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Oops! Giuliani: "I know collusion's not a crime, right? It was over with by the time of the election." Really. Rudy just admitted the Trump campaign's conspiracy with Russia EXISTED AND ENDED before the election. #MAGA #ThisWeek #Mueller #TrumpRussia
!Giuliani discussed a pardon w/ Cohen's lawyers: "I told his lawyers there'll be no discussion of a pardon. That doesn't mean he doesn't have the power…BUT DO NOT CONSIDER IT IN YOUR THINKING NOW. It has nothing to do w/what you should decide for yourself"
Q: Did Roger Stone give Trump a heads-up on Wikileaks leaks?
Giuliani: No he didn't. Not at all. Uh I don't believe so. But if he did, that's not a crime. It's like giving him a heads-up that the Times was going to print something. #Mueller #TrumpRussia
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In court filings that are set to drop in early 2019, Team🇺🇸Mueller will begin to unveil Middle Eastern countries’ (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel) attempts to influence American politics.😎

👋🏼BYE, @realDonaldTrump, Kush, Broidy, Prince + many others.…
Team🇺🇸Mueller has questioned people with w/Trump’s campaign about their “conversations w/**deeply connected** individuals from UAE, Saudi Arabia & Israel” on the use social-media manipulation to help install Trump in the WH, as well as the overthrow of Iran.😳

SO many characters involved with the Middle Eastern part of this scandal. Need to board a flight, so hang tight as I multitask.🤗
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“Ukrainian Officials Meddled in 2016 Election by Leaking Secret Manafort Ledger, Court Says.” - @thedailybeast. IT IS CALLED #HillaryUkraineCollusion that I have been tweeting since JAN 2017 when it was reported by @kenvogel when he was at Politico but Politico did not push it!
The few tweets that Politico sent out about it (while other stories they tweet tweet tweet) still has few RTs! Politico had no follow ups on #HillaryUkraineCollusion. BTW it was posted 19 hours ago at TDB and note how few RTs it has. DC does not care about REAL COLLUSION!
#HillaryUkraineCollusion 1) DNC hire 2) was given dirt on Manafort 3) from sr foreign diplomats 4) at their DC Embassy 5) info given to Media 6) causing Trump to fire Manafort 7) this collusion is ignored but 8) Manafort investigated for #TrumpRussia & 9) charged with other stuff
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💥🌍💥 Michael Flynn’s Friends Say That He Tried to Strike a Grand Bargain With Moscow as It Attacked the 2016 Election. The other part of the bargain is what was redacted in Flynn’s sentencing memo. The nuclear deal....💥…
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🔥BREAKING 🔥Maria Butina’s boyfriend, Erickson claimed he set up a #TrumpRussia@NRA⁩ “conduit” as campaign funds flowed‼️ 💰💰…
💥💰💥The conduit for the money was an arm of the @NRA that’s not required to disclose its donors... sounds like Citizens United and EVERYONE involved with it was part of the conspiracy, doesn’t it⁉️
💥💰💥Congress should impeach the Supreme Court justices who voted for Citizens United. We must investigate, and if the proponents are involved in the #TrumpRussia conspiracy.…
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Russia’s Disinformation Chief Takes Fresh Aim at America… via @thedailybeast
#TrumpRussiaMatrix ...
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Toilet boy must recuse.

As board member of a scam patent company under FBI investigation for defrauding customers of millions, Matthew Whitaker lacks the judgement to oversee a high school talent show, let alone the #TrumpRussia investigation.

Don’t be afraid of calling your congress persons, they work for you! Here’s how to do it right! 👇

On Dec 7th, Whitaker met with Jared Kushner, a principle of the #TrumpRussia investigation.

Where is the outrage from the crowd who crowed bloody murder over the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting?

Lynch recused.
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Let me explain the former #Republican Congressman Curt Weldon whom I explained to @MuellerSheWrote that Special Counsel Mueller is now investigating as part of the #TrumpRussia probe as the author of the "back channel peace plan."

FYI: The New York Times broke the story about a secret, back-channel peace plan from Ukrainian lawmaker Andrii Artemenko to Felix Sater to Michael Cohen and thereon being delivered to Gen. Flynn the NSA at the White House early in the Trump Administration…
Curt Weldon wrote that Ukrainian-Russian "peace plan" with a Manafort-connected Ukrainian oligarch Alexander Rovt, for the war in which Putin is an aggressor in Feb. 2016 and @patrickLSimpson published it as a byproduct of our #GrandOldPutinParty series.…
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@Jim_Jordan Any #Trump sycophant, alleged pedophile protector, trying to besmirch this hero, while his own children will have to suffer from the decisions made for the country, is sad. Why wouldn't the #GOP make it an open door session if they had nothing to hide? Your reign ends soon.
@Jim_Jordan As time passes, more comes to light, with the Steele dossier, Trumps alleged involvement in Epstein child sex ring where Secretary Acosta stopped the FBI investigation before more suspects could be arrested, and money laundering campaign contributions from Russian operatives.
@Jim_Jordan Plus your support for a theocratic monarchy that really acts like a ruthless inhumane dictator & desire to sell American technology to them when it could then be used to kill our own troops or handed over to Russia is genuinely INSANE. Who is dishonorable, spineless sycophantic?
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If Trump committed crime(s) to win elex... Indictments shd proceed, SupCt shd decide

What we know now is highly damning & highly detailed.

📌So much more will be revealed

📌We know several RUs reached out to TeamTrump: DonJr, Manafort, Prince, Kush, Cohen & ?

We now know:

📌They took the RU meetings, often enthusiastically, during & after the campaign.

📌RU offered campaign assistance— “synergy,” they called it.

📌We know now of no one around Trump who alerted the FBI of this effort to subvert our elections.

📌We now know that 12 Russian intelligence officers were indicted for hacking the DNC and systematically releasing material for the purpose of hurting the Clinton campaign via WikiLeaks.
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On Monday, in a memo published to the FCC website, chair Ajit Pai admitted “half-million comments” on net neutrality were “submitted from Russian e-mail addresses.” Pai had earlier denied Russian involvement.
The memo also indicated thatover half of the almost 22 million comments came from phony, temporary, or duplicate email addresses, and reportedly only 17.4% of the comments were unique.
Pai also rejected two Freedom of Information Act requests filed byNYT and BuzzFeed, seeking “IP addresses” and “server logs,” respectively, associated with public comments submitted on net neutrality.
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A/ As I tweeted many times over the last 18 months, Mueller is here to keep Trump on his heels and thus stop accountability of the Obama DOJ abuses, and secondly by finding collusion they think it will legitimize the spying/abuse. But here is the fact: Even IF there was a real
B/ campaign-wide conspiracy to collude with Russia to get info on Hillary, there are still many politically-motivied, prosecutable abuses-of-power by the Obama DOJ/Comey FBI against the Trump campaign. For starters: If it is an issue for Trump to get info from Russia on Hillary,
C/ then it is an issue for Hillary to get info from Russia on Trump (via dossier). So the minute FusionGPS pushed the dossier into the DOJ with the help of Bruce Ohr, an honest DOJ/FBI would say “you Steele/Simpson are doing the same thing what the dossier says Trump is doing.”
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Individual-1 is totally implicated in #TrumpRussia by this week’s Mueller filings and nailed hard for the cover up.

What’s worse is that prosecutors practically announced that he is guilty of conspiracy charges related to the substantive crimes, like illegal hush money deals. 1/
Conspiracy to defraud the United States (18 USC 371) is a charge that ensnares everyone with knowledge of a crime to defat the lawful purpose of a US agency like the Federal Election Commission, who Congress assigned the task of providing election transparency. 2/
Trump has zero defenses against a charge under 18 USC 371 based on the #TrumpTapes that Michael Cohen so graciously recorded to get proof of his six figure debt from his chintzy boss. 3/…
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In July, @grantstern and I published a five part series about the Grand Old Putin Party.

In part 5, we exposed the Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots as being a Russian govt funded group in America.

They’re waging war on us.

2. Lozansky was one of the new additions.
3. Since we published, Lozansky deleted his entire “Fellows list” on his think tank.
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Trump: Day 687
-Announces John Kelly Leaving W.H.
-Launches Awkward Opening Toss
-Shifts $1.1M From Campaign 2 Biz
-Delays Sanctions on Russia's Rusal
-U.S. Co's Paid $5B in Tariffs in Oct
-$1T in Stock Value Lost in 4 Days
-Winery Seeks More Foreign Workers
Day 792 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 643 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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THREAD: the filings by Mueller and SDNY on Cohen are BIGLY bad news for @realDonaldTrump and his spawn, Don Jr, Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie, and Eric and *clearly* indicate that Trump is an UNINDICTED co-conspirator.

And then, there's the Manafort memo... 1/

First, SDNY makes it clear that Cohen does *not* have a formal cooperation agreement **with them** (but stay tuned on this front later...). As such, SDNY asks the Court to a "substantial term of imprisonment."🤔 2/
SDNY *nails* Cohen for 4 federal felonies to which he pleaded GUILTY: tax evasion, making false statements to a bank, illegal campaign contributions, and making false statements to Congress. 3/
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BREAKING NEWS‼️Whoa 😲 Michael Cohen’s Sentencing Memo…
4D play by Mueller‼️Mueller asks for leniency for Cohen. Trump says crimes have NOTHING to do w Russia and says he should go to prison. Judge AGREES w TRUMP and says Cohen should be sentenced for crimes about Russia‼️😂 Trump sets himself and his friends up for long sentences ‼️
🔥OMGOMG 🔥Cohen provided the special counsel w useful information concerning certain DISCRETE Russia-related matters CORE to its investigation that he obtained by virtue of his REGULAR contact with Company executives.
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So this is why Rod Rosenstein loved Brian Benczkowski - he knew he'd have to recuse!!


They are so clever!
Rod is a like a secret ninja disguised as a mild-mannered lawyer with glasses
This also confirms what most of us have already reported, except for all those who rubbished @FranklinFoer groundbreaking story - yes, Alfa Bank -Trump server *IS* a thing. And it was always a thing. In fact, it was THE thing. #TrumpRussia…
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So remember #Putin, #Kim, and #Trump seemingly coordinated EVERY North Korea launch to distract from big #TrumpRussiaConspiracy news... Yeah...they did.

And now two days before we get what Manafort lied about Fox News conviently has a N Korea threat to worry about. #Remind2019
News dates estimated from WaPo #TrumpRussia timeline

Launch dates per Wikipedia…
Also If you look at whether the launch came before or after the news you can see that when the more spontaneous things, like the Lester Holt interview, or a WH leak story (trump told Russians he fired Comey) the launch comes later, ie reacting to the news...
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Flynn as incoming NatSec Advisor legally spoke with Russia about not escalating sanctions and to help kill the anti-Israel resolution at the UN. Because he lied about it, the lies were supposedly “material” to the collusion investigation. But FBI had recordings of the
calls so they needed no interview of Flynn. Secondly, per Clapper and Brennon the gov did not establish at the time (late Jan 2017) that collusion took place, so interviewing him was a brazen abuse of power by the same forces who criminally leaked against him to the WashPost.
Mueller’s memo says Flynn worked for Turkey without filing FARA. This involved his son and probabaly pushed him to plead guilty for 1) lying about legal talks that 2) should have not been subject to interview and 3) the lie had NO material outcome on the collusion investigation.
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This post was my first attempt as a cyber security expert to sum up what happened in n 2016 election w cyber attack by Russia against #USA including use of cyber war, psyops, hacking, fake social media, fake websites, fake memes and willing conspirators on djt campaign. All true
Enough partisan bullshit. America was attacked. Not just @HillaryClinton and @DNC. All of us were. Every American was attacked by Russia with treasonous help from conspirators inside Trump campaign and those around him. Time to wake the f up and deal with it.
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💥BOOM💥 Ever wonder if ⁦@AlanDersh⁩ and others directed Trump to say or tweet certain things about the ongoing ⁦#TrumpRussia investigation, and then they were ready to write op ed’s or go on tv to defend him⁉️ I do. ⁦cc…
Ex: Trump tweeted he didn't actually tape James Comey- after intimating that he might have. @AlanDersh said it wasn’t witness intimidation- instead, “Trump’s bluff was calculated
to get Comey to tell the truth.” Dersh said he AND Pres. Lincoln had used that strategy too🤔
🔥 @AlanDersh @RudyGiuliani & @ChrisChristie always come to Trump’s rescue and in their defense of Trump- it sounds more like they are defending themselves🧐probably because they are coaching Trump to act like a prosecutor or atty-not as a defendant- which is what he will be🔥
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PROJECT: a Few of you have started to help me with this, but I am attempting to map out the CNP/Koch/#TrumpRussia network. It’s huge and I need people willing to help expand this already huge map.…
I ALSO need people willing to help pretty up by attaching pictures and links and anything else.
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THREAD - The connection between The Don Jr. meeting & Trump Tower Moscow is Agalarov. He set up the Don Jr. meeting through Rob Goldstone.

Trump tweeting at Agalarov about Trump Tower Moscow.

Trump also met w/ Agalarov’s son during the campaign. #TrumpTowerMoscow #TrumpRussia
Trump with Agalarov in Russia at Miss Universe 2013
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