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"Si avanzo sígueme, si me detengo empújame, si retrocedo mátame" he/him
11 Jun
Cris Chamorro cheered on the US-backed rightwing coup in Bolivia in 2019, saying it was an "example" for Nicaragua to follow. Maradiaga is a violent, US-paid Aspen Institute asset and fmr. Contra Cruz was getting off a plane from Washington when he was arrested. But "spurious."
The Ivy Leaguers are at it again...
"It's not paranoia when they really are out to get you."
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10 Jun
ACAB Daily Digest (June 10, 2021)🧵: Three panel meme from "Reservoir Dogs" (Harvey Kei
Broward County, Florida | "Like most people bitten by police dogs in Broward County, Davis was unarmed, accused of a nonviolent crime, and Black." sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/…
Archived version of above: archive.is/0jkEu#selectio…
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10 Jun
I think I see where you're going with this and let me be the first to tell you: don't.
As expected:

"He said he doesn't understand how the homeless are allowed to have dogs and hopes *something is done* to make sure something similar doesn't happen to anyone else." abc7.com/pets-animals/s…
You know who really has it good??? | "I have to register (and) get my dog shots. I have to make sure my dog is healthy and pay for services... but homeless people, they don't have to feed their dogs. They don't have to get their dogs rabies shots. They don't have to do anything."
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9 Jun
If you're saying this about fucking Bitcoin (which is being *imposed* by a Constitution-flaunting fascist dictator to please his friends in Miami and in no fucking way emerged as a solution from unbanked Salvadorans), you're absolutely wrong at best and a propagandist at worst.
It's just when "people try to find a way to survive on their own." What "privilege" to object to a scheme hatched at a coke-fueled billionaire party in Miami that is also being used to encourage speculative landgrabs by those same billionaires!
I never heard anyone in line at Western Union say, "what we really need are some techbro billionaire 'disrupters' to corral us into their investment scheme so we can save on fees, but potentially lose half the value of our fixed income at the whims of Elon Musk."

Not once.
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9 Jun
It's going to be a glorious day when you dinguses realize what a loathsome shit he has always been...
(I had to look up the etymology of "dingus" to make sure it wasn't some racist, sexist or ableist garbage - although it's Dutch, for "thing," so it probably is?)
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9 Jun
ACAB Daily Digest (June 9, 2021)🧵:

#SheikhJarrah, Palestine | Israeli occupying forces frustrated by a child's kite.

On resistance: "Even if all you can do is spit... then spit." - Alprentice "Bunchy" Carter

[📽️: @OrenZiv1985] #FreePalestine
Missouri | "The state-appointed Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners is now suing Mayor Quinton Lucas and the Kansas City Council for voting to move $42 million out of the police budget into a 'community services and prevention fund.'” missouriindependent.com/2021/06/09/def…
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8 Jun
ACAB Daily Digest (June 8, 2021)🧵:

Notorious, #LASD gangleader Alex Villanueva is consolidating new powers to venture into Venice, citing the support of stakeholders (not "the people") against "anarchy." #MaskOff

[h/t @CarpendiCacoeth]
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) | "A social justice group made up of current and former Ottawa high school students is renewing its call to remove police officers from schools..." cbc.ca/news/canada/ot…
UK | "The first in-person meeting of the leaders of major developed economies for nearly two years will take place in Cornwall on the tip of southwestern England" reuters.com/world/we-will-… #G7 #G7Cornwall #G7Summit
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21 May
ACAB Daily Digest (May 21, 2021)🧵

[📽️h/t @nagawingz]
Palestine | "for the Palestinian struggle, the uprising in what is called for short “48” is one of the most important developments over the past two weeks." mondoweiss.net/2021/05/haifa-… #PalestineGeneralStrike #GeneralStrike #PalestineWins #FreePalestine #FromTheRiverToTheSea
Seattle, WA | "Stops for government-created requirements like car tabs, with nothing but a potential monetary penalty, do not justify the risk to community or to officers," Judge wrote. komonews.com/news/local/sea…
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20 May
ACAB Daily Digest (May 20, 2021)

(Happy belated birthday to Malcolm X [May 19th])
El Salvador (as Bukele's fascist regime concentrates power [and dispenses it eagerly to police and military - while boasting smugly about days without homicides], a serial killer cop has been at work in Chalchuapa):
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20 May
from the river to the sea, you fucking cowards
For USians, this is akin to making a solidarity statement with George Floyd protesters saying "we have nothing to lose but our chains," then retracting just that phrase because a bunch of actual cops hector you about the quote being made famous by Assata Shakur.

Pure cowardice.
If you don't support the inverse of the apartheid regime, I don't know if you can actually say you do "stand in solidarity" with Palestinians? Not my call to make, but it seems obviously antithetical to liberation to me.
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19 May
ACAB Daily Digest (May 19, 2021)🧵

[No charges to be filed in Elizabeth City, NC against death squad that executed Andrew Brown, Jr. there in April.]
Related | Andrew Brown's tire as he plainly and unmistakably tried to steer away from the death squad that murdered him after he had already passed them.

#CopsLie Image
CN: dv, domestic, abuse, police, pigs

Former #LiveLeak "star" cop charged for attacking a DV victim in Georgetown, TX | "We don't get your cooperation — this is what happens," Hernandez said at one point. statesman.com/story/news/202… [h/t @ethanbrown72]
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19 May
The for-some-reason unnamed, one-sided source of this story coming out of Los Angeles... Image
I don't know what happened based on the interestingly-edited videos that conveniently all begin en media res, but I did some digging when I started seeing these reports this morning to try to parse how this story was placed in local news and now RawStory.
2017 | "The Israeli-American Coalition for Action... is the lobbying arm of the Israeli-American Coalition, which is backed by wealthy anti-Palestinian donors Adam Milstein and Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson." electronicintifada.net/blogs/charlott…
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19 May
tech is really bringing people together... ImageImage
1.) Citizen: crime app falsely accused a homeless man of starting a wildfire msn.com/en-us/news/cri…
2.) "The (Facebook-owned) WhatsApp groups, with names like “The Jewish Guard” and “The Revenge Troops,” have added hundreds of new members a day over the past week..." nytimes.com/2021/05/19/tec…
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24 Jan
CN: police violence, car attack, vehicle attack, mass casualty event, pigs

Different angle on the lethal use of force in Tacoma last night that shows sirens were not engaged at all.
The pig sounded the flat horn once or twice before attempting to murder everyone in his path over fear of a window, but that is not a "siren" in popular understanding - as the police PIO lied about here:
Anyway, BREAKING! #Copslie.
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24 Jan
#Tacoma must be different. I've absolutely never seen "afraid they would break glass" as justification for the use of deadly force. I have, however, frequently seen "attempted to ram with a car" as justification for *police* killing other people.

Fuck you, @TacomaPD
Here's @seattletimes playing telephone and reinventing a direct quote, “He was afraid they would break his glass,” as the police use-of-force justifying "The officer drove away because *he feared for his safety*, Haddow said." seattletimes.com/seattle-news/t…
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24 Jan
Pig was willing to kill all those people to save the car's windows, by their own admission. And they think this is justification.
Not "I feared for my life." Not "I feared for the lives of others." No. I "was afraid they would break the glass."

Absolute ghoul shit.
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23 Jan
This new, "we're opening schools in 100 days, but we're not sending you $1400 until April" guy all the liberals are gushing over is *also* a murderous ghoul. washingtonpost.com/world/europe/u…
Archived here: archive.is/gyD8X
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22 Jan
Democrats like Senator Sanders are going to get $15/hr. phased in by 2026 and it'll be another 11 years after that before they address it again. If you have "control of the White House, the Senate and the House," shouldn't you do better than implementing 2012's "living wage?"
Put another way: this isn't how you wield total control of the legislative process to carve out a longterm victory for workers, but it *is* a savvy political maneuver to ensure fealty to your social club far into the future.
In 2030, SEIU will roll out "Toil For $20" and Bernie's squad heirs will accentuate their pro-worker brands in another 11 year odyssey to realize that number by 2041, which will - of course - by then also be far too little to live on. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
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22 Jan
Haven't you read Naomi Klein's "brilliant," meaning-defining essay on the matter yet? They're not just mittens on a cold old guy, but "a woolen warning" that are "keeping alive the hope that there is still moral opposition to concentrated power and money in the United States." 🤣
The Gloria CIA Steinem Endowed Chair of Staying In Manageable Bounds, indeed. lol
And I thought I was making a big deal out of the clearly-coordinated push by these radlib weirdos, forcing their meme all day. But this? lol
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22 Jan
It's not what you thought
When you first began it
You got what you want
Now you can hardly stand it, though
By now you know

It's not going to stop
It's not going to stop
It's not going to stop
'Til you wise up
Jesus Christ. lol
Leave it to Jake fucking Tapper to "make it weird"
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22 Jan
naomi klein writing a whole-ass thinkpiece

"Bernie’s mittens stood in for everyone who has never been included in that elite-manufactured consensus."
"Bernie’s mittens have not only been an obsession among the senator’s base, those of us who had dearly hoped to see that slab of scratchy wool placed over a Bible earlier this week."
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