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🛑Resveratrol konusuna tekrar döneyim.
Resveratrol için #lifespan #longevity uzun yaşam ve sağlıklı hayat dünyasında kirli ilaç, dengesiz ilaç (dirty drug) deyimi kullanılır.
İki formu bulunur.
Trans ve Cis formları.
Bu iki formun arasındaki kimyasal fark ile başınızı şişirmek(1)
Bu yüzden kısaca Trans formunu, yani üzerinde Trans Resveratrol yazanı kullanmanız gerek diyerek işinize yarayan bilgiyi yazayım.
Besin desteği olarak sunulan Trans Resveratrollerin neredeyse hepsi Japon Madımağı (Japanese Knotweed) bitkisinden elde edilir.
Yani (2)
resveratrol sadece kırmızı üzüm kabuğu veya çekirdeğinde bulunmaz. Ticari olarak daha dengeli ve karlı üretimi japon madımadığından elde edilenidir.
Resveratrol yağda çözünen bir maddedir. Dolayısıyla sadece su ile içmek emilimini azaltır. En iyisi resveratrolü bir miktar (3)
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Does #gut #microbiota interact with #microglia in the #aging #brain? Are microglia metabolically affected (#mitochondria)? Does #diet take part? any #translational data?
Our paper made it last week in @NatureNeuro
so it's about time for a 🧵!… Image
1. Microglia from aged and young-adult #male & #female mice, under SPF or #germ_free conditions were profiled by bulk #RNAseq. We identified a gene-set, which depended on the housing condition regardless of #age & regulate central processes in microglia. "Microglial GF signature" Image
2. Utilizing #WGCNA, we found major differences between microglia of SPF and GF mice in the aged groups. But do we see any functional difference on a cellular level? Image
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#LONGEVITY @ravikanths_
IS 80 THE NEW 60?
I certainly hope so.
“Not only has life span increased on average, but also health span has increased,” said Olivia I. Okereke, M.D., associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and associate professor of epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
“As a result, more older people than ever seem to lead healthy lives, engaged in a full range of activities — including in business, science, politics, and cultural and civic life.”…
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⏱️ The Sounds of Senescence ⏱️
"We have recently shown that SC2 SPIKE PROTEIN promotes an inflammatory cytokine interleukin 6 (IL-6)/IL-6R-induced trans signaling response and alarmin secretion. Virus-infected OR SPIKE TRANSFECTED HUMAN EPITHELIAL CELLS EXHIBITED AN INCREASE IN SENESCENCE.>
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/04/2022…
Hard barriers and soft power: Study assesses outsider perceptions of border walls…
#BorderWalls, #SoftPower, #InternationalRelations, #NationSecurity, #PersonalPerception
Individually optimal choices can be collectively disastrous in COVID-19 disease control | BMC Public Health | Full Text…
#IndividualOptimalChoices, #PublicHealth, #InterventionNoncompliance, #SpreadSuppression, #ResearchResults
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Která zvířata žijí nejdéle? Chladné arktické vody v tuto chvíli brázdí žraloci, kteří pamatují třicetiletou válku a možná i Williama Shakespeara. Jedná se o žraloky grónské, nejdéle žijící obratlovce a jedny z nezáhadnějších žraloků. #longevity 🧵
1/ Jeho latinské jméno Somniosus microcephalus znamená doslovně spáč s malou hlavou. Anglicky patří do čeledi spáčů (sleeper sharks), ale česky se jim říká světlonoši 🤷🏻‍♀️. Preferují chladné vody Severního ledového oceánu a severního Atlantiku.
2/ Jsou to největší vodní tvorové Arktidy a jedny z největších žraloků: délka až 7 m a váha až 1000 Kg. Žijí nenápadným životem v hlubokých vodách (až 2.2 km pod povrchem). Jsou často úplně slepí, protože jejich oko napadá parazitický klanonožec (korýš) Ommatokoita elongata.
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Ketogenic Diets: Not For Everyone?
The potential association between elevated blood lipids and a high fat, low carb diet.

#ketogenic #keto #ketodiet #longevity
The notion that in some cases food can be a medicine rings true. For better or for worse, diet can change one’s physiology.

One of the more popular diets today is the high-fat, very low-carbohydrate diet, also known as a ketogenic diet.
In some, the ketogenic diet may help to ameliorate obesity and type 2 diabetes and positively affect problematic cardiometabolic markers.
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Rejuvant®, a potential life-extending compound formulation with alpha-ketoglutarate and vitamins, conferred an average 8 year reduction in biological aging…
Alternatively, you could go with something like this:

Amino acids whose intracellular levels change most during aging alter chronological lifespan of fission yeast…
#aminoacids #lifespan #chonological #age
And this:

Independent and Additive Effects of Glutamic Acid and Methionine on Yeast Longevity…

#longevity #age #lifespan
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Today the Longevity Biotechnology Association ( @LBA_longevity ) was launched by a group of scientists, CEOs, and investors to foster collaboration in the #longevity field.

We will be strongest when we band together, here's why 1/12🧵 Image
I love the incredible community of leaders in our field - brilliant people from all over the world, diverse backgrounds, different ages - united around a single mission:

Reducing the incredible suffering experienced by older people and the loss of the bereaved
The progress and revolution in longevity has come not from a single govenment plan, but by scrappy academics making discoveries and taking chances, and now scrappy startup companies bringing those discoveries to patients

We work on different IP, under different banners
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Do you want a cheap (<$5) but highly accurate #aging biomarker that can be used in large experiments? Read our #preprint on TIME-Seq, a new method for inexpensive and scalable epigenetic age predictions. #clocks #longevity @davidasinclair…
Epigenetic “clocks” based on DNA methylation are the most robust and widely used aging biomarker. However, conventional approaches (methylation chip or RRBS) are hundreds of $$ per sample and low throughput.
We wanted to routinely use epigenetic clocks in large studies for low cost. So, we developed Tagmentation-based Indexing for Methylation Sequencing (TIME-Seq) for scalable and inexpensive targeted methylation sequencing of DNA methylation biomarkers.
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Thrilled to announce the Longevity #Impetus Grants, $21M+ towards basic research that could accelerate our understanding and control of human aging.
We welcome proposals from researchers in- and outside the #Aging field. Please share!

More info: & this 🧵
Impetus Grants are $10k-500k (w max 10% overhead). Smaller requests favored, to support more projects. No project period and no strings attached. Scientists at non-profits worldwide can apply with ideas that shift perspectives & capabilities in #Aging research, starting Sep 13th.
Inspiration came from @tylercowen & @patrickc's #COVID19 Fast Grants. Their team made funding decisions in 2 weeks, and the grants have already led to both discoveries and better tools for #testing.
If it's feasible to fund science this way, shouldn't we?…
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I have a new @medRxivpreprint that should be of interest to the #longevity community. We show how to predict risk for cardiovascular disease & all-cause mortality from a routine abdominal CT using deep learning. Accuracy on par with CAC score. Thread…
In this case the scans were taken for CT colonoscopy. The accuracy of the risk prediction is on par with that obtained from a CAC score Cardiac CT scan, but without the additional cost & radiation dose. CT scans contain a wealth of health data which is currently mostly utilized.
Biomarkers that can be extracted from CT scans include visceral/subcutaneous fat ratio, plaque burden, vascular inflammation level, muscle bulk and density, bone mineral density, liver volume and fat fraction, pancreas volume and fat fraction... [ see… ]
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In #longevity, if you mention SIRT1, people automatically go for their NAD+ (NR, NMR) supplements. Even though NAD+ and SIRT1 are joined at the hip [], having adequate NAD+ does not automatically translate into higher SIRT1 activity levels. Why not? [1/3] Image
SIRT1 is a cellular stress response modulator. As such, stress-induced pathways control SIRT1 expression []. Interestingly, melatonin was shown to activate SIRT1 to dramatically increase activity levels in obese mice to match those of lean controls. [2/3]
MEL activation of SIRT1 protected mitochondrial pathways to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, and also markedly reduced both body weight as well as systolic and diastolic pressure levels in obese mice given 100 mg/kg melatonin for 8 weeks. [3/3] Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/24/2021…
Covid’s Forgotten Hero: The Untold Story Of The Scientist Whose Breakthrough Made The Vaccines Possible…

#COVID19 #vaccines #biochemistry #discovery #acknowledgement
Resurrection Genomics: Millennia-Old Palm Trees Live Again…

#genomics #seeds #longevity
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ALTERNATIVES to Government Grants and Big Pharma🧑‍🔬

Nonprofits attempt to fill this gap with some success, but philanthropy can only go so far.

There is little incentive to donate when donors do not have control of how their money is used...


...or have any chance of financial benefit should the projects they fund become successful.

As a result, philanthropic donations are almost always limited to a very small portion of the donor’s wealth.

While anyone can donate to a #nonprofit, private equity is a game for large investors only.

Only very recently have groups like @kickstarter emerged to allow small players to play a role in a technology’s early days.
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1/ What if we could cure most of the world’s leading causes of death?

Companies are already working to treat chronic illnesses, from cancer to heart disease and even dementia, by targeting ageing itself.

#Longevity #Biotech is the next big wave of medicine. Join the movement.
2/ Slowing the rate of aging has massive medical & financial benefits.

"Using a model of future health and spending in the USA, the effect of delayed aging resulting in 2.2 years add. life expectancy would yield US$7 trillion in savings over 50 years."…
3/ The scientific case for aging has quickly gained credibility as pioneering companies make headway to solve aging.

The field of longevity biotech has attracted a growing wave of #investment.

Billions of #funding have already been put into early companies in this sector.
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Delighted to see my paper “The Economic Value of Targeting Aging” -written with @NuCampEconomics and @davidasinclair – published in @NatureAging…
Here is a thread explaining the main results-

#aging #longevity 1/12
Life expectancy has increased dramatically over last 150 years - most US children born today are expected to live into their mid-80s #longevity. This has shifted the disease burden towards chronic Non-Communicable diseases #aging and an increase in years spent in poor health 2/12 ImageImage
How should we value these past and future life expectancy gains? Is a compression of morbidity more valuable? What is the value of treatments that delay #aging? How does that compare with treating single diseases? 3/12
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This one followed a comparative approach to analyse plasma methionine metabolic profile from 11 mammalian species with a longevity ranging from 3.5 to 120 years.
The authors found a species-specific plasma profile for methionine metabolism associated with longevity. Image
This was characterised by:
i) reduced methionine, cystathionine and choline;
ii) increased non-polar amino acids;
iii) reduced succinate and malate;
iv) increased carnitine. ImageImageImage
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A large soon to be published meta-analysis by Dr Bill Harris (@FariOmega3) et al of 17 prospective studies shows #AllCauseMortality risk was significantly lower among individuals with the highest circulating levels of EPA/DHA #Omega3. #AntiAging #Longevity… Image
Now out in @NatureComms: "Here, we show significant inverse associations for all mortality endpoints with #Omega3 levels. Hence, chronically higher tissue levels of these FAs operating through a variety of potential mechanisms may slow the aging process."…
"In summary, in a global pooled analysis of prospective studies, long chain #Omega3 PUFA levels were inversely associated with risk for death from all causes and from CVD, cancer, and other causes." #AntiAging ImageImage
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/23/2020…
Balancing Epistemic Humility and Prior Knowledge - Insight…

#humility #balancing #knowledge #coronavirus #prior
Maybe There is No Technological Slowdown - New Things Under the Sun…

#growth #technology #decline
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/06/2020…
Health disinformation & social media: The crucial role of information hygiene in mitigating conspiracy theory and infodemics…

#SocialMedia #disinformation #ConspiracyTheory #infodemics #InformationHygiene
How the Coronavirus Could Create a New Working Class…

#compensation #PostPandemic #populism #work
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