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Initial reports of an airstrike near Tartus, #Syria
Multiple footage circulating of two objects in the skies over Lebanon, according to initial reports two IAF jets were heard over Sidon, Lebanon.
Probably the most documented event in a long time, objects were very clear.
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And what if there's a war tomorrow? An expert gave insight into the situation of Kazakhstan's army.

/1 Image
The most acute socio-economic conflicts and political contradictions are taking place in the modern world. The military-political situation is developing dynamically and the structure and nature of threats to the KZ state are changing qualitatively. /2
In this regard, the role of military force to ensure the political and economic interests of the State has increased significantly.
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I hope you get the chance for a peaceful and relaxing Sunday. That's something many thousands in #Ukraine haven't had for almost 6 months.

It's Day 172 of #Russia's invasion and here's the daily thread with all the news and analysis you need, updated throughout the day⬇️
Quite a bit of late action on yesterday's thread. You can scroll through yesterday's thread here if you need a catch up:

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia

Potentially good news from @amnesty

The organisation's pledged to have its' "#Ukraine report" examined by independent experts.

Amnesty International says it "wants to understand what exactly went wrong" according to Deutsche Welle.

Appointing @AgnesCallamard perhaps?
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The Army International Games -ARMI-2022 has started today

The geography of the games is quite extensive. 38 countries are participating, 12 states will host the games at their training grounds.
For the first time, the competitions will be held in #SaudiArabia and #Venezuela

In total, there will be 34 competitions, where more than 5,000 military personnel will compete in field, air and sea training. /2
Kazakhstan’s military will take part in seven competitions. Moreover, three of them will be held on the territory of our country, and four – abroad.
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Deepening Russo-Iranian ties will almost certainly threaten US and allied interests in Europe, the Middle East, and around the globe. Read @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar’s update on the #Russia-#Iran strategic partnership. 1/3…
#Russia and #Iran have increased their military cooperation in #Ukraine, #Syria, and #Venezuela in recent months. Iranian material support to Russia may help the Kremlin achieve some of its military objectives in Ukraine and eastern Europe. 2/3
#Iran is providing weapons and possibly conducting cyberattacks to support the Russian invasion of #Ukraine. @criticalthreats previously summarized the variety and basic capabilities of the most common and/or significant Iranian drones. 3/3…
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#Syria Wednesday accused the U.S. of smuggling oil out of the country via an illegal crossing into Iraqi Kurdistan. Syrian Ministry of #Oil and Mineral Resource reported that more than 80 percent of its oil was plundered by U.S. occupying forces.
#usa #syrianrefugees #fuel
According to data from the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resource, #Syria produced around 80300 barrels of oil per day in 2022. Only around 14200 barrels were sent to the country’s oil refinery, which means over 83 percent of Syria’s oil output is missing.
#oil #usa
The Syrian Arab News Agency reported at least 7 cases of large convoys of U.S. tankers with stolen #Syrianoil in 2022. Bouthaina Shaaban, the media adviser to the President of Syria, said the U.S. had made #Syria, an oil-producing country, suffer from natural resource shortages.
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1/5 On #NationalPeacekeepersDay, it's important to confront the myth that #Canada is a #peacekeeping country - it's not. Canada is ranked #71 in world w only 54 soldiers wearing @UN blue helmets, according to @UNPeacekeeping statistics: ⬇️ 🧵 Image
2/ In 2015 @JustinTrudeau govt came to power promising more peacekeeping, but didn't. In 2017 govt also launched #ElsieInitiative to increase women in @UN #peaceoperations, but only 18 Canadian ♀️ are on #peacekeeping. #Canada doesn't do peacekeeping because it doesn't want to. Image
3/ So what countries are doing #peacekeeping & helping the @UN? Global south countries: #Bangladesh ranked #1 w over 6K peacekeepers, #Nepal, #India, #Ghana, #Senegal & #China is ranked #10.
How about the #US, the world's biggest, most well-funded military? What's its ranking❓🤔 Image
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Torture and rape by who? #Russians. Luka is Putin’s toy. First we break toys. Then we break toy maker. Russia’s savagery will be ended by us.

We fight this battle for #Belarus, #Georgia, #Kazakistan, #Chechnya, #Syria, #Africa…so many. And for 1932 -1991, 2014-2022 #Ukraine.
1. And Americans who do not know that Russia has:

Bombed you:…
2. Invaded you with criminals:…
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7/8 in 2017 I was in the REAL Syria Civil Defence headquarters next to Ein Tarma where these fierce battles were raging. We came under heavy shelling and sniper attack from the terrorist groups even though the RSCD are unarmed volunteers. ImageImageImageImage
The Syrian Arab Army Commander you see in the photos was mortally wounded but he continued leading and encouraging his men until he died in front of them. This is why #Syria won this war. ImageImageImageImage
In this video just before he collapsed and died he is telling his soldiers that they will be victorious and he is giving them strength and courage

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Day 166 of #Russia's war of choice. Yep, the monster in the Kremlin chose to start a needless, full-scale invasion of #Ukraine. Welcome to the daily thread for all the news

Sunday was quiet until an explosive evening - if you missed it, click here:

The "underhand" tactics of #Russia exposed today by British Intelligence

#StopRussiaNOW #StandWithUkraine
Let's look at the daily figures from #Ukraine, estimating #Russia's total losses in #PutinsWar.

Relatively high numbers across in many categories.

#StopRussiaNOW #StandWithUkraine
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A journalist was detained while crossing the border in #Kosovo

Daria Aslamova, a correspondent for the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, was accused of involvement in espionage. Now no one contact her and nothing is known about her whereabouts. /1
The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the self-proclaimed Kosovo, Celal Shvetsla, announced the detention on a social network. Several photos are attached to the post, where a woman is next to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, as well as Syrian President../2
..Bashar al-Assad.

The editors of the KP clarifies that Aslamova was in #Serbia on assignment. She was supposed to prepare a special report in connection with the aggravation of the Serbian-Kosovo conflict.
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1-The killing of #al_Qaeda leader #Al_Zawahiri AZ has prompted valuable debates among analysts and experts of Jihadism regarding the implications of his death, AQ's current state of affairs and its future moves.
2-The divisive issue so far has been whether AZ was a successful leader and whether AQ is still relevant. I will add most of the pieces that have been written so far.
3-@Charles_Lister looks at how the killing of AZ in the Taliban-rule Kabul may create tension within the group's ranks. He raises the question regarding the group's commitment to #Doha agreement.
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Thread: 3 August 2022: Day 161 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Ukraine likely disabled the rail link between #Russian-occupied Kherson and Crimea; the Russians can repair it, but will remain vulnerable. Russia has begun using civilian ferries to cross the Dnipro after the destruction of the Antonovsky Bridge. Image
Instructive: #Germany’s former chancellor, Gerhard Schroder, goes to Moscow and meets #Russia's ruler Vladimir Putin, comes back insisting on the need for "peace", i.e. a ceasefire that freezes Russian gains in place and gives the Russian Army a break.
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1. Starting a running thread here documenting jihadist eulogies or laments now being released for Ayman al-Zawahiri:
2. Here is Abu Hafs al-Maqdisi, the emir of Jaysh al-Ummah, a pro-al Qaeda group in Gaza #Palestine. Abu Hafs wishes for Zawahiri the highest level of 'paradise.'
3. Another early one is from Abu Yusuf al-Muhojir, the leader of the Syrian branch of Katibat Imam al-Bukhari. The group also operates in Afghanistan alongside the Taliban and al Qaeda. Muhojir asks for Zawahiri to be blessed with 'paradise' after a long life of service in jihad.
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Sakhr Hachem, the lawyer of former minister #MichelSamaha, announced that his client was released from jail today after completing his 13-year sentence (as #Lebanon’s prison year is nine months long)
for the crime of transporting explosives from #Syria to #Lebanon and planning to use them for terrorist acts and the assassination of political figures who pose a threat to the #SyrianRegime.
Hachem said that Samaha is in good health, “he went home and is currently having lunch.”
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Today is the 97th Anniversary of Al Mazra’a battle, when the Syrians humiliated what was then the third largest army on Earth. #Syria #France Ḥawrân rebel celebration  The Man on horseback is Hilâl
Although the French army consisted of 3,500 French and colonial troops (infantry, cavalry, armored cars, artillery), they were crushed by Sultan Al-Atrash’s cavalries which consisted of roughly 500 fighters, causing the French army more than 600 fatalities and 800 casualties. Sultan Pasha al-Atrash's fightersArmée du Levant
When #Paris learned of its disaster, the Military Command replaced General Roger Michaud, the disgraced commander of the Armée du Levant, after losing his career, Roger became a Croissant seller in #Marseille until he kicked the bucket. The Poisoned Well: Empire and Its Legacy in the Middle East The Great Syrian Revolt and the Rise of Arab Nationalism - p
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Wow -- #Zawahiri killed in a U.S. drone strike in the #Kabul area over the weekend -- the 1st strike since the #Taliban's takeover of #Afghanistan in August 2021.

BIG blow for #AlQaeda's central leadership, but huge questions about how he was located (or who sold him out).
In Nov 2020, I wrote about #AlQaeda's looming "succession crisis" -- as the group's most likely No.2 (Sayf al-Adel) is based in #Iran, a location that for most AQ affiliates, has resulted in deep distrust.…

AQ's decentralization will only increase now.
For years, #AlQaeda has been under a self-reinforcing process of decentralization (& localization) -- whereby the central leadership remained a key guide, but an increasingly irrelevant source of strategic command.

More on that, in this lengthy piece:…
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1. I began reporting on the war against #Daesh in #Syria starting at the same time I began reporting on the #Russian invasion of #Ukraine. 2014. I covered #Kobane to #Baghuz in 2019. You cannot fight a war with a psychotic brutal enemy who does not follow the law of armed
2. conflict in a light way. You have to seek out and destroy the enemy. Best is while they are sleeping using artillery. The ones that remain alive, won't be sleeping and will become less able to conduct effective operations. HIMARS are great. But tube artillery is can be
3. terrifying. #Hit the HQ and ammo dumps with #GMLRS and then pour down tube artillery like a hail storm. That's what it took in Raqqa. The @USMC burned up their 155mm gun barrels. And with the SDF valor suffering huge casualties they finally crushed them
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NEW: #Saudi-born, #Canada citizen gets life in prison for performing executions for #ISIS

39yo Mohammed Khalifa surrendered to the #SDF in January 2019, was transferred to the US & pled guilty to conspiring to support ISIS in December 2021
Khalifa, aka Abu Ridwan Al-Kanadi & Abu Muthanna Al-Muhajir, joined #ISIS in 2013 & became the lead translator for the terror group's propaganda & the English-speaking narrator on multiple violent videos, per @TheJusticeDept
Per @TheJusticeDept, Khalifa narrated 2 of the most influential & most violent #ISIS videos - Flames of War I & II

The videos also show Khalifa executing kneeling #Syria|n soldiers
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1. The attack on #Kabul Cricket Stadium is as yet unclaimed, but it’s worth noting that, as of today, #ISKP has been inactive for 13 days in a row.

That’s the longest period since September 2021, when it was gearing up to launch the most intensive campaign in its recent history.
2. This summer’s slump has seen #ISKP become somewhat sidelined as an issue in #Afghanistan.

This graph shows mentions of the keyword “Daesh” on #Taliban social media since mid-2020.

Note how things peaked in Q4 2021 when #ISKP was at its most virulent.
3. We’ve also seen a slump in official #ISKP media releases (as in, those published through #IS’s Central Media Diwan).

Importantly, this lull hasn’t been reflected in the activities of #ISKP’s less globally prominent Pashtu and Dari media offices.
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🧵Some thoughts on the murder of #UkrainianPOWs by #russians which they try to pin on #Ukraine. Obviously it's related to the surfaced video of orcs torturing #UAF #POWs. It shows the pattern in 🇷🇺crisis mgmt & chaos in 🇷🇺structures - one hand isn't aware of what other's doing->
ON 1 HAND #russians carry out a terror campaign against #Ukraine, w/ tortures, mutilations, beheadings, executions of #UkrainianPOWs, actually spreading these videos to boost #russian morale and demoralize #Ukrainians, ON THE OTHER 🇷🇺 propaganda is busy whitewashing russians->
Obviously #Ukrainian #pow castration videos spread by "col. Kurtz"-minded #russian military f#cks things up for #russian psyops. Likely what happened was the psyops "cleaning out the mess" and covering the tortures/executions of #Ukraine #POW by russians->
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Again. Absolute horror. But it must be seen. It destroys you if you have empathy, but it's necessary. To realize that whenever #russia 'flying monkey' speaks of 🇷🇺 interests, #russianCulture, #navalny they are a monster too. 🇷🇺 is committing #warcrime ->
And these human beings, in the West, yes, dare to speak of #russia point of view? They switch focus from real #russianWarCrimes to concerns over "canceling russian culture", "#russophobia" which isn't even a thing. They're as much a monster as orc who tortures civilians & POWS->
Simple fact: when #russians destroy #Ukrainian or #Syrian cities, kill and rape #Ukraine or #Syria civilians, torture and behead #POWs, it's life of real ppl that matters, #russianCulture doesnt matter, it ceases to exist. So are 'russian interests' & whatever BS they push->
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#Iran and #Russia are pursuing greater aviation cooperation which could help the Kremlin weather international sanctions and fight in #Ukraine. @Kat_Lawlor and I have been tracking deepening Russo-Iranian cooperation since the invasion of Ukraine began. A thread. 1/8
Moscow and Tehran agreed on July 26 to increase passenger flights from Iran to Russia from 2 to 35 per week. They also discussed Iran sending aviation parts and providing Russian aircraft maintenance, repair, and technical support in Iran. 2/8
Iran and Russia could use this arrangement to support various sanction evasion efforts. Iran could support Russian efforts to rebuild and repair its civilian and military aircraft as well. 3/8
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NEW: #China "proceeding to increase their access & influence on the continent" & seeks to establish more military bases in #Africa, outgoing @USAfricaCommand Commander Gen Stephen Townsend tells @GWUPMNS
"Some of the most lethal terrorists on the planet are now in Africa...#alQaida & #ISIS " per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Townsend
"We've prevented strategic distraction" per Gen Townsend on his time at @USAfricaCommand - says US has been able to address threats in #Africa without taking focus on primary challenges, pacing threat from #China and also #Russia
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