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Here is my (cut short) #JobsSummit speech. The summit certainly didn’t deliver everything I wanted for people with disability, but as a queer, disabled woman it was an immense honour to be in the room. Here’s a🧵on a few behind the scenes takeaways from my time there. 1/
Firstly, this is in no way the end. I spoke to @billshortenmp Fri night who is keen to speak this week to look at what other outcomes from the #NDIS Jobs & Skills Summit we can immediately progress. Again, I thank him & his team for their support in getting me to the summit. 2/
Following announced Aged Pension changes, allowing older Aussies to work w/o losing their pension, I made a b-line for @JEChalmers & strongly pointed out that the economic benefits also apply to changing the DSP. He heard me & committed to work on it. I will hold him to that. 3/
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Wow what a paragraph from the Fed Court's latest #NDIS decision. After noting the 'daunting task' the AAT had in dealing with the 'deluge' of 'densely compiled submissions' from the NDIA, Justice Mortimer has this reprimand: the NDIA would 'do well to remember its role'...
'As a model litigant, ...the Agency does not appear at the Tribunal as a true adversary...'
'It has no agenda to exclude people from the NDIS. Nor to admit them. Its role is to ensure that the legislative scheme created by Parliament is administered objectively and carefully'
'... it has no 'stake' in the outcome'

Another fantastic line: 'The guiding principles in s 4 make it abundantly clear that the scheme is directed at lifelong support, and lifelong benefits, in order to promote substantive equality between people with and without disabilities.'
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CW: Mental Health/ Suicide/PTSD
I don’t want to jinks anything but I think I may finally be getting somewhere in sorting out the mess that is my life and insanely complex health issues. I won’t probably comment on how close I got to the advanced stages of planning I got to. 1/
In regards to doing everything possible to not see tomorrow. But let’s just say the past month has been scary. Those times I’ve just disappeared in here? That’s me going to “can’t see the edge cliff, because I’m right on it” because of systemic mismanaged at most levels 2/
Of various health services, It’s challenging to seek support. Because the last time I tried it was handed poorly and I’ve been literally trying to hold on. Ironically my physical disabilities probably saved my life multiple times. Cause fuck with octogenarian in care the 3/
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In the state of South Australia in metropolitan #adelaide the #sagov has a #taxi subsidy scheme. Proving 50-75% off the meter up to a cap. Access taxi drivers also get paid a $25 lifting fee. Today is my first journey using the scheme as a full member. Todays booking has been 1/
The smoothest in terms of the access taxi (wheelchair taxi) turning up on time and the driver being happy, cheerful and relaxed. Contrast to my previous experience off driver accepting, rejecting, waiting for another driver to accept. Those without access to the subsidy are 2/
Left waiting or abandoned @DFIT_SA have just done a yoursay review. I hope the sagov and #auspol can help #pwd engaged in the community. @PMalinauskasMP @TKoutsantonisMP @AlboMP @billshortenmp @stevegeorganas those who gain @NDIS often loose access to the scheme are at risk 3/
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Wtaf @AustralianLabor. In a meeting on Thurs to elect the Chair of the #NDIS Joint Standing Committee, Labor overlooked the only disabled member in favour of their own party, so Libby Coker was nominated as chair. Okay, politics.

2/ How many ways can I tell you how wrong this is? This woman has had numerous complaints lodged against her by autistics during her last Chair position and should not be anywhere near disability policy. She has been at the centre of a vaping corruption scandal very recently.
3/ They will make the decision early next week about the co chair position and I know that some disabled commentators would not be as unequivocal if this was not about Hollie. But let’s make this clear. @billshortenmp, can you intervene? This would be a DISASTER for the NDIS.
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This is outrageous.

The line that the @DRC_AU silk, Patrick Griffin, is following, is spun from the same silk as that shitty Per Capita report.

He's asking Scott McNaughton about registered providers, following a line about the 'safety' that registration provides. #DisabilityRC
2/ I would point out that this is flat out bullshit and that the actual EVIDENCE, @DRC, says that this is the case. This is a govt agenda AND former government agenda being implemented in real time by a supposedly independent body.

This is rubbish & an attack on self management.
3/ This is about trying to reestablish block funding for some areas in line with the wholesale destruction of the #NDIS, @billshortenmp, in case you're not aware. And you should be watching this shit carefully. I do hope you are unaware of this.

This is not okay.
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Hi @billshortenmp your comment on #Insiders about more funding for segregated "special" schools fails to recognise disabled people's fight towards phasing out segregation on the basis of disability. Please see DPOs #EndSegregation Position Paper: 1/
It is vital @billshortenmp as #NDIS Minister that you recognise and respect the aspirations of disabled people as expressed by their representative and advocacy organisation and in light with their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities. 2/
Those rights including phasing out all forms of segregation on the basis of disability - a discriminatory practice under international human rights law that this binding on the Australian Government and which should guide all government policy @billshortenmp 3/
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It's on the BIG NIGHT IN!

Welcome Welcome Welcome


#AusVotes #AusPol #Election2022 Zoom shot of the host Elly and the Auslan Interpreter
Welcome to Country in Auslan from Cody Skinner

#DefendOurNDIS #AusVotes #AusPol Man signing with a beautiful pic in the background
So many #NDISDefenders !


Give us a shout out here if you are attending online tonight!
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Why have NDIS appeals to the AAT shot up by more than 400%? Why are disability advocacy organisations drowning in requests for help?

Why are people with disability, families & workers coming together all over the country today to hold a National Day of Action to #DefendOurNDIS? (Image description: Screenshot of about 90% of the article f
Because the NDIS is changing. It is letting down the people it exists to support.

In really big ways.

One of the main reasons behind the awful recent changes has just been leaked to the media.

"NDIA staff are under pressure to employ a 'no initial contact call' process when assessing thousands of participants’ claims for a review of their NDIS plan."
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Our National Day of Action is this Thursday!
Here's 5 ways you can take part:

1. Print out a poster and share why you are Ready to #DefendOurNDIS - put the poster up and share photos of it all over social media.… Red and white poster that s...
2. Attend an event near you or online or host one - could be as easy as grabbing some muffins and hosting a morning tea at work on Thursday.

3. Get busy on social media sharing #DefendOurNDIS messages, graphics, info - share your stories and photos, RT - the more noise we make the better!

There's graphics to download here:… #DefendOurNDIS is written i...
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🧵1/ NDIS, some facts to help with the "Blame NDIS" deflect and distract talking points.

I had wanted to do a comprehensive NDIS thread, instead I'll post this as MYEFO is out tomorrow and 'leaks' to News Corp have begun already.
When Labor was developing NDIS it was fully costed. The initial productivity commission work was revalidated by the government actuary (to appease the Liberals). The table below is from the actuaries report showing $22B cost in 18/19.
So costs were known
More than known, the Liberals made a point of saying the big bad number in their parliamentary speeches.

The costs in 18/19 were lower than forecast, but this was because of liberal incompetence making the rollout go slowly AND then used to create the 'back in black' surplus
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'Developing ideas for the future': session being led now at #YHFSummit by @jahintanvir_ and strategist @andrewhollo - thanks Jahin for featuring in our @CroakeyNews preview…
Mapping ideas #YHFSummit Image
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Remember me and my Year 8 maths? Well I am back. And this time I am going to need something stiffer than coffee. #NDIS #Auspol
The Minister for the #NDIS put out a press release today. Apparently she is going release “key monthly data” from now on to “ensure everyone is informed”. You can check it out here -…
I like a good chart and a footnote as much as the next girly swat so consider me ready and willing to be informed Minister.
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Here we go. #IndependentAssessments are dead in the water, but Minister Reynolds has just tipped the government’s hand on the next way they are going to attempt to cut the costs of the #NDIS. They are now going after people with #ChronicIllness.
They are going pretend now that the #NDIS was not designed for people with *health* problems. But here’s the thing. The NDIS was never intended to discriminate based on diagnosis. It was intended to support everyone with a severe and permanent impairment, regardless of the cause.
And here’s the thing, it’s actually impossible to separate ongoing *health* issues from disability in any scientific or factual way. They will have to lean entirely on social biases and prejudice to determine whether a diagnoses represents a *health* problem or a disability.
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Sat, winter, rain, lockdown, ex auditor, accountant, plenty of coffee and youngest watching @STVYouTube on repeat. Oldest in his @Minecraft bunker. Partner sorting washing. You have my undivided attention @NDIS @EveryAustralian #ndis #auspol #HandsOffOurNDIS
1/ context key as report doesn’t address cohort of people with disability not on the scheme and does not speak to success of any such scheme also contingent on policy and outcomes in other parts of life of a person with disability eg education, housing, employment #WholePerson
2/ this report also doesn’t address any gaps in support or spending that impacts or undermines scheme spend eg poor educational experience isn’t compensated by NDIS paid therapy. Inaccessible public housing stock not fixed by house mods paid by NDIS. #IncludeUsFromTheStart
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Kevin Stone from @VALID_Inc is about to deliver a blistering statement on the #NDIS - tune in or follow the thread here 👇 #HandsOffOurNDIS
I’m Kevin Stone. I’m the CEO of @VALID_Inc and the Chair of @inclusionoz. Late last year, VALID stopped working with the NDIA on anything to do with their Independent Assessments. #NDIS #HandsOffOurNDIS
We had come to the conclusion that they do not have the best interests of people with disabilities or their families at heart. Nothing they have said or published since persuades me that we got it wrong. #NDIS #HandsOffOurNDIS
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We're back in #NDIS #estimates now and I'm asking questions about transparency and consultation around the Morrison government's proposed changes to our NDIS.

How has the weighting for the questions in each #IndependentAssessments tool been assigned? #ausPol
None of this data in quarterly report.
There is a timeline suggesting this proposal will be introduced in August this year - we need this information before that time.

They've taken that on notice #AusPol #NDIS #Estimates
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The NDIA released the latest #NDIS Quarterly Report late yesterday. It's full of fancy graphs & charts & arrows going up, up, up all designed to illustrate the line of "cost blowout". But the fancy pictures don't tell the whole story.…
All through the report there is a heavy reliance on saying plan payments are increasing. Hate to tell you folks at the NDIA - that is the way the #NDIS is supposed to work. People are allocated money and then they spend it on support.
The #NDIS is so complicated that it takes a while for people to get the hang of it. And there are not enough services anyway. Particularly outside metro areas. So it takes people a while to start spending.
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The #NDISJSC is holding a public hearing into #NDIS compulsory assessments today from 9am AEST, with @Adv4Inclusion, @MHCCACT, @sdmrights, @CarersACT, @emmadavidsonACT, @dougie_herd and more. #HandsOffOurNDIS
Tune in from…
First up this morning is @Adv4Inclusion, @MHCCACT, @sdmrights. #NDIS #NDISJSC Four women seated in a hearing room
We are united in our concerns about the introduction of proposed mandatory independent assessments. Reduce dignity, choice and control and wellbeing. We don't believe they will address the issues. Over-simplistic assessment tools untested - @Adv4Inclusion #NDIS #NDISJSC
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NDIA CEO Martin Hoffman, #NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds, @FPDNAus, @AfdoOffice, @inclusionoz, John Walsh AM are appearing before the #NDISJSC today from 9am. #HandsOffOurNDIS
Tune in from…
First up at the #NDISJSC is @dameadvocate. He is outlining @FPDNAus' 10-point-plan for the implementation of the NDIS in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities:… Screenshot from the livestream showing Damian Griffis, First
There has been no specific testing with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability in the independent assessment pilot that we know of. - @FPDNAus #NDIS #NDISJSC
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I cannot stop thinking about the #NDIS changes and what they mean.

In plain language, the NDIS is becoming like Centrelink. They are saying to participants: (1/4)
1. We will give you the smallest amount of support we can get away with.
2. To get this support, you will have to endure humiliating, exposing, dehumanising processes, over and over again.
3. We will mine your pain and distress for data, and weaponise this data against you. (2/4)
4. We will assume from the start that you will do the wrong thing, and we will use surveillance and scrutiny to punish you in advance.
5. If you make a small mistake, however innocently, we will make you pay. (3/4)
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Minister Robert's comments yesterday about our #NDIS are deeply concerning and a smokescreen for a much broader power grab from the Morrison government #AusPol

A thread about why these planned changes are so insidious 👇
If a disabled person who is a participant of the NDIS can show that a support or a service they wish to include in their plan is reasonable or necessary, then the scheme is working as it should. That includes sex-based services.
It is the very antithesis of the scheme for the Minister have the power to veto - based on his own moral beliefs - the kind of services and supports a disabled person might need in their plan.
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1/ Offended by the language used by @NDIS Minister on radio today, when confirming his plan to change #NDIS Act to prevent #PWD using funds to access sex therapists. “If states & territories wish to fund prostitutes, they can pay for it themselves”, he said. @Asher_Wolf @CIDvoice
2/ Throughout the “interview” with Ray Hadley, the @NDIS Minister kept referring to “prostitutes”. “Prostitutes will not be paid for using taxpayers money” he said. This is a disgraceful abuse by the Minister of his position, and demonstrates an acute lack of understanding. #CRPD
3/ #Sexual rights are #HumanRights. #PWD have the same rights to sexual expression as non-disabled people. A Ministers personal religious views should never determine what is “reasonable & necessary” for #NDIS participants. @Jordonsteele @drgeorgethecrip
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The #NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission have published a Provider Alert regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It contains information for support workers, including access for providers to personal protective equipment (PPE): [1/3] Image
No-one should have essential supports withdrawn just because they're ill. #DisabilityRights

Need assistance with talking to your provider about keeping your supports going? A disability advocate might be able to help.

Email or leave a voicemail at 1800 843 929 for a call-back.

Or find another advocacy service in your area using [3/3]
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