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24 Jul
In defence of Ruth Morrissey
Having listened to the Tánaiste's @LeoVaradkar attempt (below) at excusing the way that Ruth Morrissey was treated on the @TodayRadioRTE with the brilliant @SarahAMcInerney, I have the following to say:

Paul Morrissey, Ruth's widow, issued a damning statement following her death on Sunday stating that neither the State nor the @HSELive apologised to Ruth. This is correct. The State Apology that was delivered in October 2019 could NOT have included Ruth Morrissey...
Ruth never accepted the State apology. At the time of the apology, Ruth's legal team were in court dealing with issues concerning the Supreme Court appeal. It was insensitive of the Tánaiste to issue a statement sending his condolences but also refuting the family's statement
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20 May
Cancer screening and Covid19 – At what cost?

The Deputy CMO @ronan_glynn announced on @morningireland that he doesn’t see the resumption of cancer screening services in the ‘foreseeable future’ and advised anyone experiencing symptoms to consult their GP with any concerns.
There are a number of issues with this statement:

As far as I was aware the NPHET was established to oversee the health sector response to the #COVID19 emergency. As such, its remit is to provide direction, support and advice to Government and to the @HSELive.
I was not aware that the NPHET was responsible for making important decisions regarding the operation of our health service. I assumed that this was the remit of the HSE?

The mortality rate of Covid19 is less than 2%.
Cancer is THE biggest killer in Ireland.
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25 Apr
Accountability & Covid19 - A thread

On this date 2 years ago, Thursday April 25, 2018 I settled my court case & exposed the CervicalCheck debacle. This opened the door for other women and their families to get answers to questions about their cancer diagnosis, and, for many...
including me, to find some level of accountability for what had happened to us.

I campaigned for a review of our national cervical screening programme which resulted in the appointment of @gabrielscally & the eventual publication of the Scally Report, which marked a watershed
moment in Irish healthcare. The report produced by Dr. Scally and his team was unafraid to criticise & highlighted serious gaps in governance of CervicalCheck, huge flaws in our open disclosure policy and recommended the reinstatement of a Board to oversee the running of the HSE.
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16 Apr
#ReasonsToBeGrateful A long (but good) thread...

On this date, two years ago, on Mon, April 16, 2018, I received my first infusion of Pembrolizumab, the lifesaving immunotherapy drug that has not only kept me alive but living with a quality of life I did not think was possible
with terminal cancer.
I honestly thought that I would be spending my final months sick in bed and, possibly in a hospital or a hospice.

But, this drug has given me my life back. Apart from one stint in hospital in February 2019, I have been living my life like everyone else.
OK, I’m not running marathons or even close but I am able to get out for a walk every day and I am living my life, not waiting to die.

I made it to Orlando with my kids in August 2018 and to New Zealand last December for the holiday of a lifetime. In between, I have taken every
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7 Mar
RIGHT THAT'S IT ....A thread on why we need to postpone the St. Patrick's Day Parades

I am supporting our doctors and epidemiologists, like @ProfJohnCrown and Prof Sam McConkey and others who have called on the Government to to postpone the #StPatricksDayParade NOW... 1/6
And not in a week's time, or two days beforehand. Do the RIGHT thing now.

Yes, the economy will suffer BUT we postponed the parades in 2001 following the Foot and Mouth disease when Min for Agr Joe Walsh showed true leadership and postponed the parades until May of that year 2/6
And the economy recovered and, most importantly, the measures taken limited the spread of the disease. We must also remember that Foot & Mouth was a disease which ONLY affected livestock and famers' livelihoods. Human lives are at risk with #COVID19 yet our Government wait 3/6
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6 Mar
A #COVID19ireland thread....
As a result of the escalation in the number of cases of coronavirus, my oncologist contacted me last night to strongly advise me to avoid large gatherings of people since I am in an at risk groups for severe disease should I contract the virus 1/7
And so, I have cancelled all events for March in order to do my bit to help to contain the virus to protect myself but also to protect other vulnerable members of my community like my mother, who has rheumathoid arthritis and takes medication that suppresses her immune system 2/7
We ALL need to do what we can to slow the spread of this virus as much as possible in order to allow the @HSELive and @roinnslainte to get our hospitals as prepared as possible so that we maximise of having ICU beds for those who need them, when they need them. And so...3/7
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4 Dec 19
A LONG Thread...
I have decided to reactivate my Twitter account for a very brief period in order to express my views on the RCOG Review process. I fully support Lorraine Walsh’s decision to step down from the Cervical Check steering committee 1/9
I share Lorraine’s concerns about the RCOG review process. I would like to state, for the record, that I do not have confidence in the RCOG review process. The RCOG Review was established to examine the individual histories of women who had been through the CervicalCheck...2/9
screening system & who had developed cervical cancer and to determine, in cases where results were discordant, what was the impact on treatment, prognosis and outcome. It is notable that the focus yesterday by Government was on RCOG’s endorsement of the screening programme...3/9
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