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'Developing ideas for the future': session being led now at #YHFSummit by @jahintanvir_ and strategist @andrewhollo - thanks Jahin for featuring in our @CroakeyNews preview…
Mapping ideas #YHFSummit Image
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Remember me and my Year 8 maths? Well I am back. And this time I am going to need something stiffer than coffee. #NDIS #Auspol
The Minister for the #NDIS put out a press release today. Apparently she is going release “key monthly data” from now on to “ensure everyone is informed”. You can check it out here -…
I like a good chart and a footnote as much as the next girly swat so consider me ready and willing to be informed Minister.
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Some days are harder than others.

Cw: filicide
We had a discussion about letting @lindareynoldswa into the NDIS Grassroots group yesterday, but decided to.

She would see community discussion about the father stabbing his severely disabled son to death. She will not see our dms. Image
2/ There are more than 50,000 NDIS participants in that group. Carers & workers, too. We try to make sure the voices of disabled people are prioritised. But at the bottom of it all is despair, as @ScottMorrisonMP and @lindareynoldswa’s messaging about the #ndis goes steadily on.
3/ I do not say this lightly. But let’s talk about culpability for these actions.…

In the middle of a pandemic, in Queensland, @QldPolice choose to use a good bloke narrative about a man who knifes his son, a severely disabled wheelchair user, to death.
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Here we go. #IndependentAssessments are dead in the water, but Minister Reynolds has just tipped the government’s hand on the next way they are going to attempt to cut the costs of the #NDIS. They are now going after people with #ChronicIllness.
They are going pretend now that the #NDIS was not designed for people with *health* problems. But here’s the thing. The NDIS was never intended to discriminate based on diagnosis. It was intended to support everyone with a severe and permanent impairment, regardless of the cause.
And here’s the thing, it’s actually impossible to separate ongoing *health* issues from disability in any scientific or factual way. They will have to lean entirely on social biases and prejudice to determine whether a diagnoses represents a *health* problem or a disability.
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Sat, winter, rain, lockdown, ex auditor, accountant, plenty of coffee and youngest watching @STVYouTube on repeat. Oldest in his @Minecraft bunker. Partner sorting washing. You have my undivided attention @NDIS @EveryAustralian #ndis #auspol #HandsOffOurNDIS
1/ context key as report doesn’t address cohort of people with disability not on the scheme and does not speak to success of any such scheme also contingent on policy and outcomes in other parts of life of a person with disability eg education, housing, employment #WholePerson
2/ this report also doesn’t address any gaps in support or spending that impacts or undermines scheme spend eg poor educational experience isn’t compensated by NDIS paid therapy. Inaccessible public housing stock not fixed by house mods paid by NDIS. #IncludeUsFromTheStart
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Important #NDIS QoNs here. 1st one maps the assessment tools scores to high, medium and low level of function. So unnerving how they omit "positive outcomes" of support in that answer. defining benefit is core to the legal test - they want it gone.…
Bit below worries me - do typical support amounts reflect benefits as required by s34? AAT appeals don't do anything magic - they just find supports will keep Pwd/carer in work, preserve health, capacity. No wonder the NDIA & participants are often on a different planet
For about five years I harped on the fact the actuary's dataset simply does not quantify prevented costs of support, value to educational, health, social security, justice system. The reforms threaten to make "yeah, but are you cheaper for us" the test, instead of ALL benefits.
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Kevin Stone from @VALID_Inc is about to deliver a blistering statement on the #NDIS - tune in or follow the thread here 👇 #HandsOffOurNDIS
I’m Kevin Stone. I’m the CEO of @VALID_Inc and the Chair of @inclusionoz. Late last year, VALID stopped working with the NDIA on anything to do with their Independent Assessments. #NDIS #HandsOffOurNDIS
We had come to the conclusion that they do not have the best interests of people with disabilities or their families at heart. Nothing they have said or published since persuades me that we got it wrong. #NDIS #HandsOffOurNDIS
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We're back in #NDIS #estimates now and I'm asking questions about transparency and consultation around the Morrison government's proposed changes to our NDIS.

How has the weighting for the questions in each #IndependentAssessments tool been assigned? #ausPol
None of this data in quarterly report.
There is a timeline suggesting this proposal will be introduced in August this year - we need this information before that time.

They've taken that on notice #AusPol #NDIS #Estimates
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The NDIA released the latest #NDIS Quarterly Report late yesterday. It's full of fancy graphs & charts & arrows going up, up, up all designed to illustrate the line of "cost blowout". But the fancy pictures don't tell the whole story.…
All through the report there is a heavy reliance on saying plan payments are increasing. Hate to tell you folks at the NDIA - that is the way the #NDIS is supposed to work. People are allocated money and then they spend it on support.
The #NDIS is so complicated that it takes a while for people to get the hang of it. And there are not enough services anyway. Particularly outside metro areas. So it takes people a while to start spending.
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The #NDISJSC is holding a public hearing into #NDIS compulsory assessments today from 9am AEST, with @Adv4Inclusion, @MHCCACT, @sdmrights, @CarersACT, @emmadavidsonACT, @dougie_herd and more. #HandsOffOurNDIS
Tune in from…
First up this morning is @Adv4Inclusion, @MHCCACT, @sdmrights. #NDIS #NDISJSC Four women seated in a hearing room
We are united in our concerns about the introduction of proposed mandatory independent assessments. Reduce dignity, choice and control and wellbeing. We don't believe they will address the issues. Over-simplistic assessment tools untested - @Adv4Inclusion #NDIS #NDISJSC
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NDIA CEO Martin Hoffman, #NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds, @FPDNAus, @AfdoOffice, @inclusionoz, John Walsh AM are appearing before the #NDISJSC today from 9am. #HandsOffOurNDIS
Tune in from…
First up at the #NDISJSC is @dameadvocate. He is outlining @FPDNAus' 10-point-plan for the implementation of the NDIS in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities:… Screenshot from the livestream showing Damian Griffis, First
There has been no specific testing with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability in the independent assessment pilot that we know of. - @FPDNAus #NDIS #NDISJSC
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My angry face today on the Drum is because ten minutes before the show, I was told that the NDIA no longer will be funding generators. And I wondered if they think it was ‘fair’ that two young men, 25, in the prime of their life, should be dead.…
#RoboNDIS Image
2/ Yeah, I’m mad. Conor was a fabulous young man. It was 2014 that he died. But the thought that what happened accidentally may happen again, like it did to Liam Danher, because of a lack of funding - that is unconscionable.

Liam was 23. Image
3/ We fought our arses off for this scheme. Conor worked for @MelissaParke01, way back then. He and his mum fought too. We all did. And I can count my dead friends off, dozens of them who fought for the #ndis, including @stellajyoung - it is DISRESPECTFUL to them, these plans.
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I cannot stop thinking about the #NDIS changes and what they mean.

In plain language, the NDIS is becoming like Centrelink. They are saying to participants: (1/4)
1. We will give you the smallest amount of support we can get away with.
2. To get this support, you will have to endure humiliating, exposing, dehumanising processes, over and over again.
3. We will mine your pain and distress for data, and weaponise this data against you. (2/4)
4. We will assume from the start that you will do the wrong thing, and we will use surveillance and scrutiny to punish you in advance.
5. If you make a small mistake, however innocently, we will make you pay. (3/4)
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I found out that the ‘sympathy bias’ that the #NDIS #IndependentAssessments are apparently based on are a plausibility argument based on a single study from 2006 with 29 participants. Using a rating scale not proposed to be used by #RoboNDIS. IN AN INSTITUTION.
2/ So that whole plausibility argument - which sounds pretty implausible to me - is based on a diagnostic group of all intellectually disabled people 15 years ago. And it holds more weight than the - other negative biases? The ones that might kill us?

Let’s investigate that.
3/ Here’s the reference. R Guscia, Rater Bias and the Measurement of Support Needs.
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Today I spoke with Anthony Bartl, who is looking to connect with other disabled people so that he can inform his writing re NDIS.
Here's a video about him via @CollingwoodFC.…
And here is the important thing. He has a good life, cos @TACVictoria & advocacy.
2/ I would ask that if you comment or share, please keep it respectful, because this video isn't about Eddie or @CollingwoodFC. It's about the remarkable things that disabled people can and will do if we are given the right support to do so.
3/ Part of the reason that Anthony had great support is that his dad fought when he was a kid for a good transport accident scheme - Anthony is in the Victorian TAC scheme. And now this man is a man with two degrees, journalism and primary school. He's a teacher and journalist.
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Right a plain(ish) language take on Friday's AAT #NDIS decision. 1. this is 'big' because as Federal Court recent commented if the extra agency power the AAT approves here exists it would be "a somewhat substantial revision to the present conceptions of this legislative scheme"
2. What did Deputy President Humphries find? He found that in addition to the well known reasonable and necessary test in section 34, the NDIA also has a 'residual discretion' to deny support under section 33. So even if something is reasonable and necessary, it can be refused.
The residual discretion 'created' by two words (yep, just two), in section 33. That says when approving a plan CEO is to "include reasonable and necessary IF ANY". The AAT found the words if any, give the NDIA the freedom to apply other criteria to funding decisions.
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Significant AAT #NDIS decision by Deputy President Humphreys. It backs the so called “residual discretion” to deny support under section 33, and argues s34 reasonable and necessary are not sufficiently tight to be only criteria. This is big.…
Humphries’ argument include the scenario of astronaut training as an example. Would it really be funded though? If it were a person off the street - value for money would fall ala the Sing case on Paralympic tennis, benefits unlikely to eventuate in circumstances
I reserve the right to edit after kids go to bed but stuff I dislike 1. para 68:
- the reference to “if any” in section 34 to me simply flags people’s needs could be met entirely thru mainstream supports system (34(1)(f). it doesn’t imply s33 can nuke a s34 compliant support
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More breaking #NDIS drama.

Remember the news that former NDIA CEO Rob de Luca and offsider Anthony Vella had bought out Plenas, the org hand selected to carry out the de Luca designed #IndependentAssessment pilots?

Well, I just received this. How - interesting. #auspol
2/ ‘Hello! Do you know why Plena Healthcare are recruiting in almost all states when they aren’t actually on the full Independent Assessment Panel?’
3/ ‘I thought it was just for the pilot, but in all the ads they are offering the potential for 6 to 12 month retention bonuses, which indicates that they might be around for longer than expected?’
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This tweet is about family abuse and it isn't just the Minister who should listen up and the @NDIS, it's the @DRC_AU.

'This happened a few years ago. I was trying to escape an abusive situation but unluckily for me, a plan review was happening.'
2/ 'I told them I would need extra support to find long-term accommodation because I couldn't easily do it myself. I lived miles away from anywhere and there was no public transport. They were well aware of exactly why I needed to find long-term accommodation straightaway.'
3/ 'Anyway, they decided to cut my funding in half because apparently my parents could help. Really? The same parents you know perfectly well I was trying to escape from? I did eventually get out of there but no thanks to any of them.'
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Well, y'all. We found the infamous Sex Yacht (TM). Except - it looks more like a piece of Paralympian sporting equipment.

Like the type of wheelchair @kurtfearnley or @DylanAlcott or any number of Paralympians use. Or any other piece of equipment that is for disabled sportsmen.
2/ I do not know enough about yachts to say that this is #NotAYacht, but it is the only NDIS funded boat we've found.

Here's the story. Proudly promoted by APM, the multinational that the #NDIS have appointed to do #IndependentAssessments.…
3/ This man is a white middle aged man from Albany in WA. He's going for gold in Rio. Might even make a cardboard cut out in Coles. He has the same disability as @ScottMorrisonMP's brother in law, Garry - multiple sclerosis.

Minister Robert used this to generate your outrage.
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#IndependentAssessments - a thread about potentially disastrous new changes to the #NDIS by Shirley on #NDISGrassroots -


Here is what we know:

*NDIA misrepresented the Tune Report and the Productivity Commission
2/ *NDIA misrepresented early research consultants Madden and Glozier, who stated that lived experience, other professional reports and family input should also be considered.

*Proposing not being able to review decisions via IA only decisions by NDIA staff
3/ *NDIA have been evasive on considering a participants own professional evidence stating the IA will be “holistic” and other reports “unnecessary”

*The costs of diagnosis to access the scheme are NOT covered by the NDIA/Independent Assessments
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Last one.

One of the successful tenders for the #NDIS #IndependentAssessments is Rehab Management (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Here they are.

Operatic music please. Maybe pour yourself a drink.
2/ More corporate health. And, notedly - disability employment assessments.

Check out THIS link.…

Supported Wage Scheme Assessments
Correct. Sheltered workshop assessments, but for the government.

For those who don’t know, google BSWAT.
3/ Since 2010, they say. ‘
We conduct independent workplace productivity assessments for employers wishing to employ people with disability under the government’s Supported Wage System provisions.’
DSS under the National Panel of Assessors (NPA). And this. They are providers.
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Wtf....NDIS have canned plan flexibility with two business days’ notice!

#NDIS are tomorrow announcing that participants will no longer be able to use their core funding to top up or start Support Coordination, from this Monday!

This is in no way okay. This is why. #auspol
2/ They’ve made this decision, despite 10-30% of Support Coordination currently being funded through the Core Support Category, effectively cutting off these participants from linking, crisis management, housing, life planning and review supports with two days notice.

Two days.
3/ Any meetings held next week with a Support Coordinator, when they are funded through Core (Support Coordination budget is used up or was never that budget), will be unable to be claimed.

@PWDAustralia the advocates will be busy :( This will screw over so many people!
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I will only talk about this once, but I need people to make a noise about it and pay attention, if you are able. This needs media.

This is huge and will impact all Australians, including disabled Australians. Forget the Indue Card.

Are you ready? #auspol @acoss #ndis
2/ Some of you will be peripherally aware that there has been a great deal of action in the digital surveillance economy under one Stuart Robert and one Angus Taylor and some other Ministers and staff, especially senior Defence staff.

It looks like this.
3/ Let's start with the Digital Transformation Agency, with a spend in six short years of exactly $1.090,654,340.21.

Search THAT little list, journalists. That was one wild, wild ride.…

History of the DTA. @TurnbullMalcolm is the PM and is rolled in 2018.
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