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19 Aug
gonna do a thread on the @DNC removal of fossil fuel subsidy language, and why it's, ah, sorta suspect. Sit down. #EndFossilFuelSubsidies
@DNC and if you read my tweets yest., you know that it's politically popular, both Biden and Harris campaigned on it, and removal of #EndFossilFuelSubsidies language is just mystifying. But let's look carefully at the DNC stated reason.
@DNC as quoted in @blkahn excellent piece yest. bit.ly/3hpmDdX the #EndFossilFuelSubsidies language was included in a manager's mark "by mistake" and removed later by agreement of the Biden/Bernie campaigns. I'm gonna go into some process deets, bear with me.
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9 Jul
hey, y'all listening? I want to talk in a bit more detail than yesterday about the Biden Bernie Unity Task Force climate plan. Will use same hashtag as yesterday -- #Underwhelmed.
First, the document, all 110 pages. First 6 pages are Platformese climate; then pp. 42-55 are Policy-ese climate. I skimmed a few other sections and there may be stray climate mentions elsewhere too. #Underwhelmed bit.ly/2ZTXv7z
Next, some praise. This is a labor-friendly climate plan. And that matters a lot, because non-union cleantech doesn't get much respect in Dem circles compared to labor folk who donate and walk and elect Dems. Still, I'm #Underwhelmed.
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2 Jul
hey folk, y'all listening? I want to talk about @TheDemocrats platform drafting process, sorta flying under the radar, and some climate specific things in it. Will use #DNCClimatePlatform.
quick background on the platform drafting process... well, read my thread from Monday. Hasn't been covered in any mainstream outlet yet.
(more background) if you read my Monday PM tweets, or on the @ClimateHawkVote email list, or actually watched DNC Youtube hearings, you know that this sham of a "public hearing" is highly choreographed. #DNCClimatePlatform
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30 Jun
A modest proposal regarding allocating your donations.

Walk away from Kentucky.

It's unwinnable.

Do I need to do a thread?
Ok. A thread. I kept @ClimateHawkVote out of #KYSen because, well, lots of reasons but foremost was that the general election would be unwinnable.
The way to #DitchMitch2020 is to diminish his power. Make him a minority leader. That means donate to Dems in AZ, CO, GA (both), IA, ME, NC, and even SC and TX. All of these are more winnable than KY.
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29 Jun
good morning. Y'all listening to the DNC platform hearing plan? Because I have something to say. Thread, which I will tag #RLM4DNC like all my other DNC-related tweets.
background: by this time in 2016 @TheDemocrats had held 3 (out of 4 total) hearing on the platform. And I was getting concerned about both the logistics of public hearings, for the ob-virus reason, and the delay this year. #RLM4DNC
@TheDemocrats so @ClimateHawkVote put out a petition for the DNC to hold public hearings on the platform. bit.ly/2Ac4eka
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18 Nov 19
short thread on the brand new @ca_dem energy & environment plank, which you can read here bit.ly/2CRW528
@CA_Dem First, and most importantly -- the first two bullet points on federal and California energy/ climate policy are for a green new deal. (So I'll use #CAGND for this thread.)
@CA_Dem Hey @AOC and @SenMarkey! I paraphrased H Res 109/ S Res 59 #GreenNewDeal and wrote it into @ca_dem platform! might not be law yet but the biggest bluest best state in the nation is now firmly committed! #CAGND
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8 Oct 19
Thought -- and read both tweets in the thread: climate folk are far, far ahead on grid work than they are on tailpipe work with the public. Short thread.
tell the public the electricity produced in the US has to be 100 percent clean by 2050, and they nod and say yeah, sure, or they say "you mean 2030!"

tell the public the cars they drive must be 100 percent clean by 2030, and they Do. Not. Get. It.
Ban your coal fired plant? most of 'em don't care.

Ban your F-150? AAAACKKK. Resistance. Oh hell no. Molon labe. All that.
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4 Oct 19
hey! can we talk about climate emergencies? it's relevant to the SCOTUS news this AM.

I know there's been other news. But listen! #ClimateEmergency
And in particular I want to talk about the "Declaration of #ClimateEmergency " that has become popular in lots of progressive circles, and has a very prominent role in the climate plan of Tom Steyer among others.
First, two kinds of #ClimateEmergency declarations. There's the powerless kind and the powered kind.
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24 May 19
Short thread. I am a child of adoption and this sickens me.
my parents went through hell trying to adopt me because they had a disability seen as disqualifying, back in the day.
but ultimately I became the first baby adopted to parents w/ that disability in the area, and my parents did a terrific job raising me.

I didn't go into a foster home.
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17 Jan 19
as promised to @drvox, short thread on politics of letter signed by 27 economists advocating a carbon tax. Letter 1st published in WSJ (paywalled) and written up in WaPo, among others. wapo.st/2FEtz6M
@drvox and as you can see from WaPo headline even if you don't click thru, central premise is that a carbon tax "is not controversial." But that's false for two reasons. I'll tag this #27Economists.
@drvox First, the #27Economists letter deliberately omits a key part of the plan -- a waiver of Exxon's liability for covering up what it knew about climate change back in the 1970s. #ExxonKnew
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15 Jan 19
hey peeps. Y'all wanna listen to me spout off about @PGE4Me in light of #PGEBankruptcy?

Sure ya do. Short thread to add to national stories, from a Cal point of view. Sorta-insider dirt will be dished. Journos, pols, activists -- listen up! I'll tag it #PGEBankruptcy.
@PGE4Me First, because it is the most important point: 88 people died in the Camp fire.

8 people died in the 2010 San Bruno explosion.

So when you talk about securitization and Chapter 11 plans and trustees, please start here. People have died. #PGEBankruptcy
@PGE4Me Second point. PG&E has given more to Democratic pols than practically any other entity in the state. And I need to expand on this a bit, so thread-within-thread.
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