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Has anyone read the "Economists' Statement on Carbon Dividends"? I'll paste it here. About 30 Nobel Laureate economists, 4 former Chairs of the Federal Reserve and 15 former Chairs of the Council of Economic Advisers have signed it this in favour of "#carbontax" (1)
Economists' Statement on Carbon Dividends

Global climate change is a serious problem calling for immediate national action. Guided by sound economic principles, we are united in the following policy recommendations. (2)
I. A carbon tax offers the most cost-effective lever to reduce carbon emissions at the scale and speed that is necessary. (3)
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The carbon tax made me stop using my clothes dryer. I now rack dry, and my clothes don’t wear out as fast. The #carbontax is helping me save money!
Because of the #carbontax I think more about where things come from. That makes me look for more local product & support Alberta producers.
Because of the #carbontax I now walk more to local shops and support our local economy. Less Bug Box & more #ShopLocal
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THREAD: We wrapped @Davos #WEF19 today & I want to share my thoughts on the mood this year. Discussions focused on geopolitical & economic risks to the energy sector, #climatechange, optimism abt the pace & promise of technological innovation & outlook for clean energy.
Compared to 2018, the economic mood @Davos was more grim & subdued. Ongoing US-China trade dispute weighed heavily.. Many expect some resolution before March 2 deadline, but thorny issues in relationship will persist & China digging in for long-term. Brexit added to worries.
Last year’s lamenting by world leaders that the U.S. had withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement were replaced w/ deep concern that the U.S. has exited the world stage completely.
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This is the #CarbonTax in Alberta working EXACTLY as designed. #abpoli #climateaction…
This is the #CarbonTax in Alberta working EXACTLY as designed.…
This is the #CarbonTax in Alberta working EXACTLY as designed. #cdnpoli #abpoli…
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I must respectfully disagree with my friend @SenJohnBarrasso ’s Op-Ed on the @nytimes.

I will explain why in this thread⬇️…
1️⃣ The referendum result in Washington State looked like more relentless campaigning by the fossil fuel industry against #climate action;

without that industry onslaught, the #carbontax referendum there would probably have passed.…
2️⃣ A #carbontax is not “expensive,” as in our proposals all the money goes back to the public.

Taxing #carbon moves energy markets toward cheaper renewables.
On balance, people save money.

Don’t forget that the savings from avoiding #climate catastrophes are immense.
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@MeetThePress seems to think we can control the weather...
Hey @JerryBrownGov if you leave all the kindling in the forest, expect fire moron.

It's not raking leaves you f*****g moron, it's clearing dead brush, AKA kindling, AKA fire starter.

Why not just start tossing crumpled up news paper into the forest? (same thing) Idiot.
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In a ridiculously simplified way, yes!
Taxing people to use resources required to live because they "pollute" is a sick lie! We cannot allow raw sewage dumps and uncontrolled littering and unnecessary pollution to continue to be a modern convenience b/c it's easier than caring.
We need proper incentives that allow people to actually save money on making changes that save energy/reduce emissions/save on residual bills so that they can spend in other areas... investments, businesses, education, vacation here and there.
Having people be able to invest or spend on commodities is what helps improve the economy. The more that hard working people have extra in their pocket, the more they are willing to put back into the whole economy, not forced to pay taxes destined to other countries.
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I guess the cost of hating Kathleen Wynne is 210,000 Ontario college students losing their funding.…

#onpoli #DougFord
I guess the cost of hating Kathleen Wynne is minimum wage earners in Ontario losing a $2000 per year income increase.…

#onpoli #Bill148 #15andFairness
I guess the cost of hating Kathleen Wynne is taking away the ability to take time off work if you or your child has been threatened with/experienced sexual, physical, or domestic assault.…

#onpoli #Bill148 #DougFord
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Today, @RepCurbelo and @RepBrianFitz introduced the Market Choice Act (MCA) to address the dangerous economic and environmental effects of greenhouse gas emissions.…
This legislation would eliminate the federal excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel (the “gas tax”), in favor of a tax on GHG emissions (a #carbontax) levied on fossil fuels and certain industrial facilities and products. See this article by @TimPuko…
The goals of the Market Choice Act are to 1) to fund infrastructure by taxing GHG pollution; 2) spur significant reductions in carbon emissions; 3) and to offer a market alternative to the expansion of federal carbon regulations.…
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Live tweeting from Morneaus speech to the Calgary chamber. MC, in her intro, points out the instability in the investment climate in Canada still exists in spite of yesterday’s announcement.
Prior to this, the MC noted that she forgot to introduce Premier Notley because they (the Chamber) “hadn’t seen much of her lately”.
Morneau makes a quip about Notley that falls flat.
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