncertain.
At the heart of this misunderstanding is an apples-to-oranges comparison: the fact is that the #stock #market and the #economy, while connected, are two meaningfully distinct entities.
As a case in point, the correlation between domestic corporate #profits and #GDP #growth collapsed in the 1990s and has hovered near zero for the past three decades. Image
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#GDP #EconomicCrisis #employment
India's economy shrinks at the fastest pace on record. Economy contracts by 23.9% compared to the same quarter last year. Investment collapsed by 47% compared with the previous year, while household consumption contracted by nearly 27%.
Government consumption increased by 16%, but that just wasn't enough. After all how much more can the government eat?
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Thread: मितव्ययी सरकार


देश की जीडीपी बहुत गिर गयी है। इसलिए सरकार आजकल खर्चे कम करने में लगी है।
अब MP, MLA, और मंत्रियों के तो खर्चे कम होने से रहे। भई मंत्री तो 70 की उम्र का है तो गर्मी में नहीं रह सकता उसको तो AC चाहिए, सर्दी में नहीं रह सकता, हीटर चाहिए, पैदल नहीं चल सकता, गाड़ी चाहिए, और इन सबके लिए फ्री बिजली और डीजल चाहिए।
बड़ा सा बगीचा है उसके लिए दिन का हजारों लीटर पानी चाहिए। फिर सेवा करने के लिए घर में 10-12 नौकर चाहिए, खानसामा चाहिए, माली चाहिए, ड्राइवर चाहिए, 20-25 सिक्योरिटी गार्ड चाहिए। फिर फ्री की हवाई यात्रा, विदेश यात्रा भी चाहिए।
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The #FED and all major Central Bankers in the world believe that relentless credit expansion fosters greater economic growth and full employment

The fact is Lower interest rates fosters more debt issuance
What #FED , #SNB , #Euro and #BOJ are been doing is that when economic growth falters for any reason the first action is to push rates lower

But the fact is that there is a limit to how much debt the household, business, and government sectors of the economy can tolerate
To give an example the national #GDP of USA has grown 21X since 1969 and the total Debt including households, businesses, governments, and financials is up by 51X

Also remember aggregate economic growth comes from the sum of labour hours employed and productivity improvements
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Gross domestic product (GDP) is an important metric for any country. It helps measure the total monetary value of goods and services flowing through an economy over a particular period of time.

#GDP #GDPcalculation
In times of crisis, like the #coronaviruspandemic, the #GDP, along with other economic data points, is an indicator of the Indian economy’s health.
This doesn’t only include goods and services that were produced by domestic firms, but also the output generated by foreign companies in India as a result of foreign direct investment (FDI).
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लोक किती easily फ़ोटो मधल्या "Shrunk By Pandemic" शब्द ignore करतात.

बर्र ते मोदीसरकार च्या आधी जेव्हा आठ टक्क्यांहून अधिक वार्षिक growth GDP मध्ये होत होती, तेव्हा मग तो पैसा मेट्रो, हायवे, विमानतळ बांधण्यात का नाही वापरला गेला? 1/6
इतकी growth होती तर देशातले विमानतळ क्षमते पेक्षा दुपटीने का काम करत होते ? त्यांचा विकास का नाही झाला ?
इतकी growth होती तर मग नव्या रेल्वे का नाही उभ्या राहिल्या देशात? का देशातल्या प्रमुख शहरात मेट्रो चे जाळे नाही उभारले ? 2/6
शेतकऱ्यांचा अन गरिबांचा खूप कळवळा असलेलं सरकार होत तर त्यांची बँक खाती का नाही उघडली?
देशात जे आता महामार्गाचे चे जाळे बनत आहे ते का नाही बनले?
का आपण उर्जे मध्ये स्वयंपूर्ण झालो नाही?
तेव्हा growth इतकी होती तर तेव्हा लोडशेडींग इतकी का होती अन् आता का नाही ? 3/6
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आप अर्थव्यवस्था की बात करते है तो "आप खुदगर्ज इंसान है"
आपको आखिर अर्थव्यवस्था और #GDP जैसे मामूली मुद्दों पर चर्चा का समय कैसे मिल जाता है? हमारी सामर्थ मीडिया ने आपको इतने मुद्दे दिए है, लेकिन आप है कि आपकी सुई #GDP से हटती ही नही। अरे अभी सुशांत को न्याय मिलना बाकी है
#Rhea का मीडिया ट्रायल अभी ओर नही हुआ। भारत चीन बॉर्डर पर रस्सा-कस्सी जारी है, और आप बस जीडीपी-जीडीपी की रट लगाए बैठे हैं। क्या हुआ कि 23.9 % की गिरावट है, और कुछ लोगो की बेशर्मी तो देखिए वो 24% लिख रहे है, इतना बड़ा अंतर दिखाना, लोकतंत्र को कमजोर करने की साजिश है।
अच्छा आपको पता नही अर्थव्यवस्था का गिरना #ActOfFraud अरे नही नही #ActOfGod है। आप उस बेचारी निरीह वितमंत्री के पीछे पड़े हैं। आप जरूर महिला विरोधी होंगे। और ये नौकरी के लिए क्यों हाय तौबा मचा रखी है, भाई आत्मनिर्भर बनो। #PMSVANidhi से दस हज़ार लोन लो, और ठेला लगाओ।
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GDP என்றால் என்ன? எதை வைத்து கணக்கிடுகிறார்கள்? இந்தத் தரவினை வைத்து பொருளாதாரத்தை நாம் எப்படி கணிக்கின்றோம்..? 1/2
ஜிடிபி என்பது குறிப்பிட்ட நிலப்பரப்பில் அல்லது நாட்டில் குறிப்பிட்ட கால இடைவெளியில் கணக்கிடப்படும் மொத்த உள்நாட்டு உற்பத்தி (gross domestic product) ஆகும். இதன் மூலம் ஒரு நாட்டின் பொருளாதாரம் கணக்கிடப்படுகிறது. 1/3
அந்த நாட்டின் பொருளாதாரம் குறிப்பிட்ட காலகட்டத்தில் அதிகரித்துள்ளதா அல்லது குறைந்துள்ளதா என்பதைக் கண்டறியவும் அந்நாட்டின் மொத்த உள்நாட்டு உற்பத்தி கணக்கிடப்படும்.இதன்மூலம் பணவீக்கம் மற்றும் பண மதிப்பு அதிகரித்துள்ளதா என்பதைத் தெரிந்துகொள்ளமுடியும்.1/4
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Dorothee #Dienstbühl, die neue "Extremismusbeauftragte" der Hochschule der #Polizei #NRW ist eine horrende Fehlbesetzung für eine Stelle, die nach dem Auffliegen extrem rechter Polizist*innen geschaffen wurde. Und selbst Teil des #Polizeiproblem|s. Ein #Thread zu ihrer Arbeit 1/
#Dienstbühl ist glühende Verfechterin der #Extremismustheorie. Zuletzt schrieb sie den Leitartikel zur Ausgabe "Linksextremismus. Brutal. Zynisch. Arrogant." in der Zeitschrift "Deutsche #Polizei" der Gewerkschaft der Polizei #GdP. 2/ #Polizeiproblem
Im Artikel für die #GdP beschwört #Dienstbühl die Gefahren linksextremer "Gewalt" & zieht Parallelen zwischen zum Terrorismus der RAF. Antifaschistische Gruppen kriminalisiert sie durchgehend und spricht ihnen jegliche Legitimation ab. 3/ #Polizeiproblem
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#BREAKING | #GDPData: April-June quarter GDP at -23.9% vs ET NOW poll of -19%
#BREAKING | #GDPData: April-June GDP at -23.9% vs 5.2% YoY
#BREAKING | #GDPData: April-June #GDP at -23.9% vs 5.2% YoY
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#investing during volatile times are challenging
You have to invest in cheap and what has relative value and if you can manage Geo political environment, you have a winner in your hand
The last 20 years especially since 2009 was all about growth stocks and not about value buys
The #Fed , the #ECB, and all central banks were slowly destroying the cost of capital and people were being pushed more towards risk assets , these accelerated tremendously in 2020
Growth was nearly a passive investment, all money managers were pushed into the corner of ..
.. investing room , to give an example consider ETF, the more capital that goes into it, it triggers all of the algorithms to say, stock sector is above its 52-day moving average, and by default it will allocate another one percent
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#China is integrating with the world #economy, not decoupling from it, according to Wu Ge, as indicated by the following facts...1/7
Amid rising #trade tensions with the #US, China has turned to export more to Southeast Asian countries; meanwhile, China’s #exports of medical and virus-control supplies have also increased amid the #pandemic...2/7
Both highlight #market force in global resource allocations that cannot be manipulated by political forces. China enjoys obvious advantages over Southeast Asian countries with a complete range of well-designed & -made product #supplies, a fact that many statistics can prove...3/7
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#GlobalDealForNature, #NatureNeedsHalf, #VoiceForThePlanet, #30x30, #CampaignForNature (#Wyss, National Geographic),

- all marketing serves elite sought financialization of nature; the corporate capture of the commons.

#WEF #WWF #GDP #NaturalCapital #PES #Privatization
#VoiceForThePlanet is the sister marketing campaign of the #NewDealForNature. At helm of both campaigns are #WWF (atrocities against #Indigenous) working in #lockstep w/ World Economic Forum founded/headed by Klaus Schwab. Founding partners include UN - partnered w/ WEF in 2019.
The National Geographic Society markets the Global Deal for Nature, New Deal For Nature, & the Campaign for Nature w/ the #Wyss Foundation (billionaire Hansjörg Wyss). The Society operates via National Geographic Partners - a joint venture w/ #Disney.

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Post #Corona World #Economy World Economy shrink by more than 6% and all the Big Economy except India and China are in Negative Growth which means their Economy shrink.

#GDP Growth , 2020-21

India: 1.9%
China: 1.2%
Indonesia: 0.5%

Saudi: -2.3%
Turkey: -5%
Japan: -5.2%
Brazil: -5.3%
Russia: -5.5%
South Africa: -5.8%
US: -5.9%
Canada: -6.2%
UK: -6.5%
Australia: -6.7%
Germany: -7%
France: -7.2%
Spain: -8%
Italy: -9.1%

(Source: IMF)

India is currently Number 5 with 3.2 trillion USD GDP behind Germany, Japan, China and USA. Germany shrink
by 7% and Japan by 5.2%.

The complete supply chain which is shifting towards India and current Economic Policies will lead us to cross past Germany sooner than later.

India has to just maintain its focus on resolving their core problems.
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७० वर्षांत सरकारने कष्टाने जेव्हढ्या कंपन्या उभ्या केल्या होत्या त्या सगळ्या सरकारी कंपन्यांचं #शेठ #खाजगीकरण करत आहे सध्या.अरे रेल्वेच्या खाजगीकरणाला समर्थन देणार्या मुर्ख भक्तांनो जर उद्या रेल्वेचं १०० टक्के खाजगीकरण झालचं तर #रेल्वे भरतीसाठी होणार्या परिक्षा कोण घेणार? पहिलाच
सरकारी नोकरीसाठी निघणार्या जागा इतक्या कमी,त्यात आरक्षणाची जोड,त्यात झालेल्या परिक्षांचे निकाल वेळेत न लावण्याची सरकारची सवय आणि हे झालं फक्त रेल्वे संदर्भात.पण ह्याच प्रकारे एका एका #PSU(public sector undertaking) च ज्या वेगाने खासगीकरण होत आहे ते पाहता बाकीच्यांचे भवितव्य
अवघड आहे.सरकारच्या फसलेल्या ध्येयधोरणांमुळे(मग ते #नोटाबंदी असो,अर्धवट लागु केलेला #GST असो) देशाचा #GDP तर कधीच वेंटिलेटर वर पोचला होता आणि आता #कोरोना ने उरलासुरला #GDP पण निट्ट बसवलाय.आगे आगे देखो होता है क्या!! मला एव्हढच म्हणायचय जे सरकार आणि त्यांचे अंधभक्त निर्लज्जपणे
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The importance of #GDP growth target from three perspectives by Yu Yongding from CASS:…

1. Without a growth target, many important indicators can't be determined. A target helps coordinate macroeconomic policies across the government and form market expectations. 2020 Government Work Report actually has an implied nominal GDP growth rate of 5.4%...2/5
2. Ensuring #employment, which has been identified as the top priority in the Report, does not conflict with economic growth. In fact, #unemployment can only be resolved through two channels: economic growth and improved unemployment insurance system...3/5
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Three reasons why I expect a #vshapedrecovery in the UK economy, using the analogy of a car...

1. Activity slumped in March in April because #Covid slammed on the brakes. Now the foot is off: the #lockdown is being lifted and consumers are regaining confidence to spend again...
2. The car was in pretty good condition before the pandemic struck. In particular, the UK’s relatively flexible economy and labour markets are good at creating #jobs to replace those that are lost (#unemployment was <4% at the start of 2020, compared to >7% in the euro area)...
3. Most commentators seem to be looking in the rear mirror – e.g. at Q2 #GDP, or how many people have been on #furlough. But more timely surveys and hard data show that the speedometer is gradually climbing. And there is a tank full of pent-up demand.
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One noteworthy aspect of the #COVID19 market has been the success with which the #Fed & other #centralbanks have been able to stem the “Covid Crash” and then help control the recovery. The current backdrop reminds me a bit of the 1942-1946 #QE cycle. Let’s take a look. (THREAD)
1/ After the Great Depression, the government went into high gear during WWII and, in the process, ran up huge government debt. Federal debt as a percent of #GDP jumped to 116% from 39% during the 1st half of the 1940s.
2/ Not only did the Fed monetize the debt by increasing its balance sheet 10-fold, it repressed the entire #yieldcurve by capping short rates at 3/8% & long rates at about 2.5%. #Inflation ran up but, with the #Fed repressing rates at low levels, real rates went negative.
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"We're failing the world's #oceans. Businesses can help save them"

#WWF & Marc Benioff (Salesforce founder/CEO, #WEF trustee, Chair of WEF's Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, owner of TIME) - team up to "save" oceans w/ a #4IR tech & #NewDealForNature.
"The Friends of #Ocean Action is convened by the World Economic Forum & the World Resources Institute."

World Resources Institute is a founding partner of #VoiceForThePlanet, sister campaign of #NewDealForNature

#FinancializationofNature #WEF #GreatReset
"Some economists say the ocean economy is set to double in value by 2030."

#Nature4Sale #Privatization #NewDealForNature

#Nature / #biodiversity will be bought, sold & traded on Wall Street.

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