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22 Sep
A lady on a megaphone has told "peaceful protesters" occupying the Shrine of Remembrance to put the weapons they brought to "use against police" in their pockets because they're "here for peace." #GetOffOurShrine
Crowd now chanting "We want war" and "Fuck the jab"
Chant ends abruptly, one man can be heard saying "I don't want peace." Megaphone lady is back trying to calm them down.
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21 Sep
Crowds amassing outside Parliament chanting "death to cops".
Crowds now asking police to join them.
Now chanting "you serve us" to the police.
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29 Aug
Why lockdowns? Deaths are so low, right?

Thanks to lockdowns. Without lockdowns cases would be many, many times higher, as would hospitalisations and deaths.

We also must remember that mortality rates will increase when hospitals hit capacity. If we can't treat them, more die.
Everyone has a hard story about lockdown. Nobody likes it. But it's a necessary evil because the alternative is unthinkable. When hospitals are full, it won't just be covid cases dying unnecessarily. There'll be many non-covid related deaths that could easily have been prevented.
There has not been any increase in suicides because of lockdowns. That myth has never been backed up with any figures. It is pure retail politics; a brutal lie. There is a mental health crisis, and there has been for years. It's amazing just who's ready to speak about it now.
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28 Jul
Look I get the criticisms of Labor when they do/don't do the thing I/you personally want them to do. But I also get that they need to be strategic, which may or may not mean dropping good platforms which haven't been successful.
We need them to win on strategy, not lose on ideals. It's frustrating but it's reality, especially in a landscape where media will fool most voters into voting against their interests. They have to close windows of attack; they need to win over people watching Sunrise and Today.
Sometimes we need to remember that given the current corrupt media/political landscape, we're quite fortunate to have a choice that isn't fucked. Think you deserve better? Sure, me too, but let's be real, auspol has been fucked for a while.
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14 Feb
The guy on the left has been arrested again for breaching bail in connection with fringe Qanon / anti mask / 5G / vaccine / government protests. The guy on the right is Victorian opposition leader Michael O'Brien. #SpringSt
Same guy, different 'friend' on the right. Professional con artists who've perfected the art of getting arrested for show, then begging for donations with slick websites which raise eye-watering sums from gullible fans.
They're good at making money. In fact they sell the same MAGA merch as Victorian opposition leader Michael O'Brien.
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13 Feb
They went from bankrupt, after starving a million chickens to the point of cannibalim, to extremely wealthy after receiving fortunes from the federal government to abuse the elderly. No wonder Aged Care is a disaster in Australia. Zero action from Morrison. #AgedCareScandal
Now the commonwealth is protecting these animals.
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12 Feb
No leader should ever apologise for making the right decisions to save lives. Nobody likes lockdowns but, as the world has learned, sometimes they're necessary. This is proof positive this bastard UK strain can jump quarantine even when you do all the right things. #IStandWithDan
Victorians, we're lucky to have strong leaders who don't shy away from the best decisions, despite the endless nagging / noise from those who wish to see us fail. Five days is a walk in the park for us, let's show the world what we're made of and kick this UK strain in the balls.
No major state has had an easy run with this. Many states have struggled and had major incidents. There's no magic approach to HQ. I trust we'll have the vaccine soon - it's being made right here in Melbourne. Soon enough these lockdowns will be our shared history.
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24 Dec 20
GIANT Merry Christmas to Dan Andrews and family. What a year, COVID-19 waged war on Victoria, News Corp joined in, followed by the Morrison Government and Victorian Liberals. Andrews stayed cool under that immense fire and won the war. Serious stripes earned there. Respect. 🔥
And let's not forget the crazed Qanon protest brigade egged on by Channel 7, Herald Sun & Victorian Liberals. An army of nutters tried to take Melbourne by storm to fight an imaginary New World Order led by an imaginary dictator. They tried to spread Covid, but Dan still won 🎉
On behalf of the awesome Victorians who know how lucky we are, and the handful who may still be too silly to ever understand, a GIANT thank you, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to Dan and family. ❤️🎄🎅🎉
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22 Dec 20
Some might be a bit confused about recent posts on the 'AUWU.' This group have trolled me for months. I recently found out who/what they are. A legitimate question about a 20k donation made to AUWU by a robodebt collection company was raised yesterday, resulting in extreme abuse.
A mixture of contradictory denials, admissions and justifications of the donation were put forward by members who apparently couldn't get their story straight, and members tried to accuse anyone asking the question of being conspiracy theorists.
These people believe they can bully people they disagree with into silence. I've seen them spring into action to bully me and others very quickly. It isn't fair or reasonable to censor people by bullying them. I've received messages from people who have been relentlessly bullied.
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28 Nov 20
#CovidUnsafe Megathread 👇

PLAGUED by technical issues, the Morrison Government’s CovidSafe App has cost taxpayers as much as $70-80 million yet has only made 17 useful case IDs.
Marketed as the safe way for Australians to get back to normal, the app promised the world, cost a fortune and did almost nothing.
Media jumped on board helping to over-sell the broken promises of the CovidSafe app, which was built using code ripped from Singapore’s TraceTogether app.
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23 Oct 20
UNDERGROUND groups which have discussed violently killing politicians planned the recent protests in Melbourne. Here they speak on media's role in promoting events for free. 3AW, Channel 7 & newspapers (likely Herald Sun), are named. All promoted the events. #ThisIsNotJournalism
The coverage by Channel 7, Nine, Herald Sun, etc has not touched on the groups' motivations - that Coronavirus is a hoax by governments to introduce a New World Order (and many other conspiracy theories). Instead, they've painted them as everyday mums and dads who've had enough.
Yesterday it was reported 3AW aired a call which included instructions on how to attend. Previously Herald Sun has promoted events with locations, times and details on numbers organisers hope to achieve.
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23 Oct 20
Some asking about who these #COVIDIOTS at the Shrine of Remembrance are, how they've organised this etc. The #AntiMelbourneProtests are planned in closed Facebook Groups. Small thread (and thank you to my wonderful informant) 👇
The groups heavily feature Qanon conspiracy theories, e.g. New World Order, vampire celebrities, kids in tunnels. Recently Facebook has been removing the groups and many are moving underground to Telegram. Telegram is infamous for its use by ISIS to plan and coordinate attacks.
The groups have fetishised about violently attacking and killing Victorian politicians. Media are believed to have members in the groups who monitor chats to get scoops on date/time/locations of protests when they drop, however, the Qanon/violent discussions are never reported.
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15 Oct 20
Peta Credlin is back. Her first statement is 100% false and mistaken. Dan Andrews having none of it, calls her out on the 'simply not correct' statement by Credlin, 'whatever the motivation.' Credlin upset now, raising her voice at Dan, angry at being called out. #IStandWithDan
Credlin just now cut off Dan's response to another journalist's question. Appalling behaviour. Rambling again, drawing her own flawed conclusions, making strange claims. She's raising her voice again, Dan calls her out again for being inaccurate.
Credlin now showing her Liberal Party ambassador colours by defending the Ruby Princess disaster. You can't write this stuff, she's really digging a hole here. Bit of a Qanon feel to her ramblings.
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13 Oct 20
BRUTAL BACKFIRE: Michael O'Brien's doomed no confidence motion has failed. The Victorian Parliament backs #DanAndrews💯.

O'Brien's failure is seen as the last straw for frustrated Vic Libs, as he flails and fails to land a blow, despite months of effort. #IStandWithDan #SpringSt
The performance in the house was a SCREAM. Labor used the opportunity to detail how Andrews Government actions have limited damage, saved lives and stopped spread. Liberals were torn to shreds and weren't able to land a single blow.
Victorians are now confident any other absurdly distasteful time-wasting stunts planned by the opposition will be placed on the back-burner as the Victorian Liberal Party no doubt turns its attention to knifing its leadership problem.
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13 Oct 20
LIVE: Tim Smith in trouble for reading his speech off a piece of paper (against the rules). Smith has warn a suit today, presumably trying to look like a leader - fooling no one. #SpringSt
Oops, he's been called out again, and is now in meltdown. Smith, screaming: "WOULD YOU SHUT HER UP"
This is the first time I've seen Smith speak in the house. He is not built for this. Whiny, angsty, scripted and unable to deliver his speech without a script - voice now trembling.
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1 Oct 20
In Victoria there have been 637 #Covid19Vic deaths in #AgedCare so far. Minister for Aged Care Richard Colbeck said there was a plan to prevent this - the Aged Care Royal Commission reports there was #NoPlan. Time to step up, Morrison. Image
The Aged Care Royal Commission special report outlines that Aged Care services are a federal responsibility. It’s clear from the report that the federal government failed to learn from the Aged Care outbreak in NSW in April - it should have created a plan, but did not. #NoPlan Image
It also stated the AHPPC (chaired by the Australian Chief Medical Officer) provided no written guidance during the most critical time (when cases were rapidly increasing). Critical opportunities to slow spread and save lives were missed. Image
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30 Sep 20
In the spirit of #ThisIsNotJournalism, I give you this #AccuracyMatters mega-thread. I will add journalists and flag their misdeeds over time to give us a look at how #COVID19 reporting has failed to the public interest test, particularly in Victoria.
First up, @samanthamaiden who famously gave us 'findings' from the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry months before they will exist:
Next we have @Adam_Creighton who tried to make a point by quoting a political activist known for his extremist views, and who bashed his spouse with a chopping board. Creighton has not retracted or apologised.
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28 Sep 20
HUGE misinformation coming from News Corp this afternoon, I will correct it. The #HotelQuarantine Judicial Inquiry *has not handed down findings* today. Earlier News Corp's Samantha Maiden posted claims the Inquiry had made its findings. This is not true. #ThanksDan
The Judicial Inquiry is expected to deliver its findings in November 2020. Maiden has since deleted the tweet (below) and the story has been changed since these errors were pointed out. Check out the before/after headline and summary below.
Samantha Maiden's tweet (which she has since deleted).
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26 Sep 20
As the world turns to Dan Andrews on how to beat second wave, our media is busy lusting for his scalp, despite overwhelming public support for our democratically elected government. Aged care? Crickets. Ruby Princess? Ruby what? Scomo lion share body count ignored. #IStandWithDan
Every journalist covering #COVID19Vic will have to reflect on their work and ask themselves if they delivered for public interest, or the interest of their employer (or budget allocator). I'm not sure many could honestly say they got this right.
Anger at the media in Victoria is white-hot. Most Victorians (and this has been thoroughly demonstrated) support their government and are working hard to do their bit to fight #COVID19Vic. The media antagonises the public daily with its batshit crazy pitchfork mob mentality.
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25 Sep 20
If Scott Morrison followed the exemplary accountability standard set by Jenny Mikakos, at least 8 fed ministers would be out of a job. It takes courage to be accountable. Morrison lacks courage in spades, presiding over the most corrupt government in Australia's history. #auspol
Thank you @JennyMikakos for your courage & integrity. Anyone who's ever been a manager, let alone a minister, knows too well the struggle of owning mistakes which were beyond your control. Victorians thank you for giving everything you had to keep us healthy and save our lives.
Most Victorians will know this move is about lancing the boil created by News Corp. #HotelQuarantine only became news when 'horny security guard' stories were spread like wildfire by Herald Sun, which has never explained the origin of those false stories, or apologised.
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25 Sep 20
A close up of some of the suspicious activity taking place today in a sample of 10,000 tweets related to Daniel Andrews. Note the #SackDanAndrews tag is being hammered today. Each red label is a suspicious account posting to the blue labels, which are hashtags. Image
A 'suspicious' account is based on a combination of age of account, followers/following over time and volume of tweets per day over lifetime. Verified accounts are not considered suspicious, and suspicious doesn't mean the account is a bot or troll.
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