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Catherine Martin kicks off the debate - saying the “monumental” negotiations have led to a “compromise - a blend of what’s important to us, but also what’s important to FF and FG”
She expressed regret that the party did not win more concessions on welfare, housing and arts - but “we should enter government with our eyes wide open... I have decided to vote yes… [in govt] we will always be prepared and able to push out the Green boundaries further”
Martin: There are political risks over going in, but: “These are risks worth taking.”
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Here are some very positive new charts about Ireland’s COVID progress presented by Prof Philip Nolan at Thursday’s COVID briefing. The number of deaths in Ireland speaks for itself. It is clearly on a downward trend.


#COVID19ireland #COVID #COVID19 #CoronavirusIreland
Even more confirmation of a downward trend in Irish COVID-19 deaths. The five-day moving average of the daily growth rate in deaths is close to zero. The picture itself says more than words can.


#COVID19ireland #COVID #COVID19 #CoronavirusIreland
The cumulative number of COVID-19 deaths in Ireland is clearly levelling off. Unfortunately over 1,200 have died so far, but at least the trend is slowing down.


#COVID19ireland #COVID #COVID19 #CoronavirusIreland
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As an Advanced Paramedic in #Ireland I have a few thoughts about the way we are dealing with the #COVID19ireland.In no particular order of importance (serious and funny... hopefully) these are my thoughts from a professional and personal point of view and not my employer.A thread
1- being able to assess patients at home with mild symptoms and advise to stay at home has been a huge advantage for us and will hopefully change our practice around treat and refer in the future and speed it up.
2- having GPs working in our control room is simply WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD... please stay please

3-All ED have slightly different systems for COVID patients so adapting to them can be a small challenge but always a learning opportunity.
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I was going to tweet this later in the week but the photos of traffic around the country made me worried.....a thread on #COVID19ireland so far 1/n
About two weeks ago, I started writing to my son. He's one, despite being #soadvanced, he can't read yet, but I wanted him to have some record of what it was like to live through a global pandemic & an event that was likely to mold the world he lived in. That was one reason 2/n
The second reason I started writing to him was that I was worried and afraid. I had spoken to colleagues in Italy and Spain, and they spoke of terrible events. I saw the death toll of healthcare workers & despite a vanishingly small risk to me, I wanted to make sure that if 3/n
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When there is a problem or need, Rotary asks "how can we help?"

Rotary groups across the UK and Ireland have been doing what they do best, supporting their communities.

📨 DM or email your stories to

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK | #COVID19ireland
1⃣ Rotary Silloth, Cumbria (@sillothrotary)

One of the first Rotary groups to begin helping people in their local area, club members packed support parcels for over-70s containing essentials like food and hygiene items. 🥫🧻

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK
2⃣ Rotary Maidenhead Bridge (@MheadBRotary)

Coordinating groups of volunteers has been vital in the #COVIDー19 outbreak, and Maidenhead Bridge Rotary have done exactly that. They've already supported 54 local families with their project.

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK
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The Health Protection Surveillance Centre have been informed of 325 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland.

There are now 3,235 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland.

@hpscireland @roinnslainte @HSELive @CMOIreland

The @hpscireland has been informed that an additional 17 patients diagnosed with #COVID19 in Ireland have died.

8 are in the east, 3 in the south and 6 in the west.

There have now been 71 #COVID19 related deaths in Ireland.

The median age of COVID-19 related deaths is 84.
Today’s data from @hpscireland, reveals:

· 50% are male and female, with 118 clusters involving
494 cases
· The median age of confirmed cases is 47 years

#COVID19ireland @HSELive @roinnslainte @CMOIreland
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[THREAD] Delivery boxes in #Ireland right now; Order online, delivered to your door.

<will add to this as-we-go, but please go direct to those tagged for specifics & more info>

📦@BoyneValleyFlav Box by @GNLarder
📦#CashelFoodBox by @CashelBlue
📦@IndieFude around Co. Down
📦@BeechlawnFarm around Connacht
📦Organic Republic around Co. Cork
📦🍷@winelabireland (greater #Dublin area, for now)
📦🥛@TheVillageDairy (locally)
📦 @avocaireland locally around outlets
📦@FallonandByrne Groceries-to-go, Dub 1-8
📦 @NeighbourFoodIE around Cork
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1/4 When should you wear scrubs or a face mask 😷 or even gloves?
Here’s our advice to staff @_TheNMH please don’t use PPE inappropriately we need it to look after our staff and patients. #covid19 #WeAreInThisTogether @HSELive @IEHospitalGroup @paulreiddublin
2/4 In the Yellow Zone; the areas surrounding where we look after patients with confirmed or suspected #Covid19 we still don’t wear face masks but we do have filtered air and wear scrubs @_TheNMH
3/4 In the RED Zone we wear full PPE but it varies depending on how long & how close our contact is and if we are doing an at risk procedure @_TheNMH or not. #Covid_19
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The Government has today approved a series of emergency measures to protect tenants who have been impacted by #Covid19Ireland. Moratoriums on evictions and rent increases are being introduced to ensure people can stay in their homes. @HousingPress…
The notice period for tenancies of less than six months is also being increased from 28 to 90 days. Minister @MurphyEoghan intends to publish legislation next week to amend the Residential Tenancies Act 2004-2019 to give effect to these changes.…
The emergency measures being announced today complement those announced by the 5 main retail banks yesterday, in relation to the flexibility – such as 3 month mortgage breaks – which will be offered to those with buy-to-let mortgages whose tenants have been impacted by the virus.
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The Government has today approved legislation to support the national response to the #COVID19Ireland crisis.
The legislation provides for enhanced income supports for people who are diagnosed with, or required to self-isolate due to, #Covid19Ireland, as announced by the Government on 9th March.
It also provides for changes to remove the waiting period for payment of Jobseekers Benefit and Jobseekers Allowance in these circumstances. #covid19ireland
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A government press conference on #Covid19 (separate to the daily Dept of Health one with latest stats) about to begin at Govt Buildings. Watch live on, and more details on @virginmedianews at 8pm
Varadkar begins with a rundown of today’s engagements and events, including phone call with @vonderleyen
🚨 Varadkar: there will be an exponential increase in the number of cases over the coming days and weeks - 30% per day - that is inevitable and cannot be stopped; it's only possible to flatten the curve in a few weeks time
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There are welcome reports in the media today on government formation talks that there is an acknowledgment that it is not possible to seriously and coherently develop multi-year policies stretching out to 2025 while grappling with #coronavirusireland (1/9)
In light of this, presumably any government that is put together to deal with #COVID19ireland will only be in place for the short-term. Logically, in the absence of any policy agreement on how to tackle longer-term issues, it is difficult to see how it could be otherwise. (2/9)
In this context,I still believe that a national government put in place for the next number of months would be best placed to deliver a unified response and take the extraordinarily difficult decisions that may be required to combat this singular common threat. (3/9)
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Day 1: comes to a close, they're in bed, asleep, both of them, days 2 and 3 are the weekend but with no swimming lessons or football, we'll see how far we get #kids #vectors
Day 2: work from home with these 2 nutcases in the house, 9am, one is singing about potato's while the other throws jigsaws on the floor, we're hoping this isn't the high point of the day! #vectors #COVID19 #StayAtHome
Day 2: it's actually day 4, days 2 and 3 were the weekend, having to put down the laptop to go play in the garden was a good thing, breaks the day up nicely Ninja Kidz TV doesn't seem to make you more productive, Peppa's still a bitch #COVID19 #vectors #StayTheFHome
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1/n I try to keep twitter for professional interest. Now, I need to help my country. Data has been showing Doubling Day factor of 3-4 from the beginning. Infections double every 4 days. 20% need respiratory help and half of those need ICU. Please #FlattenTheCurve #COVID19ireland
2/n Most of my professional network here in the #Agile #Kanban community understand data. Model the number of ICU facilities in Ireland against the infection rate of #COVID19 and look at the data. The worldwide Doubling Day factor is currently 5. We all have a part to play in it
3/n This is exponential growth, not linear growth we are dealing with. Death rate increases when you run out of ventilators and respiratory care. Please take this seriously and help our health service. Take social distance and hand hygiene seriously.…
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It seems strange that the St Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin, and other major parades elsewhere in Ireland, would go ahead given the current #COVID19ireland #coronavirusireland crisis. 1/5
People are understandably concerned given the anticipated rise in cases over the next few weeks, and individuals, communities, voluntary organisations, businesses, and public officials and bodies are all taking steps to contain its spread. 2/5
Bringing hundreds of thousands of people together for parades does not seem appropriate in those circumstances nor does it give the right message as to the actions and sacrifices we must take to limit transmission. 3/5
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A #COVID19ireland thread....
As a result of the escalation in the number of cases of coronavirus, my oncologist contacted me last night to strongly advise me to avoid large gatherings of people since I am in an at risk groups for severe disease should I contract the virus 1/7
And so, I have cancelled all events for March in order to do my bit to help to contain the virus to protect myself but also to protect other vulnerable members of my community like my mother, who has rheumathoid arthritis and takes medication that suppresses her immune system 2/7
We ALL need to do what we can to slow the spread of this virus as much as possible in order to allow the @HSELive and @roinnslainte to get our hospitals as prepared as possible so that we maximise of having ICU beds for those who need them, when they need them. And so...3/7
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1/#PositiveID formerly VeriChip is the new Company that combines w 2 other companies w tech 4 #MarkOfTheBeast manipulation of DNA, etc Unredeemable if take
ALL coming into play b/c of this virus
June 17,2017 1 of 2 videos
3rd vid conts this & end times.
3/This vid discusses end time events coalescing to mark End of Days & soon departure of the Bride of Christ-watch dates of Purim March 10th-also end of Israels 70th year(had provisional Govt until 3/10/49, then Passover April 9th
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