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Newsday--- August 19th, 2018 --- Sunday

Lesson of the Day from @ SHEPMJS --🏮🏮

If you see a Poll Look For:

" ALL Adults"
"Registered Voters"

It's utter garbage. .


If a Poll says "Likely Voters"
--- Take THAT poll seriously

See Below for full explanation
Trump Approval
Among " ALL Adults": - 45-52%
Among "Registered Voters" - 47-52%
No Likely Voter - (?)

Blacks- 21%, 3% IDK
Latino- 30%, 2% IDK

@SurveyMonkey 8/9-15👇…
Ouch 👀

“We’re not negotiating with Canada right now,”
Mr. Trump said at a cabinet meeting on Thursday.

“Their tariffs are too high; their barriers are too strong.
So we’re not even talking to Canada them right now.”

#NAFTA #Trudeau
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I normally hate this #TrumpRussia infighting bs, because I feel like #TheResistance should be more united, and I know I’m going to lose this battle - but I think we would all be better off if we blocked Avenetti and stopped pretending he is a legitimate presidential candidate.
I agree with him that the Dems should stop playing nice, and I think he is doing some good things, but he’s trying to promote infighting and for that, we should #UnfollowAvenetti
Hell, @SethAbramson annoys the shit out of me but I’m not calling for people to boycott him because he does help the cause. Avenetti just seems like a glory hog.
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WH counsel Don McGahn has "cooperated extensively" w/Mueller, sharing "detailed accounts" of episodes at the heart of the #ObstructionOfJustice inquiry into @realDonaldTrump, including info that investigators would not have known otherwise.🔥 1/…

In **at least 3 voluntary interviews that totaled 30 hours** over the past 9 months, McGahn described Trump's furor about the #TrumpRussia probe & how Trump urged him to respond, providing a clear view of Trump's most intimate moments with his lawyer.😎 2/

McGahn shared details on @Comey's firing & Trump’s obsession w/putting a "loyalist" in charge of the #TrumpRussia probe (e.g., Sessions). McGahn was also centrally involved in Trump’s attempts to fire Mueller, which investigators might not have discovered w/o McGahn.🔥 3/
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Does everyone now understand the Magnitski act? If you don’t YOU SHOULD!. I wrote you some cliff notes: The Magnitski Act is the ENTIRE reason we have donald trump as President and why Russia is “meddling” in our elections.

Thread ...
Remember these two names: Sergei Magnitski and Bill Browder. Sergei Magnistski was a tax accountant in Russia, Bill Browder is an investment fund manager for US based Hermitage Capital.
In 2009 Sergei Magnitski was Bill Browder’s tax accountant while Bill was working in Russia. Sergei Magnitski was jailed and then -> murdered <- in Moscow by Vladimir Putin’s FSB (Federal Security Service) while Sergei was investigating a $230 Million fraud involving Russian
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1.) Even before the wake of the revocation of Ex-CIA Director #JohnBrennan's Security Clearance, he has been very vocal against @realDonaldTrump. He seems to be in Full Panic Mode & concerned.
He should be!! 👇🏼…
2.) According to @guardian news, GCHQ became aware as far back as late 2015 in regards to suspicious interactions between Trump associates & known or suspected Russian agents. As we have come to find out, 5 Eyes was involved in collecting this information.
3.) These 'alleged' conversations were picked up 'By Chance' 🙄 as part of routine Surveillance of Russian Intelligence assets.
My 1st question is: Who are these Russian assets? Who was working with GCHQ or the FBI & had ties to the Trump team? I think we know who 1 of them is.
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Elliott Broidy — top @GOP fundraiser & convicted felon — is under CRIMINAL investigation for allegedly trying sell his influence w/the Trump administration to *foreign* officials for TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars‼️1/

Broidy’s shady dealing w/Saudi Arabia & UAE were reported previously.👇🏼

Now, Broidy is being probed for his shady dealings w/China & former Malaysian officials.🤨2/


Broidy is being investigated for allegedly developing a plan to try to persuade the Trump government to extradite a Chinese dissident back to #China, a move sought by the Chinese president.🤨

The same guy Trump chillaxed with at Mar-a-Lago.🙄 3/

cc @911CORLEBRA777
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1. Not gonna lie; I'm surprised that World Magazine, an evangelical publication, would release such a withering expose of Liberty University's authoritarian crackdown on the college newspaper. But this is a must read:…

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
2. Heavy-handed control over college newspapers--essentially rendering them propaganda outlets--is one common tactic used when evangelical colleges crack down to impose orthodoxy, a frequent pattern. Here's an investigative piece I did on these crackdowns…
3. I interviewed David Wheeler (@WheelerWorkshop), who was faculty adviser for the student paper at Asbury University, and one of his former students for the article linked above. Asbury refused to print the student's article making a Christian case for legal same-sex marriage.
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Former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert Gates, who has served 8 presidents, joins intelligence leaders condemning Trump for revoking John Brennan's secretary clearance…
The White House has drafted documents revoking the security clearances of current and former officials whom Trump has demanded be punished for criticizing him or playing a role in the #TrumpRussia investigation…
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"It's an abuse of power. It's retribution against a political opponent .. When you look at an administration where Omarosa or Jared Kushner or Ivanka Trump have security clearances and John Brennan does not, then you know something is askew": Steve Schmidt
Trump confesses to yet another count of obstruction of justice, cites #TrumpRussia investigation as motive for revoking ex-CIA director John Brennans clearance…
#Maddow: "The practical effect” of Trump’s move to terminate the security clearance of former intelligence officials is to “interfere with that former official accessing his/her own notes and files” to use during key testimony (v @Politics_PR) #TrumpRussia
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💥BOOM💥This totally explains why Trump pulled @JohnBrennan Security Clearance: @RudyGiuliani said yesterday that Brennan was the quarterback behind the #TrumpRussia investigation and should face a grand jury.…
🙄Giuliani says that Brennan was the “quarterback” and Mueller and Strzok are ‘puppets’. Rudy accuses Brennan of peddling false affidavits conjured up by Strzok...
🙄OMG... #LoonyRudy could be QAnon with all these insane conspiracy theories... Giuliani says EVERYTHING about #TrumpRussia investigation is “phony”
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Thread: The evolution of my foreign policy beliefs. When I was younger, my political beliefs were pretty messed up. My parents were divorced and my parents were on the opposite side of spectrum.
2: a few weeks after I started college, I bought into the “Muslims are scary” mantra for a little bit, but the build up to Iraq turned me into a peacenik.
3: Note: I now believe organized religion itself is a huge tool used for evil.
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As a Trump supporter, I didn't want to believe that our President was #PutinsPuppet , but I finally decided to look at the evidence, and I must say that what I found was ... concerning.

Please read with an open mind and think for yourself, that's all I ask.
The first thing I noticed that concerned me was the airstrikes Trump ordered on Shayrat airbase, in Syria, in April, 2017.

Bashar Al Assad is an ally of Putin, so this was obviously done under direct orders from Putin.…
The next thing I noticed was that NATO was expanding, with Trump's permisson and approval.

NATO is basically Russia's biggest headache, so expanding the alliance was obviously a huge benefit to Putin. #Collusion…
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#Maddow Scoop: GOP congressman Devin Nunes (Top Trump propagandist on House Intel Cmte undermining Russia probe) was overheard at a GOP fundraiser criticizing Trump tweets as “cringe” worthy. He also acknowledges using stolen emails in a campaign is “criminal.” #TrumpRussia
#Maddow Nunes: “If Sessions won’t unrecuse and Mueller won’t clear the president, we’re the only ones.” GOP leadership is secretly on board with Rosenstein impeachment. But don’t won’t divert Senate from Kavanaugh confirmation. So GOP plan to do it after he’s confirmed. #VOTEBLUE
#Maddow's scoop is damning for Nunes, showing his corruption & abuse of power for Trump. But Paul Ryan is House speaker, and he's known about all of it. He's been on board since at least his "don't leak"; keep it in the "family." GOP family is more mob-like than we ever imagined.
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💥BREAKING💥 OMG @DevinNunes is SCREWED - Audio of Nunes at fundraiser for Rep. Kathy McMorris Rogers and talks about Trump‼️He says Trump’s Twitter comments are proof of Obstruction “Sometimes I cringe”
@DevinNunes says that if anybody had anything to do w leak of Clinton’s emails IT WOULD BE CRIMINAL 🔥
‼️Jesus... then he’s asked about Rod Rosenstein and impeachment proceedings and Nunes said that there is an ongoing plan to impeach him but it has to be kept quiet- because it triggers the Senate to vote and they are delaying it to get Kavanaugh first‼️
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THREAD: @realDonaldTrump now *admits* that Don Jr sought Clinton dirt at his meeting w/the #Russian🇷🇺”lawyer”/spy & a “former” GRU military intel officer.

It’s a CRIME for a campaign to solicit or receive *anything* from a foreign national, let alone #Russian intelligence.🙄1/
We knew last year that Jr, Manafort & Kush met w/a Kremlin-linked “lawyer,” a “former” #Russian🇷🇺spy w/expertise in acquiring hacked emails, and an alleged Russian money launderer👉🏼they discussed #sanctions, Clinton #kompromat, and #RNC donations.🔥2/…
We also knew last year that Team🇷🇺Trump tried *desperately* to cover up the meeting.

Kushner “forgot” (= #felony) to disclose the meeting *3 separate times* on his SF-86, and Jr & his father, Trump, LIED repeatedly about the meeting.🙄 3/…
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Trump admits "dirt" part of Trump Tower meeting b/c lawyers realize their earlier "adoption" cover story actually reveals the #TrumpRussia conspiracy's quid-pro-quo: Election help for lifting Sanctions on Putin's oligarchs. THREAD and article below on avoiding propaganda framing:
Trump admits "dirt" but is covering up Russia conspiracy's Quid-Pro-Quo: Dirt for Magnitsky sanctions easing + broad pro-Russia policy agenda.

Another lie: "No follow up" to #TrumpTowerMeeting. Both Veselnitskaya & Agalarovs did re sanctions after election, @RepAdamSchiff #QPQ
@RepAdamSchiff I've been trying to get folks to focus on Russia's malign mission to ease sanctions for years. That's why Putin wanted Trump & attacked our election. @tribelaw agrees, calling Trump Tower meeting dirt for sanctions quid-pro-quo"bribery." Underlying conspiracy crimes are profound.
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Thread: My thoughts on the state of #TrumpRussia
2.The right is desperate: As the left moves on from collusion and starts using the legal definition of the crime - conspiracy against the US, the right is now screaming about collusion being a crime.
2. In their minds, the actor hiring an American company like FUSION gps to do opposition research is no different than conspiring with the government of a hostile foreign power.
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CC: Genesis #TrumpRussia: “Going back to summer 2015, USIC had intelligence of suspicious activity relating to this matter. SIGINT continued to pour in after. By the time #CROSSFIREHURRICANE began, FBI already had solid reason to believe treachery was afoot.”

Chris Wray: “We have open investigations with foreign influence nexus spanning field offices across the country.” “illegal campaign financing” is currently under investigation.

Ex-federal prosecutor: Likely to see Trump named as 'indicted co-conspirator'

TL “The Kremlin organized mutually opposing loud protests in 2016. They prodded the unsound and unwell to commit shootings and crimes in the US through 2017.”

RU pop star Emin Agalarov Trump’s powerful partner boasts of ongoing access to the Trump family.
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And here's WHY I think that only one camera from the AP press pool should be at Trump's rallies from now on....this is what he now deserves & it's absolutely NOT the respect of his Office. #FridayFeeling #FreePress #TrumpRussia
2/"The voice, if I had to guess, belongs to that of a white American male in late middle age. The accent is faintly Southern, the manner taunting but relaxed. It’s also familiar: I’m pretty sure he’s left a message on my office number before. But the last voice mail left almost
3/"no impression. Not this time. “Hey Bret, what do you think? Do you think the pen is mightier than the sword, or that the AR is mightier than the pen?” He continues: “I don’t carry an AR but once we start shooting you f—ers you aren’t going to pop off like you do now. You’re
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I started on this journey investigating #TrumpRussia. Of course, @realDonaldTrump conspired with Russia to win the election. It’s a no brainer. But, I don’t think that will be what takes him down. 1)
What could take him down are all of his affairs and the cover up before the election. It’s a damn shame that his partnership with Putin won’t be his downfall. 2)
I’m not a lawyer. I believe in Mueller’s investigation 💯. But I think the civil cases based on his lies and coverups prior to the election may be his downfall. Much easier to prove and more likely to get a deposition. And he will lie. End)
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KushCo is on the verge of closing a sweetheart deal for 666 Fifth Ave with Brookfield Asset Mgmt👉🏼2nd largest shareholder is #Qatar Investment Authority (#QIA), who was part of the #Rosneft🇷🇺spinout reported in the #SteeleDossier‼️ 1/…
This is the **same** #QIA whose U.S. head (Ahmed al-Rumaihi), along w/#Qatar’s foreign minister, met w/Michael Cohen (Trump Org) & Misha🇷🇺Flynn (Trump campaign) on 12/12/16, as revealed by @MichaelAvenatti‼️🙄 2/


Kushner allegedly used US foreign policy (e.g., the Saudi/UAE blockade of #Qatar) as leverage to "encourage" #Qatar to bail KushCo out of 666 Fifth Ave.🤬

Kushner's father previously denied meeting w/the Qataris, who now are bailing him out‼️🙄 3/

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⚡️ Franklin Haney,Michael Cohen and Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohamed al-Thani, Vice Chairman of the Qatar Investment Authority met in Miami to seek an investment in Bellefonte Nuclear Plant. Haney donated $1M to Trump’s Inaugural Fund⚡️ #Payforplay…
Remember when Flynn texted Copson during Inauguration to let him know the deal was “good to go”⁉️It’s all linked together- and Russia is part of the deal....
⚡️#TrumpRussia is always part of the equation because Putin secured the election for Trump and like mob bosses they always get their cut of the pie⚡️…
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"Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and Brad Parsquale were involved in hiring the British-based political data firm, which improperly accessed personal data from Facebook users."…
"Bannon is pushing for Rosenstein to be fired in the next 72 hours. Now would be a good time for the entire internet, all news organizations, social media, to be focused on the Bannon, Mercer, Kushner, Parscale, Cambridge Analytica, Wikileaks, Putin-Trump Conspiracy."🔖ALERT
“If he doesn’t do it in 72 hours, he’s fired. I’d fire him.”…
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