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23 Feb
How is NL doing on the vaccine roll out? Let's take a look at the numbers.
When it comes to doses received per capita, we're on par with most provinces, at about 5,000/100k people
But more of our vaccine is sitting in freezers than most 1/ #covid19nfld
Of the 24,000 doses received in NL, 16,500 have been administered, that's 67% of doses used. The only province worse is NS (58%). Saskatchewan has administered 104% of their doses (because they've extracted extra using special syringes) #covid19nfld
NL has been holding back second doses in freezers (other provinces haven't), so 4,232 doses are reserved for that, but that leaves 3,700 doses in freezers that aren't accounted for that could be administered #covid19nfld
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23 Feb
There are 15 new cases of COVID-19 today, all in the Eastern region.
There are 372 active cases, thanks to 50 new recoveries today
There are 5 people in hospital, 2 are in the ICU
Public Health is asking people on AC 7484 from Toronto to Deer Lake on Feb 19 to get a covid test, this is connected to the case in Western announced yesterday #covid19nfld
The province has gone back to reporting how many people are in the ICU (after the media pushed the issue yesterday) bringing it in line with other provinces that report these numbers #nlpoli
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22 Feb
Latest COVID-19 numbers in NL
There are 14 new cases in the province.
There are 2 travel related, on in Labrador, one in Western.
There have been 37 recoveries.
There are 407 active cases
No new our outstanding presumptive cases
There are 5 people in hospital #covid19nfld
Dr. Fitzgerald says it's encouraging that we're now seeing more recoveries than we see new cases.
"I am cautiously optimistic that we are making progress" but she says we are not out of the woods #covid19nfld
Dr. Fitzgerald reminds people the whole province is under level 5 lockdown.
Even outdoor activities should only be with people in your household, stay 6 feet away form everyone else #covid19nfld
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2 Dec 20
It's the COVID-19 update for NL
There is one new case, male 20-39 in Eastern region. It's travel related.
There are 30 active cases
"The status of COVID can change overnight" says Dr. Janice Fitzgerald.
She says changing information can be difficult. She says be careful about where you get your information, don't ask social media, turn to WHO, provincial or federal site #covid19nfld
Fitzgerald says you should NOT be planning parties and gatherings, a lot can change in the next few weeks. She says she's concerned about news of office parties being planned.
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30 Nov 20
The NL COVID briefing is underway...
Premier Andrew Furey says it may feel like we're slipping back to March, but "It's going to be ok, please don't panic. Take a deep breath and stay calm" #covid19nfld
Furey says focus on what you're and your family is doing, not what other people are doing, that's how we stay safe and avoid a lock down #covid19nfld
One new case today, a woman 20-30 in Eastern region. It's a contact of a traveller.

The case yesterday that was unknown is actually travel related

1 recovery today #covid19nfld
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18 Nov 19
This article focuses on the issue of pavement wear, but it turns out in a lot of situations studded tires are less safe than studless tires, a thread....
“For the majority of test results reviewed for snow, and for ice at lower temperatures, studded tires performed as well as or worse than the Blizzak tire.”…
Studded tires cause your ABS brakes to be less effective…
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