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We are a social enterprise aiming to reduce waste by offering an alternative to buying new. Here to engage with all committed to an ethical consumer revolution.
Nov 7, 2022 • 6 tweets • 4 min read

What's a COP?

This is an emergency.

Let's talk about it. 5 things. Seconds to read.

RT this thread (please) to spread awareness. 🧵

#COP27 5 things you need to know a... #COP27 becomes the most important COP yet because the chances of sticking to a 1.5c target are getting slimmer with every moment of inaction which means millions more people will be affected by #climatechange Countries agreed at Glasgow...
Jul 6, 2022 • 10 tweets • 5 min read
Majestic. Groceries in each hand, crook of each elbow, balancing potatoes on his shoulder, leaning back ever so slightly…

I watched a guy walk out of the supermarket with a whole week's worth of shopping WITHOUT any plastic carrier bags.

Trying to cut down on #plastic? A 🧵 So why go plastic free? It’s better for our oceans (microfibres from clothes, microplastics from decomposing waste). It means less energy needed to create disposable plastic bottles and bags.

Here are some ways to cut down, recommended by our fans on Facebook! #plasticfreejuly
Jul 4, 2022 • 17 tweets • 5 min read
Here's what Declan, our content and social media wizard, had to say about one year of shopping #secondhand fashion... ♻️👕

Hey! 👋 Here's a thread 🧵 on the things I learnt about shopping only #preloved fashion for a year! 1. Patience is Key 🗝

I've always been curious about owning a pair of Doc Martens but I could never justify splashing out on a new pair. So I kept an eye on second hand pairs on eBay. There were loads to bid on but also loads of other bidders.