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Oct 21, 2023 82 tweets 52 min read
A 14th Hezbollah fighter was killed by Israel in an airstrike on S. Lebanon. Slain today, he was apparently part of an ATGM squad. Pictured with the well-known slogan "Laibak ya Zainab".
Image Hezbollah announces tonight the loss of 3 more of its fighters. They were killed today during Israeli airstrikes in S. Lebanon. It comes after several videos claiming to strike Hezbollah ATGM squads were released by Israel. #15 #16 #17

Oct 5, 2023 8 tweets 4 min read
Drones hit the official ceremony in Homs Military College, with graduation of new batch of troops in presence of defense minister. Many casualties. Apparently suicide drones used. It looks like a Rebels' attack. Syria: insane reports coming from the Homs Military College attacked by Rebels' suicide drones. This is a mass-casualty event. Dozens killed and wounded. The first documented death below. Image
Jul 25, 2021 79 tweets 75 min read
S. #Syria: this morning this huge convoy reached town of #Daraa. It has 100s of 4th Division soldiers with heavy artillery & many armor incl. Adra tanks equipped for urban warfare. Way to get concessions but any offensive has to been greenlighted by #Russia (not the case so far). S. #Syria: among the equipment 4th Division brought in #Daraa this morning, there's also the IRAM heavy "Golan" launcher, with 12 x 360 mm caliber's rockets (each one with a warhead of 180 kg). Highly imprecise, use for carpet bombardment. ImageImage