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Pesky parent. These opinions are the ones I am currently usng to indoctrinate my kids. I promise to stop when we get the full NDIS.
30 Aug
Remember me and my Year 8 maths? Well I am back. And this time I am going to need something stiffer than coffee. #NDIS #Auspol
The Minister for the #NDIS put out a press release today. Apparently she is going release “key monthly data” from now on to “ensure everyone is informed”. You can check it out here -…
I like a good chart and a footnote as much as the next girly swat so consider me ready and willing to be informed Minister.
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21 May
The NDIA released the latest #NDIS Quarterly Report late yesterday. It's full of fancy graphs & charts & arrows going up, up, up all designed to illustrate the line of "cost blowout". But the fancy pictures don't tell the whole story.…
All through the report there is a heavy reliance on saying plan payments are increasing. Hate to tell you folks at the NDIA - that is the way the #NDIS is supposed to work. People are allocated money and then they spend it on support.
The #NDIS is so complicated that it takes a while for people to get the hang of it. And there are not enough services anyway. Particularly outside metro areas. So it takes people a while to start spending.
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