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Inspired by @forthequltures episode with @AfroTeine to document some of her wisdom as reminders for myself.
"Nothing changes if nothing changes. You can't hope for change if you're not gonna move for change."
"As for me and my truth, I'm not gonna call myself meauli. I'm tryna be as authentic and as CORRECT as possible. Not politically correct, but if I'm gonna honor my language, I'm gonna own it in its purity without the tint of colonialism on it - as much as possible."
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In PART 1: INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW... I'll explain the #DeepState #NWO corruption @POTUS is fighting.

Please search #JQPNWO for ALL threads in this series 🔍

Or check my Moments:…
2/60-Before we begin, pls note... the #Globalist #Cabal has unlimited resources to hide their crimes. 🦹‍♂️💸🦹‍♀️

They also use disinformation to mislead & divide us. 🤹‍♂️🎭🤹‍♀️

This leads to MANY different opinions, about the #NWO's origins, methods & motives. 🤔😬😵

So... 🧐👇
3/60-Furthermore... I'm no expert on #Globalist #NWO corruption, so I won't ask you to agree w/all my theories. I'll just ask you to:

Keep an open-mind 🤔

Check the info provided 📔📽️

Do your own research 🤓

Ask yourself how many "coincidences", you're willing to accept? 🤨
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[Thread] Broken politics in the UK

I don't think Labour is going to win the next GE. I also don't think Corbyn is going to be beaten in any leadership election because the membership is firmly behind him.

Labour as a political force is toast
This causes a problem. The Conservatives are also split. They aren't really electable either. If they do win it's because of the inept Labour showing not because of their leadership. They are struggling to hold together too.
So where does this leave centrists?

The Lib Dems are nowhere. They've been punched in the face by the electorate over tuition fees multiple times now and I don't see that changing.

They are a spent force. They have no power.
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1/ BREAKING: Our Children's Trust at @youthvgov represents a group of young people led by Kelsey Juliana in a lawsuit against the Trump administration. The lawsuit seeks to force government to act to stop climate change. The Juliana plaintiffs just filed a motion (con't)
2/ with the Ninth Circuit to STOP 100 fossil fuel projects that the Trump administration would push out in the next couple of months - projects that collectively could send us over 1.5 C. For this motion to succeed, the Juliana plaintiffs need hundreds of thousands of (con't)
3/ young people to sign an "amicus brief." An amicus brief is a "friend of the court" brief & carries much weight with a judge. To sign the brief & support the Juliana plaintiffs fight the Trump administration simply go to this website: Save our planet!
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Let's talk about "national emergencies."
There are THOUSANDS of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in this country. Sisters, daughters, mothers, human beings that disappear without a trace. Where is the declaration over that crisis? #MMIW #MMIWG #MMIR
In a country determined to place nationalism at the forefront of domestic and foreign policy, we have a shocking number of homeless veterans. In states like Arizona, the number of #veteran suicides is 90.4 per 100,000.…
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Thousands of children across the UK are on strike today, 15 February, protesting lack of political/government response to global #climateChange.

h/t @digitalmaverick
Their rationale (in part)
- UN climate report 2018 gives us 12 years to cut emissions by 50% to avoid catastrophe
- Just 100 companies are responsible for over 70% of the CO2 emissions on the planet
<< more than half of global industrial emissions since 1988 – the year the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was established – can be traced to just 25 corporate and state-owned entities >>

@guardian @tess_riley
from 2017…
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"climate change" has to be one of the biggest scams in history. 🌞mini ice age coming. #grandsolarminimum
hawaii starting to feel it... #grandsolarminimum
weakening solar cycles since solar cycle 21 peaked around 1980. #grandsolarminimum #climatechange
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On the not so shocking revelations in the @bchydro IPP review.

Honestly folks we all told you the fight against #ClimateChange was not going to be cheap… #bcpoli @nbennett_biv @richardzussman @MikeSmythNews @Mike_A_Bernier #renewables @Bernardo1130
Alt title: How is it possible that a review of green energy policy completely omitted the reason for the policy #ClimateChange and what has happened in every other jurisdiction where they tried to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels? @keithbaldrey #bcpoli #renewables
Alt alt title: If you demand that we do what it takes to fight #ClimateChange then you shouldn't really complain when you discover that the cost of doing something is a lot higher than the price of doing nothing. @jjhorgan @Wilkinson4BC @AJWVictoriaBC #bcpoli @BCLiberalCaucus
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“Information is not enough for people to act.” #climate psychology, activism and anxiety by @FridaHylander at @SkaneXr @LUCSUS_LU
What's needed for people to #ActOnClimate? @FridaHylander uses "Model of helping" to understand #climate psychology.
To motivate action, people need to:
1. notice an event
2. interpret the problem as an emergency
3. feel personal responsibility.
1. Notice event- barriers to notice #climatechange include:
Humans perceive emotionally, not rationally
Slow gradual threats seen as risky as fast, vivid ones
"villains" are easier to blame than nature
Living in cities, far from nature
fragmented knowledge
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1) Let’s talk about the #NewGreenDeal
Bill McKibben and Van Jones are pushing a new scam called the Green New Deal and are using the super-flaky Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the face of it. #AOC #Fraud…
2) Here are four facts you need to know about the Green New Deal:
1 – The Green New Deal is the latest incarnation of the “Keep It in the Ground” movement.
@SenSanders introduced the “Keep It in the Ground Act” but protests at Standing Rock—turned violent. @POTUS
3) Because the protests at Standing Rock—which were supposed to galvanize public support behind the “Keep It in the Ground” movement, became violent, public support wasn’t there.
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Today, @AOC & @EdMarkey released a Congressional Resolution calling for a #GreenNewDeal, "a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society at a scale not seen since World War 2 to achieve net-zero greenhouse emissions and create economic prosperity for all." My take...
You can read the full text of the #GreenNewDeal resolution here:…

And a fact sheet being circulated by @AOC to define her vision of the plan here:…

Both are short, so dig in yourself if you haven't yet.
I commend @AOC, @EdMarkey & #GreenNewDeal co-sponsors for putting the urgent need to confront #climatechange with an ambitious clean energy mobilization on the top of the political agenda. This is an urgent threat. Confronting it is a real opportunity for economic renewal.
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1) Today's #DSMedia narrative is #TheNewGreenDeal, a spin off from a 2012 #UK attempt at pushing #ClimateChange.
Long awaited? The only ones that await this drivel, even if it's not in the bill, is those that would benefit from the #CCX.
To end #GreenHouseGas emitters, one must
2) understand that living things emit CO2 which is among the list of #GHGs created for this narrative hoax. All the while conveniently overlooking #Methane which has been responsible for several global mass extinctions & again is completely natural. One can hope, that after this
3) fail, the faux creator of this #Bill will scurry under a rock. However, we all know that #AllOutCrazy never goes away!
To actually deal with #WeatherManagement, the #FutureWeapons R&D agenda would have to be examined. #GeoEngineering, #NEXRAD, #IonosphericHeaters, & more
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Lots of thoughts on today’s #SOTU. Spoiler alert: I’m disappointed and underwhelmed, but not without hope.
First, what we *didn’t* hear: Lots of #gunviolence survivors & families present, incl. my guest @cameron_kasky, but @realDonaldTrump was mute on background checks, assault weapons, etc. He won’t be able to ignore us much longer. #SOTU2EndGunViolence #SOTU
Also no mention of #climatechange's clear and present danger to our national security and economy . #SOTU #WellAlwaysHaveParis
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Thread: Trump Chooses David Bernhardt, a Former Oil Lobbyist, to Head the Interior Dept. “Bernhardt was top interior official in the George W. Bush administration, went on to work for some of the country’s largest oil and gas companies. #climatechange…
“As a partner in the law firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, he lobbied for the oil companies Cobalt International Energy and Samson Resources. His legal clients have included the Independent Petroleum Association of America and Halliburton Energy Services.
“If confirmed, Mr. Bernhardt will lead a sprawling department that oversees the nation’s nearly 500 million acres of public land, including vast national monuments and protected wilderness areas. #conservation
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Where to start on #ClimateChange

I'm working to try to make the Data Centre and a cloud industry cleaner. Most people wouldn't know but it's as bad as aviation in terms of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.


A few of us in the tech industry (#ethicsPosse) are aiming to get the big cloud companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft to go better than carbon neutral

I am personally looking into startups in the clean tech space and am an unpaid Director of Wolverton Community Energy - it's a Community Benefit Society.

Everyone should be involved in Community Energy

Look up Community Energy England too

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The carbon tax made me stop using my clothes dryer. I now rack dry, and my clothes don’t wear out as fast. The #carbontax is helping me save money!
Because of the #carbontax I think more about where things come from. That makes me look for more local product & support Alberta producers.
Because of the #carbontax I now walk more to local shops and support our local economy. Less Bug Box & more #ShopLocal
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I am curious, only a weather hobbyist, but apply my auditing background in my search for FACTS. I was preparing some #climate info yesterday for posting this morning & was greeted by some other posts today which complement my looking at indicators of #climatechange exaggeration.
The world's weather stations, according to @TempGlobal, continue to show that the global climate is maintaining it's recent cooling trend. #climatechange #GlobalWarming
@TempGlobal Almost as if on cue, they posted their end of January monthly summary just minutes ago. #climatechange #GlobalWarming

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate how resoundingly partisan @RobynUrback is? Like that time she criticized Catherine McKenna for accusing Andrew Scheer of being deceitful regarding climate change? Where do I start? #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #ClimateChange
I call it the National Post syndrome. When you cannot make an argument, create a both sides narrative.

There is no doubt Scheer is being dishonest.

1. Scheer claims that his #ClimateChange plan will meet Paris targets without a carbon tax! Yay! #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
2. But wait. Oh no. Now Andrew Scheer can't commit to meeting Paris climate agreement targets with his non-existent plan. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #ClimateChange
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« Aux arbres, citoyens : » chantait-on lors des marches pour le #Climat. Contrairement à ce qu'on pense trop souvent, la « prise de conscience environnementale » n'est pas le propre de notre époque. Petit thread par le Moyen Âge ! ⬇️ #histoire #medievaltwitter
Au Moyen Âge, les forêts jouent un rôle essentiel : on en tire de la nourriture (gibier, fruits, glandée pour les porcs, etc) et du bois pour se chauffer et pour construire. Jusqu'au XIIIe siècle, pas de problème : il y a peu d'hommes, et beaucoup de forêts.
Mais, suite à l'importante croissance démographique des XIIe-XIIIe, l'Occident se remplit. Et du coup les forêts reculent rapidement, sous l'effet des grands défrichements. Lentes à se renouveler, elles ne parviennent plus à suivre le rythme des hommes
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Why is it that at every "big" conference, the speakers on panels are mostly "CXO of VeryBigCorp"?

I ask this because, as someone who has mostly avoided taking senior roles in VeryBigCorps (for reasons) it makes me feel like unless I go down that path, my voice is somehow "less"
I am not saying that these people aren't good. Many are.

What I am saying is that not having (or having had) a title at a VeryBigCorp does not mean your opinion has no value.

And if you want a good example of an area where this matters:

Scientists in the #ClimateChange world have long fought the lobbyists of VeryBigCorps for the oxygen of publicity.

Is it any wonder that in the world of business, where the *title* is everything, that we make sure that at conferences we have the best company titles on display?
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Fact check Thread about @igadsecretariat Genale- Dawa River Basin impacts Juba River in #Somalia :
1- this agreement only addresses Dawa River, which contributes 10% to Juba vs. 90% Genale & Weebi rivers from #Ethiopia
2- This deal only benefits #kenya…
3-Article 4 requires each gov pays its own study- the priblem is #Somalia is aid dependent country; thus if it can't afford feasibility study, then #Kenya Dawa River study will govern, which could foreclose 10% future water rights of Juba River riprian permanently.
4- the dawa river deal will secure future water right & addresses the #ClimateChange of Mandhere county- unfortunately #Somalia gov failed to recognize a) #Ethiopia gov for excluded Genale River as part of the deal because of recent GD-3 dams built & 3 more dams planned in 2020
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THREAD | The Editorial Board at the @FT have put together an op-ed claiming 'Corporate arts patrons deserve praise not blame' and that protests against unethical sponsors and donors are counterproductive. Here's some of the flaws in their argument...… 1/12
The terms 'business donors', 'private patrons' and 'corporate donors' are used interchangably but are fundamentally different in nature. Crucially, the protests cited are not 'anti-business' as the piece suggests, but anti-unethical/explotative businesses e.g. arms and oil 2/12
They note that 'listed companies such as @bp_plc, @BAESystemsplc are at least overseen by shareholders and regulators'. The irony is that sponsorship deals are cheap and effective ways of deflecting attention from when regulators do catch up with unethical companies... 3/12
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1/ Transparency International (@anticorruption) have just released their 'corruption perception index' rankings for the last year

It's a global rank of government corruption. We came 13th #Auspol #DemocracyForSale…
2/ Since 2012, we've slipped from 7th to 13th and to be honest, it's not actually that hard to see why...

3/ In that same time period (since 2012), @LiberalAus and @AustralianLabor have received more than $100 million from some of the biggest corporations in #Auspol (and the World!) through political donations, or other means - such as 'business forums'
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“Gone in a generation.” @chriscmooney thread introduces a #climatechange video series in the @washingtonpost by exploring deforestation in Montana. People who know the land best can see the change.
2nd thread in @washingtonpost video series on #ClimateChange via @chriscmooney — sea level rise and flooding in North Carolina.
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