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#Trump has not lost his marbles entirely. I have a theory as to why he wants to buy it
#'Greenland is not for sale': citizens decry Trump's interest in purchasing island…
He wants to hide the uncomfortable truth about #climatechange and sea level rises, so business will be conducted as usual and hell to the future…
The situation there is bad. A flavour of what is to come to us all if we do not halt the worst effects of #climatechange #ClimateEmergency…
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Please indulge me while tell you all the true significance of Trump's interest in #Greenland and it's tangled web to #Russia #Oil #Climatechange and naturally #Putin
May 2013 Companies recognize the melting arctic can allow for increase in oil drilling and re-align accordingly…
September 2014 l #Roseneft premier Russian oil/energy company of which the Russian government owns 50% by the opens new fields in the arctic to take advantage of the melt…
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THREAD: Everything that comes out of the mouth - or keyboard - of #Climate #Deniers falls into at least one of ten categories. Here they all are, with examples (and maybe a few drawn from #Brexit, too ...) 1/.
#ClimateChange denial type 1: LIE.
Increasingly popular in US and UK politics, simply say something that is blatantly untrue, e.g. "The Arctic is cooling", "Greenland isn't melting", "No evidence CO2 causes warming," "Brexit will be good for Britain", etc ... 2/.
#ClimateChange denial type 2: Half-truth.
Show someone half the facts and conceal the other half, and lead them to an incorrect conclusion. e.g. "Many IPCC scientists say warming estimates are over-estimated" (ignoring that at least equal number would say the opposite). 3/.
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Today @HealthFdn is publishing 'Building healthier communities - the role of the NHS as an anchor institution'.

I've enjoyed working on this with @sjanereed @DrDominiqueAllw @suzannewTHF @willwarburtonHF

Now to making #NHSanchors happen! What is it all about....(thread 1/7)
Anchor institutions can positively influence the social, economic & environmental factors that create good health.

#NHSanchors work in 5 areas:

👩🏼‍⚕️ Employment
💰 Procurement & spend
🏥 Use of capital & estates
🌍 Environmental sustainability
🤝 As a partner across a place (2/7)
As an employer, #NHSanchors can widen workforce participation, build the future workforce and ensure they are a good employer, promoting staff health and wellbeing (3/7).

@rosespenfold @NHS_HealthEdEng @BMA_JuniorDocs @TheBMA
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(1) Ich bin einigen alten Menschen begegnet, die mir sagten:
"Toll dass ihr jungen Leute auf die Straße geht! Das haben wir damals auch gemacht."

Ok super, toll.
Und wie lange dauert es bis auch meine Generation so alt ist? Ach halt, dass wird es nicht mehr geben! #ClimateChange
(2) Meine Generation und diejenigen die jetzt geboren werden, erleben keine "sichere" Zukunft mehr. Wir befinden uns in einer Zeit der Steigerung fataler Krisen. Eine Kettenreaktion von ungeheurem Ausmaß wird gerade in Gange gesetzt und wir machen weiter wie bisher. #Klimakrise
(3) Diejenigen denen ich begegne, die sagen wie toll das doch ist, dass ich mich einsetze, aber dann null beisteuern und weiter dem Alltag nachgehen, sind kontraproduktiv. Sie überlassen es mir, meiner Generation, den aktiven und nur einem winzigen Teil der Bevölkerung. #Change
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"We depend on our planet for everything we are and everything we have.
The air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.
#ClimateChange strikes at the heart of what it means to be human"-@DrTedros at #PIF2019 🇹🇻
@DrTedros @WHOWPRO "We must work to mitigate the root causes of #ClimateChange. By 2030, we want to see a world in which all countries will be reducing their carbon emissions. This will protect the most vulnerable from climate risks, & deliver large health benefits"-@DrTedros at #PIF2019 🇹🇻
@DrTedros @WHOWPRO @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @pahowho @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO "WHO #ClimateChange & health in SIDS initiative has four goals:
-Amplify the voices of SIDS health & political leaders
-Gather the evidence for investment in climate change & health
-Prepare for climate risks
-Facilitate access to climate & health financing"-@DrTedros at #PIF2019
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just a reminder these are the same ppl trying to lecture you on morals..Super yachts, £65k/bottle champaigne, £6k Gucci handbags..& Gigi Hadid: How beaches of the Greek island of Mykonos have become a dripping w cash playground for the mega-rich & famous…
again...biggest bunch of lying FRAUDS

but muh #climatechange

While champagne rains down as the world's billionaires go wild, this small stretch of beach wasn't always so desirable.

Mykonos is a playground to the rich and famous. High-rollers can splash their cash at luxury shops in Nammos Village. A Celine lizard skin clutch bag is on sale for £6,000 from the Dolce and Gabbana store.

#GFYS (go f yourself)
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Today I have lost a good friend from twitter.
The damage done to her and her life by the likes of @BorisJohnson, @Nigel_Farage and their teams of like minded charlatans and their dystopian rubbish has become overwhelming.
But my friend is not alone, she is not a one off, nor is she a #remain extremist, a snowflake nor someone who seeks to damage this country and it’s citizens.
She is a caring human being, someone who sees the utter futility of #brexit and the imminent danger of #ClimateChange 2/
She, along with many of us can see so much damage, being caused to so many, by so few.
So few, whose only intent is to enrich their worlds off the back of the blood sweat and tears of so many.
I will never forgive nor forget the damage done by this band of self serving cheats! 3/
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These 33 Desktop Computers presented to the Jamaica
Fire Brigade last week are part of the ongoing efforts to furnish this
critical Government Department with necessary digital infrastructure. #BushFires #ClimateChange #ManOfAction
The Caribbean Development Bank (@Caribank) must be commended for
the part they have played in making the funds available for this
initiative, and we look forward to the fulfillment of the Project’s
objectives over its final few months. #BushFires #ClimateChange #ManOfAction
The computers will have special software that will allow for effective
database management and will also be supported with Global
Positioning System (GPS) units that will assist with proper
identification of these bush fire locations. #BushFires #ClimateChange #ManOfAction
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“Unless we address noncommunicable diseases with the urgency of an outbreak, the NCDs epidemic will take a toll for decades to come. I commend #Tonga for their efforts to #BeatNCDs by increasing taxes on tobacco, alcohol, sugary drinks & other harmful foods"-@DrTedros in 🇹🇴
"I commend you for strengthening services for those who suffer, both at the hospital and at the health centers. We need to collaborate with other governments and communities who face the same challenges to #BeatNCDs"-@DrTedros in 🇹🇴
"WHO is starting to provide support to the Government of #Tonga on two projects targeting children: one on ending childhood obesity and the other on health-promoting schools. It’s vital that we teach our children healthy habits when they are young"-@DrTedros in 🇹🇴
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The #IPCC special report on the land sector is out.

It's the culmination of the hard work of 107 experts from 52 countries.

I've got some big takeaways. Buckle in – it's going to be a long thread.

Some quick background:

Land and ocean warm at different rates (thank you @RARohde) for the great figure.
Land is both a carbon source and sink. The balance between the strength of sources and sinks determines overall impact of land on GHG emissions. Humans already use a LOT of land (almost ¾ of all ice-free terrestrial surface, according to the IPCC graphic below).
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„The UN goal is to stay to 6-9 meters sea level rise.” — Steven Chu, Nobel Laureate in Physics.

That would dislocate 10% of the world's population and drown countries like the Netherlands.

Selected the best moments for you from this interesting panel discussion.👇

[THREAD 1/8]
Steven Chu (@energybroseph), Nobel Price Laureate for Physics and Julian Dowdeswell discuss tipping points and the limitations of the IPCC reports as they didn’t include thresholds like the permafrost thawe.

How worried are you?
Steven Chu: "I am scared to death."

[THREAD 2/8]
"The entire emissions of the world have to go negative. We must not only stop producing CO2 and all the other greenhouse gases, we actually have to be sucking them from the atmosphere…in order to get to 2°C." — Steven Chu (@energybroseph), Nobel Price for Physics

[THREAD 3/8]
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Takeaways from the #IPCC Special Report on #ClimateChange & Land (#SRCCL). A thread.

1) We use a lot of land (much unsustainably)

Humans directly affect ~72% of "global ice-free land surface" & all is impacted by climate change (e.g. through warming & more intense extremes

2) A two-way interaction

Our use of land drives #ClimateChange ("agriculture, forestry and other land use" are ~23% of global man-made GHG emissions) & climate change adds stresses so worsens existing risks (e.g. biodiversity & degradation from extremes events)

3) As well as being an emission source, land is a sink

Photosynthesis draws down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and fixes it in plants (and soils). Overall the land is a net sink of ~29% of total human-induced CO2 emissions.

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This is an important conversation that nobody seems to be having. @MohamedNasheed’s sovereign nation fund needs to be back on the agenda, I think. If the unthinkable happens, which the scientists studying climate change think it will, then Maldivians are in a lot of trouble.
How does the entire population of a country who have been made into climate refugees get back to any sort of normal life after the events? Most ppl's income sources are deeply tied to the geography of Maldives - tourism/resorts and landlords/real estate. All of it will be gone.
A lot of people lack the necessary skills, education to thrive in a modern world in the event of forced migration or relocation in the worst case scenario. In such an event, families would get broken up due to circumstances out of control of the people being impacted.
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"WHO is committed to the people of the Pacific. We have 194 Member States. Every single one is important, because every single person is important. In the @GlobalGoalsUN, we have committed to leave no one behind. That is a promise that I take very seriously"-@DrTedros #PHMM2019
@GlobalGoalsUN @DrTedros @WHOWPRO "I heard a recurring set of themes about the challenges you are facing:
-Noncommunicable diseases
-Health security
-Weak #PrimaryHealthCare
Each of these challenges is addressed in the Triple Billion targets in WHO’s five-year strategic plan"-@DrTedros #PHMM2019
@GlobalGoalsUN @DrTedros @WHOWPRO "Although you are the least responsible for #ClimateChange, you are among the most at risk. The world is facing a climate crisis and the Pacific is on the front line"-@DrTedros at #PHMM2019
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#ClimateChange is increasing the risk of #dengue and other 🦟-borne diseases.

Warmer temperatures are expanding habitats for mosquitoes & putting millions more people at risk of these diseases.

🌎🌍🌏, dengue infections have increased 30-fold over the past 50 years.
#Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection, widespread throughout the tropics, with risk increased by:
🏙unplanned rapid urbanization.

#Dengue virus is transmitted to humans through the bites of infected female 🦟 : Aedes aegypti and Ae. Albopictus (also known as Asian tiger moquitoes). This #mosquito also transmits:
-Yellow fever
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Important thread which I hope you all share. Why are people in Turkey protesting? @AlamosGoldInc a Canadian based gold mining company has cut down 200,000 trees in the northwestern region of Turkey in the Kaz Mountains (mythological name Ida Mountains)
The Kaz Mountain form part of a national park and is considered a natural and cultural heritage of Turkey. Turkish government have given #AlamosGold the contract to demolish trees & nature AND also use CYANIDE to extract gold which will cause damage beyond the region.
Turkish protesters are taking to the streets & are in the valley . At a time where the 'free world' consider @JustinTrudeau staunch advocate on #climatechange , we must ask ourselves whether climate change benefits are only for the global north, preserving 'white peoples lives'
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There is a desire for governments and media to bluntly explain the consequences of an unchecked #ClimateChange.

Well, then you should take a look at this.👇Accessible and easy to understand.

Part 1/4: What happens to Earth at 2°C of warming?

[THREAD 1/5]

Copyright by @SkyNews
"If global temperatures rise by 2°C, the chances of avoiding a 3°C increase are slim — and here’s why."

The creators of the film have not yet considered that permafrost is already thawing.

Part 2/4: What happens to Earth at 3°C of warming?

[THREAD 2/5]

Copyright by @SkyNews
Watch this video very carefully because we are currently heading straight for this scenario. 👇

In view of this, who can still put economic interests ahead of #ClimateProtection?

Part 3/4: What happens to Earth at 4°C of warming?

[THREAD 3/5]

Copyright by @SkyNews
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Trumpublican #Irvine Mayor Shea @SHEAonIrvine, showed her true Trump-affiliated colors, opposing and voting no on the following resolutions at Annual United States Conference of Mayors in June of 2019. #CA45

Anti-Climate Change Action:

Against: Support of a National Price on Carbon Emissions

#Irvine Mayor Shea @SHEAonIrvine was one of only 7 no votes out of 226 mayors #ClimateCrisis #priceoncarbon #CA45

Anti-Climate Change Action:

Against: Supporting a #GreenNewDeal

#Irvine Mayor Shea @SHEAonIrvine was one of only 7 no votes out of 226 mayors #CA45 #ClimateChange

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From the “Rules for thee, but NOT for me” #GreenScam Club:

Scores of hypocritical & virtue signaling celebrities, climate activists, tech moguls flew in 114 planes and arrived in choppers & yachts to “Google Camp” in Italy to discuss #ClimateChange & how to best scam us.
The list of green scammers included:

Serges Brin
Larry Page
Eric Schmidt
Katy Perry
Mark Zuckerberg
Prince Harry
Meghan Markle
Diane Von Furstenberg
David Geffen
Graeme Hart
Bradley Cooper
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Last stop today is Martin’s Farm in Greenfield, a local family-owned business in Greenfield which has been producing top quality compost and mulch for thirty years.
Owner Adam Martin hosts open houses so people can understand how composting works & why it’s such an integral part of keeping pollutants out of our environment.
One way #ClimateChange is impacting Franklin County? Record rainfall that’s made it harder for Adam to do business.

The rain drives out oxygen from the compost and slows down the process of good bacteria breaking things down.
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Stop 3 today is Poplar Hill, a hundred year old farm located in the hills of West Whately, MA on 140 acres.

All their animals are born and raised on the farm, are free range, and are never fed growth hormones.
The unpredictable wet weather means it is harder to grow food to feed their animals.

Farm owner Mike Mahar is looking to expand & we had a great discussion about the types of grants that are available to family farms. We need to make these grants more accessible!
Thank you State Representative Natalie Blais (@RepBlais) & State Senator Jo Comerford (@Jo_Comerford) for joining the tour today!
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