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Discussion on police funding is resuming this afternoon. #yeg #yegcc
Some questions to start about the report produced by CSKA for the Edmonton Police Commission from Erin Rutherford.
Coun. Erin Rutherford asked about the discrepancies in revenue between EPS and Calgary police. Asks @YEG_Commission if they've explored other ways to generate revenue, chair John McDougall says no but he can.
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Council is set to debate a new police funding formula this morning that would give @edmontonpolice *at least* $7 million more next year & annual raises. Also, conflict of interest concerns with a @YEG_Commission report recommending a formula. #yeg…
More comments from the police commission on the police funding report (which concludes funding formulas = good) & why Chief McFee is not in a conflict of interest despite being the president of CSKA, which authored the report.#yeg #yegcc… Image
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Wow. I was specifically invited by a press secretary to attending this news conference but the government will not be taking my questions. #ableg #yeg #yegcc
It's my day off but I thought it was important I tune in to ask questions.
My colleauge @ByMatthewBlack will have a story for you today on this announcement.

I plan to follow-up to look at a city angle for this story next week.
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Important news conference about to begin from the Alberta government "New funding to address addiction and homelessness" #yeg #yegcc #ableg

From the news release on Alberta's homeless action plan #ableg ImageImageImageImage
From the news release on addictions crisis. ImageImage
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Ok, I wasn’t planning on doing any emotional labour today, & talking about the issues around the policies that attempted to literally destroy my family are labour.

But if any day is a teachable moment this is it.

Ready for the horror show?

This is a🧵

#Reconciliation #cdnpoli
I will be drawing from “21 Things You Didn’t Know About The Indian Act” - a book so good we published Indigenous authors are all jealous we didn’t write it first, ha.

So here we go, The Greatest Hits of Indigenous Genocide in Canada (or why things are the way they are today).
First, some background. Early journal entries of European contact with Indigenous peoples described them as such:

(ALT text enabled) "The natives, the so-called savages" Francis Danie"It is certain that good talents are found among them.&They strive after a sincere honesty, hold strictly to their
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I see some concern about the cost of $170m for implementing bike lane infrastructure. Additionally, I see “what about the homeless?” I’ll get to that as well.

🧵 that I will add to over time:

First, a little perspective:

The 50st overpass is $179 million dollars.

Yes. One small section to help alleviate driver frustration & increase safety costs more than the entire bike lane build out.

No one asked about the homeless when that was approved. Why?

Maybe because homelessness, addictions, and mental health supports are provincial files.
The issue homelessness is playing out on Alberta streets, Edmonton’s included.

That’s not finger pointing, municipalities literally can’t provide Health Care. I will get to the very substantial investments we have made in helping with housing, anyway, later in this 🧵
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To put this in perspective, this is the price tag for about 2 overpasses - and media doesn’t report on it because it’s a part of transportation infrastructure. We’re allocating a small percentage of infra budget to increasing safe mobility & attracting business investment. #yegcc
The Clareview Rec Centre was ~$125m & built around the same time as Meadows at near the same cost. That’s $250m.

Yellowhead freeway expansion is about a half billion dollars.

The price tag here is to safely separate car traffic from users of bike, scooter, mobility aids, etc.
It also aids in the goal of reducing sprawl as having a purely car centric city means continual outward, low density construction - which puts a strain on our resources (too little butter for the toast).
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For our full statement please head to the link in our bio. We stand with Deputy Prime Minister Freeland, her staff and all women in politics and public roles who have been subject to unjust threats and harassment #cdnpoli #ChrystiaFreeland…
Days ago while on a visit back to her home province, Minister Freeland and her staff were verbally harassed and threatened. #cdnpoli #ChrystiaFreeland
Rage, fear & hopelessness are all feelings that our board have felt in response because this experience is one that reflects our own & that of many women in politics & public facing roles & especially resonates with women of colour #cdnpoli
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Edmonton City Council votes in favour of moving $15.2M dollars to the Health Streets Operation Centre for 2023/2024.

The money aims to improve safety with a focus on Chinatown.

Of the money, $8.7M will be redirected to EPS.

#Yeg #Yegcc
"Ask them where have they been for the past three months, when are they going to show up and deliver and live up to their word?"

While council approved the Chinatown money, Mayor Sohi and others asked why the province hasn't stepped up to help with more funding/resources?

Worth noting there is a *lot* of nuance regarding this motion and vote that I can't sum up in a tweet, but here's how the vote went down. #yeG #Yegcc
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The Edmonton Police Commission's press release where it compares Chief McFee's $340K yearly salary to other chief salaries is not only blatant media spin but it appears to have a rather large error contained within it. Here it is. #yegcc
The release states that Toronto Chief of Police makes $356K per annum. The Ontario Sunshine List puts the Toronto Chief of Police's 2021 salary at $332K. We've inquired with the Edmonton Police Commission about the discrepancy. Click the link for proof.…
The release also uses the 2020 salary for the Ottawa Police of Chief which is $359K. But the 2021 salary is available and former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly made $341K in 2021. Why use the 2020 salary number?…
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Edmonton city council got absolutely played by police. The base police budget has increased by $22 million and the Safer For All Task Force's recommendation, that council freeze the police budget and invest that money in community, is effectively dead. #yegcc
That modest half measure was killed by these Edmonton city councillors. They voted for the status quo, to continue a policy of guaranteed funding increases that literally no other police department gets in Canada.
We're two years on from the murder of George Floyd and the largest mass movement in modern history and elected officials are not just defunding the police, they're giving them more money than ever.
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Edmonton city council is currently debating the police funding formula. Stay tuned to this thread for updates. Councillors are currently asking questions of administration. Police commissioner Ashvin Singh is in attendance. #yegcc
Commissioner Singh is currently making the case for why Edmonton Police need their guaranteed funding increases no matter what. Argues that moving from a guaranteed funding formula to not having a guaranteed funding formula could throw the police and their budgeting into disarray
Councillor Rutherford brings up the notion of trust between council and the police commission with respect to a four year budget commitment.
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So about that Crime Stoppers misdirection presser today with UCP Minister Shandro and EPS Chief McFee. #ableg #yegcc 🧵

Let's clarify a few things about police funding and public safety in Edmonton:
Edmonton property taxes provide for the best resourced police force in Alberta and 2nd in Canada.

No one spends more on police per person than Edmonton and it's almost a quarter of your tax bill.…
We have the largest air force with two helicopters, an airplane, and are buying a second airplane for $4.5 Million. Plus drones. And tanks. And cars. And trucks. And a ton of guns.…
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At #yegcc a number of speakers called for EPS funding to be restored, however, a number of the talking points relied on misinformation or conjecture. Allow me to expand;

1 - Edmonton is one of the only, if the only, police force in Alberta, and possibly Canada that had a formula
2 - this formula was suspended in 2020, until Administration could propose an alternative. So that means any amounts anticipated in 2023 were done so with the foundation of a suspended formula. So EPS should not have anticipated 407M in 2023. So no cut in 2023.
3 - EPS budgets in 2020, 2021 and 2022 were not cut, or defunded, they rose steadily. In 2019 EPS received 345M from tax base, and in 2022 they received 385M from tax base. This is not a cut.
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The Edmonton Police Association that is headed by @AFPAElliott keeps some interesting company around.

I want to introduce you to the interim Vice President of the Edmonton Police Association, Troy Forester.

Thread Incoming🧵
In August 2021, the courts “awarded Mario Dube $22,250 in damages for a 2006 assault by police”

“Justice Jane Fagnan described one officer's misconduct as "high-handed, malicious, arbitrary and highly reprehensible"

Source :
“Dube was hard of hearing and spoke very loudly in French. He began taking photos and recording audio when Const. Troy Forester approached the driver's window.

“Without giving any warning, Forester shattered the driver's window with his baton, sending glass shards flying”
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I'm concerned by the behaviour that the EPC, EPS and EPA are exhibiting around the state of transit.

The fear mongering and agenda pushing by some members is disappointing.

I will be back at Council next week to speak in favour of @Erinforanirniq's motion. #yegcc
Whats so frustrating is that Councillors like @Erinforanirniq or @michaeljanz who dare to ask questions get labelled as anti-safety or anti-police.

That's not the case. EPS is the largest item on our City budget and there is no accountability.
In the coming days, you will see @DMMcFee @milmedicPA @AFPAElliott all engage in a strategic campaign to essentially fear council and the public into securing more police funding.

I'm further shocked that it seems like the EPC is in on these shenanigans.
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Edmonton’s police commission needs to be more transparent & open up private meetings to foster public trust, says city councillor (& commissioner) Anne Stevenson. The police commission had its first public meeting with council today. #yeg #yegcc…
Coun. Anne Stevenson, who is also a commissioner, said there needs to be a “cultural shift” so that the oversight body becomes comfortable asking difficult questions of police leadership in a public forum.
Police commission chair John McDougall told me the commission has been “remarkably transparent” already. Even so he supports the idea to have more public committee meetings.
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The only reason we know Mr. EPCOR CEO makes FOUR TIMES the AHS CEO is because there's accountability to #yegcc. What's Fortis, ATCO, AltaLink, TransAlta, and ENMAX's executives making on the backs of the rate payer?

Energy is an essential service just as health is. #ableg
Brief Googling brings me to this (total compensation):
ENMAX: $1.4 million (2021)
Fortis: $10 million (2022)
ATCO: $2.1 million (2022)
AltaLink: $7.8 million (2015, all senior mgmt)
TransAlta: $6.8 million (2022)

That's $30 MILLION siphoned off just by the CEOs of utility corps. That's not even factoring in the rest of their executives!

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MORE for you on the threat of wild pigs (aka boars / feral hogs) to #yeg I didn't have space for.

1. Re: idea 'predators will take care of it': here's a pig hanging out with a wolf captured on a trail camera in Alberta Image
“You cannot barbecue your way out of this problem": Mike Bodenchuk, USDA.

Hunting pigs for the foodbank was tried in one Texas city. But cities that try to make it into an asset instead of full eradication failed, he said. #yeg #yegcc

📸 Barrhead trail cam Image
“Trap them if you must, shoot them if you can, kill them before they get inside the city of Edmonton": Bodenchuk.

📸 Some wild pigs caught in one of the govt's traps Alberta #yeg Image
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🧵Today’s announcement by the Premier to take away local government’s ability to make our own decisions is deeply disappointing. The implications of such an overreach will go far beyond the mask bylaw. Here’s why 👇 #YEG #YEGcc
It can affect all municipalities across the province if the GoA decides to alter the MGA whenever they dislike a policy a municipality has in place. This means the province can take away our responsibility to decide what works for our residents. It is deeply problematic.
If this overreach goes unchallenged, the province could, for example, restrict our smoking bylaws or affect how we build our cities by changing our zoning bylaws or decide how we manage traffic in our neighbourhoods to protect our children.
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🧵Our office has received a number of inquiries on what happens tomorrow once the province’s mask mandate goes away, and I’d like to explain that to you. #YEGcc #YEG
During the pandemic, the Alberta government encouraged and expected municipalities to pass their own health and safety bylaws based on local realities and what was in the best interest of their city or community’s residents.
With that in mind, City Council implemented its own mask mandate that has been in place for the majority of the pandemic in an effort to keep Edmontonians safe.
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Below is every single tweet that was submitted to the Integrity Commissioner by Staff Sgt. Michael Elliott as part of his code of conduct complaint against Councillor Janz. Every single complaint was dismissed. Below we have two "known critics," Engel and Mohammed. #yegcc ImageImageImageImage
Councillor @aaronpaquette makes his first appearance and in three of these cases Janz is retweeting and commenting on the work of journalists @mastermaq and @TheMaimann and our editor @duncankinney. ImageImageImageImage
Another journalism outfit comes up in Elliot's complaint, this time it's @isthisforrealca. Michael Janz posting about the thin blue line flag that was, until very recently flying outside their building, seems to really rub Elliott and the EPA the wrong way. ImageImageImageImage
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We are out of #ableg budget lockup. Here's what you need to know, from @reportrix:…
Some details about what the budget means for the City of Edmonton — more to come, about to speak with Mayor Amarjeet Sohi.… #yegcc
Mayor Sohi's initial budget reaction: "Today, I'm deeply disappointed that our provincial government did not show up for us as a true collaborative partner. ... We asked for four basic needs, and we have seen nothing in return." #yegcc
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Hilariously/fittingly, my first Edmonton assignment is covering #yegcc. Not sure yet if this will be a regular thing. But in any case, if I can figure out what's going on enough, I will tweet a bit.
I'm extraordinary lucky this morning and for my first meeting I get to hear Edmonton poet laureate Titilope Sonuga read at #yegcc. Image
....that should say "extraordinarily" 😑
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