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Fascinated by how #cdnmedia claims concern over climate+Indigenous matters while completely ignoring the Liberal Govt's unprecedented leadership on protected marine areas -- by 2019, already the greatest of all time and of all nations, and committed to at least 30% by 2030.
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The incredible stupidity behind writing something like this nearly makes my head explode.

Do they actually think that when prices for buying a house goes down that suddenly 1,000s of rental unit disappear into thin air?

The problem isn't supply, the primary problem is greed.
25 years ago I wrote an op-ed for a mid-sized daily that complained about price gouging in a tight rental market. I was attack mercilessly by conservatives and real estate investors/agents. I warned that people will be displaced, I was ignored by MSM.
#cdnmedia dropped this ball for decades. They've allowed gov at all levels easy outs when it comes to the 'complex' issue of affordable housing.

The gist of this complex issue is how to offer affordable housing in a market designed by those in that market for their benefit.
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Long 🧵 on threats posted on Twitter with impunity against the @CanadianPM.
After watching the Jan. 6 proceedings yesterday regarding Trump’s Twitter incitements to violence, one reflected on analogous incitements in 🇨🇦Canada by like-minded people…
We’ve all seen the vomitorium on here involving mindless Trudeau hatred spewed forth by individuals that can’t manage in most cases to articulate the reasons for their upset with him.
Sometimes their rants turn to threats, express or implied, against his life.
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🧵We'll be dropping updates and information from researchers and journalists about various #CanadaDay incidents and events in this thread. ⬇️

If you see something we should include, send us a DM!

#CanadaDay2022 #Ottawa #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
We'll start with a roundup of some coverage from yesterday.

@atRachelGilmore covered Poilievre's walk with James Topp here:…
@atRachelGilmore Despite some people saying they are not planning to occupy Ottawa, other organizers have previously said they plan to stay throughout the summer.…
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A reminder of what a delusional psychopath Tom Marazzo is. This toxic nut-job who was fired from his job, not elected to anything, imagined himself as high level negotiator “willing” to sit down with elected opposition. The entitlement of these assholes is unreal. #FreeDumbConvoy
Tamara Lich, Tom Marazzo, Quiggin, Dichter, Pat King, Chris Sky, all of them, fit the description from this past tweet.
the #TyrannyOfTheStupid.

#FreeDumbConvoy #cdnpoli
The CAF’s wording of Marazzo’s full release from the CAF suggests he was let go. They won’t say why. #FreeDumbConvoy
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The #January6thCommitteeHearings have taught us that the violence on #January6th was intentional & planned. So we in 🇨🇦 must ask ourselves what the intentions are of #FreeDumbConvoy for July 1st?

As Ive said many times during #CoupTruxKlan, it was both an op & a grift. #cdnpoli
Just as #GOP members of Congress helped plan the #January6th coup plot, so too are #Conservatives in 🇨🇦 in on the #FreeDumbConvoy plot. #NevrePoilievre & #MurphyBrownshirt are 2 obvious examples, but there are others. #cdnpoli
There are cross-border disinformation/propaganda networks poised to spin lies about #FreeDumbConvoy just as these networks did last time. #TrueNorthCentre #PostMedia #JCCF #Rebel #PostMillennial #FoxNews #OANN #NewsMax. This piece of the story is critical to pay attention to…
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🧵To read the histrionics being promulgated by the likes of @RobynUrback, you’d think the declaration of a public order emergency in February involved tanks in the streets, rubber bullets if not worse, and mass arrests and detention. Let’s give our heads a shake: the vast …
majority of Canadians applauded, the declaration had immediate effect in reversing the abject failures of multiple police services, lasted mere days, and was rescinded as soon as the necessary effects had been realized.
The decision to make the declaration obviously rested on …
multiple sources of information and multiple ministerial and official perspectives. The notion that there exists some kind of rulebook that ministers and officials would cite in unison in identical terms in giving their accounts of why the decision was made is simply adolescent…
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Once again, @TwitterCanada has shut off replies & retweets to one of my tweets. No explanation given. I see horrible tweets, hate-filled, disinformation & so on, that Twitter allows unabated. So why is a tweet like this being shut down? #cdnmedia #cdnpoli #ONpoli
Oops, I cut off the screenshots showing retweets & replies shut off. You can see it in this image.
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Many people trying to read this explosive article of Doug Ford in bed with Russians, creating a back channel to bypass US sanctions, are getting a 502 error. So I’ll attach screenshots from @Kelans27. PLEASE AMPLIFY! #VoteFordOutJune2 #OntarioVotes #ONpoli #cdnpoli #PCcorruption Image
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Since #DougFord only holds staged fake “rallies” for photos & videos spoon fed to #cdnmedia, then protest his donors & propagandists instead. Stage a protest @RogersMediaPR @BellMediaPR at #Postmedia esp at his disinformation propaganda rag the Toronto Sun. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.
Stage protests at Galen Weston’s house. Loblaws corporate headquarters. Shoppers Drug Mart headquarters. Make the people installing #DougFord accountable for the strip mining of Ontario for their own bloated morbidly obese wealth. #VoteFordOutJune2 #MakeThemAccountable #ONpoli
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Great thread.

#cdnmedia also contributed to polarizing our society & also needs attention. Eg, the obsession with Clinton's emails led to the rise of Trump. Similarly, wrongful WE coverage led to the dissolution of a valuable Charity. Ironically, NDP & CPC did its part. #cdnpoli
The excellent article in Stephen Maher's thread

Why Is Politics Getting Nastier?
With threats and harassment rising, running for office has become a dangerous job…
Regulate the System, Not the Speech

"...democratic governments around the world are finally stepping up."…
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Thread. 🧵

Here is list to date of allegations against truckers convoy proven false by police & other federal authorities.

#disinformation #misinformation #cdnmedia #onpoli #cdnpoli #EmergenciesAct #FreedomConvoy #Charter40 @Safety_Canada @JusticeCanadaEN @OttawaPolice

1/8 Image
— March 19 @TorontoStar story that police found “weapons inside some of the trucks,” that “loaded shotguns were found.” None were found.

— March 11 @CBCNews story that “total economic damage” cost Ottawa $200 million. Compensation claims to April 15 totaled $820,000.

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Mkay...Pigeon Boy says Canada has lots of land so housing should be cheap😕He also says he's going to force mayors in big cities to build more houses😕😕He says people should be able to make their own medical decisions😕😕😕He says people should take back control - from what?
1. I'd bet land north northern Sask might be cheaper than downtown Tor or Van but there aren't many subway stations.
2. Force "Mayors" to build houses...sounds like a commie thing to me.
3. Medical decisions? Like what kind of antibiotic to take for that nether regions rash?
2nd mkay...I thought populists were supposed to be sly devils, preaching one thing while meaning another. PP is just f**king idiot.

PP: "What will I do?"

"Well, you don't want me to say what I'll do.
You want me to do what I'll say."

And the crowd goes wild!!!
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I find it interesting that for someone who has worked on a few budgets, in fiscal policy at Finance Canada, and an economist, I got one media spot for #Budget2022. Just goes to show that Black women aren't called to talk about important matters like money in #cdnmedia or #cdnpoli
If #cdnmedia really wants to diversify then they need to rethink what "experts" look like. And #cdnmedia has determined that people who can speak on issues of finance and economics aren't Black women like myself. There is no representation there #Budget2022
I've even done budget lockup 2 or 3 times. Did @CBCNews @CTVNews or @globalnews reach out?
Apparently Black women can only talk about Black things and not about "serious" topics. That is the media bias some of us talk about and it's discriminatory
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What is going on in Canadian news media? This does not apply to ALL reporters, or all media sources all the time, but it applies to many of them all the time and all of them some of the time. #cdnmedia #cdnpoli 1/12
Reporters ask "gotcha" questions, then report on a lack of answer. Like reporters at the start of the pandemic demanding to know when the pandemic would end, then posting stories about how PMJT "refuses" to tell them when the pandemic will end. 2/12
News completely ignores good news stories, like water advisories being lifted. This does a disservice to all Canadians. Good news is worthy of reporting and is, indeed, important to report. If you only report things you deem negative, the media actually skews the news. 3/12
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The story of how the utterly malignant #EzraLevant & Rebel Media used #SLAPP suits to prevent the public from learning about the connection between “Rebel News” & the #ChristchurchMassacre, is but one such case of many.… #cdnmedia #cdnpoli
It begs the question: who pays for #EzraLevant’s #SLAPP suits as well as all his other legal bills? Who are the beneficiaries of Rebel’s disinformation? Certainly not the public & most definitely NOT the “working class”. “Rebel” is Putinesque propaganda.
#EzraLevant, in addition to using #SLAPP, routinely uses troll farm operations both to harass people on social media & to amplify “Rebel Media” disinformation. Levant partners with other malignant sociopathic actors: #cdnmedia #cdnpoli
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1) Don’t blockade, advocate.

That’s the thought that stayed with me throughout the Ottawa protest and occupation. If all the energy that went in to building a well-supplied encampment within the city of Ottawa had been harnessed, nurtured, and steered towards structuring their
2) activism and advocacy into clear and concise messages, actions and proposals, there are better than even odds that the government of Canada would have been forced to develop a different strategy than enacting the Emergencies Act.
3) That’s not to say I agree with the occupation of Canada’s capital. Nor do I feel you grow support for your cause by creating intolerable conditions for people and businesses to live and operate in the spaces you occupy. While I am very much a supporter of legal protests and
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1/ My random wishlist of threads of Investigations & Recommendations for the inquiry / commission post-enactment of EA.
- REC: Critical infrastructure demarcation to include all border crossings and roads / spaces leading up to it. Joint fed-prov jurisdiction. Or fed only.
2/ REC: Legislate for all crowdfunding/crypto/social media platforms to report ‘large’ money & digital transfers from abroad, as initiated by EA. CDNs were okay with this happening post 9/11 as it applied to ‘suspicious’, s/times innocent transfers of $ especially from Muslims.
3/ INVESTIGATE: a) Who French got authority from to negotiate with convoy leaders? b) Why did he select the front of Parliament Hill to direct trucks to, placing the Hill & PMO in strategically weak position? Was it a political move to drive the problem to PM’s literal doorstep?
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The supposed attack on a #CGL site in BC stinks worse than a 2-week-old rotting fish.
So for #cdnmedia who are too lazy to engage their brains after they're handed a police press release, I'm going to lay out all the puzzling bits, based on what we know so far. Long🧵
1. First and foremost is the timing. A violent attack immediately after the Emerg Act is enacted giving police extra powers to deal with violent protests. Also not long after CGL is forced to admit their project is haemorrhaging $$. This timing along makes this sus
2. MO - Up til now there has not been a single violent attack by anti-CGL land defenders. In every case where @Wetsuweten Chiefs have acted against CGL sites, they have provided advance warning, conducted their work calmly and in broad daylight, and any equipment that was...
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I said this yesterday & I’ll reiterate. The groups behind this op WANT strong-arm tactics. They’ve been saying 🇨🇦 is “an authoritarian country”. They’ve been telegraphing how they’ll play this. Toxic “Rebel” disinformationists accidentally reveal what their aims are. #FluTruxClan ImageImageImage
The backers of this op & their chaos agents, want a giant propaganda opportunity by having the military haul off their Brownshirt shock troops, oops I mean, salt of the earth, give you the shirt off their backs “truckers”.
#InfoOps #cdnpoli @JustinTrudeau #FluTruxKlan ImageImageImageImage
A better strategy (although slower), would be handing out mounting & accumulating fines. Towing vehicles, insurance companies canceling their insurance, citizens boycotting businesses that donated, making politicians like Poilievre & Bergen wear what their seditious acts #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
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While #Ottawa’s under siege, think about how we got here. It isn’t by chance. We gave way too much air time to vaccine hesitancy (while most Canadians stepped up - indeed, hunted - for vaccine) and too little thought to the ties between antivaxx movements and the far-right. 🧵
Read @NoLore’s Spin Doctors. Pay attention to her chapter on vaccines. As physicians and scientists, we kept telling journalists that vaccines were safe and effective. Most Canadians agreed, yet media reported as though hesitancy was widespread. 2/13
“There was one group that benefited greatly from the manufactured worry related to vaccine hesitancy: the nascent movement of hucksters, extremists, white supremacists and new age health activists who formed the backbone of Canada’s anti-vaccination movement…”(@NoLore) 3/13
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Some loose threads. Not sure how they tie together quite yet, but I’m putting them out, untied.

There was a definite connection between Ezra Levant’s “Rebel”, Keean Bexte propaganda, Post Millennial, #TrueNorthCentre, & the promotion of both #NevrePoilievre & #FluTruxKlan op.
I’ll primarily use #TrueNorthCentre as the example, but the same thing was happening across RW propaganda media, including #Postmedia products. Namely, the takedown of O’Toole & the amplifying of Poilevre…using a litany of fake accounts. #NevrePoilievre #FluTruxKlan #cpcldr
The amplification of tweets that involved O’Toole’s leadership “review” saw a steady supply of fake accounts claiming to want Poilevre. To make it seem as though there was a large grassroots demand for #NevrePoilievre.

#cdnpoli #cpcldr #FluTruxKlan
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I love how #cdnmedia are now wondering how a "protest" which has ZERO to do with a NON EXISTENT Fed govt Vax mandate for CDN truckers
Has gotten out of control
Are you kidding me ,you had a responsibility to report FACTS,not to legitimize an obvious coup attempt
OWN your part
Many tried to warn you
You ignored it
Many begged you to clarify and still are
Doesn't matter if Prov govt's lifted every pandemic restriction,if CDN border protocols were lifted
JFC do your job,there's still time to save face
Do some real investigative journalism
Follow the money
Don't give interviews to these terrorists,expose their leaders
Ask why the Ford Gov't allowed the occupation of an Ontario city
Talk about 90% 💉 truckers who are doing their jobs,while fringe anarchists take 🇨🇦 hostage
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Hey folks ..
I'm asking you to think back for a moment
Remember when the FREEDUMB f*uckers ,aided and abetted by #cdnmedia
Tried to claim they were concerned about the supply chain ?
And I said ..
They don't give a rat's ass about the supply chain ....
Further I said ..
They will create issues and shortages and along with their most ardent supporters #CONvoyPartyCanada
will then try to blame the Fed Gov't for the 💩show THEY are creating

What I NEVER saw coming ..
Prov govt's and police forces sitting on their hands
Never thought they'd stand for freedom of the 90% being hijacked by 1% fringe of the unvaxxed 10%ers nor a terrorist siege of their cities
No matter how media or CON Premiers or CPC try to massage this
Theses aren't "protesters"
Their cause isn't just,it isn't even real FFS
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