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Professor Economics @LBS Co-founder @Longevity_Forum. Thinks, writes and talks #longevity #ageing and #THFC. Author "The 100-Year Life" & "The New Long Life"
Jul 6, 2021 12 tweets 8 min read
Delighted to see my paper “The Economic Value of Targeting Aging” -written with @NuCampEconomics and @davidasinclair – published in @NatureAging…
Here is a thread explaining the main results-

#aging #longevity 1/12 Life expectancy has increased dramatically over last 150 years - most US children born today are expected to live into their mid-80s #longevity. This has shifted the disease burden towards chronic Non-Communicable diseases #aging and an increase in years spent in poor health 2/12 ImageImage
Jan 8, 2020 15 tweets 6 min read
When talking about #longevity & #100yearlife I am often asked whether recent UK life expectancy data undermines the need to prepare for longer lives. Here are a few comments explaining why rather than undermine the debate they actually make it more urgent The rate at which UK life expectancy has been increasing has slowed down in recent years. This is clearly bad news although slowdowns have happened before & its too early to know if this is a long lasting shift in trend or just a temporary slowdown