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10 Oct 19
SDNY indictment:
—Lev Parnas, US Citizen (Ukraine)
—Igor Fruman, US Citizen (Belarus)
—David Correia, US Citizen
—Andrey Kukushkin, Ukraine
—Foreign National—1, Russia

Scheme to launder foreign money via LLC's to candidates, PACs began March 2018.…
Seems relevant now that the Florida lawyer for Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman gives seminars on money laundering.
Campaign donations after March 2018 (start date of foreign dark money scheme in indictment)
Pete Sessions
Kevin McCarthy

Joe Wilson
Pete Sessions
Rick Scott

—Global Energy Producers, LLC:
America First Action (Trump PAC).

State GOP parties/PACs.
~$500k total.
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6 Oct 19
1. Fruman/Parnas want to export US LNG to Ukraine. They bought WH access via Trump PAC donations & Giuliani.

They're betting Russia-to-Germany natgas pipeline bypassing Ukraine will be operational soon; curtailing Ukraine's importance to EU, & opening Ukraine market for US LNG.
2. Trump Admin/Senate oppose pipeline (Nord Stream 2)–it's a huge wedge for Putin against NATO.

Trump/Senate threatened sanctions on mostly Russian companies over it, but construction continues because benefits outweigh costs; empty threats won't sever Trump-Putin ties.
3. An isolated market for US LNG in Ukraine explains the opportunism of today's Rick Perry story, & pretty much anyone in a position to trade on insider access to the White House: Giuliani gets a paycheck from Furman/Parnas, & Trump gets his favors.
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8 May 19
1. There are three methods for dealing w/ noncompliance to Congressional subpoenas; each invokes authority from one of three branches of Gov:

1) Inherent Contempt
—Authority of Congress

2) Criminal Contempt
—Authority of Executive

3) Civil Contempt
—Authority of Judiciary
2. The House Judiciary Cmte is pursuing Criminal Contempt.

The Cmte votes today on resolution recommending Pelosi hold a full House chamber vote citing AG Barr w/ Criminal Contempt for noncompliance w/ subpoenas for full unredacted Mueller Report.
(2 U.S.C. § 194 and § 194).
3. Next steps

a) Pelosi schedules full House vote on Barr Contempt citation.
b) If approved, citation is sent to US Attorney for DC, Jessie Liu.
c) Liu decides whether to prosecute her boss, Atty-Gen Barr.
d) If Liu prosecutes, she presents Contempt citation to DC Grand Jury.
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14 Dec 18
Trump's 2020 reelection prospects just nosedived: large-dollar donors don't like Feds sniffing around.

Criminal investigation of Trump Inauguration opened (Apr18) after FBI find audio tape of Wolkoff telling Michael Cohen she's worried about spending by the Inaugural Committee.
Federal investigation into mismatched payments/receipts at Trump Inaugural Committee partially solved:

The Inaugural Cmte for Trump was overcharged by venues, services and sub-contractors managed by... Trump.

Unknown who pocketed difference btwn market rates and quoted rates.
To recap—after two days of reporting, Wolkoff personally expressed concern about how the Trump Inaugural Committee was spending money to:

- Ivanka Trump
- Rick Gates
- Michael Cohen
- Mickael Damelincourt (Managing Director, Trump International Hotel)…
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21 Aug 18
Trump v. Mueller (Cont.)
—Part 3. Tue, 21Aug18.

—Two Trump MAGA associates in federal court on same day: Manafort awaits his jury verdict; Michael Cohen pleads guilty.

—Mueller recommends jail-time for unhelpful Papadopoulos.

—Flynn... Still in Mueller's pocket.

[New Thread]
1. Trump-Russia Thread
—Part 1 of 3: 17May17 to 30Oct17.

17May17 (Mueller Appointment) thru 30Oct17 (Manafort & Gates Indictments/Papadopoulos Guilty Plea).
2. Trump-Russia Thread
—Part 2 of 3: 31Oct17 to 13Jul18.

31Oct17 (Manafort & Gates Indictments/Papadopoulos Guilty Plea) thru 13Jul18 (Mueller indictment of Russian GRU officers for attacking 2016 US election).
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16 Jul 18
Maria Butina was arrested yesterday & charged a few minutes ago w/ Conspiracy to Violate US Law as Foreign Agent of Russia.

She's close to NRA leadership, bragged about Trump-Russia connections, and proposed Russia back-channel to Trump campaign w/ GOP operative Paul Erickson.
Maria Butina's graduate school focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain (Bitcoin) while she works as an *unpaid* assistant to a known Russian money launderer w/ ties to FSB is a bit on the nose.

Absent from her LinkedIn: two businesses she owned w/ GOP operative Paul Erickson.
1. Level of "duh" that Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA48) is unnamed lawmaker referenced in Maria Butina indictment?

Indictment states Butina/Torshin met lawmaker in Russia Aug 2015.

Rohrabacher & Gregory Meeks (D-NY05) led delegation to Russia 4-6Aug15.
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16 Jul 18
Sur-ren-der (verb):
1. Submit to authority.
2. Comply w/ demand.
3. Lose advantage.
4. Yield to influence.

Trump, standing next to Putin: [Russia's global alienation for anti-democratic actions, invasions, poisonings, etc] "changed as of about four hours ago."
Trump: "Incredible offer!"

Putin invites Mueller to interrogate 12 GRU officers indicted by US grand jury for interfering in US elections on two conditions:

1. Mueller visits them in Russia.
2. US let's Russia interrogate US counterintelligence officers & classified docs.
Brass tacks: before today, Russia's only major allies since 2014 annexation of Crimea were China, Iran, North Korea, Syria (Assad), and Cuba (AKA Alliance of Autocracy).

Trump should listen to Groucho Marx: “I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.”
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10 Apr 18
FBI search warrant on Michael Cohen includes 34 taxi medallions owned by Cohen via 17 LLCs—medallions are a cash business.

Apr17: Cohen medallion mgr Evgeny Freidman owes $5 million in taxi taxes.
Aug17: NY has active unpaid taxi tax warrants on Cohen seeking $40,000.
Has it occurred to anyone that Michael Cohen does not legally represent Trump via contract agreement or retainer?

Michael Cohen, J.D. was on business development team at Trump Org—not legal team.

No legal representation = no attorney-client privilege.

Feds argued there is no attorney-client privilege for Cohen because Trump fielded a couple of question about Stormy Daniels civil case last week (5April18).
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17 Feb 18
7 days in Feb18 (9-16Feb)
News Summary 📰

—Trump won't declassify Dem Intel memo.
—2nd White House official out (domestic abuse).
—John Kelly asked WH staff to lie abt Porter resignation timeline.
—WH security clearances questioned.
—Rachel Brand (DOJ #3) to resign.

—Trump rejects #MeToo, laments "mere allegations" (of abuse).
—Federal Concealed-Carry gun bill gaining steam.
—Syria downs Israeli jet w/ Russian guns.

1st Trump budget after $1.5 trillion tax cuts shows 200 billion shortfall.

—Devin Nunes fake news site outted.

—DirFBI, DNI testify Russia already attacking midterm election integrity.
—DirFBI Wray says John Kelly knew Rob Porter abuse Nov17.
—Cohen claims he paid Stormy Daniels.

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11 Jan 18
1/20 Remember when Supreme Court Justice Alito broke decorum to shake his head & mumble "not true" at Obama's 27Jan2010 State of the Union address?

—Hold that thought.

How is it legal for Russians to funnel money to GOP candidates & causes?

Answer➡️Citizens United [2010].
2/20 The Supreme Court in Citizens United v FEC invalidated FECA, 2 USC §441b: cap on political contributions by corp's, assoc's; nonprofit donor disclosures.

But Court didn't consider §441e: ban on political spending by foreign people & entities.

Mismatched ruling➡️Loophole.
3/20 The Supreme Court was fully aware hearing case on §441b impacted ban on foreign influence in FECA sister section (§441e).

Justices addressed it in oral arguments. Even lawyer for Citizens United agreed on a distinction btwn corps & people to address such matters.
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4 Jan 18
Freedom Caucus Reps. Mark Meadows (R-NC11) & Jim Jordan (R-OH04) want Jeff Sessions to resign so they can kill Mueller's TrumpRussia investigation.

Presumes a backroom deal w/ Trump.
Rep. Jim Jordan (former Chair of House Freedom Caucus): "Everyone knows this Dossier is garbage."

Everyone except the FBI, Congressional Intel Cmte's, US Intel, FISA judges, Sater, Sergei, RUSSIA, Trump, etc.

First SIGINT portions corroborated Feb17.

3Jan18: FusionGPS NYT Op-Ed calls on Senate Judiciary Cmte to release testimony transcripts.

5Jan18: Grassley and Graham refer Steele for criminal probe, citing inconsistent statements—NOT inconsistent claims in Dossier.
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31 Oct 17
Trump v Mueller (Cont.)

30Oct17: Two indictments and a guilty plea. The day after.

Brought to you by: Trump-Russia.

[New Thread]
1. Part 1 of Trump-Russia Thread:

17May17 (Mueller appointment) thru
30Oct17 (Indictments/Guilty Plea).
2. Updated Mar—Sep 2016 Timeline of Trump Campaign (critical period of Kremlin outreach).

1/3: Mar—27Apr Mayflower Hotel Speech.
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28 Oct 17
1. It's not reading tea leaves to assume Paul Manafort &/or people in his orbit will be read Miranda rights on Monday.
2. Aug17: Mueller convened two Grand Juries.

-Flynn: DOJ Eastern District of Virginia.
-Manafort: Washington DC.

3rd impaneled—DC—unused.
3. There are few (if any) signs Flynn case is ready for court beyond small-fry infractions (FARA, SF86 lies).

Manafort on the other hand...
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20 Jul 17
Paul Behrends: Staff Director, House Foreign Affairs Cmte (& aide to Rep Rohrabacher)—Fired.

Too cozy w/ Russia.
Rohrabacher met w/ Assange yesterday to *allegedly* talk asylum; reporting back to Trump.

Asylum excuse➡️fake news.

More work for Mueller.
The Rohrabacher-Assange mtg was arranged by Charles C. Johnson: a Holocaust denier booted from twitter who writes Nazi in quotes.
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18 May 17
Trump v. Special-Snowflake* Prosecutor.

Showtime for #TrumpRussia. Bigly.

[New Thread]
*Not alt-right approved.
1. To start, Mueller will investigate #TrumpRussia w/in hazy parameters outlined by Comey to House Intel on 20Mar17.
2. #TrumpRussia update after DAG Rosenstein mtg—Mueller focused on domestic crimes; counterintelligence stays w/ IC.
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