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What makes it possible for governments to ignore public health processes in a pandemic is the suppression of information about what’s really going on. A short thread about strategy, about taking our society back. /1 #auspol #covid19aus
All Covid data is depersonalised, then calculated and re-calculated in ways to minimise the scale of what’s going on. The testing that generates the data is undermined or removed entirely, or made user-pays, to suppress the magnitude of the numbers. /2
All of the maths, all of the descriptive language, is spun by strategists to minimise the sense anything serious is happening at all. At no time is it permitted to link the data back to the human reality producing it. Just as ‘economic’ data deliberately hides the political… /3
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Crossbenchers who need twice as many staffers as backbenchers to do the same job are probably not the best people for the job. The idea that major Party MPs don't need to read or understand legislation because they vote on Party lines is ridiculous. #auspol
Every MP is accountable for their vote, and they contribute to the Party's position. The idea that they have a vast "machine" to support them is also a fallacy. Eg Tasmanian Labor has just 2 paid staff – and they work full-time on Party administration. #auspol
The reality is that every MP and Senator could use more help. The high number of staff crossbenchers have recently enjoyed is not due to greater need, it's the legacy of a sweetener first agreed to by Abbott and maintained by his successors to try and keep them on side. #auspol
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🧵Statement on PM Albanese's proposal for drastic crossbench staff cuts👇
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has shown a damning display of poor judgement today with his drastic proposal that personal staff for crossbenchers be cut from four to just one. 🧵>
It shows the Prime Minister has no respect or appreciation for the work the Crossbench members did in the 46th Parliament. Consistently, it was the crossbench that brought forward significant alternative policies and held the Government to account. 🧵>
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🧵Me on cleaning up Australian politics @theage @smh.… #auspol 1/
'The message could not have been clearer at the last federal election: voters want clean government.'… #auspol 2/
'Sketchy grant-giving and contract-granting under the Morrison Government created an unsavoury impression of a mob just this side of sliding into an ethical abyss.'… #auspol 3/
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Debate on the anti-protest bill has resumed in the Legislative Council #Tasmania #politas

The webcast is here…
Debate suspended until the Legislative Council resumes at 4:30 pm #politas
The Legislative Council has resumed

The Leader of the Government, Leonie Hiscutt, is proceeding with the 2nd reading speech on the anti-protest bill #politas

Webcast here…
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The greatest political sleight of hand in Australian history. The dominant narrative about Australia and Covid is that we ‘locked down’ for nearly 2 years, and then we ‘opened up’ to ‘living with the virus’. Let’s look at the facts. /1 #auspol #covid19aus Image
It’s a beautiful schematic, from the ABS, showing the ‘lockdowns’ in Australia. What should jump out at you is that we spent most of the past two years not locked down at all. Look at all that white space. And the ‘NSW Lockdown’ was only some suburbs of one city, mostly. /2 Image
Politicians deliberately conflated lockdowns with basic public health action, like contact tracing and the suppression of individual localised outbreaks. I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers living through most of this time with my ‘freedoms’ mostly unaffected. /3 Image
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@DanielAndrewsMP wants to hit peaceful forest defenders and scientific surveyors in logging coupes with $21K fines / 1yr jail!

Rebels have joined 30+ groups incl. @Alliance_Forest to demand our right to protect some of the most carbon dense forests in the world!

We call on all Victorian MPs to reject the proposed draconian laws which will increase penalties for citizens wishing to protect forests from VicForests’ often unlawful logging practices.

cc. @DanielAndrewsMP @LilyDAmbrosioMP

#VicGov #AusPol

Government-owned VicForests is facing 9 court cases and corruption scandals including illegal logging and spying on a conservationist.

Yet it’s #VicGov that wants to send peaceful forest defenders to jail when logging is the crime!…
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On 18 June 2022, @smh published an article, "Cycling sets stage for tightening of transgender sport guidelines," by @phillutton78.

The piece has several flaws. Here are a few. 🧵 #auspol…
1. "Cycling has set stricter new limits"

This is a significant choice of words. It implies that the previous limits were too relaxed, but are now converging toward the objective ideal standard demanded by reality — that regulators have decided to "straighten up and fly right".
2. "the International Cycling Union has set a benchmark that may well be followed by other sports still muddling their way through the issues"

This phrasing unavoidably implies that trans inclusion necessarily entails a muddled, undisciplined state of affairs.
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The new Australian Greens Front Bench has been announced 🧵 #auspol
Adam Bandt MP (Melbourne, VIC)
- Leader of the Australian Greens, shadowing
* Prime Minister Anthony Albanese MP (ALP–Grayndler, NSW) in the Government
* Opposition Leader Peter Dutton MP (LNP/LPA–Dickson, QLD) in the Liberal Party of Australia and the Opposition
* David Littleproud MP (LNP/NPA–Maranoa, QLD) in the National Party of Australia
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"Cost of #agedcare could double" according to .@GuardianAus headline. But what if it was an investment .@AnikaWells .@Tony_Burke .@mark_butler_MP ? #auspol 🧵 1/8
Despite world’s highest number over 80s in #agedcare (~20% v 14.6% in NZ, 6% in US), #auspol only between ~1.2 per cent of GDP aged care – about 2/3 of the OECD average of 1.7 per cent, according to OECD in 2019. 2/8
Average now ~1.5%. Scandi countries spend 3.5% of GDP on #agedcare, "reflecting more advanced, gov managed LTC systems." Switzerland, France, Belgium, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany & Japan spend 2-2.5%.… 3/8
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On 16 June 2022, at or around 5:07pm AEST, @RohanLeppert, a @VictorianGreens member of Melbourne City Council, published a post titled "In defence of party democracy" on his Substack. The piece has several flaws. Here are a few. 🧵 #auspol…
1. "That's a turnout of 915 members; pretty good for the Victorian Greens ... all members received a ballot" — Leppert is unavoidably implying here that Gale's election represents a mandate from the membership as a whole.
Turnout is usually expressed in percentage terms, and in those terms it was somewhat below 30%. The choice not to use the more transparent percentage metric here raises some interesting questions.
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Threads with lots of detail can be tiresome, however its important to detail how someone like Andrew Bolt takes scientific research & twists it to promote his & Rupert Murdoch's climate change denialist agenda.

#Auspol #ThisIsNotJournalism
A study of two hospitals over SEVEN years showed 24 people died of hypothermia of those 25% were exposures outside the home, some intoxicated or drug affected younger people, others without secure shelter and living with mental illness.

#Auspol #ThisIsNotJournalism

Instead of focusing on the real issues identified in the study that elderly people who are unwell, those who are homeless & those living with mental illness are often socially isolated and a hidden casualty of an inadequate social support system.

#Auspol #ThisIsNotJournalism
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Erickson: "It would be a mistake for Labor/progressives to interpret difficult questions/hostile coverage as an expression of an anti-Labor perspective ... that is starting to creep into debate about the media".
#auspol #npc
Erickson: I agree with Mark McGowan's comments about how media pack engaged with Albanese and Morrison. Reminded me of 2020 covid pressers - people were quite shocked at inter-personal engagement, the way journalists spoke to political leaders. A signal to reflect upon. #npc
Erickson: there were themes in questioning that weren't priorities for voters, a bit of groupthink. "There's a lot there to reflect on."
#auspol #npc
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Paul Erickson says it was "odd and then galling" that the Coalition engaged in "an all-out assault on state and territory Labor Governments" mid covid pandemic. #auspol #npc
Erickson criticises:
* Morrison reducing press conferences
* Backing Clive Palmers WA border challenge
* Criticising Palaszczuk
* Undermining Vic health response.
#auspol #npc
Erickson applying a gender lens to the covid response, noting Coalition govt's supposed heroes of the pandemic were all men; they ended free childcare; and Morrison's suggestion to solve women giving birth roadside w upgrade of Barton Highway rather than a maternity ward.
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I've been coding up a new workflow for analysis of Twitter profiles. Thought I'd kick off Monday by showcasing some insights about @PRGuy17, who everyone is talking about.

I collected the entire timeline of 45k tweets. First off, we learn they're active about 14 hours a day:
They use an Android device and web browser to post tweets, pretty much all throughout the day, with a dip in browser usage in the afternoon. This suggests they have access to a laptop most of the day, unless they're using the Android web browser for some reason
They tweet most frequently during weekdays, with a lull on the weekend and particularly on Saturday
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"Unless we cut a deal with Putin, with the removal of sanctions as a component, I see a danger of the world becoming subject to two trading blocs: the west & the rest.

Supply chains will be reorganised to stay within them.."
"... Russia’s energy, wheat, metals, and rare earths will still be consumed, but not here. We keep the Big Macs.

I am not sure the west is ready to confront the consequences of its actions: persistent inflation, reduced industrial output, lower growth, and higher unemployment.."
"... To me, economic sanctions on Russia look like the last hurrah of a dysfunctional concept known as the west.

The Ukraine war is a catalyst of massive de-globalisation..."

Talk about self inflicted wounds..

A very sobering read
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So @PeterDutton_MP expects an integrity commission to investigate @AustralianLabor’s links to @AusUnions? 😂 Australia does have something called freedom of association, being associated with a TU isn’t corrupt, @PeterHartcherAO. #auspol #federalICAC
How quickly even you have forgotten @HonTonyAbbott’s politicised #TURC, @PeterHartcherAO. What did that turn up? 😂 #auspol #federalICAC
A #federalICAC could hardly stand accused of being politicised simply for investigating #carpork #carparkrorts, #sportsrorts & #grantsrorts or @PeterDutton_MP awarding a half billion dollar fed gov contract to his mates at #Paladin without a tender process. List goes on. #auspol
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Is anyones income looking grim at the moment?

I am seriously wondering how businesses with narrow margins are going to survive.

A business that has been operating for 20 years near me closed shop a couple of weeks ago.


Obviously I’m not expecting people to lodge their tax returns here but… ouch!
Interesting move I have seen a lot of businesses do.

They close their shop front to reduce overheads, and then move to online only.

If commercial real estate is to survive, we need border control and zero COVID.

It’s really getting that bad.
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The excisions we had to have: Shorten and Albanese Shadow Ministers who never made it to government 🧵 #auspol
This thread uses "FLNx.y" shorthand to refer to previous ministerial service. I used this in a previous thread concerning the Coalition (see quoted Tweet).

In this case, the relevant abbreviations are "WSS" (Shorten) and "AAS" (Albanese).

There are two levels of a Ministry whose offices are usually referred to simply as "Minister," without further qualification: Cabinet and Outer Ministry. For the purposes of this thread, "Cabinet" is specified. If the person was in the Outer Ministry then "Cabinet" is omitted.
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Despite the actual wholesale cost of producing electricity in Tasmania being under $40MW (which includes a healthy profit margin) the artificial ⚡️ stock market created under neoliberal ideology has decided consumers should instead pay $thousands per MW for electricity🧵
The market experiment hasn’t worked and has left Australia severely hindered in managing the #EnergyTransition that’s needed. Tassie cops it even harder because that fake market incentivises Hydro to prioritise selling power to Victoria over Tas.
Tassie should have the cheapest electricity in the world & should be an advanced manufacturing hub to the world due to its access to dirt cheap, clean, reliable energy. But successive Govt’s have drunk the Kool aid of neoliberal market experiments. This has to change.
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Sticking with the spirit of ten years of energy policy debacles.

Lest we inadvertently enable another ten years of absolute nonsense at the country's expense there's a couple of things I need to get off my chest about nuclear and the Liberals and Nationals.
1. It's fine to have a debate about nuclear. I doubt we'll need it in Australia, but if you think we need to hit net zero by 2050 (and we do), everything should be on the table, including nuclear.

2. But if we are having this *debate*, it can't be devoid of context.
3. First thing to know: nuclear was explored by John Howard back in 2006. That debate led Howard to accept the rationale for a carbon price, which he supported in the end by backing an ETS in 2007.
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.@PeterDutton_MP’s rationale for the unaffordable $171 billion #AUKUS program has enough holes in it to sink a submarine without the need for @AustralianLabor to torpedo it. 1/10 #auspol…
He starts by incorrectly boasting that “the US had only ever shared their nuclear sub­marine technology with the UK – and that was in 1958.” In the late 50’s the US offered nuke subs to the Dutch, Italians and Canadians who ultimately walked away from the US proposals. 2/10
He suggests “a diesel-electric submarine would not be able to compete against the Chinese in the South China Sea beyond 2035.” Japan, South Korea and Singapore, who are in the region, all use air independent propulsion (AIP) subs and clearly disagree. 3/10
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And the hits keep coming-

"Farms across France were hit by heavy hail and fierce storms over the weekend... while their counterparts in Italy warned of the impact of drought on crop yields."

Dark times ahead.

#ClimateCrisis #food #France #Italy #Europe…
In France, the world's 4th largest wheat exporter- 'Hail, strong winds & torrential rain caused damage... affecting wheat as well as fruit crops & vineyards'

"The damage is very significant, with some farms seeing 100% of their crop affected"

#food #farm…

'Italy has received only half the usual rainfall levels so far in 2022, according to agricultural lobby Coldiretti, which estimates the cost of lost production at close to 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion)'

#ClimateCrisis #food #water #Italy…
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