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Time Traveler from the 31st Century; genius, an expert historical scholar, a master physicist, sneakerhead, engineer, and a beautician 🤡 #Bitcoin
16 Mar
Time for a cleansing...

Please #unfollow if you disagree
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#Bitcoin helps out however #humanity is the answer 🙏🏼
Let the games begin. FYI I don’t give two fucking shits about followers I’m just tired of seeing inhumane irrational white supremacist notions and attitudes in the #Bitcoin community. Grow up and evolve we are all humans.
This is not a red state or blue state thing this is simply being a goddamn human grow the fuck up people we are at a precipice if you don’t realize it why do you think #Bitcoin it’s becoming more prevalent day in and day out take the right pill or continue being a slave
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16 Mar
Is this too much to for you?! 👇🏼👇🏼

If so... #GTFO #Bitcoin requires #HODL 💎 🙌🏼 or you simply don’t get. If that’s the case please sell us your sats and be gone to a bygone era.
#Bitcoin be like
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