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Our mission is to ensure the health of the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary and Delta communities.
23 Jul
The sad truth is that we have never been more disappointed in @Gavinnewsom than we are today. On the day that reports are out about the largest HABs outbreak we have seen, a rubric has been introduced discussing the Delta tunnel's water quality merits for the SWP only.
We feel as if we have wasted the last 18 months trying to collaborate with @CA_DWR & the SEC because the criteria ignores the Delta reform act of co-equal goals. Nothing is being offered to solve our water quality problems. We understand the process much better than DWR thinks.
The problem is the foundation/premises the plan is being developed on. Why should the entire state suffer damage and water quality degradation for the SWP? There is no equity in that.
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18 May
The Central Valley Flood Protection Board is floating a draft “statement of no objection” letter once again, without circling back to the #SFBayDelta community for full and robust input. #cawater Read more here:
The Board’s return to simply drafting language for approval tells us that public participation will require Delta residents once again having to rally to oppose state actions that fail to address Delta community needs... (1/2)
...rather than being given the time to give thoughtful input to the need for comprehensive levee protection in response to Delta sea level rise, storm surge, and river flooding concerns. (2/2)
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3 Mar
Tonight we are at the last Delta Tunnel Scoping Meeting in Redding. @CaliSalmon and the @winnememwintu Tribe organized a rally beforehand. We will be live tweeting the meeting and comments.
A clip of the rally before the meeting.
More pictures of the rally walking into the scoping meeting.
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23 Aug 19
Yesterday the @DeltaCouncil voted to prioritize a levee investment strategy that prioritizes water exports over protecting human life with the promise of re-evaluating the plan later on. This is not good enough!
Around 50% of the residents in North Delta Legacy towns are people of color; the poverty rate reaches up to 30% in some places. This is a significant environmental justice community.
Environmental justice communities do not recover from flood. We have a similar problem in Stockton where the Army Corps of Engineers has underfunded levee upgrades that are needed in South Stockton where there is a large population (different planning track).
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