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Si avanzo sígueme, si me detengo empújame, si retrocedo mátame he/him **Blocked by the "CEO"/President of El Salvador**
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These people feel suspicious. Ok. These people are deeply suspicious.
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And it's total, eugenicist propaganda The entire premise of that film is that "stupid" poor people are having too many kids while smart white, highly-educated couples are "waiting" too long and *that* is what leads to social decline. It's a really nasty movie.
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Not only that, but police are applying pain compliance techniques the whole time (c-grips/join manipulation & pressure points), so your own involuntary reflexes to these attacks (legally "resistance") are then used to justify the application of even more violence. Sick shit. It's like a doctor hitting your knee with that cute little hammer and then using your reflex as justification to then hit you in the head with a sledgehammer.
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#ACAB Daily Digest (September 2, 2022)🧵:

"They need more training."

The training: Like I said:
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#ACAB Daily Digest (September 1, 2022)🧵:

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Quit it with this "the police want us to fight to justify more force" nonsense. What the police actually want is for protesters to pre-emptively self-police and have that behavior modification become a "force multiplier," turning "agitators" in and sowing doubt among crowds. You're protesting the police for assassinating an unarmed man in his fucking bed within a second of seeing him. You think they seriously think you need a brick in your hand to shoot you? What kind of sense does that make?
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Body cams were invented by police and generalized in a year's time precisely because they are incomparably more useful to police (in getting convictions, in dissuading complainants and in securing more resources for police and peripheral police industries) than they are to us. This misty-eyed bullshit doesn't hold up anymore. The facts are in. Seeing more heinous videos (from a police perspective) on tv has not - in any conceivable way - made police more "accountable" than they were pre-2015. It simply hasn't.
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"Less than an hour after he posted the tweet on Sunday, agents from the Division for the Protection of Important People [arrived]..." I am stoked that Bukele blocked me because I am incapable of shutting the fuck up.
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Ask Brett Favre. I'm only kinda joking. It's police. But also probably maybe Brett Favre?

"The state auditor has demanded repayment of $77 million of misspent welfare funds, including the $1.1 million paid to the retired NFL quarterback." cbsnews.com/minnesota/news…
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#ACAB Daily Digest (August 23, 2022)🧵: 8 police officers carry a f... Police are not here to prevent or solve "crime." So when they are tasked to do so, they're not particularly good at it.
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#ACAB Daily Digest (August 3, 2022)🧵:

Brianna Grier, a 28-year-old mother of two with schizophrenia, was killed by police in Sparta, GA in July when police *claim* to have accidentally left the cruiser she was being transported in completely open and she "fell" out. Briana Grier smiling broadly, happy and alive before she was Read more about the extremely-suspicious, in-custody "death" of Brianna Grier here: essence.com/news/brianna-g…
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The discourse isn't an indictment of "the left," it's an indictment of liberal bloggers, writers and other aspiring take-havers who have built entire personas, readerships and professional networks over decades around their little fiefdoms of very public, radlib posturing. It will continue because this is a micro-blogging site where people can and do build entire livelihoods, these professionals are deeply networked and, besides their penchant to defend each other and their shared liberal project, it's good for their own brands to keep it going.
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goddamn, that trevor noah set about marikana was some fucked up shit... i'm listening to it in the background and it's shockingly fascist. "teargas doesn't work anymore. what strike was ever ended with teargas?" what a sick, pig-serving fuck.
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#ACAB Daily Digest (August 2, 2022)🧵:

The Simpsons are always relevant... San Diego, CA | "deputies arrested Gilbert Gil twice in a span of three days in February of this year for being under the influence when in fact he suffered from dementia and was diabetic... [After the 2nd arrest,] Gil [was killed in jail by] asphyxiation" cbs8.com/article/news/i…
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From 2012: "South African police have been accused of planting weapons near the bodies of workers killed during strikes at the Marikana platinum mine.

Photographs taken by police suggested large knives had been placed near the bodies after they had been shot" Related:
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People need to stop taking fascists at their word. That should be a mantra these days.

Cryptocolonizers don't see "the Block Chain" as a solution to a real problem, they use *the claim that it is* to obscure their efforts to register/commodify land in Fiji and other places. "90% of Fiji’s land is held in indigenous communal trust, a legacy of sabotaging the British land commission of the 19th century... [This isn't] a problem that needs solving; it’s what [kept] those lands outside of extractive property relations." the-crypto-syllabus.com/blockchain-imp…
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Out of curiosity - what year do you think it is? lol. I'm joking. Relax. But as a fellow 40+ person, I make this kind of mistake frequently, so I feel I'm entitled to joke. The CIA has been propping up fascists for 70+ years (including when it was the OSS.)
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#ACAB Daily Digest (Black August 1, 2022)🧵:

This is the one and only correct way to film a demonstration. Not only was the technique (film cops, not protesters) perfect, the result allows us to enjoy the footage of petrified pigs pelted with debris guilt-free for years to come. Related: "We must love and support each other."
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They've been saying this for twenty fucking years though. Real nostradamus here.
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If you, like others, are wondering: "what is a 'gang-suppression police car," that's a good question. My guess is the OC Weekly hack who wrote the article I quoted took the term directly from his police source, because it appears literally nowhere else on earth. This is the article where the quoted text appeared: ocweekly.com/manuel-diaz-oc…
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10 years ago, "on the afternoon of July 21, 2012, two Anaheim cops and a civilian on a ride-along rolled up on an Anna Drive alley in a gang-suppression police car." When 25-year-old, unarmed Manuel Diaz ran, Anaheim pig Nick "Buckshot" Bannallack shot him twice, killing him. Manuel Diaz, killed by Anaheim police on July 21, 2012 When the community immediately gathered to discover what police had done - and as Diaz's body laid handcuffed and lifeless in the sweltering, summer sun nearby - Anaheim police then unleashed rubber bullets and a vicious K9 on the neighbors, including a child in a stroller.