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“Our families questioned us about our decision to collect kachra (waste) instead of focusing on studies.

Read more about their innovative house here:

#Sustainable #EcoFriendly #WasteManagement #Initiative #Maharashtra #TheBetterIndia Image
Many people even labeled us bhangar wali, plastic wali, bottle wali (junk dealers),” says Namita Kapale, who, along with Kalyani Bharmbe, has built an eco-friendly house using 16,000 plastic water bottles.
Finding a meaningful use for excess #plastic waste, the duo# constructed the house in #SambhajiNagar near Daulatabad. They used cow dung, soil, plastic bottles, and 12-13 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic to build the house on a nearly 4,000 square feet field.
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1/ As #OceanCleanUp seeks to make a wave to strengthen its business model,it's important to remember that #plastic pollution is not just a waste issue,which is why a mandate was given to negotiate an agreement that covers the entire life cycle of…
2/ In one of the webinars that I visited recently to prepare for these negotiations, it was said, that there is now overwhelming evidence of health effects at every stage of #plastics lifecycle, nicely put together in the @minderoo report 👇#PlasticsTreaty… Image
3/ In addition, at every stage of its life cycle, #plastics cause #greenhouse gas emmissions, which we super-urgently need to reduce to mitigate the #climatecrisis. This study estimated that plastic caused 4.5% of global #GHG emissions. #PlasticsTreaty…
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@BCarneyAlmroth @ScientistsCoa highlights the need for chemical transparency & simplification
in #plastics design & production caps in the #PlasticsTreaty to return to safe planetary boundaries. She warns against delaying narratives from the industry playbook used to sow doubts. Image
@BCarneyAlmroth also shares that high-level industry representatives have imparted their aim to increase #plastic production and that chemical transparency is out of question because of industrial property rights & legal frameworks. #PlasticsTreaty Image
@CarolynDeere highlights the role of civil society in the global governance role of #plastics, e.g. the recent @minderoo report which provides overwhelming evidence on the effects of plastics and its chemicals on human health, especially on early & extremely sensitive life stage. Image
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1/ According to a new study, floating marine life, known as “#neuston,” often ends up in the same places as #plastic says @RebeccaRHelm. Apparently, buoyant plastic debris and organisms tend to float up & clump together in water, like cereal in a bowl.…
2/ Here's the link to the study, which IMO emphasizes again, that we urgently need international science-based criteria for environmental impact assessments in place BEFORE such technologies are allowed to be implemented in the #HighSeas. #plastic #BBNJ…
3/ "We found that densities of floating life were higher inside the central NPGP than on its periphery & that there was a positive relationship between neuston abundance and #plastic abundance for 3 out of 5 neuston taxa, Velella, Porpita and Janthina."
Look at these beauties 👇 Image
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I’m delighted to announce that my provocative piece on the impact of #plasticpollution on the #tropics is the first published article in Journal of Tropical Futures published by @SAGEPublishers…

#plasticfree #plastic #plasticwaste #plastictreaty
Unsustainable #plastic production, use and mismanagement have resulted in increased #plasticpollution in the environment threatening #sustainability, especially in the #tropics.

#sustainabledevelopment #sustainabilitymatters #singleuseplastic
Countries in the #tropics have been disproportionally impacted by #plasticpollution due to imports of #plasticwaste from developed countries, or because tropical Small Island Developing States have become overwhelmed by #singleuseplastics used widely in the tourism sector.
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🧵 1/4

Plans to ban wet wipes containing plastic are obviously welcome, and I understand there is a legal requirement to consult...

BUT, we really need @DefraGovUK
to get on with it, rather than years of dither and delay

As a reminder...…
🧵 2/4

It was in March 2018 that @michaelgove promised us a #DepositReturnScheme for #plastic bottles

Over five years later, it still hasn't happened, and is now promised for 2025!!!

Are we going to have to wait seven years to ban wet wipes?!…
🧵 3/4

In spring 2021, the then Environment Secretary George Eustice told us that we should be able to release #beavers into the wild in 'early 2022'.

In Oct 2021, @BorisJohnson told us to 'build back beaver'

We're still waiting for the licenses…
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3 problems with global #sustainability goals in terms of plastic soup - Plastic Soup Foundation…
#Plasticpollution is standing in the way of achieving at least 12 of the 17 sustainability goals. This was made clear in an article published in Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry.…
In the case of plastic soup, it is not only about floating #plastic in the ocean (#SDG14), but about a lot more.… Image
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Highly problematic graphic by @VisualCap .

Blaming Asia for the plastic pollution crisis is a form of #environmentalracism and creates a false narrative about who is responsible for producing #plasticwaste.

Key narratives we need to confront at all times 🧵
♻️ We need drastic, scalable interventions to reduce, reuse and better manage #plastic across ALL economies.

🏭 Burning plastic [#incineration and waste-to-energy] are not acceptable solutions to the plastic crisis.
🚢 Exporting waste from wealthier nations to under-resourced nations is a form of #wastecolonialism and #environmentalracism.

🛍 The biggest #polluters are the corporations producing and marketing plastic which are headquartered in the global north.
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Did you know: Recycling is an oil industry lie, invented and pushed as a 'solution' to the plastic crisis in the 1980s and 1990s to placate the public and avoid bans?

Story time! ⤵️ #ZeroPlasticWaste #Plastic #PlasticBan
Back in the 1980s/1990s, the public was becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of plastic garbage accumulating in the environment. So much so that the industry was facing a serious possibility of plastic bans – the ultimate nightmare for Big Oil.
Plastic bans would have interfered with their ability to profit off production of virgin plastics.

So they presented RECYCLING as the solution – and then spent tens of millions promoting it via ads, recycling projects + PR campaigns, telling people plastic could be recycled.
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1/18 THREAD. New paper by @marcoaqil and me. We challenge most theories regarding the neural basis of psychedelic action by claiming something quite simple: psychedelics are visionary and most theories don’t take this specific sensory domain into account.…
2/18 Most neuroscientific models take conceptual inspiration from Huxley's “reducing valve” hypothesis , and the historical qualifications of psychedelics as generic “mind-manifesting”, or “nonspecific amplifiers”, or “meaning-enhancing”, or “suggestibility-inducing” substances.
3/18 These nonspecific frameworks do not take into account that, particularly in the visual domain, psychedelic phenomenology presents highly specific characteristics, as such, the psychedelic-induced visionary state cannot easily be captured as a nonspecific amplification.
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Tyre dust: the ‘stealth pollutant’ that’s becoming a huge threat to ocean life

Plastic in the depths: Scientists spent decades on the trail of a mystery toxin killing #Salmon en masse. Mystery of the mass deaths seemed to occur after heavy rains #pnw #yvr…
first real breakthrough happened when they tested actual runoff collected from a nearby road and exposed test salmon to it. The fish died within hours
Tested this product @environmentca🤔
..carefully shaved tiny fragments of tyre & soaked them in water. “When we tested the tyres it killed all the fish".. culprit a toxic chemical 6PPD-quinone, product of the preservative 6PPD, added to tyres to stop them breaking down #Plastic
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Majestic. Groceries in each hand, crook of each elbow, balancing potatoes on his shoulder, leaning back ever so slightly…

I watched a guy walk out of the supermarket with a whole week's worth of shopping WITHOUT any plastic carrier bags.

Trying to cut down on #plastic? A 🧵
So why go plastic free? It’s better for our oceans (microfibres from clothes, microplastics from decomposing waste). It means less energy needed to create disposable plastic bottles and bags.

Here are some ways to cut down, recommended by our fans on Facebook! #plasticfreejuly
Rosalyn - "I've started taking my bottles to fill up in a shop called Bare + Fair. I have been buying washing detergent and dishwasher tablets from @smolrevolution for a long time now. So I don’t have too many bottles to refill!"
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#Plastic in the environment is not inert.

#Plasticpollution slowly interacts with the nature to form new, hybrid-particles that are not-natural, not synthetic, but a hybrid of dentritic organplastoids

This one is a tangle of seaweed and fish line. The next...

🧵 1/7
example of a dentritic organoplastoid is a mix of plastic foil, fibers, and aged compost; where the plastic intermingles in the detritus of the organic waste, fusing with it, dreading it yet and outliving it, forming a new type of soil..

This is a plastisphere on a cone, a precursor to these dentritic organoplastoid. A niche of barnacles and other creatures slowly break down the surface plastic, forming new macromolecules and dentritic organoplastoid micro- and nanoparticles that scatter in the sea...

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1/12 Our government, since when @PMOIndia @narendramodi took office, is
devoted to the welfare of the poor.We’ve taken a number of steps to help the poor and middle class. As a result, the average inflation during our tenure has remained lower than during previous governments.
2/12 Today, the world is passing through difficult times. Even as the world is recovering from Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukraine conflict has brought in supply chain problems and shortages of various goods. This is resulting in inflation & economic distress in a lot of countries.
3/12 Even during the pandemic, our government set a paradigm of welfare, especially with PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana. This is now acknowledged and appreciated the world over. #PMGKAY
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How Machine Learning and AI helped scientists reduce plastic breakdown time by 9000%.
A thread.👇
#AI #MachineLearning #Plastic Image

Plastic has become a necessity in today's world due to its low cost, lightweight, and long-lasting qualities.

However, it has also become a serious threat to our environment and various ecosystems.
You might be wondering now..
If plastics are causing serious harm to our environment, why can't they be recycled or, better yet, banned?
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Current research on microplastics is the stuff of nightmares-

They’re dangerous, they’re spread through our food, they're in the air... they’re everywhere

Thread 1/x
#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food
Much of the research is trapped behind paywalls, and only reported on in a limited, fragmented pattern

-like so much else when large corporations cause environmental damage and impose widespread health impacts on the public

#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food
The growing risks of microplastics are a direct function of an ongoing push by the same sociopathic corporations that are driving the climate crisis

#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food…
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What if we tell you the reason for your degrading health & increasing mental health problems is the degrading health of our #MotherEarth. Yes, it's true, know #HealthIsWealth every single time with every single action when we indulge in destruction of ...
Our Planet we instigate damage to our health.
Truth is it's a vicious cycle, #Carbon is the cause of the sickness from #health to #Mentalhealth to the health of #MotherEarth . One thing leading to the another....
zeal for development causes deforestation, which causes an increase in carbon in the atmosphere, which causes climate change this causes ecosystem losses -losses to livelihoods scarcity of resources all leading to a Climate Emergency. ....
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These are our 5 takeaways from the #IPCC report on #mitigation, looking at what it means for the #waste sector. Spoiler: we need to cut emissions as fast and furious as we can, and reducing #waste, #plastic and being more materials efficient can help lots…
As the report points out, the #waste sector remains the largest contributor to urban emissions after the energy sector, even in low-carbon #cities. Urban areas themselves represent the lion’s share of global emissions, and it's increasing: from 60% in 2000 to 67% in 2015.
So, the @IPCC_CH #ClimateReport recognises that cities can significantly reduce emissions, but this requires systemic transformation: #circulareconomy, #inclusion, #equity, innovative technologies can make a huge contribution towards low carbon urban devel'mnt

The 5 takeaways
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Drowning in #plastic❔🥤

1⃣3⃣9⃣ million tonnes of #PlasticWaste have accumulated in aquatic environments.🚯🌊
What can governments do to manage plastic #pollution

Check out our thread for #WorldWaterDay ⬇️
#PlasticWaste generation varies greatly across countries. 🌍

Overall, only 9⃣% of plastic waste is recycled... ♻️ Image
And much of this #plastic waste ends up in aquatic environments. ⛵️

In 2019, 2⃣2⃣ million tones of plastics polluted rivers, lakes & #oceans… the weight of more than 3⃣ million sperm whales❕ 🐋 Image
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Bij veel Nederlanders is het nog niet duidelijk maar #pesticiden, #stikstof, #fosfor, #pfas en #plastic moeten we niet minderen of reguleren maar uitfaseren. Die stoffen moeten het systeem uit, zoals we gedaan hebben met #zwavel en #drijfgassen. Dat kan.…
Maar we doen het nog niet. 'Van alle EU-lidstaten scoort Nederland het slechtst. „De kans dat in 2027 alle wateren wél voldoen, is erg klein”, zegt Frank van Gaalen, onderzoeker water en ruimte bij het PBL. En dat zal niet zonder gevolgen blijven.'
'Als de doelen in een waterlichaam niet zijn gehaald, en je hebt aangetoond dat Nederland niet aan zijn verplichtingen in zake de Kaderrichtlijn Water voldoet, kan iemand naar de rechter stappen om beroep aan te tekenen tegen een vergunning, of om handhaving verzoeken.'
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And we're live - our ZW Live! #webinar "Should the #EU ban all exports of its #waste?" is now in full swing!

Watch it live on our Youtube channel if you couldn't register via Zoom:

@PierreCondamine @msaraswati @FokusNexus3 @Europarl_EN @EU_ENV @RethinkPlastic @brkfreeplastic @CLEAR_Lab_ All systems produce #waste - but how can we "waste well"?

Even with proximity principles in place, waste get side to the populations with the lowest incomes and from whose the biggest efforts are required - food for thought from our speaker @MaxLiboiron.

#WasteTrade #webinar
“Waste exports means creating further impacts on 'sacrifice zones' and communities which are already vulnerable; it is a presumed entitlement.” – @MaxLiboiron
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1/ This Org Is Cleaning Up the Ocean’s Biggest Trash Pile • This device aims to clean 90% of the ocean’s plastic waste by 2040 — here’s how (with @theoceancleanup)
(via @nowthisnews)
#plasticpollution #plastic
2/ This Org Is Cleaning Up the Ocean’s Biggest Trash Pile with @TheOceanCleanupvia @nowthisnews
#plasticpollution #plastic
3/This device aims to clean 90% of the ocean’s plastic waste by 2040 with @TheOceanCleanup
via @nowthisnews
#plasticpollution #plastic
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लेख खूप छान आहे, केवळ छानच नाही तर आत्मसात केले तर खूप मोठा बदल होऊन स्वतःला आनंद तर मिळेलच त्याच बरोबर पृथ्वी देखील आनंदी होईल

@AUThackeray ji #Plastic
@PlasticBank @MahaEnvCC @COP26

वेदनादायक समाप्तीच्या दिशेने (मृत्यूची तयारी) समजा आज तुम्ही 20 रुपयात पाण्याची बाटली विकत +
घेतली आणि ती प्यायल्यानंतर ती फेकून दिली. तर या बाटलीचा 90 टक्के भाग 27-28 व्या शतकात नष्ट होईल. यास सुमारे 450 ते 500 वर्षे लागतील.
दर 60 मिनिटांनी 60 दशलक्ष बाटल्या विकल्या जात आहेत, हा कोट्यवधींचा व्यवसाय आहे. हिंदी महासागरात सुमारे 28 पॅच (प्लास्टिक पर्वत) तयार झाले +
आहेत. प्राणी मरत आहेत, मासे, समुद्री जीव मरत आहेत. पुढील क्रमांक तुझा आणि माझा आहे. तुम्हाला येणाऱ्या पिढीला काय द्यायचे आहे याचा विचार करावा लागेल. म्हणूनच प्रत्येकाने एका लहान कामाला सुरूवात करा. अगदी घरातील लहानांपासून ते थोरांपर्यंत कुणी पण सहज करू शकेल, पाण्याची
@EPA +
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#Plastics' impact on the environment is well known, but what about their impact on human #Health?

Today, the #PlasticHealthSummit2021 explores the health impacts of plastics and policy opportunities for systemic solutions to #BreakFreeFromPlastic!

A thread 🧵
“The toxic threat of plastics is not only a human health issue, it's a #HumanRights issue.” — @mariawesterbos, @plasticsoupfoun's Director.

We couldn't agree more! #Plastics impact human rights at each stage of their life cycle.
The first session of the #PlasticHealthSummit draws the spotlight on the interconnection between environmental & human health.
Scientists are sharing their latest findings on plastics & blood, fetal development, & hormone-related disorders related to plastic.
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