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I'm not a very serious person, except for when folks force me to be.

Life's too short to not have a bit of fun while we're here, so be good to each other. That doesn't mean spoiling, that means taking care. ✌️💗
#ACAB #IGotOut #IndigenousLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter
I'm also in absolute love with this Pixel 2, so I'm definitely playing with my 'new' tech 😜. Thanks local market place, and shitty circumstances lol.

#FPF don't have dashcams.

Cops can't and won't keep me down, unless they put me down.✌️💗

#PoliceAccountability #FilmTheCops
Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money is a live action performance. We're the players, surprise!

Well played @MelBrooks* & Rick Moranis.

Well played, Sir's, indeed. 🥸

*And every non polemic satirist/thespian imho.
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Late night water run/cardio complete! 8L H2O + a case of pop.

The cops think they're fucking me over by grounding me and the car... They're giving me an excuse to do Court Ordered Expert recommended physio... That was denied to me in the facility that diagnosis was confirmed.
They're quite literally making me stronger. Also, thank duck for weed prescribed for pain mgmt, ADHD, and my other ASD comorbidities. I already sent the court my prescription... And posted it. And my baby mama submitted it for me, as part of her affadavits... 🤭🤟
I wouldn't call it Kangaroo Court... Gotta add that Canadian flavour, how does #PolkarooCourt sound?

G'night world.
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@NYPDnews harassing homeless folks at 1083 Broadway. The cops are breaking in and threatening people trying to hold the space. #BREAKING #acab
Fascist protected by cops at the Gym. #fuckfascists #acab
@NYPDnews are breaking and entering with the super. NO WARRANT, NO ENTRY. They’re ripping the door off of the Gym (1083 Broadway Brooklyn) to throw homeless folks on the street during a pandemic during the hot NYC summer. #acab #getarealjob
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I swear to fuck, @CityFredPolice - if I see, or am told about any of your goons force-choking anyone, there will be quite legal consequences and my brand of chaos.

Not a threat, most definitely a warning: play nicely or turn in those badges and guns.

#ACAB #FilmTheAuthorities
@CityFredPolice Dedicated to cops, everywhere: take the moral lesson, turn in your badges or eat your service weapons. Please & thx, do your civic duty and protect your communities from the real wolves amongst us. 😘

The Bad Dreamers - Part Time God (Audio) via @YouTube
@CityFredPolice @YouTube I know the piglets are slow, so I'll spell it out:

Cops are the predators, preying on good folk just to swing their little white dicks around.

Have I passed CBSA, RCMP, & OACP tests - oft with flying colours, sometimes with perfect scores? Yup. I've even been poly'd.
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Not appreciating blocking my driveway, though you white pride assholes of @CityFredFire, best bitches of @CityFredPolice.

#ACAB #FilmTheAuthorities
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Fuck this shit. That’s Proud Boys and transphobes they’re protecting.

Many, if not most, cops are in the cult.
I’m sorry to bring you this news.
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WHATS HAPPENING IN CUBA A THREAD: Theres a humanitarian crisis going on in cuba. The healthcare system has crumbled and they are unequipped to contain the covid outbreak that is going on. The regime has refused to accept aid from foreign countries while the people are dying.
For years now the cuban health care system has been suffering due to a lack proper infrastructure, medice, equipment, and personel. The regime for many years now has sent cuban doctors to aid all over the world for little to no pay while leaving hopsitals understaffed in cuba.
The lack of medice IS NOT BECAUSE OF THE EMBARGO. The embargo does not boock trade for food and medicine (because people need these things to survive). The government simply doesnt fund the healthcare system.
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🔻Carabineros reprime manifestación pacífica en plaza de armas!!.

#ACAB #AbolishThePolice

🔻En Plaza de Armas a esta hora, mientras ves los matinales

#ACAB #AbolishThePolice
🎥🛑En #Chile esta es la verdadera fiesta de la democracia 👇🏻

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🛑En #Colombia #ParoNacional3Jul

🔻Inicia la marcha de antorchas en Medellín!! ✊🏿✊🏼✊

🛑En #Colombia #ParoNacional3Jul

🔻La marcha va en dirección al Barrio Santa Cruz, a apoyar el plantón que se está realizando por la menor de edad, los 14 niños y niñas abusados en un centro de Buen Comienzo.

Vía @LeCuento__
🎥🛑En #Colombia #ParoNacional3Jul

🔻El pueblo sale a manifestarse entre otras cosas, por la menor abusada sexualmente por agente del ESMAD y los más de 14 niños violados por funcionario del programa buen comienzo en Medellín

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Update regarding #RegentMall potential weapon/evacuation:

Police (@RCMPNB @CityFredPolice) have no coordinated on scene control. Special response team assets, armed with plate-carriers, 150+ rds 5.56mm NATO Standard + Colt Canada manufactured C8 Carbine's (#FFO) on scene.
@RCMPNB @CityFredPolice I have zero faith that local cops will approach this in a manner intended to preserve any life, other than the life of the cops themselves.

My history with local corrupt, cocaine-trafficking police should prove that to Fredericton by now?
Ohhh boy. Cop fanboys/bootlickers are coming out of the woodwork, being assholes for the fact I was present before police put their cordon up, to pick up my spouse. I prefer her unperforated by the police, as I hope most partners would say of their spouse lol. 😅✌️♥️🏴‍☠️
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There's like 50million black people. Some are wealthy, some are middle class, some are in poverty. Just bc you're upset that millions claim to be subjugated to white racism&power, doesn't mean you can gaslight them by saying that bc successful black ppl exist means they're wrong
Not everyone lives in a suburb. Not everyone lives on "the other side of the tracks". Not everyone has equal opportunity, even if they put in equal work. Some people in this country (all types of colors) are physically held back from success based on class and/or race every day.
This country's willful ignorance to generalize people by the few is straight garbage. And it makes it very very very difficult for successful POC to represent and raise awareness for non-successful or even oppressed POC bc yt ppl refuse to believe black ppl aren't monolithic
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Eine lächerliche Frechheit! Eigentlich sollte Reuls-Pügeltrupp (BFE-NRW) im Verfassungschutzbericht stehen immerhin sind sie für die genannten Gewalttaten verantwortlich & prügeln Aktivist*innen ins Krankenhaus. Ein Thread: Videos, Fotos & Augenzeugenberichtemeiner Wenigkeit...
Es geht um folgende Aktionen...

02.02.2020 Steinkohlekraftwerk #Datten4 (damals noch nicht in Betrieb) wird von #EndeGelände besetzt. Datteln 4 geht entgegen politischer Versprechen, Gesetze und dringender wissenschaftlicher Empfehlungen trotz #Klimakrise im Mai an den Strom.
In Folgemonaten verbinden sich div. Gruppen wie @Datteln4W @datteln4 @FutureDatteln mit Dattelner Bürgerinitiative, die seit fast 10 Jahren gegen das Kraftwerk klagen da es als illegaler Schwarzbau keine 500m von Wohnhäusern gebaut wurde, obwohl gesetzlich 1500m festgelegt sind.
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My elderly Veteran & neighbours AC shorted out & he narrowly avoided being killed by it yesterday.

If only I had my #Klein wire strippers & probe, and my other electrical repair tools so that I could safely & professionally fix it for him or try to earn a living even.

Please call #FPF at +15064602300 and ask them for my stuff back from booking area lockers: 14, 17, 26, 28 & 29.

Affiant's name: Cst. Matthew #LEBLANC394
Date Taken: 14-Mar-21
Date Warrant App. & Appr: 17-Mar-21
Dates Seized: 17/18-Mar-21

It'd be a huge help!✌️

*Yep - I now have FIVE (5) lockers assigned to my stuff at Fredericton Police... Since March 14th. Your tax-dollars hard at work, friends! #ACAB #PoliceAccountability
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Working on some of the #July10th, 2020 footage - the only footage that exists - of #FPF's "high-risk takedown" of another Frederictonian.

The reason for me being there never really mattered, as you'll soon witness if you continue following along here.

Walk softly, and run a custom-built, OC'd PC whenever you can. 😉🤘♥️🏴‍☠️

#July10th #NLE #DaVinciResolve #AMD #Ryzen5 #LiquidCooling

2/ Image
#UseYourTools, you've already/often got everything that you need no matter where you are.

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Outside #Nellies now, Keisha is here. We began to chant “We love you.”
So much love to @PrestonMitchum and @SafeSpacesDC for the work they’ve done over the years, with Nellies and other DC bars to create more safety and respect for Black women / folks.

What happened at Nellies last night once again proves change is about a profound shift in values.
What we witnessed at today’s protest was another Black woman be assaulted by a bystander. Numerous police were present and saw this. They did nothing. @DCPoliceDept allowed us to be antagonized and allowed another Black woman to be harmed.
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Update re: #Custody & Litigation:

I just sent this email.

Including @DominicCardy, @cbcgopublic & @CBCNB --- The Court is refusing to accept any and all of the evidence, without explanation. The Court Clerk didn't address any text pictured nor any of the files save one.
Ayyy @DominicCardy? Politicians don't have #QualifiedImmunity bud. Might wanna tell your friends. 😘

But also - #EndQualifiedImmunity #ACAB #Accountability ✌️💓🏴‍☠️…
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[#Thread] @PastyPepper just woke me up from a dead sleep/nap. She's writing down what happened, because she was rightfully freaked the fuck out.

I was asleep, she was outside doing stuff for the house --- some asshole pulled half into our driveway and started taking pictures of her and the house -even fucking waved at her.

As soon as she took notice and tried to approach them - they peaced, she didn't even have time to get a license plate.

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[#THREAD] City Police still have all of my personal possessions, amounting to over $2000 worth of clothing, ID, electronics, the key to our front door, etc.... that they illegally took from me on March 14th, despite them not being logged as 'Exhibits' until March 18th. 📼⬇️
Today we'd been speaking to the #NewBrunswick Residential Tenancy Tribunal (#RTT) a Service New Brunswick owned, operated and gov't staffed office.
They hung up & ignored our emails, pleading for them to stop the eviction that they authorised the local sheriffs to enforce for tomorrow. Those are the same sheriffs that assaulted me on May 21st, throwing me out of trying to attend my required Plea Hearing.
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1/5 This is how Israel is carrying out its mass arrest campaign against Palestinians who are nominally carriers of Israeli ID’s - ie ‘citizens’. #SaveSheikhJarrah #Palestine #ACAB #politicalPrisoners…
2/5 The mass waves of arrests are the settler-colony’s way of reasserting controls and crushing us into submission. Specifically the targeting of children and minors as well as working class youth amplifies the class nature of Israel’s repression and that of the current upraising
3/5 Thus far over 1,700 people have been arrested since May 9th and the campaign continues. The mass majority have been released which shows the level of arbitrary arrests that have been made.
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A Round up of what happened yesterday in #Glasgow

[Please RT & Follow]

#GlasgowSaysLetThemGo #GlasgowWelcomesRefugees #antiraids #solidarity #Pollockshields #ACAB
Around 9am on 13/05/21 - A FB message was sent out to let locals know what's going on.
9.30am - There was a noticeable and visible disapproval of the early morning raid by locals.
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Watch these videos! All of them and spread them. This is the reality for #Palestinians living in the #Israeli settler colony. #Police storming into people’s homes and beating the shit out of them. #Save_Sheikh_Jarrah #acab 1/3
3/3 #ACAB
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The Ras Al Amoud police station in Jerusalem has been set on fire. 🔥👮‍♂️🔥 #ACAB
Palestinians shooting occupier police in Lod with assault rifles #ACAB #FreePalestine
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More pictures from #London today at Elbit Systems Ltd HQ, an Israeli-owned weapons manufacturer
#Palestinian #ShutElbitDown #SaveSheikhJarrah #FreePalestine

AND AGAIN TRAFALGAR SQUARE 6PM TONITE. Will post more pictures shortly ImageImage
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