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#antifa #auspol #FCKNZS

At risk of repetition, inre ths map via… I thought I might add a few more deets (another bloody thread).
1) 'Cooks Convicts' (MEL) emerged c AUG 2018. It incs Neil Erikson & Ricky Turner, but also a smol no others, inc (Eurydice Dixon memorial vandal) Andy Nolch, Rino 'Bluebeard' Grgurovic & Logan Spalding. L to R : RG, NE, AN, LS, RT. The hand signal may be familiar to some ...
2) Prior to CC, the grouping around Erikson he previously named 'Patriot Blue' after the white nationalist grping depicted in Stan's 'Romper Stomper'. The name was dropped after legal action, triggered by the Sam Dastyari incident (NOV 2017). See :….
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The #Greens have today launched our human rights based approach to Aged Care including 50,000 home care packages and a pay rise for aged care workers… #auspol #agedcare #AgedCareRC
It's been clear for years now that there are significant issues within the aged care sector and for too long aged care has been put in the too hard basket. We can’t keep tinkering around the edges. We need a comprehensive plan for how we are going to care for older Australians.
Our plan: 1. Guarantees a human rights based approach to aged care 2. Provides funding for an additional 50,000 Level 3 and 4 Home Care Packages over three years at a cost of $5.491billion
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Yo @centrelink!
How does this happen:
You load ATO Match Data in May-2017
You send EIC reminder in Jul-2017
You raise large surprise #RoboDebt in early 2019
You don't issue AMENDMENT PAYG Summary
Compliance & myGov have no record of initial EIC letter?
#NotMyDebt #RewindRoboDebt
Could it be that:

Initial EIC letter included dodgy ATO Match Data?

This #RoboDebt was actually raised mid-2017, then recalled & later resurrected?

Fraudulent 'zombie' debt claim arises from employer duplication with substantial double-counted & averaged earnings?

PS Could it be that:

This is just one of hundreds of thousands of dubious zombie cases that have been unpaused (rather than properly remediated), in the lead-up to #Budget2019 & #PEFO, with intent to inflate #RoboDebt figures & fudge #Surplus!? #NotMyDebt #RewindRoboDebt #AUSpol
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1) Hey it's time for me to goto bed, but one final thing inre #eggboy/#eggboi. As noted, neo-#Nazi Neil Erikson was one of the 5 or 6 men who, er, restrained the teen; Erikson has criminal convictions for antisemitic (FEB 2014) & anti-Muslim (SEP 2017) actions.
2) Perhaps in order to complete the trifecta, last year (MAY 2018) he was also charged w disrupting a church service -- which involved him & some of his thuggish mates invading Gosford church & scaring some elderly parishoners.
3) He's due back in Melbourne Magistrates' Court on MAY 13 to face charges of riot/assault/affray stemming from the Melbourne date of the DEC 2017 Milo Yiannopoulos tour; joining him in court on same will be his sidekick Ricky Turner & old nazi chum Richard Whelan.
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At Anning's rally today in Melbourne a supporter of his noted the Christchurch shooter was a 28-year-old and one of the "younger generation taking up the fight". Anning responded by saying the shooter was "a little on the crazy side, but yeah."… @theage
Anning railed against what he said are the three biggest threats to Australia: "Black African immigration ... Muslim immigration ... and Chinese buying our land". Neil Erikson and Blair Cotrell were in the crowd with Andrew Nolch, who defaced the Eurydice Dixon memorial @theage
Anning said he was weeks away from registering his own political party. "Where we're wining is on social media ... share as much as you can ... we can win seats on social media." @theage
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After the devastating attacks on mosques in Christchurch today, this is Queensland Senator Fraser Anning's response #auspol
For everyone asking if this is real, yes, it came from Fraser Anning's office.

Aside from this, the #ChristchurchMosque attack has been met with shock, condemnation and sympathy across the political divide in Australia.
For context for anyone outside Australia, Fraser Anning received just 19 votes. He only got a seat in the Senate after One Nation's Malcolm Roberts was disqualified. Anning was widely condemned for his "final solution" speech last year.…
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TBH, shocking as it is, I'm not that surprised at the #Christchurch massacre, or that the alleged killer livestreamed his assault on @Facebook. There's literally thousands of pages dedicated to spreading murderous Islamophobia on the platform, w an audience of many millions.
You can gain some insight into the nature of the milieu by examining the joyful responses to the massacre; useful insofar as it helps explode the Ordinary Mums & Dads™ myth that leading sections of Australian media have been/will continue to propagate. #ReclaimAustralia #auspol
The killer wrote slogans on his guns. Among them is a reference to
Josué Estébanez, a neo-Nazi who stabbed a teenage antifa, Carlos Palomino, to death in Madrid in November 2007. The murder was ofc celebrated @ the time by local neo-Nazis, including Neil Erikson.
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RBA deputy governor Guy Debelle warns:

"Today, climate change presents significant risks and opportunities for a broader part of the economy than agriculture, though the impact on agriculture continues to be significant." #auspol #climatechange
"The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report documents that 1 degree of warming has already occurred from pre-industrial levels as a result of human activities."
"It provides strong evidence that another half degree of warming will occur in the next 10 to 30 years if warming continues at the current rate. That is the average outcome, with some areas experiencing greater warming."
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Franking Credits 202 - The scam deepens #auspol
A Thread:

So most people now get the whole "refund" when you don't play tax part of the franking credit scam. It actually goes deeper. Hopefully this thread will show you how.
You see franking credits don't only have an immediate impact on tax I can avoid this year. Franking credits open up an awesome loophole that allows me to claw back tax that was paid *decades* ago. For it to make sense you need to know how we Viscounts do things.
So I'm on 200K a year salary. My marginal tax rate is 45% which is quite unsatisfactory! Apart from making political donations there's nothing I can do to reduce my salary and avoid my personal tax rate. I also have shares that pay dividends. My dividends get slugged at 45%.
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Milo Yiannopoulos was originally gonna tour AUS in May 2018, brung out by QLD businessmen Ben & Dan Spiller ('AE Media'/'Future Now Australia'). After a series of misfortunes, they eventually handballed responsibility over to Damien Costas/@PenthouseAU.
#antifa #auspol
2) In OCT 2018, during the course of negotiations b/w the Spillers & Yiannopoulos, MY took the opp to denounce Costas as a fraudster & to declare that he would never work w him again. A few weeks later, MY changed his tune ...
3) A month after MY's DEC 2017 tour he took the time to wish everyone a happy #InvasionDay. Granted, his racist performances raised a few eyebrows, but his Perth MC, Andrew Bolt, has repaid the favour, & been a determined campaigner on the pedophile apologist's behalf ever since.
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In case anyone was interested in the "logic" behind the Conservatives' love of coal.
A Thread.
It's easy to believe that most of the clowns who love coal are just absolutely thick as shit. For some, that is certainly a helpful factor for others it is much simpler. #auspol
It is far from an uncommon allegation that the LNP are bought and paid for by big business. The Nats in particular are little more than a mining lobby outfit who hold a bunch of seats in parliament to represent their benefactors and throw the odd bone to farmers.
To get it you need to know what a stranded asset is.
Say you buy a house for a $1 million. Turns out it's on a toxic waste dump.
It's now worthless and you can't sell it and can't be compensated. You've lost all your money.

Your house is now a stranded asset.
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Scott Morrison dismisses per capita recession as not being 'an economic term that any economist has any recognition of' and accuses Labor of making it up. #auspol
@AlanKohler explaining real GDP and per capita GDP. (Yes, he has the graphs). It's government spending and population growth that are keeping real GDP from going into the negative. Rest of the economy is down. That's the problem per capita highlights. #auspol
A smart PM wouldn't be talking about boats on Christmas Isle. He/she would grab that GDP measure, call his treasurer & officials in & work on turning the negatives into positives. Bam, foundation of your economic policy, take to election. Unfortunately, we have a Brick Wall PM.
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An #abc730 investigation can reveal details about the powerful machinery behind one of the country’s leading sports betting operators. @FarrellPF @amy_donaldson @ingating…
#abc730 can reveal Sportsbet has spent almost half a billion dollars since 2013 promoting online gambling in Australia, pumping millions into Facebook, Google and other social media and search platforms.
Documents obtained by #abc730 through the Federal Court reveal Sportsbet has also been using de-identified data from NAB account transactions in order to target new gamblers. #auspol
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Hey #auspol

I've collated the % margins for current sitting MPs so y'all know exactly the margin your local MP holds, pics are only Govt & X-Bench MPs, Senate expiry dates here too.
It's a long thread so I've organised it state by state to make it easier reading.
Blair, ALP, Shayne NEUMANN 18.88%
Bonner, LNP, Ross VASTA 13.39%
Bowman, LNP, Andrew LAMING 7.07%
Brisbane, LNP, Trevor EVANS 5.92%
Capricornia, LNP, Michelle LANDRY 0.63%
Dawson, LNP, George CHRISTENSEN 3.34%
Dickson, LNP, Peter DUTTON 1.6%
Fadden, LNP, Stuart ROBERT 11.05%
Fairfax, LNP, Ted O’BRIEN 10.89%
Fisher, LNP, Andrew WALLACE 9.06%
Flynn, LNP, Ken O’DOWD 1.04%
Forde, LNP, Bert van MANEN 0.63%
Griffith, ALP, Terri BUTLER 1.6%
Groom, LNP, John McVEIGH 15.31%
Herbert, ALP, Cathy O’TOOLE 0.02%
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It's TODAY, March 3 !
#FreeAssange Rallies in Sydney & Brisbane.

Join legendary Australian filmmaker John Pilger, Professor Stuart Rees, James Cogan & more to demand the Australian govt acts to free Julian Assange.


#BringJulianHome #auspol
Pink Floyd frontman @rogerwaters calls on people to participate in #FreeAssangeRally - #Sydney 2pm TODAY, Martin Place.

Brisbane (Livestream of #Sydney Rally), 1pm (Queensland time)

Support #FreeAssangeRally in Sydney and Brisbane.

"The fight to free Julian Assange is vital to the defence of democratic rights." -. James Cogan


#auspol #sydney #insiders #humanrights #freepress #freespeech #BringJulianHome
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Antoinette Braybrook says #ParentsNext is another attempt to "income manage" for First Nations people. Data shows ATSI people have been disproportionately impacted by payment suspensions #auspol
Human Rights Commission president Rosalind Croucher says the AHRC is “gravely concerned” about compulsory and punitive approach of #ParentsNext. She says program is not compliant with Australia’s human rights obligations and has not been shown to meet its stated goals. #auspol
deleted and reposted tweet about Croucher's comments as I misstated her title
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Presumably, the bankrupt in question is Ben & Dan Spiller of AE Media ... notwithstanding the fact that Milo's DEC 2017 tour organiser, Damien Costas (@PenthouseAU), is also facing personal bankruptcy for unpaid debts.
#antifa #auspol #FCKNZS
Anyway, the racist shitkunce (Milo, Gavin McInnes, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon/'Tommy Robinson') are meant to be kicking off their tour of AUS in a little under two weeks in Perth (MAR 9); Costas is apparently appealing the Minister's 2018 decision to reject a visa app by McInnes >
> their fanboys are being urged to contact the Minister to lobby for visas to be approved for all three, & a decision is expected any day nao. Stirring up racist sentiment appears to be a key plank in the Tories' fed re-election campaign, so who knows what will come of it ...
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@billshortenmp @SenatorWong @ALeighMP
This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed at home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.
Then there were more than 2030…
#auspol #inequaltiy
You guys should be squealing like stuck pigs over the government's responsibility for #robodebt and its results. Do always need your focus group? Get off you bums and say something. Get the MSM off their bums while you're at it. #auspol
@AustralianLabor @Shorten_Suite silence is consent. Get out your arse guys, and say something.
That represents only 10% of Aussies dying of #robodebt Why aren’t you screaming your tits off. The alternative is it’s not a problem for your mob. #auspol
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The “climate solutions fund” ie $2bn top up of ERF is manifestly inadequate as a climate policy BUT it is significant because:
The rebranding of the ERF means that finally, after steadfastly ignoring results in Vic, Qld, Wentworth, and many years of public polling - the coalition is having to accept that it’s an electoral liability to not be seen to be acting on climate.
Even a pseudo-capitulation to public demand for climate action is extraordinary when you consider that News Ltd media are still vigorously pushing climate-denying “stories”.
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💣 Cormann travel rort

💣 Hockey Hello World lurk

💣 Cash court lie fest

💣 Dutton .. where to start?

💣 Ian Goodenough lobstergate

💣.Matthew Guy lobstergate

💣 Barnaby ... where to start?

💣 Gladys stadiumgate

💣 Littleproud big cotton graft

Page 2

🚨 Turnbull's $455m reefgate

🚨 S. Robert ... where do we start?

🚨 Abbott kid scholarship scam

🚨 Wilson's sleazey events

🚨 Bishop & Bishop travelgate

🚨 Sussan Ley's travelgate

🚨 Abbott's ride-a-thon ripoffs

🚨 Sinodinos incompetence


Page 3

🔥 Abbott's knighting of Phillip

🔥 Hockey's two failed budgets

🔥 Abbott's PPL debacle

🔥 Turnbull's NBN miasma

🔥 Abbott's 'No Cuts' lies

🔥 Credlin's "Carbon Tax not a tax"

🔥 Morrison's Jerusalem Embassy stunt

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Let's recap the govt's CURRENT scandals & fuck-ups! Note: subject to change on a daily/hourly basis.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Lying about stopping the boats - 121 Illegal Maritime Arrivals in Oct 2018, 17 IMAs in Sept 2018 & others
#auspol #qt…
Senator Mathias Cormann

Had no idea Helloworld gave him a free holiday worth $2780.82
#auspol #qt…
Senator Michaelia Cash

Refused to give Australia Federal Police a statement about AWU raid leaks from her office.
#auspol #qt…
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1/ Ok, so I'm getting a little sick of the #FrankingCredits debate. I'm a tax accountant and I deal with franking credits all the time, so here's a few numbers: #auspol
2/ Let's look at a person who has a "modest" franking credit refund of $20,000. This person will also have a "Franked dividend" of ~$46,600. That's $46,600 of cash (or potentially reinvestment, more on that later).
3/ Now, the value of these shares (based on a 4% dividend yield, which is the average market yield), would be $1,165,000. Yes, that's 1 million, 1 hundred and 65 thousand.
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@Raf_Epstein was characteristically great on @abcmelbourne this afternoon. The #Paladin thing had my blood boiling though #auspol 1/10
@Raf_Epstein @abcmelbourne #Paladin scandal reminds me of the process for giving $30 million to @rupertmurdoch @Foxtel for women’s sport 2/10…
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I'm doing an epic thread on the FACTS on the #MedeVacBill to bust all the myths being spread by the #Morrison Government. RT's are so appreciated. Here we go. #auspol #manus #nauru #morrison #dutton
MYTH 1: Two doctors will decide if someone is transferred

FACT 1: Actually 11 doctors decide this incl. an Independent Medical Panel that makes final medical recommendation made up of 9 doctors that incl. Surgeon General of Border Force, Home Affairs & C/w Chief Medical Officer
MYTH 2: The #MedeVacBill will encourage people to seeking #asylum by boat

FACT 2: The bill only applies to people seeking asylum on Manus & Nauru as of 13th Feb 2019 (& children born to them), anyone who arrives thereafter is not eligible for medical evacuation under this bill.
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