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1) No need to wait around for declass. We have so much more than we realize. The declass are the final nails in their coffins. Let's go back to Lyin Comey's May 3, 2017 testimony right before correctly FIRED @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @almostjingo @909946zill
2) Watch the guy right over Comey's shoulder and listen carefully @drawandstrike @themarketswork @TheLastRefuge2 @2xwide_dreaming @Shem_Infinite
3) 08/28/18 Despite Comey Assurances, Vast Bulk of Weiner Laptop Emails Were Never Examined, Real Clear Investigations, Paul Sperry…
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1/ The Charter of the Holy Roman Empire.

This Charter contains 17 Articles & connects #Pope Francis to the #HolyRomanEmpire . This proves the connection between the #Vatican & #HolyRomanEmpire & that The #Pope answers to the #Chancellor & #GrandMaster of the #HRE

#Q #QAnon
2/ Charter of the Holy Roman Empire Association

The #Imperial Order and Association of the #Nobility of the #HolyRomanEmpire, which has been preserved for many centuries for the defence of Christianity, which originates from the First Noble #Knights of the Holy Roman Empire
3/ Artical One

The Seat of the Imperial Order is in #London, at the residence of the #Chancellor & #GrandMaster of the #Imperial Order.

#HolyRomanEmpire #HRE
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1/ This thread will be the start on my thread on the Holy Roman Empire.

Yes, The Holy Roman Empire Still exists. Their Symbolism is everywhere.
Since the days of Charlemagne 25th December 800 AD, to the present day, the Nobility of the Holy Roman Empire are still in charge.
2/ Their Need For Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall .
3/ This thread will include All the Nobility, their Family names , their titles, Countries & Free Imperial City States of the Holy Roman Empire including the Members of the Holy See & The Imperial Ecclesiastical Nobility !
#HRE #Vatican #HolySee
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[Example CA]…?
What ‘family’ runs CA?
They are all connected.
The More You Know….

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i want to take the time to tell you all about how many stories people are sending me about their issues with Discord

there's a metric fuckton and I could fuel the thread forever with these stories.

im currently grappling with a "where's the limit?" concern in that regard.
The problem is really that bad
The problem isn't going to go away on it's own either.
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1/ Finally reading Jill Abramson's Merchants of Truth (not the uncorrected 'galley proofs' others bemoaned). It tracks NYT, WaPo, Vice and BuzzFeed between 2007 and now.

This thread will be Vice.

I'll tweet things of interest and call out any errors.
2/ The book was officially released this morning.
3/ Search results for "not vice", "notvice" and "voshart" have no results. 😶
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30m impressions in 90 days
Twitter sees more than most realize.
Educate yourself.
Re-read past drops.
All that is required is ONE of the following:

- Email address used for any online purchase ever
- Cell phone number associated to a "utility" (ie ID required to obtain)
This data is extracted using products from companies like Teradata that mass import Twitter data, Amazon data, Facebook data, Google data (including Gmail emails), etc. all into a single aggregate database of your "profile". Twitter is licensing this data and selling it.
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1) Did you know the Kadzik was the DNC's attorney during the nineties? @almostjingo @BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport #WickedWok #TheMoreYouKnow
2) 10/04/97 CAMPAIGN FINANCE: RAISING THE MONEY; Party Officials Orchestrated White House Sleepovers

“But Peter J. #Kadzik, a lawyer for the D.N.C., said the Senate committee's document requests had been overly broad.”
3) 06/21/98 Fund-Raiser Says Democrats Pressed for Cash

*****"hard evidence that China had planned to influence the 1996 Presidential election"****

"Peter J. #Kadzik, a lawyer for the Democratic committee..."
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1.✍️This is my thread re: #BeliefPatterns & how our minds can be manipulated.
🧠 Knowledge is power 💡

Read on patriots! 🇺🇸

Recently, I shared my blog article called #WhatAreYouGoingToBelieve 💊📺🤔🐇

👇To read article here click on link here👇…

2. How is that the #MSM #FakeNews media was able to control a #ProgrammedNarrative that has enslaved our minds for decades? 🧠🆘❗️🤡


A link Ive shared is called the #CenturyOfTheSelf

3. The word "Programming" requires no symbolism.

😮😮😮It's in your face. 😮😮😮

🎸Jim Morrison said:

#WhomeverControlsTheMediaControlsTheMind 🧠

(Side note: do you know what Jim's dad did? Dig...)


(Why did Jim really die? Why do so many celebrities die?)
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Remember when there was a thwarted terror attack in Garland, TX? Comey's FBI groomed them, waived their background checks, took to a #FastAndFurious Gun Shop #LoneWolfTrading with an agent driving behind them. #TheMoreYouKnow @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @wynterklaus
Comey personally was sued too…
Comey was sued for lying directly to the American people here. Says finding these guys is like finding a needle in a haystack when really they were pet terrorists.…
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Can you believe this? The Deep State is in FULL PANIC! The crazy FAKE NEWS MEDIA is completely unhinged! They smeared a bunch of Catholic school boys wearing red MAGA hats on a field trip to the Lincoln Memorial for starting a racist altercation with a Native American...
... protestor only to find out later (after these kids were maligned all over the Internet) that it was the protestor who was at fault for starting the confrontation! Now, the media is falling all over itself to APOLOGIZE! What? QAnon said the media will turn on their...
...masters in order to try and weather the coming storm once things started to get crazy, and they became exposed as lapdogs for the Cabal. With CNN's Chris Coumo and Jake Tapper all of the sudden defending Trump and the Wall and challenging Buzzfeed's crap article about...
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🇺🇸 Ready patriot friends? 🇺🇸

✓ We have some homework to do this weekend. 📝

Thank you to all who walk by FAITH and keep an OPEN MIND 🧠

This thread has a link here that is only good for 24 hours as of this post,
so kindly click here to watch now 👇…
👇 Here is the screenshot of what this show is about 👇

Remember that when any human is being presented with literally #OutOfThisWorld information, one must set aside all previous beliefs, dogmas and ego issues to accept the truth


Read carefully...
🛸 WHAT are the #Draco ?? 🛸

They are NOT greys or science fiction stories.

This is what Q refers to as the P for #Pindar

These are the truths, told flat out from a Navy Intelligence officer with top secret clearance, who worked with top Generals and Military Intelligence
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Ok. So. Drugs are a serious problem for many people, including some I know & love personally. Addiction is never funny.

It's a good thing therefore that my only addiction is chocolate. Because y'all can feel free to laugh at me on Percocet w/a clear conscience.

2/ As many of you know, I threw my back out while hand sewing. I never said what I was making.

Background: two years ago my son drew a monster that was so cute, I paid a large sum to a brilliant woman on Etsy to turn it into a stuffy. LOOK😍
3/ More recently my son outgrew some Hannah Anderson pajamas (also there were holes, so we couldn't donate them). We got the idea to "make them into something" for Daddy's Christmas. We would remember his childhood pajamas forever!

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Excellent article regarding
P = #Pindar

The P is one of the turning points of the Q board. Still a bit early for this disclosure, but be still, Patriots, & know.


Don’t be mislead by a single narrative.

Read here 👇…
The ancient civilizations, our ancestors, knew.
This is about the #Pindar
This is what full disclosure is going to bring: truth, knowledge, finally, the world will know how the human race really got here.
Christ tried to warn us - these are demons.
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12.29.18 ML.
RD UP 12.29.18
10.5.17 CALM B-4 STORM
10.28.17 Q PHENOM
The Bible numerology code number 8. The number eight in the Bible signifies Resurrection and Regeneration. It is the number of a new beginning. ... The resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate new beginning. It is said in The Bible that Jesus rose on the first day of the next week
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Phone f@☆☆ing atm. just thought I'd drop this (sorry my ss are in CST)
POTUS tweet this am with "NOW" was part of a delta 167.
Q167 crumb, What is the keystone.
Story in next tweet. Look at the pic...the key is 11.
"The Cineforum 463"
Every number in the story is another Q post to search.
Example, Q80
"Alice & Wonderland"…
Remember the POTUS tweet from this am that had "NOW" in it?
The Wall + Alice & Wonderland.
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🤔 Who was Ann Dunham really? 🤔

Did you know she's tied to the #JFK assassination?

Here are some interesting facts about:


Looks like we have a mini circus here!

Let's take a quick look, and y'all can go from there:
Ann Dunham's uncle was Charles Paine. Related to Ruth Forbes Paine - a CIA operative potential #MotherOfDarkness

You can't write this sh*t.

Also known as Ruth Young since was married conveniently to several key players involved in clown ops that led to the cabal hit on JFK.
Let's take a look at who Arthur M. Young was:…

NOTE: "Their son Michael Paine married Ruth Hyde Paine, a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald's wife Marina, who was living with her at the time of the JFK assassination.[4]"

Getting the picture?
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Trolling the FAKE NEWS media is FUN!

T & Q placed together.
What a coincidence.
The More You Know…

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1/ Do you know where the tradition of receiving the key to life upon your 21st 'birthday' originated? Did you even know of the tradition?

It has to do with commerce, where you are the commodity.

Keep reading for more info.
3/ Big #Throwback to Rome, 1230 AD where it all stems from. Perseus purposed the laws of the time to use 'the Family name, or surname in order to convert the public into the private contracts of Rome' by creating 'The-Quasi-Trust'

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COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum.


15 Logical Fallacies You Should Know Before Getting Into a Debate


Some may, or may not, know how IMPORTANT and USEFUL this knowledge is to IDENTIFY shills/clowns/trolls in our community.

Please take a moment to check, or double check the above 2 tweets, and see how they apply to your online/offline communications.

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1. In light of today's #NewQ, it's time to update my old #D5 thread from back in Aug. Thanks to @StormIsUponUs, @intheMatrixxx, and @BasedBasterd for connecting dots here. Let's dig in.…
2. #D5 #Directive5 #DirectiveFive is a Sept. 11 era plan to basically institute #MartialLaw in response to some domestic emergency. It involves the activation of a National Incident Management System (NIMS). Sounds eerily like Q post #34, the most famous of all. #Coincidence?
3. We've seen time and again how @POTUS has turned control mechanisms made by the bad guys against them. #D5 was Bush's plan to take control in the wake of his Sept. 11 "War on Terror," now it's about to be used to restore our republic. #BoomerangSuicide #HuntersBecomeTheHunted
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Evidence of DEW in genocidal California wildfires

I'm combining CA fires #CampFire #WoolseyFire info w/ recent 9/11 thread because neither tragedies will ever make sense without studying the use of dark weapons technology

Amazing precision in destruction
Wait so accidental false emergency evacuation alert from Red Cross in August??? #DEW practice drill #CaliforniaFires
Fires #DEW #QAnon California WildFires MalibuFire #WWG1WGA evacuation paradisefire Calabasas #deepstate #TheStorm

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SocGen To Pay $1.3 Billion To Settle US Sanctions Violations Against Iran, Sudan And Cuba…
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