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💊 Older adults make up 56% of the global cancer population, yet they're just 40% of participants in new cancer therapy trials. The underrepresentation of this key demographic in clinical trials is a major concern. #clinicaltrials #healthcare #aging Image
💊Trials biased towards younger patients without comorbidities and multiple prescription drugs yield cleaner datasets but may not provide sufficient evidence on drug safety and efficacy for older populations. 2/3
#ClinicalTrials #aging #healthcare Image
💊 US and UK regulators recognize the problem and have issued guidelines to address it recently. While guidelines and incentives can make a difference, legislation may be necessary to fully tackle the problem in the end. ⚖️ 3/3
#ClinicalTrials #aging #healthcare #FDA Image
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In this one, HMB supplementation was associated with improvements in muscle strength, physical performance and muscle quality (defined as the handgrip strength/fat-free mass ratio) in older adults with sarcopenia during a resistance exercise program. Image
- This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study aimed to evaluate whether HMB supplementation can improve muscle strength, function, and body composition in older adults with sarcopenia.
- This study included subjects aged ≥60 years with sarcopenia which were assigned to the HMB group or the placebo group.
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This one found a bidirectional, dose-response relationship between handgrip strength and cognitive function in a multinational, European population with a mean age of 68.42 years. Image
- This study tried to analyze the longitudinal association between handgrip strength and cognitive performance in different cognitive functions according to sex in a European multicentric population.
- A longitudinal and bidirectional relationship between handgrip strength and three different cognitive functions was observed.
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Research indicates that metabolic pathways play a significant role in regulating the aging process of organisms, suggesting that manipulating metabolism can potentially enhance healthspan and lifespan. (1/15)
So much so, that scientists are currently exploring dietary interventions and compounds that can modulate metabolism as potential anti-aging strategies. (2/15)…
One particular focus of metabolic interventions aimed at delaying aging is cellular senescence. (3/15)
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Sarcopenia and Cardiovascular Diseases: @CircAHA

From the Geriatric Cardiology Leadership Council: @ACCinTouch

Main congratulations to @Dr_Alfaraidy: a board certified geriatrician and a cardiology fellow - she is amazing AND the best: @ParagGoyalMD 👏

Summary👇👇👇 Image
1/ 🚨 Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle strength, mass & function, worsened by chronic illness like CVD, kidney disease, & cancer 😷🩺
2/ 👴👵 Older adults face higher risks: faster CVD progression, mortality, falls, & reduced quality of life 📉
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Hierarchical Development of Physical Frailty and Cognitive Impairment and Their Association With Incident Cardiovascular Disease: @JACCJournals @NailaIjaz_MD

This analysis evaluated the timing of developing cognitive impairment & frailty in pts at risk for CAD!!

Summary 👇👇 Image
1/ In this @JACCJournals study, we examined the patterns of frailty and cognitive impairment (CI) development and their associations with cardiovascular outcomes in older adults without prior known coronary artery disease (CAD) during a 5-year follow-up. 🧠❤️

2/ We found that the highest proportion of participants (37.8%) developed cognitive frailty first, followed by those who developed a combination of physical and cognitive frailty (8.9%), and then those who developed only physical frailty (7.0%). 📈🚶‍♂️

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Abrimos #Hilo 🧵 y te lo cuento💪

#Dieta #ejercicio #envejecimiento #aging #skincare #dermatologia #piel… Image
▶️Estrés oxidativo
▶️Acortamiento de los telómeros
▶️Daño en el ADN y mutación genética
▶️MicroARN como reguladores el proceso de envejecimiento de la piel
▶️Acumulación de AGEs
▶️Inflamación Image
‼️Por tanto, las estrategias para evitar el envejecimiento cutáneo están encaminadas en reducir, paliar o revertir estos factores☝️

Dicho esto empezamos por la DIETA💪
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In this one, dynapenic abdominal obesity was found associated with 1.47 times higher odds for falls after a 2-year follow-up in Irish individuals with a mean age of 63.2 years. Image
- Interestingly, dynapenia alone or abdominal obesity alone were not statistically significantly associated with higher odds for falls.
- These findings suggest that dynapenia and abdominal obesity additively influence risk for falls in older individuals.
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New work from the lab @NatureAging!❄️Lowering body temperature extends #longevity. We find that cold-induced #proteostasis prevents #aging and aggregation of proteins that cause age-related diseases #ALS #HuntingtonDisease in C. elegans and human cells…
This was a tour de force by Hyun Ju Lee, @sedakoyuncu12, Hafiza Alirzayeva, @AlirezaBarandaq, and Amir Khodakarami (3 lab generations!). 1000x thanks to @impetusgrants for believing in us. Thanks to @CECAD_ @CGA_age @UniCologne @UKKoeln for their support
Aging is a major risk factor for neurodegenerative disorders linked with protein aggregation (#Alzheimers, #Parkinsonsdisease , #HuntingtonDisease, #ALS). We hypothesized that defining cold-induced changes can lead to converging modifiers of pathological protein aggregation🤔
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Cognitive Function in Older Adults With Cardiovascular Disease(s): @ACCinTouch and @JACCJournals

By the amazing: @NailaIjaz_MD and @cardskrish

More to come in @JACCJournals: @yasserj94 @MichaelGNanna #Aging @AmerGeriatrics

Here are few highlights: 👇👇 Image
1. 🧑‍🦳👴 The population of older adults with multiple chronic conditions and cognitive dysfunction is growing, and many will seek care in cardiovascular care (inpatient and outpatient).

We need close collaborations betwwen @AmerGeriatrics @ACCinTouch: @DrAROrkaby @minjikwak2
2. 🧠🔍 Literature shows that hypertension, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and diabetes are associated with cognitive impairment/decline and share risk factors with cardiovascular disease.
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Outcomes after Critical Illness: @NEJM

Cardiac critical care and CCM often overlap

Here are few point summary

👇👇👇 Image
1/ 🚑 Critical care has seen major advancements, but post-critical illness complications are prevalent & can persist for years. Health inequities can worsen outcomes. Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted this issue.
2/ 🌐 A continuum of care from ICU to community is needed, alongside basic science inquiry to understand multiple mechanisms of morbidity. Transparent reporting of long-term ICU outcomes is essential.
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Do older people need more protein following exercise?

A thread 🧵👇

#aging #healthyaging #muscle
Muscle growth occurs when muscle protein synthesis exceeds muscle protein breakdown. Resistance exercise stimulates both muscle protein synthesis and breakdown. Ingestion of protein further increases muscle protein synthesis and is needed to achieve positive protein net balance.
In young adults, 20 g of high-quality protein seems optimal to stimulate post-exercise muscle protein synthesis. However, is this also true for older adults?

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1/5 Fascinating work from Jae-Hyun Yang and colleagues on #mammalian #aging, published in Cell...

An abstract thread 🧵...

"All living things experience an increase in #entropy, manifested as a loss of #genetic and #epigenetic information."…
2/5 "In #yeast, #epigenetic information is lost over time due to the relocalization of #chromatin-modifying proteins to #DNA breaks, causing cells to lose their identity, a hallmark of yeast #aging."
3/5 "Using a system called “#ICE” (#inducible changes to the #epigenome), we find that the act of faithful #DNA #repair advances aging at #physiological, #cognitive, and #molecular #levels, including #erosion of the #epigenetic #landscape,..."
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The findings of this one support the hypothesis of a compensatory upregulation of autophagy in the setting of deterioration of tissue composition and muscle dysfunction, as seen in ageing.
- "In contrast to what has been observed in preclinical models... in our study, the protein content of the lysosomal mediators TFEB, vATPase, and LAMP1 was not different between age groups".
- "Therefore, upregulation of upstream autophagy and mitophagy proteins in muscle of older adults not accompanied by increased expression of lysosomal markers may indicate greater autophagic signaling with no actual disposal of damaged mitochondria."
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Our immune system is essential in keeping us healthy.

But the immune system also changes profoundly as we age.

Why is that? Could we prevent it?

Let's see how #singlecell biology can help us better understand #immune #aging

First, some background.

Everybody knows that the immune system is hugely complex.

#singlecell sequencing has (arguably) done more for the immune system than for other health applications.

Via #scRNAseq, we discovered & characterized crazily detailed immune cell phenotypes. Image
Such detailed phenotypes have been found in both healthy and diseased tissues.

I wrote several threads about this topic and find it to be one of the most foundational & fascinating progresses that have happened in biomedicine in the past 10 years.
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This one found that Sicilian long-lived individuals have changes in circulatory fatty acids status with advancing age, characterized by a reduction in blood levels of total PUFA and trans FA with age, whereas total SFA remained unchanged throughout life. Image
- This fatty acid profle characterized by high MUFA content may indicate reduced peroxidation while maintaining membrane fluidity.
- "We suppose that the high consumption of the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) may have infuenced this datum"
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In this one, the addition of protein in a resistance training program was more effective than the program alone in increasing skeletal muscle mass and strength in older adults, and was also associated with less declines in skeletal muscle mass and strength after cessation. Image
- The PRO supplement beverage contained 160 kcal of energy, 11.0 g of protein, 2.2 g of fat, 24.0 g of carbohydrate, and 2,300 mg of leucine per serving.
Participants in the RT+PRO group ingested the protein supplement within 5 min after completion of the RT program.
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This one suggests that age acceleration is associated with lower strength and/or loss of strength over time in US adults aged 51 years and older, followed over an 8-10 year period.
- "A growth in research evidence documents that epigenetic phenomena, such as DNA methylation (DNAm), are highly implicated in the development of disease and rate of biological ageing...

"...Given that methylation profiles are thought to be modifiable by lifestyle and other environmental factors, it has been proposed that DNAm age is a robust biological ageing clock providing a superior estimate of true biological age over chronological age...
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I'm absolutely delighted to share my newest review on how the #GutMicrobiota influences adult hippocampal #Neurogenesis! @jfcryan @oliviafoleary @Pharmabiotic @BPL_Journal

Our figure👇 shows key pathways by which #GutMicrobiota is known to influence AHN.…
@jfcryan @oliviafoleary @Pharmabiotic @BPL_Journal 2/5 #Neurogenesis (the birth, development, integration, and survival of neurons) in the #hippocampus regulates learning, memory, and mood, but is disrupted by lifestyle factors & diseases, including unhealthy diet, #aging, #stress, #AlzheimerDisease & in 🐭models of #Depression
3/5 (It is hard to measure hippocampal neurogenesis in human tissue, so most of our evidence relies on preclinical studies, along with mixed evidence in post-mortem tissue.

Below's figure outlines some common techniques for measuring neurogenesis)
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An Israeli biotech company, Renewal Bio that recently created mouse embryos using stem cells, has announced plans to make human embryos to harvest tissue for organ transplants and anti-aging procedures.

#Stemcells #biotech #biology #Syntheticbiology #Aging #transplant
The scientist behind the work clarified that:
The synthetic embryos were not "real" embryos and did not have the potential to develop into live animals. But that is partly because they don't have the technology, right now, to do so.
He admits to taking his "ground-breaking" technology to the next level and creating human embryos. The purpose is to harvest tissue to be used in transplant treatments meant to lengthen a person's life and health.
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How wounds heal

#woundhealing #injury #homeostasis #angiogenesis #epidermal #skin #MedTwitter #meded #foamed #InnoMed

Timelapse Of A Wound Healing
#epidermal #medtwitter #meded #foamed #InnoMed #homeostasis #injuy #woundhealing #sciencetwitter

How does #aging affect #WoundHealing?
#scRNAseq identifies major changes in cell compositions, kinetics, and molecular profiles during #woundhealing in aged #skin @CellReports
#epidermal #MedTwitter #meded #foamed #InnoMed #bioinformatics #homeostasis
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Using data from 3095 people living in Sweden, this one identified the most relevant predictors of 18-year mortality in individuals aged ≥60 years.
- Individuals’ social connections and civil status were identified as meaningful predictors of mortality, as well as socio-environmental characteristics such as living conditions, civil status, and leisure activities.
- Physical function also had a strong prognostic role, as the functional status domain, encompassing several measures of physical performance and dependency, was the only single domain that showed comparable predictive performance to chronological age.
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This systematic review comes to the conclusion that physical activity with regular aerobic training of moderate to vigorous intensity appears to help preserve leukocyte telomere length, a biomarker of biological aging associated with several age-related diseases. Image
* Key points:
- As life-expectancy increases, lifestyle choices like exercise take on increasing importance in healthy aging.
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1) Welcome to our new #accredited #tweetorial on the Pathophysiology of #DKD in #T2D: Traditional Teaching and New Insights. Our expert author is Hans-Joachim Anders, MD, @hjanders_hans from @LMU_Uniklinikum of @LMU_Muenchen
2) This #accredited #tweetorial series on the foundations of #kidneydisease #DKD through the lens of #T2D is supported by an independent educational grant from the Boehringer Ingelheim/Lilly Alliance and is intended for healthcare providers.
3) This activity is accredited for #physicians #physicianassociates #nurses #NPs #pharmacists. Past programs still eligible for credit can be found at Faculty disclosures & accreditation statement are at FOLLOW US!
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