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Yesterday @AlanJones tore @ScottMorrisonMP a new one over drought funding

What surprised me was the PM, being his usual arrogant self, just doubled-down on commitments he's already made

Despite Jones' impassioned pleas, no NEW money was forthcoming from PM

#auspol #qt
Here's the PM's interview with Alan Jones 15 October 2019
#auspol #qt…
So, I decided to have a squizz at where all the drought funding is going.

I think I found the reason why @ScottMorrisonMP doubled-down & didn't or won't announce any new drought relief funding.

Basically, he's broke.

Stone cold broke. Barely a brass razoo left
#auspol #qt
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I'm a former apprentice of the year, ran my own small business at 21, worked & consulted with ASX top 100 companies. In 2017, as a constituent, I approached (now) PM's office for support for promoting good governance in SME. Ignored. #mategate #auspol…
But sure, If you have someone who is a mega celebrity, multi millionaire with guaranteed income for life; who will appeal to 40 year old male apprentices....go for it!

THIS is how out of touch our politicians are.

You only get a go, if you are in the know.

#cronyism #mategate
*2018 -
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Stopping climate change enables us to also solve “systemic racism, white supremacy, and the wounds of the patriarchy”.

Yep. Straight from the mouth of @ExtinctionR’s co founder, Gail Bradbook.

@ExtinctionR Don't be fooled by @ExtinctionR's @gailbradbrook's flowery words and rhetoric, it is a mask to hide a hardleft pro-socialist totalitarian anti-capitalist & anti-economic growth ideology. #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateChange #auspol.

@ExtinctionR @gailbradbrook While Bradbook is crazy, her compatriot Roger Hallam literally embodies nihilism and sheer dementedness...

#ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateChange #auspol

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@Jarrapin is going to court on Thurs to fight for right to name protagonists in a long running saga re corruption in pure breed dogs industry. Has had PSOs taken out against her by culprits to stop her publishing names, threatened & cost $$'s in court yet @guardian wont name..1/2
Morrisons QAnon friend Tim Stewart, whose name is everywhere on twitter & online, b/c it might upset Morrison? FFS. This is @Jarrapin 7TH time in Magistrates Court. Could have published investigation w/o names, saved stress & $$'s but point of investigation is to make public..2/2
...aware of protagonists/culprits not to keep them secret! Will be huge precedence for journalists in Australia. 3/3 #auspol #MSM @MichaelPascoe01 @PaulBongiorno @beneltham @JoshButler @michaelkoziol @lenoretaylor @J_C_Campbell
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#Newstart inquiry submissions have been published. I'm going to tweet out some important points from the submissions below. #auspol
@TasCOSS's is a standout. It features lots of personal stories and a very powerful introduction. All federal politicians should read it. "This is not an ordinary inquiry."…
@TasCOSS The #Newstart submission from @aasw says social workers are seeing clients in oncology wards who are avoiding treatment because they "cannot afford transport to the clinic."
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You know how I had a squizz yesterday at the councils that were given $1 mill drought assistance last week by @ScottMorrisonMP & found that 12 out of 13 were councils in Coalition seats, the other one was an Independent seat?
Sounded dodgy so I decided to probe further
Well, I decided to check out the entire 123 councils who have received $1 million dollars under the Drought Communities Program Extension

The results are nothing less than SHOCKING😳& should demand a Royal Commission into the Morrison Govt drought assistance program
I got my whiteboard out & worked out exactly what councils got what & what seats they're in, then counted them all up

(BTW @SenatorCash this is actually how you use a whiteboard properly, just saying)
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Downer says he's right wing to distance himself from Clintons

Aussie leftists are defending Downer coz "Orange Man & Scomo Bad"

As the Elites Entertain themselves in an Intra-Elite WWF, the MSM & Twitter Elites TAKE SIDES & ABANDON the Poor & the TRUTH

This is your chance to identify Twitter-Elites

Take note

They will NEVER fight for you

If they seem to be fighting for you, they are merely USING YOU AS PAWNS in their Intra-Elite Entertainment

Once their Fav Party wins, we will be ABANDONED


People who say Downer is right wing who hates "lefty" Clintons need to read:…

Hakluyt is a London based retirement farm for old spooks

Hakluyt is close not just to the Clintons, but also to Cheney, Bush, Obama

It's one big swamp & we ain't in it #Auspol
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OK, I had a squizz at the 13 councils that @ScottMorrisonMP announced last week would be receiving $1 million in drought assistance.

I wanted to see what Federal electorates these councils are in, their MP & if this is just cruel pork-barreling/govt playing politics
Moyne Council did not apply nor lobby for this funding, they are in @DanTehanWannon's electorate of Wannon.

Moyne Council called it 'bad management' bcuz they're not in drought

Looks less like 'bad management' more like 'good pork barreling'🤔
Let's look at the 13 councils & their electorates/MPs & the party their MP represents

1. Council: Kyogle- Fed Electorate: Page - MP: Kevin Hogan, National Party

2. Council: Murray River- Fed Electorate: Farrer - MP: Minister Sussan Ley, Liberal Party
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@DrCRowanMP has attacked @PatrickCondren for running as the Brisbane mayoral candidate in next year's Qld local council elections. Here's some stuff Australia should be aware of about the doctor of hypocrisy. #auspol #qldpol
Before entering parliament, Dr Hypocrisy was the Qld AMA president during the Newman era. He advocates for Aus to return to the death penalty, a contradiction with his own profession which advocates for the preservation of all human life. #auspol #qldpol…
While AMA president, Dr Hypocrisy used his position to promote the Newman government's push to move Queensland's doctors onto unfair individual contracts. The resistance to this became the pineapple movement & led to his downfall. #auspol #qldpol…
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I've got a little story for y'all

It's a story about 'not what ya know, it's who ya know'

Last week Minister for NAIF @mattjcan & @mlandryMP announced NAIF (Nth Aust Infrastructure Fund) had approved a loan for Blair & Josie Angus from Signature Onfarm P/L
#auspol #Insiders
A nice little $25 million loan to build a 'boutique' abattoir & 'on-farm village' on the Angus's property Sondella, Clermont, QLD.

Now, the Angus's aren't short of a quid

Angus Pastoral Co own 162,000ha & run abt 35,000 head of cattle, valued at about $71 million a few yrs ago
Josie Angus is David Camm's daughter, her grandfather was a Bjelke-Petersen Minister

The Camms are just as lucky as the Angus's

Cr Amanda Camm is Dep Mayor of Mackay Council
Bryce Camm is Chair of Beef Aust

Josie's nieces are lucky too, 2 of them just got a $30K Nuffield each
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1/ Here's a ghastly thought: What if @ScottMorrisonMP visited that Macca's drive-thru because he's under the misapprehension Aussies find it ENDEARING he shit himself at #Engadine? Like, he thinks it fits in with his 'man of the people' persona. Hear me out.
2/ Firstly, his insufferable attitude to lower wage earners & callous treatment of welfare recipients suggests he perceives the underclass (a.k.a. the other 99 percent) as grubby baboons who fling faeces at each other when we aren't wearing baseball caps and chugging schooners.
3/ We drive Holdens, we don't drink beer from the glass, we eat with our elbows on the table, we think semi-casual means thongs and a Bintang singlet, and we say things like 'I'm gunna murder a brown snake' to herald every voiding of the bowels.
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THREAD: Over the past 24 hours, my pro-Greta/anti-Dinosaur Brigade posts on Facebook have attracted much co-ordinated trolling and tender loveletters, like the attached. Leading me to the personal conclusion that the opposition to Thunberg from the Right has *nothing* to do...
... with climate change. It’s not even that they don’t accept it - these folk cannot even *comprehend* it. The technicalities of the discussion are beyond them. Their ferocious opposition isn’t even about attachment to fossil fuel industries - the man calling me a “mutt”...
... is hardly the CEO of a petrochemical company, much as he may dream about the BMW and cigars at night time. No, the opprobrium is not about climate change, as much as it is a true, distilled terror toward the (inevitable) disruption of the prevailing social order that...
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Dear @Bunnings @Mitre10 @JohnDeere @guardian
Our friend @geoffrey_payne suffered a stroke last weekend. Our friend @On_Da_Ball noticed he hadn't been active on Twitter for a few days. He called @VictoriaPolice and asked for a welfare check. These men had never met. Police acted
They attended. And Geoffrey was rushed to Melbourne and has been in ICU since. @On_Da_Ball has survived strokes and heart surgery and realises @geoffrey_payne will need help to manage his turf in country Victoria. Any chance of a suitable ride on? Both men have large followings
And we the people will be very grateful and noisy Australians if you can assist. Thank you for your time and consideration.
From us noisy Australians. @ScottMorrisonMP @pulte this is a good story on friendship on social media. @BelindaJones68 @MsVeruca @Kynes3 @MichaelPascoe01
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@ScottMorrisonMP is very comfortable lying to the australian people, but today he looked world leaders directly in the eye and lied to them. 🤥

morrison claimed “australia is taking real action on climate change and getting results”

thread 👇… #auspol
in fact, australia’s CO₂ emissions are rising and the government has no credible plan to reduce them.

@ScottMorrisonMP claims “australia is doing our bit on climate change and we reject any suggestion to the contrary.”
.@ScottMorrisonMP is contesting the fact that australia is absolutely *failing* to deliver our share of reducing emissions.

he is lying to all of us.

his government’s “climate solutions package” has australia emitting no less in 2030 than we do presently.
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Always great to be in the studio with Katie Woolf @Mix1049_Darwin. Today discussing the #CashlessDebitCard which the @ScottMorrisonMP Government plans to impose on 23000 Territorians in 2020. Labor is against the expansion of the cashless debit card unless it’s voluntary.
@Mix1049_Darwin @ScottMorrisonMP "I think anything that's forced on people is always questionable especially when there's been no evidence to say that it actually works. The evidence we do see is the reverse: greater poverty, homelessness, ppl on the streets, lack of jobs in our communities." #CashlessDebitCard
@Mix1049_Darwin @ScottMorrisonMP These are the things that keep pushing people that are already in dire straits into further difficulties. We dont see any real improvement say for birthweight with children, even going to school, so it has a roll on effect in the social spehere. @Mix1049_Darwin #CashlessDebitCard
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I'll be tweeting on the #CashlessDebitCard hearing in Darwin today - follow thread here

APONT have slammed the committee’s inadequate consultation time and the lack of hearings in remote locations.

#CashlessDebitCard #Auspol
They said the unwarranted haste recalls the NT #Intervention, the injustice and trauma of the Intervention still burns with us. Once again we are not deemed worthy of consultation.

#CashlessDebitCard #Auspol
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FLOTUS gift to Scott Morrison's wife is a nod to Q/8chan

Just like the NSA 'hacker' software Ghidra

Scott Morrison is a patriot

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #8chan #ScottMorrison #FLOTUS #POTUS
China’s state media has warned Australia risks “100 years of solitude” if it continues to strengthen military ties with the United States following Morrison's Trump meeting…

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #8chan #ScottMorrison #AusPol #China
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The Queensland LNP's Jarrod Bleijie demands all children be detained or suspended for attending #ClimateStrike. Jarrod expects to be the Qld education minister after the next state election. #auspol #qldpol
Fairly standard sort of response for the Qld LNP. If you are familiar with #qldpol, you'll be 😆 or 🙄 at Newman's failed A-G. If not, Google "Jarrod Bleijie article clerk". Would be a really bad choice for the care of Qld school children. #ClimateStrike #auspol
Jarrod Bleijie and Campbell Newman ultimately costed taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in defamation. #qldpol #auspol #ClimateStrike…
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Australia cannot afford to compromise the principles underpinning scientific research.

#auspol #auspol2019
@karenandrewsmp @BOConnorMP @AdamBandt @RichardMarlesMP…
The National Research and Innovation Alliance, a body of organisations representing researchers across Australia, commit to the Principle of Universality (freedom and responsibility) of Science.
Peer review is widely regarded as the scientific seal of approval, denoting quality, validity, and importance.

Researchers will not consider a scientific finding as valid unless it has been approved by the process of peer review.

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You did NOT, @ScottMorrisonMP

We literally flew to Parliament and forced your hand, against your wishes. With the support of @billshortenmp and with the campaigning of Senator @Jordonsteele. It's been 10 years of campaigning for me.

And they are 2 separate Commissions #auspol
Are you actually claiming that you were responsible for this, @ScottMorrisonMP? Let me tell you some home truths. Because clearly you think that it is okay to retell tales in a way that does not reflect the truth.

This is NOT okay.

Let me refresh your memory.
Organisations like @WWDA_AU have campaigned for this for years - so has @PWDAustralia, of which I was once Vice President. In 2012, I started collecting the stories of dead disabled people in earnest. And we started a campaign, - thousands of emails, letters, calls, meetings.
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Imagine the social segregation of not being able to attend your best friend's 40th Birthday party because it's held in a restaurant that doesn't accept #indue #CashlessDebitCard
Imagine not being able to take your mum out on Mother's Day or dad on Farther's Day for lunch or dinner because local businesses aren't pre-registered for #CashlessDebitCard #indue
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THREAD: #TheFamily in Australia

Anyone watching the Netflix series called 'The Family' would have been shocked to learn about the political influence a secret fundamentalist christian sect were able to have on American policy for over 50 years.…
Jeff Sharlet who featured in the series has deeply researched these people, and describes how their leader, Doug Coe, told people they need to “emulate” totalitarian regimes in which children kill or inform on their parents in order to build a new society. #TheFamily in Australia
While this seems a repudiation of Christian principles, those acting for God have different rules to follow than the rest of us. Doug Coe’s son and The Family’s heir apparent, David, explained what it meant to be a divinely chosen leader.

#TheFamily in Australia
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Australian Access Capital Company Pty Ltd: more questions for Gladys Liu to resolve in parliament next week, unless it’s just “clumsy” parliamentary disclosure #auspol
It is curious that Ms Liu’s initial parliamentary declaration of interests (as at the time of her election on 18 May) failed to declare her interest in Australian Access Capital Company Pty Ltd, of which she had been the director and sole shareholder for eleven years.
Ms Liu was engaged in Federal Court litigation relating to her company as recently as 2016.
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Labor in House of Reps now called for a suspension of standing orders & calls upon @GladysLiuMP to explain her position to the House.

@cporterwa responds by playing the race card, referring to Menzies govt & the White Australia Policy.

Stay classy Porter
#auspol #qt
@GladysLiuMP @cporterwa The Speaker is losing his voice

Gladys Liu nowhere to be seen

MP for Gellibrand expelled under 94A for interjecting/unparliamentary language

Porter accusing Labor of 'outrageous' slurs, has said 'Sam Dastyari' about 100 times, govt trying to make it about race
#auspol #qt
@GladysLiuMP @cporterwa MP for Mayo @MakeMayoMatter says this goes beyond party politics, appeals to govt NOT to use their slim majority to prevent this vote - notes 'we are only calling for the MP for Chisholm to give a statement to the House' [paraphrased]

Says she's 'deeply concerned'
#auspol #qt
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