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ACAB Daily Digest (June 8, 2021)🧵:

Notorious, #LASD gangleader Alex Villanueva is consolidating new powers to venture into Venice, citing the support of stakeholders (not "the people") against "anarchy." #MaskOff

[h/t @CarpendiCacoeth]
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) | "A social justice group made up of current and former Ottawa high school students is renewing its call to remove police officers from schools..."…
UK | "The first in-person meeting of the leaders of major developed economies for nearly two years will take place in Cornwall on the tip of southwestern England"… #G7 #G7Cornwall #G7Summit
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After NYPD sent in an army of cops with helmets & batons to literally shove young people out of Washington Square Park for 2 nights in a row (at midnight) this past weekend, they're now gonna close the park 2 hours earlier for the next 2 weekends!
Here's a thread on NYPD sending in the notoriously violent Strategic Response Group (SRG) in order to kick young people out of Washington Square Park last Saturday.
Here's a thread on how an army of NYPD cops with helmets & batons literally shoved people out of Washington Square Park last Sunday.
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CBS New York covered NYPD's actions this weekend in Washington Square Park.

But of course, it's lie-filled #copaganda.

They justify NYPD violently clearing the park by citing cops & affluent residents complaining about those darn kids getting too rowdy.…
Just the fact that they start off with what "police sources" are telling them should let you know that CBS New York is just doing PR for the NYPD with this package. Image
CBS New York starts with video of people on cars "just outside Washington Square Park" as if NYPD was responding to this.

They don't mention that this happened only AFTER NYPD cops pushed people *out of the park.*

That's precisely why it happened "just outside" the park! ImageImage
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ACAB Daily Digest (May 21, 2021)🧵

[📽️h/t @nagawingz]
Palestine | "for the Palestinian struggle, the uprising in what is called for short “48” is one of the most important developments over the past two weeks."… #PalestineGeneralStrike #GeneralStrike #PalestineWins #FreePalestine #FromTheRiverToTheSea
Seattle, WA | "Stops for government-created requirements like car tabs, with nothing but a potential monetary penalty, do not justify the risk to community or to officers," Judge wrote.…
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I see cops, fascists, & bootlicking media are all pushing the "HERO cop responds to Times Square shooting!" #copaganda REALLY hard today. It's all over the place. Meanwhile, this happened the same day & hardly a peep about it from the same cops, fascist, & media outlets.
From the video NYPD released & from this cop's own account, everything she did (ie supply a tourniquet & carry the kid to an ambulance) could've been done (& done better) by an EMT! Yet this segment makes it clear that they're using this to push copaganda.…
The cops are gladly taking this opportunity to push "HERO COP!" copaganda as hard as they can. Fascist former NYPD leader Bill Bratton even made sure to mention "the absurdity of proposals to defund or abolish the police" & used his anti-BLM, pro-cop hashtag.
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This is an example of some really terrible reporting by @MartinKaste at @NPR, in which the Defund Police movement is completely erased and replaced by pro-police #copaganda.… @NPRCrimJustice
Just the title betrays a false choice at the center of the maligning of the movement. People want safety through real investments in community resources, not more police or police reform. But this perspective never makes it into the piece.
Even the "expert" on policing is director of the Int. Assoc. of Chiefs of Police. The shocking conclusion: don't defund the police, reform the police.
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So VPD conducted a survey. With 755 respondents, they concluded that "vast majority" of Vancouverites are concerned about crime in the city...…
According to 2016 census the population was 631,486. Let's pretend the population has not fluctuated. 755 represents around - 0.12% of the population.
But wait! Only 363 of the 755 respondents lived in Vancouver. So that represents like 0.06% of the whole of Vancouver's population. See anything wrong with this tweet @VancouverPD?
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Former Cop, Mark Wells, testified today in opposition to defunding $18M. He was misleading & gave inaccurate info. He is pres. of Portland Public Safety Action Coalition formed under Tom Potter (former police chief/mayor)& exec of Bastion Security.Worked in immigration after 9/11
2)Makes claims that @DAMikeSchmidt said cutting the Gun Violence Reduction team was cut at the worse time. @joann4portland corrected for the record that Schmidt was clear, increase in gun violence was not related. He also innacuretly stated gun violence went up bc GVRT dissolved
3) We know that Gun Violence was going up before GVRT dissolved and didn't go down after it was developed. You'll notice the police won't publish the stats on gun violence for other years. #Copaganda
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Portland Police started press conference about how they will handle the #ProudBoys rally/counter demonstrations this Saturday with a video of the Molotov cocktail thrown last night. They showed the video before the Chief even started talking. It seemed random. This is #Copaganda
Here is Chief Lovell falsely claiming that an officer was injured and then deceptively making it sound like the officer had to be put out by fire medic. The video from multiple angles shows this to be false.
Portland Police Chief Davis tells the public that he doesn't believe tear gas was used last night, video shows it was definitely used and Portland Police were wearing gas masks because they knew it was used.
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Y’all pulled that Golden Girls episode that wasn’t even blackface. Right now it’s feels very much like the entertainment industry and culpable white people within it are using these performative gestures to get out of doing the work that needs to be done.
Listen, demands have been made, and yet... nothing of substance has happened. We need ACTION - ex: what is the entertainment industry committing to in order to get all their #Copaganda content off the air? 🥴🤔
Furthermore even these hollow gestures aren’t going as deep as they should - no one is interrogating how & why these shows had a “blackface episode” make it from pitch to writers room to production to filming to editing to marketing to air. MMWTBS
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Oh nothing, just a sheriff with an 3% oathkeepers patch.
No need to worry. The Orange County Sherrif’s Department will “investigate” it.…
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THREAD: Cutting off dreads for “change...and a better life.”

“Cops and cupcakes”

Praise for Chicago Police

A look at some tweets from one of the Roc Nation “hand-selected and vetted” organizations “as part of the ‘entertainment and social justice partnership’ with Jay-Z...”
Crushers Club is an organization receiving part of the $400K in NFL #InspireChange money.

They engage youth with activities, but it appears part of their agenda is #copaganda and a troubling practice of encouraging young black males to allow the director to cut off their dreads.
“And another Crusher let me cut his dreads off! It's symbolic of change and their desire for a better life!” - Crusher Club President Sally Hazelgrove
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We’re at the SRO (school resource officer) review committee meeting. The committee meeting Monday was cancelled. Superintendent & FCPD Chief Roessler rejected the proposal to edit line by line & are presenting a new draft of the Memorandum of Understanding they edited themselves.
@nakasec already told us almost all of their comments/edits were rejected in this draft. Other committee members are frustrated that they’ve participated in this show but weren’t really listened to in the process. It’s a sham they call this community engagement. #NoCopsInSchools
Shirley Ginwright thanks committee members for their 52 pages of comments and edits. Says this meeting will be a walkthrough of the entire draft and then they will hear comments at the end of the meeting. #NoCopsInSchools
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