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We've had billions of years before us. There will be billions of years after. And in that time, will anything have been accomplished? (We will remember ourself)
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I supported Israel when I was younger. Like you, I thought it was solely an response to the Holocaust. I hated the Arabs for being so selfish, refusing to live in peace with the world's most victimized people. If anyone deserved a segregated state, surely it was Jews. Why fight? As I got older, I grew to understand that bigotry is ignorant cowardice. There's no intellectual basis for bigotry, and that's why it's a threat to us all.

Bigotry is why our democracies are being imperiled.

Likud's Israel stands as a monument to the bigots of the world.
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If you believe in antisemitism, then you believe Israel has got to exist. For defense. As a global panic room for Jews. If things ever get too crazy, there's a place to go and be safe.

I mean, if I were born into something like that, I don't think I'd give it up either... If Zionism were a noble ideology, borne of goodness and faith, then it'd be easy to blame everyone else in the world for sponsoring and condoning antisemitism.

It's be right to say "We must build a fortress for our people!!"

If, you believe there's no other way... if you quit.
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Conservative governments don't do a very good job with their economies.

The Canadian Liberals?

They set the pace for the entire globe. This is as good a government as you're going to find. Democracy pays off.

Citizens did this for themselves.

#cdnmedia We call it #Trudeau's economy because he's managing it, but it's everyday citizens who recognize the value of good government that elected his party.

We made this happen. Citizens.

@JustinTrudeau would be the first person to tell you that.

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The war on Palestine began with the First Zionist Congress in the 1880s.

The first aliyah to Israel was welcomed by Palestinians, who helped get them established and taught them how to farm.

The Second Aliyah to Palestine were ordered not to do business with, or employ Arabs. There were sixty years between the First Zionist Congress and the 1948 War.

A LOT happened during those years, but the Holocaust erased that history from our memories.

Zionists targeted an unsuspecting, trusting population. Arabs welcomed their new neighbors.
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Not a lot of people will remember it, but Zionists had several "conquests" they had to achieve in order to create their State.

The conquests of Land and Labour were key to their success. #TheMoreYouKnow You gotta go way back to really understand the subject matter.
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When the Liberals ran Ontario, we had an economy that could grow services at 4% every single year, without any additional cost to taxpayers.

And we would have paid off our debt while doing it.

Ontario would have had a surplus going into the pandemic.

Instead, we got robbed. This was published by the @FraserInstitute in 2014.

Fact is, when we had a sustainable economy; #CDNmedia just ran debt scare stories while @fordnation said we were bankrupt.

And within a year of his election he was outspending the Liberals by double.
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This "News Outlet" has incited violence against all Canadian institutions, including against police officers.

You'll find that the offenders who killed these officers were avid readers of Nationalist Post.
#cdnmedia Let's just look at their narrative.

Citizens are suffering under a malicious liberal presence that seeks to control the nation and impose Marshall Law.

We'll be forced into poverty, rely on government handouts, 'own nothing and be happy'.

"All enforced by corrupt Cops."
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The @OntarioPCParty sends a message to its base:

Only White Folks are allowed to protest. See also:
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The Global Fascist movement bought Twitter. This platform was far too democratic for their liking. Allowing everyone access to the world's greatest minds and creating a global townhall is bad for the political fortunes of @IDUAlliance member parties.

They had to shut it down. When Facebook first started, there were no bots. Users were eager and genuine. Trolling developed over time, but in the beginning, the platforms were clean.

What you'd notice was that there weren't many conservatives.

Their numbers disadvantage was stark. A third of us all.
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The Diaspora is the beating heart of Judaism.

They are an example of the very best in our common humanity.

'Social Justice' wouldn't be the same without their brave and honest efforts throughout the last few centuries.

Truly, they are a light unto the world. God's love. I see myself in every culture.

I learned it from the Diaspora.

Judaism survived because they shared a story together for thousands of years.

It is our story, too.

It is a human story.
It's about life in a world of threats and irrational hate.

Liberals should identify.
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The thing is,

Elon Musk is being financed to destroy this platform.

They don't have to answer to Shareholders. They can destroy the brand if they want to.

Media Execs will sink all the money they want into this; because they're losing customers to Twitter users. There are Autocrats around the world who would pay hundreds of millions in taxpayer money to spike a global communications platform that's bringing democracy to the far reaches of the planet.

This platform is all about engagement.

Corporate Media offers the opposite. #BigData