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I know it's his first time being tested, but I think Bloomberg's better off bankrolling the winner...
Warren's fighting like she's backed into the corner ropes... #DemDebate
Klobuchar's got a legit beef about the way she's been cut short compared to everybody else. I think she's gonna end up with the least speaking minutes... #DemDebate
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#Thread: It's almost debate time! We're teaming up with our friends at @PolitiFact to fact check tonight's #DemDebate. KHN will be listening for health care claims to fact check. #HealthCheck
@PolitiFact Do Americans really like their health plans? We fact-checked a claim by @JoeBiden that "160 million people like their private insurance." via @shefalil KHN/@PolitiFact #HealthCheck
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Anybody saying “there’s too many people” is by definition MISANTHROPIC.

And intellectually lazy. If this girl‘s a #ClimateChange activist, a less lazy statement would be “people/tech are too inefficient.” That‘d give her a logical escape route… (1/4)
… that doesn’t involve “population reduction” (read: mass murder, a #OneChildPolicy/#TwoChildPolicy of forced abortions & sterilizations, etc.).

“Overpopulation” is a myth or — at least — a very sad, sick, & even evil way of diminishing the value of human life… (2/4)
… MOREOVER, while #China DOESN’T have “too many people,” they DO have too much LAND.

What the Chinese Communist Party (#CCP) today calls “China” is an amalgamation of STOLEN land. #EastTurkistan, #Tibet, #Ningxia, #SouthMongolia, #Manchuria, #HongKong & others areas… (3/4)
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There are 68 million active Twitter users in America (1/5 of the total population). If the Q base is so small, what are the chances that @realDonaldTrump randomly retweeted 20 QAnon-linked Twitter accounts in just one day? #logic
@realDonaldTrump 1/5 of America is on Twitter. If the Q base was so small, why is it that in 2019 Q-related hashtags, "an average of 60,910 per day," outnumbered "other popular hashtags such as #MeToo (5,231,928 tweets in 2019) or #climatechange (7,510,311 tweets)."…
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Here are some reasons why I'm voting to make @ewarren #PresidentWarren. Feel free to add your own.
1. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which she birthed before even getting to Congress. A result of her career researching why working people end up going bankrupt.
2. She started waitressing when she was 13. She was born with no silver spoon. Her dad had a heart attack when she was 12, and lost his good salary. Mom took work in a Sears call center. She knows how it feels when you work hard but the deck’s stacked against you.
3. It's not all about her. She listens. To everyone. Those selfie lines take hours because everyone has something to tell her, and she wants to hear it.
4. She puts her team members in the spotlight, instead of hogging it for herself.
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Beste mensen, er is geen significante zeespiegelstijging, geen globalwarming, ijsberen gaat ook prima mee, stikstofcrisis is ook verzonnen, etc.
U wordt allemaal gefopt en de gepeperde rekening volgt nog 😈

Conversation that Matters & de voornaamste fysicus Freeman Dyson van Princeton University, die zegt dat modellen een goed werk doen om ons te helpen het klimaat te begrijpen, maar ze doen een zeer slechte job om het te voorspellen.
Where are the experts now, who were prophesying 12-13 years ago the thinning & disappearing of Arctic Sea Ice by year 2015?
The Arctic Se Ice extent is now only 2.4% below the 1979-2019 average for January. That's well within 1 SD.
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Writing poorly reasoned QAnon hit pieces has become a cottage industry.
This article states "the number of Qanon adherents is . . . believed to be small," but then goes on to state the average number of #Q related hashtags used per day in 2019 exceeded popular hashtags like #MeToo or #climatechange.
Their rationale behind acts of tacit approval like @realDonaldTrump retweeting Qanon-linked accounts 20 times in one day:
"Trump needs constant praise and soothing, and I suspect many Q-related memes make it to the president's attention as his aides try to stroke his ego."
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Today I was driving through Senegal. The cab driver fiddled with the radio and then I heard @CanadianPM @JustinTrudeau’s voice. The cab driver willingly left the dial at this station: Radio Senegal Internationale - a French language station (French & Wolof are 🇸🇳 ‘s 2 languages)
This was an integral (unedited) broadcast of the PM’s speech & Q&A to/with a group of Senegalese university students. The broadcast lasted about an hour and because we had a long drive, we listened to the whole thing
The speech was passionate & composed. The PM spoke of:
- the diversity that defines Canada
- the importance of equal rights for all Canadians independent of gender, religion or ethnicity
- the challenges facing us, particularly #Climatechange & that esp for Canada’s northern ppl
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Almost every time people, often still stunned by what has just happened to them, are interviewed after the latest #climatechange amplified disaster, they say the same thing: 'Shocking. I've never seen anything like it.' In a #ClimateEmergency we need a WWII style mobilisation
Formed in 2015, The Climate Mobilzation mission is to
initiate a WWII-scale mobilisation to reverse global warming and the mass extinction of species in order to protect humanity and the natural world from climate catastrophe.…
They are an innovation lab that develops and launches policy frameworks, messaging, and organizing approaches to accelerate the global transition into “Emergency Mode” to address the climate emergency.

Based in the US, but relevant across the world, their core demands are:
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So, yesterday, President Trump retweeted this video & the person on the hot mic was the Mayor of Georgetown, Texas - Mayor Dale Ross.

I didn't think anything about it at first except that it was hilarious.

However, thanks to @Jenny_OceanHun for linking me up to something.
Mayor Dale Ross is supposedly a Republican. And actually, after doing some research, he's claimed to be Libertarian.

But note the above headline about Mayor Ross going to speak at BERNIE SANDERS' Climate Town Hall.
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Lying in bed looking at the flood map of the UK and thinking about my parents' home in Hull which flooded for the first time in 2007, my relative's home in Cumbria, which flooded for the 1st time in 2015, my sister who had to be rescued from a flooded road during the same storm..
..their friends who had to be rescued out of first floor bedrooms, my ex whose workplace took in bedraggled villagers as the River Eamont swallowed the heart of the village, my brother's firefighter colleagues who could not save the man whose foot had become trapped..
.. in a storm drain, my retired neighbour who did the backbreaking work of building us both a wall at the end of our gardens so no more of it would be washed away by the worsening storms, the Horsforth residents I overheard yesterday by the bridge at Newlay nervously wondering..
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Australia's medical leadership (Australian Medical Association) reps with a public statement on behalf of their membership & patients.
"Climate change is a health emergency based on scientific evidence"..."any number of extreme threats to health have been managed"
"Where do we start?"
"...with an evidence base".
"This is hard and unglamorous work but its exactly what health communities" have done
"We are Drs telling you climate change is a health emergency based on science"
"It is about health & survival"
~ Aust Med Assoc
.#GregMullens of Emergency Leaders for Climate Action
"We are growing everyday..
they come from a political of spectrum beliefs... what we are seeing is worse than the scientific evidence and we're in"
"I've been fighting fires since 1971.."
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"In 2014, the Pentagon submitted a report that argued climate change was an “immediate risk” to national security. The Pentagon reiterated many of these concerns in a report five years later."

"I am a retired CIA officer and not a scientist, so I’ll leave it to the climatologists for the most authoritative assessment on the pace of climate change. But there is clear evidence that the Earth is warming, sea levels are rising and the Arctic is melting."

#CIA #Arctic
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@bruces Trump was told the wall was a metaphor, but he's trying to make it literal.

The real wall, which probably WILL become the choice of the bulk of the U.S., will happen with AA/AD tech, in order to shut out a flood of climate refugees.
@bruces The 20th century land mine will give way to things like Textron's M7 Spider.

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.@MichaelEMann paraphrased 'If you dont trust climate scientists, here's Exxon-Mobil's internal projections from 1982. They were spot-on with 415ppm of CO2 & resulting warming of ~+1.2C by 2020.'
#NCESummit2020 #ClimateChange #Auspol
@MichaelEMann Additional Exxon internal doc's from Aug82 stating: "FF use will double, Climate effects observable AFTER 2000".

End paragraph speaks of ethical responsibility to publish...These scientists were the first to comprehend the magnitude of this threat with data in-hand.
@MichaelEMann credit @MarkPlackett1 for direction to:…
for the full range of documents.
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Half my neighbors lost their homes in 2 catastrophic floods in 2 yrs. Friends have lost everything (houses, land, animals, businesses) except mortgages & debt. Looked at projected #ClimateChange flood map yesterday & cried. Our friend Markus w/ The Star:…
Someone tweeted that #ClimateChange isn't real. I'm a teacher. I sent her the @TorontoStar piece that explains climate-accelerated flooding & this article w/ a photo of a neighbor's wrecked home.…
She replied w/ a link to a self-published book saying we're in a "solar cycle." I feel bad: I blocked her. #Republicans, if a friend shows you an xray of her fractured spine, would you say there's no evidence humans play a role in car crashes?…
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V positive step forward as @10DowningStreet have decided #UK is to be the first country to go further on #TCFD = Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure ...

Govt will consult on proposals following amendments to #PensionSchemesBill we laid last night ⏩ #Progress 1/
This amendment imposes requirements on trustees + managers of certain occupational pension schemes as regards taking into account the effects of climate change / publishing information relating to those effects - takes #TCFD to next level 2/
Massive step forward in battle against #climatechange.
Transparency and disclosure are key to both
- a #NetZero by 2050 approach
- and an understanding by investors of the #investmentchain.
Progress on #TCFD assists with #COP26 and more 3/
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A thread w/ #Bernie's excellent interviews today.
#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs #NHprimary2020

"If you do, as Mayor Buttigieg does, take huge amounts of contributors from pharma CEOs, fossil fuel financiers, insurance, Wall St, does anyone seriously believe you will stand up to them?"
Chris Wallace makes the case for Pete Buttigieg.

Sanders - "Do you think when the CEO's of the major drug companies contribute to your campaign, you will take them on? Common sense suggests ... you will not effectively represent working families." #NotMeUs #NHprimary2020
"How do you overcome the #socialist label?," Chris asks.

"In many respects, we are a socialist society today ... The difference between my socialism and Trump's socialism is I believe that government should help working families, not billionaires." #BernieBeatsTrump #Bernie2020
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Barnaby Joyce seemed more concerned about losing govt than losing lives/homes/bush.

He bluffed & blustered his way through #60mins like the pro-bullshitter he is.

He had a lot to say but didn't say a bloody thing of any value

Exhibit A: 👇[at 21 sec] Transcript
#auspol #qt
Tara: Do you accept that these fires have been driven by #climatechange?

Barnaby: "I absolutely accept that, you know, we've gotta we've had a massive change and I can see it in my own area that is not my argument, ....

#auspol #qt #60Mins argument is one of, ah, immediate efficacy [raises voice] we're gonna put back in our fire breaks, we're gonna make sure we build, ah, central watering points so that ....

#auspol #qt #60Mins
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#ChineseMetal #Steel #Iron
A Closer Look At China's Iron And Steel Production | The Earth's Riches | Spark

Warum ein Dortmunder Stahlwerk nun in China in die Krise schlittert
Als die Chinesen in Dortmund ein ganzes Stahlwerk einpackten, war das ein Symbol für die Globalisierung.…

#GlobalWarmingHoax 🤣
Shagang Group drew the world's attention in 2001 when it acquired a steel mill (the Dortmund-Hörde plant) from German industrial giant #ThyssenKrupp for 30 million euros and shipped its equipment to #China where it was reassembled and resumed operation.…
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The current #ColdWave spell in #Pakistan isn't normal!

Dr Ghulam Rasool, Regional Prog. Manager @icimod, M. Riaz, DG @pmdgov and @atsheikh blame #ClimateChange & #Smog for the prolonged #ColdWave spell in #Pakistan.

My latest for @TheNewsonSunday…
@icimod @pmdgov @atsheikh @TheNewsonSunday @Ajazaly @deb_comms @MaximShrestha @julienmh @UNDP_Pakistan @hnaqikhan @tahirrasheed92 @SamanIqbal3 @MattSwaine @viewmagazine Muhammad Riaz DG @pmdgov "The impacts of climate change are evident in the current cold wave episode. (&) Smog led to the formation of N02 (which) was converted to ozone (O3), (blocking) the solar radiation, due to which the day temperature was very close to night temperature.”
@icimod @pmdgov @atsheikh @TheNewsonSunday @Ajazaly @deb_comms @MaximShrestha @julienmh @UNDP_Pakistan @hnaqikhan @tahirrasheed92 @SamanIqbal3 @MattSwaine @viewmagazine Dr Ghulam Rasul, Regional Prog. Manager @icimod, “For past few decades, the monsoon season has been starting early or late. The last 2 decades happened to be the warmest stretch & climate variability & change highly affected winter and summer weather patterns.”
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New animation showing CO₂ concentration from the Industrial Revolution to present day using particle densities.


#GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #DataViz
@PixelMnM With much appreciation to @teachearthspace and @MarloWordyBird for valuable input!
@PixelMnM @neilrkaye @physicsJ @simongerman600

Sorry to at you guys but I can't seem to get this visual past a handful of retweets!
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1/ The Center for Strategic & International Studies, a Washington, D.C. think tank, says:

'while reports often reference a 1.5°C to 2°C “safe” level of warming that would avoid the most devastating impacts from #ClimateChange, agricultural systems...are IMMEDIATELY VULNERABLE'.

'Crop Yields Will Likely Plummet Due to Climate Change.'

'Climate change poses a considerable threat to global food security, with potentially EXISTENTIAL economic, political, and social outcomes for humanity.'

'researchers have linked the impacts of climate change to so-called “multiple breadbasket failure,” or the potential for widespread weather-related losses to major food-producing regions SIMULTANEOUSLY.'
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#Farmers are standing up for some basic needs, the #FarmersBillOfRights. We need these in order to survive as producers & caretakers of our shared land, water, soil, & communities. Join our fight!
Thanks to the original co-sponsors: @RepDebHaaland, @chelliepingree & @CoryBooker
@RepDebHaaland @chelliepingree @CoryBooker Learn more about the #FarmersBillOfRights by reading this quick synopsis:
@RepDebHaaland @chelliepingree @CoryBooker 1) RIGHT TO FAIR, OPEN MARKETS: We need #competitive marketplaces to buy seeds, supplies & goods, & sell the fruits of our labor. It's become nearly impossible for independent rural businesses to compete with multinational #monopolies. Farmers need strong #antitrust. #bustupbigag
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