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100+ Spring Core, Spring Boot, Spring REST, Spring Security, Spring Cloud, and Spring Testing Annotations in a single tweet.
Thread 👇
#retweet #follow #like #springframework #springmvc #springcloud #springboot #springdata
Core Spring Framework Annotations:
- @Required
- @Autowired
- @Qualifier
- @Configuration
- @ComponentScan
- @Bean
- @Lazy
- @Value
Spring Framework Stereotype Annotations:
- @Component
- @Controller
- @Service
- @Repository
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Summary of #Java 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 features.
All features in single tweet. #bookmark #save #pin
Thread 👇 #retweet #follow
Java 8 Features:
- Lambda expression
- Stream API
- Functional interface
- Default and static methods
- Optional class
- Nashorn – JavaScript runtime engine
- Annotation on Java Types
- Unsigned Integer Arithmetic
- Repeating annotations
- New Date and Time API
#Java 9 Features:
- Java platform module system
- Interface Private Methods
- HTTP 2 Client
- JShell
- Platform and JVM Logging
- Process API Updates
- Collection API Updates
- Improvements in Stream API
- Multi-release JAR Files
- @Deprecated Tag Changes
- Stack Walking
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#follow| The Director-General of Al-Shifa Medical Complex in #Gaza, Dr. Muhammad Abu Salmiya, in an interview about the occupation’s prevention of #Gaza patients from traveling through the “Beit
Hanoun/Erez” checkpoint:

🔹 Oncological patients are more likely to die, and more than 35% of the occupation prevents them from leaving through Beit Hanoun/Erez Checkpoint, under the pretext of

🔹 Oncology patients must take their chemotherapy, nuclear and radiological scans, and this prevention is a real execution for these patients if they are not allowed to receive
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The @AP has published (yet another) “hit-piece” on @elonmusk, attempting to spread widespread fear of imminent bullying if/when the Twitter deal closes… 🐦

See below how this article falls short of @AP’s mission to discredit… 🪡 👇🏻 1/9
We all know the #JRE clip, and we all know the context (Must having said he’s never smoked before…) 💨

The obsession with left-leaning fear-mongers of calling @elonmusk a “pot smoker” is laughable. 🤡

Meanwhile, the democratic fights to legalize cannabis nationwide… 2/9 Image
The @AP quotes an opinion from a solitary anonymous investment firm that thinks the @Twitter takeover is “comical and surreal”. 🥁

Using quotes from nameless entities serves to enrich the @AP’s narrative while providing absolutely zero real-world value to the reader… 3/9 Image
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⛔Rupture de la gorge en éternuant 👇


Un homme de 34 ans a été admis à l'hôpital se plaignant de douleurs aiguës lors de la déglutition et de modifications de sa voix après un éternuement violent. Il a essayé de retenir l'envie d'éternuer en pinçant ses narines avec
ses doigts, mais lorsqu'il a éternué, il a ressenti des secousses dans son cou puis a constaté que le cou était enflé. Le patient a eu une radiographie montrant une accumulation excessive d'air dans les tissus mous du cou devant la trachée. Diagnostiqué avec une rupture
spontanée de l'œsophage.
Cette pratique consistant à se pincer la bouche et le nez pour éviter d'éternuer est dangereuse et ne doit pas être pratiquée. Les conséquences possibles d'une telle manœuvre incluent l'emphysème médiastinal (accumulation anormale d'air dans
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A trading plan can be as simple as deciding to buy above these levels and sell below these levels. Usually trading plan also called as homework has to be done one day prior to your trading day.

For FNO it might be a daily task. For cash players it can be weekly.
Trading is one of the most flexible businesses out there. It's you who decide to run the shop or close it for a day. Always treat it like a business. Calculate your loss, sunk cost, depreciation, bad debts etc too. Yess trading had these terms too.
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Since it's #InternationalWomensDay, here's a thread of TEN #BlackWomen #Creators in #Anime and #Manga Spaces that you NEED to know about!
First up is: @NeyshaPlays, an exceptionally talented
multidisciplinary Digital Creative. She's a podcaster, writer & pop culture critic and an AMAZING Cosplayer. Is there anything that she can't do?

P.S. The answer to that question is NO. She can do everything!
Next we have: @tudzdotexe! Tudz is a #BlackBritish Youtuber, Podcaster, Streamer and Magical Girl. Get into her content please, because it is AMAZING!

Her #Podcast: @4EyesAcademia

Her #Youtube Channel:…
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🦢 01:09 kst

- it's up
- 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️
- no the first picture
- it's not red it's hot pink
- 🤓
- and for the lp shot, my older sister said to come up with a concept which is why it looks awkward...ㅋ

- ah unnie stop taking pictures ~ ㅋㅎ i am shy
- and when i saw the picture (she took) i was a little disappointed
- ah ㅜ unnie take a little more pictures ㅋ
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Petit #thread sur qu'est-ce qu'un burn de token 💡

1. Signification
2. Pourquoi burn des #cryptos ?
3. Exemples de types de burn qui existent
4. Qu’est-ce qu’une PoB (proof of burn) ?

Bonne lecture 📖
1. Signification

L’expression burn de tokens « brûlage de jetons » en français, est une opération qui consiste à enlever des tokens en circulation d’une cryptomonnaie.
2. Pourquoi burn des cryptos ?

La principale raison d’un burn est d’augmenter la valeur des autres jetons qui sont en circulation. Bcp ont un nombre déterminé de token, si la demande reste la même, la valeur devrait en principe augmenter s’il y en a moins en circulation.
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Are you there? 🔥🔥🔥

💯New Canadian scholarships to consider for 2022/23 entry

📍International & specifically African students going to University of Ottawa, Canada 🇨🇦

#Follow #RT for others and #stayconnected for more 🚀🚀

Open thread 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
📍 Chancellor's Scholarship for International Students

For undergrads
📍 Entrance Scholarship for African Students Studying with English as medium of instruction

-Apply for admission in Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences to be considered. This will lower your tuition
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If you know any one who wants to study MSc/PhD in Ireland 🇮🇪, let them know scholarships are available to cover their tuition and living expenses.

Open and RT widely 🚀🚀🚀
📍Govt. of Ireland – Intl Education Scholarships 2022 (Deadline- March 25)…

📍 Govt. of Ireland Postgrad Scholarship Programme
📍Employment-Based Postgrad Programme…

📍Irish-Aid Fellowships…

📍Casement fellowship in Human Rights (Nigerians only)…
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#Fibonacci Retracement How i use it ?
Fibonacci Retracement is a technical analysis tool that i use to locate areas/levels of support & resistance
It is based on the Fibonacci sequence ratios introduced by Leonardo Fibonacci
Measure the rise of price from swing low to swing high (depends on the time frame in use)
This level will give the support levels AND the potential resistances levels once price continue higher
Let's take $FSLY Daily for example
White Arrow : Swing high
Yellow Arrow : Swing low

As you can see it gives us support levels & future potential resistance levels Image
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💬 Parlons de @publish0x, une plateforme qui permet de gagner de la #crypto en lisant, en écrivant et en partageant du contenu de qualité.

Oui Messieurs-Dames, lire des articles peut vous rapporter de la crypto avec le #EarnToRead & #EarnToWrite, c'est GRATUIT et c'est ici ⬇️ Image
La plateforme @publish0x a été fondée en 2018 par @bigbirdvc.

Son but vise à rémunérer avec de la #crypto, les auteurs ET les lecteurs autour d'un contenu de qualité sous forme de #blog comme @Medium.

C'est totalement #GRATUIT et ça vous permettra d'arrondir vos fins de mois. Image
Pour pouvoir commencer à participer et #gagner de la #crypto, vous devez préalablement vous inscrire à la plateforme.

Ci-dessous, mon lien d'affiliation (non obligatoire) qui me permet de récupérer 5% de vos gains en guise de #parrainage.
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What we will likely regret re US pandemic:
1. Entire USA shut down hard in early March (for many places this was excessive, 4 others came too late, NYC).

Use of restrictions at wrong time depletes the populations energy & cannot be sustained....
....eventually, places like SD, the south, etc would fatigue, grow irritated, loosen restrictions and appetite to reinstitute would be gone

2. Whether or not lockdowns work & for what duration will be probed in 10k empirical papers, some will be good…
Likely lockdowns have modest, non durable effects under very specific circumstances, and deploying them in blanket ways instead of targeting resources to the communities with spread was a gargantuan error
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How to facilitate Digital Services Economy transitions in next decades?
Together with @dseinnovations team and @setcoingroup we develop #ESG transformation framework and roadmap for governments, international organizations, corporations funds & LP’s
Check overview in thread👇
#humancentric Global Economy
Benefits of services economy to local countries & #gdp growth
People become main asset of digital services economy
Next 👇
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1/ 10 characteristics of conspiracy theorists

A useful guide by Donna Ferentes
2/ 1. Arrogance. They are always fact-seekers, questioners, people who are trying to discover the truth: sceptics are always "sheep", patsies for Messrs Bush and Blair etc.….

3/ 2. Relentlessness.

They will always go on and on about a conspiracy no matter how little evidence they have to go on or how much of what they have is simply discredited.
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Get to know DNI Avril Haines. She's possibly the most powerful since Jim Clapper, re: influence w the president & leadership of the IC. Today she's leading testimony of the 1st "worldwide threats" hearing since 2019. Returning stability to the IC will be job enough. Image
The first question to Haines is about China's technological advancements. #Follow @DefTechPat who is on it like a phishing link on your email...
Warner highlights he, others on the cmte want a "technology alliance" among democracies, to rebuff China, mentions DOD
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Time for a cleansing...

Please #unfollow if you disagree
Please continue to #Follow if you agree

#Bitcoin helps out however #humanity is the answer 🙏🏼
Let the games begin. FYI I don’t give two fucking shits about followers I’m just tired of seeing inhumane irrational white supremacist notions and attitudes in the #Bitcoin community. Grow up and evolve we are all humans.
This is not a red state or blue state thing this is simply being a goddamn human grow the fuck up people we are at a precipice if you don’t realize it why do you think #Bitcoin it’s becoming more prevalent day in and day out take the right pill or continue being a slave
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Let's get it on!
Wir widmen uns heute dem symbolträchtigen und geschichtsschwangeren Jahr 1968. Folgt diesem Thread für viel Musikliebe und -geschichte an diesem Abend und als erstes diesem Spotify-Profil hier:…
Let's start with this:
HEY JUDE wäre nicht ohne John Lennons Affäre mit Yoko Ono entstanden. McCartney schrieb es, um Lennons Sohn Julian wegen der Trennung seiner Eltern zu trösten - und irgendwie markiert der Song damit das Anfang vom Ende der #Beatles
Das muss man natürlich beantworten mit: "Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a man of walth and taste"... dem ultimativen Meisterstück der Rolling Stones: Im Dezember 1968 erscheint das unerreichte "Sympathy For The Devil". #JAHRESPLAYLIST
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Msc position in Plant Biology at Université Laval, Canada. Closure of the abandoned logging roads to improve habitat of Caribou. Autumn 2021 or Winter 2022 start.
The woodland caribou herd in Parc des Grands-Jardins has only a few dozen individuals left. The presence of forest roads favors the movement of predators and creates pressure on the species. Despite
the absence of forest harvest since the creation of the Parc des Grands-
Jardins in 1981, a few hundred kilometers of paths still present, 40 years later, an absence or insufficient tree regeneration. The goal of this project is to evaluate various methods in order to initiate the closure of the forest cover in the abandoned roads at Parc des Grands
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#Thread #COVIDSecondWave
Dire warning from Dr Darayus Gazder, a young doctor in #Karachi: Second wave is very strong, patients are highly critical and sick. We have a waiting list of over 10 per bed. People are dying/suffering alone w no one to say goodbye!
It's painful
Some deteriorate within minutes. Others who survive COVID have permanent severe #lung damage, can't eat a single meal w/o high flow oxygen, later die painfully as if #drowning once respiratory/cardiac muscles can't compensate as oxygen is depleted.
- Dr Darayus Gazher 2/n
Educated people should take this seriously. But they are Instead throwing parties, weddings, going to sports events, malls, shopping, eating out with no precautions, even mocking the disease. This selfish behaviour must end as it endangers ALL age groups
- Dr Darayus Gazder 3/n
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