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18 Jan
Here's a particularly unhinged part from Kenney's press conference today. Here's the one off the top but more below. “We think we signed a contract that minimized risks for the government of Alberta"
"Had we not entered into a partnership with TC Energy no construction would have been undertaken. Construction that has helped create 1000s of good paying jobs this year ...
...That created facts on the ground and demonstrated that we are not going to be passively accepting the campaign to landlock Canadian energy."
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18 Jan
Jason Kenney is bringing up the conspiracy theories referenced in the Allan inquiry reports. That nefarious forces are conspiring to crush Alberta's oil industry for... reasons. Shame that they haven't actually proven that out.
Kenney just called the $1.5 billion investment in Keystone a "prudent investment" that "protects taxpayers." He's entered cuckooland.
James Rajotte, Alberta's trade rep in Washington D.C., has been burning up the phone lines. For all the good it's done. As has Kenney. Just furiously making phone calls.
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18 Jan
Jason Kenney is giving a press conference that was supposed to be an update on vaccine supply but Kenney is currently blustering about the upcoming cancellation of Keystone XL. Follow along for updates. #ableg
Jason Kenney is currently making the ethical oil argument. Incredibly persuasive stuff. As we've seen.
Jason Kenney now acknowledging that PM Justin Trudeau also really, really doesn't want Keystone XL cancelled. "It is our fervent hope that the US will keep that promise to engage with its top ally."
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9 Dec 20
Christmas is canceled. And it's worth pointing out just how badly Jason Kenney performed yesterday. The lockdown announcement was a real opportunity to show some empathy, to show that he was a real human being. Kenney was unable to demonstrate this.
Manitoba premier Brian Pallister was able to garnish a viral moment from a sympathetic press looking for something, anything resembling leadership but the only viral moment Kenney was able to garner was him getting flustered at a reporter's question.
People like to think of Jason Kenney as this political mastermind playing 5-D chess but the reality is he's kind of a dolt. His singular advantage is that he shows up to work everyday and puts in 8-10 hours of work which gives him the advantage over 95% of his competition.
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8 Dec 20
We are going to be on the Hinshaw/Kenney presser in a few minutes but it seems like the vast majority of what's going to happen is in this CBC story…
For some reason these won't be starting until next Monday but here's what apparently coming:
No in-person service for restaurants, pubs, bars, lounges and cafes. Only takeout, curbside pickup and delivery services will be permitted.
Casinos, bingo halls, gaming entertainment centres, racing entertainment centres, horse tracks, raceways, bowling alleys, pool halls, legions and private clubs will be closed.
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7 Dec 20
We're on the daily Hinshaw presser.
*1735 new cases
*Positivity rate of 8.5%
*20,000+ active cases
*600+ hospitalized
*108 in ICU
*16 deaths
6 of the deaths reported today are from the Edmonton Chinatown Care Centre. #ableg
New records in active cases, hospitalizations and people in ICU.
"The steadily rising COVID numbers in Alberta continue to be extremely troubling," Dr. Hinshaw.
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26 Oct 20
We know wildcat strikes are happening at these locations. We'll keep updating as reports come on. Foothills Hospital
Royal Alexandra Hospital
Glenrose Rehab Hospital
Peter Lougheed Hospital
Red Deer Hospital
Westlock Healhcare Centre
Athabasca Healthcare Centre
South Health Campus Calgary
Lethbridge Home Care
Alberta Hospital in YEG
Whitecourt Healthcare Centre
Cold Lake Healthcare Centre
Peace River Community Healthcare Centre
Leduc Community Hospital
WestView Health Centre in Stony Plain
Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital
High Prairie Health Complex
Slave Lake Healthcare Centre
Northwest Health Centre in High Level
Claresholm General Hospital
Wetaskiwin Hospital and Care Centre
Will update if we hear of more. Please DM
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17 Apr 20
The UCP ended the year with a massive deficit (seems they really do understand the power of deficit spending) but if you dig into the UCP donation disclosure there is one donor conspicuosly missing #ableg…
Not a dime from Jason Kenney.

However, his top staff donate. Howard Anglin, $4k. @MattWolfAB , $3k, Jamie Huckabay $3,233, Paul Bunner $3k, @katy_merrifield $1,350, @ChristineMyatt $400.
And Kenney's cabinet donates. Enviro minister Jason Nixon donated $4k, finance minister Travis Toews donated $3,850, Trump campaigner and ag minister @DevinDVote is in for $2,912. Muni affairs minister @KayceeMaduYEG donated $2,925. Health minister Tyler Shandro $1K.
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1 Apr 20
🚨 Conservative shenanigans alert 🚨

Recently we saw a data-harvesting project pop up that looks a little shady. Here's what you should know about it #ableg (1/7)
This campaign to "thank Alberta's Medical workers" urges you to order a lawn sign from them. Proceeds do not go towards health care workers; the site claims that 'profits' will instead go to local food banks. After all the UCP layoffs maybe that's where those workers will end up?
It's notable that the site says they will be donating the 'profits.' If you dig into the terms, they make it clear that they're skimming into these donations to pay 'employee wages.' How much are they paying themselves with your donation money?…
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14 Mar 20
The Flames are refusing to do anything beyond the strict letter of the labour code when it comes to compensating employees put out of work by the coronavirus. So who are the owners of the Calgary Flames?…
Let’s start with the biggest fish. Murray Edwards, co-founder of the largest oil company in Canada and a certified billionaire is the chairman of the company that owns the Flames.
Alvin Libin is a seniors care tycoon who founded Extendicare. In Feb the CBC learned it locked up diapers to limit their use while incontinent residents sat in urine-soaked pads, suffering from severe bladder and yeast infections, rashes and open wounds
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4 Mar 20
Jason Kenney's conspiracy-theory-fuelled anti-environmentalist inquiry finally produced its interim report last month, so we put in a FOIP to get a look at it. You won't believe what we found #ableg
Turns out this public inquiry isn't very public at all. Our request for the interim report was denied. But if you read the letter there is an interesting detail in there:
Our request for a copy of the interim report turned up 11 pages of records. Just 11! The commissioner has produced an 11 page interim report and the public isn't even allowed to look at it? This is a public inquiry?
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17 Feb 20
Ok, let's do this. Clearly @WBrettWilson needs to pay to clean up his old wells. The first step is finding them and re-uniting Brett with his orphans. Hivemind, can you help us find them? Can you help us find a site by Well ID?
If you click the link and search for Forent Energy you can find Brett's orphans. But the Orphan Well Association doesn't give you a ton of info, just well ID.…
We don't know a way to do this easily so we'd love your help. If you're not comfortable doing it in public please DM us, they're open.
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30 Jan 20
While we are frequent critics of the Postmedia corporation, recent conduct by the Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, and Calgary Sun has sunk to such ethical and professional lows that we feel compelled to speak out with particular urgency. Please consider the following thread.
The two examples we would like to discuss are from the Sun's Rick Bell (“Kenney Blasts Drug Site Disorder,” Jan 21) and the Journal’s David Staples (“Preaching that fossil fuels are the enemy of humanity has no place in classrooms, Jan 29)
Bell’s Jan 29 column, which aggressively promotes the UCP administration’s anti-safe-consumption-site position, embraces dehumanizing language to demonize a marginalized population.
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5 Jan 20
No one in Alberta’s political or media class seems to have noticed that AIMCO has invested nearly $4.3 billion into the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline. This Financial Post story fails to mention some rather important news #ableg…
That is that around this time last year RCMP officers were arresting grandmas, creating media exclusion zones and deploying snipers for "lethal overwatch" purposes. Explosive details came out in this Guardian story from a couple of weeks ago…
The situation has only escalated as a recent BC Supreme Court decision ruled in favour of TC Energy (Formerly TransCanada) giving the RCMP a mandate to enforce continued construction of the pipeline.…
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24 Oct 19
The 2019 budget makes a game effort to hide its austerity with duct tape and chewing gum but it’s a fundamentally brutal document where the poor, post-secondary students and public servants eat it so Jason Kenney can help out the rich. The highlights below #ableg
Vape taxes coming spring 2020. AirBnB folks will have to pay the hospitality levy in spring 2020 as well. The price of a carton of smokes is going up by $5 at midnight. #ableg
Everyone but the rich eats it in this budget but public sector workers, post-secondary students, and people on AISH and rental assistance get it the worst. You'll notice the cruelty is reserved for the least likely UCP voters. #ableg.
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3 Sep 19
While the McKinnon Report is the opening salvo in the brutal austerity and class war that's to come let's talk about something the UCP buried late on a Friday before the Labour Day long weekend - your car insurance rates going up (1/x) #ableg…
This was strategically released late on a Friday with almost no comment from anyone. There was no economic impact analysis released and reporters have been too busy with the McKinnon report to follow up. We have no idea how much this will cost Albertans. #ableg
But make no mistake, everyone in Alberta will be paying more to private insurance companies to drive around as a result of letting the cap expire. And this is exactly what the private insurance companies wanted. The insurance industry lobbied extensively for this change.
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19 Mar 19
Caylan Ford was a UCP candidate because of Jason Kenney. She was handpicked. and given the star candidate treatment. Kenney persuaded Ford to run after she corrected him misquoting Burke. The UCP leader called it “political love at first sight.” (Thread) #ableg
Watch this video of Jason Kenney interviewing Caylan Ford. He is extremely effusive in his praise for her. He's practically giddy to be interviewing her. #ableg
Jason Kenney on Caylan Ford: "You are the personification of what I call the new generation of leadership... It's great to see your idealism and your depth of experience." #ableg
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7 Oct 18
The Soldiers of Odin, a white supremacist vigilante gang, had a great night at the West Henday constituency association UCP pub night at Brown's Social House on Friday night. They want to thank all those who came out and to the UCP candidates for their support. 1/x #ableg
Here are Soldiers of Odin members, clearly marked with their patches, colours and hats posing for a photo with UCP West Henday nomination candidate @nbwilliams21 #ableg 2/x
@nbwilliams21 Here are Soldiers of Odin members, in their hats and with their patches, with UCP West Henday nomination candidate Leila Houle. #ableg 3/x
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