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Exposed! The Nature Conservancy falsely promotes logging as a #climate solution. Stop #greenwashing the #forest industry!…

Follow the thread for details… Image
💰The Nature Conservancy's “mission” is to conserve the lands & waters on which all life depends. IRL, they promote #logging and wood products as a solution to the #ClimateCrisis.
💰TNC aligned with biomass giants - Drax & Enviva via the Forest & Climate Working Group.
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"More brands are starting to get that internet culture is important and meme culture is important. Meme literacy is important for their social media presence. It’s becoming less and less optional, depending on their level of engagement online." @DonCald…
The Internet Encyclopedia of Memes - Cybernaut - Every…
#MemeLiteracy, #InternetCulture, #MarketingStrategy
Floating solar power could help fight climate change — let's get it right…
#SolarPower, #ClimateChange, #FloatingSolarPanels
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"Throughout world history, humanity reached progressive levels of unity starting from the family unit, village or tribe, nation state and is now approaching its long-destined, highest level of unity on this planet which is the unity of mankind." Ali Helmy…
Farm Robots Will Help Feed the World During Climate Change - Bloomberg…
#FarmRobots, #AgriculturalEquipment, #ClimateChange, #GlobalFoodSystem, #OpEd
The Magpie in the Mind: The Emerging Science of Thinking with the Whole World Beyond the Brain – The Marginalian…
#neuroscience, #imagination, #sensemaking, #ExtendedMind, #EndlessPossibilities
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📢New publication: "Globalization of Environmental Justice: A Framework for Comparative Research," which compares Indigenous Peoples' struggles in the United States & India. @OUPAcademic Handbook of Comparative Env Politics Ed. by Jeannie Sowers, @StacyDVanDeveer & Erika Weinthal
I build on the @Ostrom_Workshop IAD framework to compare the struggles of Apache activists opposed to proposed copper mining in Oak Flats (Tonto National Forest, Arizona) w/ the resistance of state-led mining in central India by Gond Indigenous Adivasis. #IndigenousPeoples 2/n
How do Indigenous Peoples' struggles in different sociopolitical & institutional context differ from one another? What can we learning from studying these movements comparatively? I adopt a comparative contextualization approach to broach the type of Qs that come up freqntly 3/n
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BREAKING: This is what environmental racism looks like. @MassDOT & @MassDEP are stockpiling asbestos debris in the EJ community of Chelsea, near a public housing development. EJ communities are not sacrifice zones! Read the full statement by our ED Roseann Bongiovanni ⬇️ ImageImage
We are in utmost frustration, disgust and disbelief that the State of Massachusetts has contributed to further environmental racism and classism for the already disproportionately burdened environmental justice community of Chelsea.
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation, with the approval of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, has yet again dumped hazardous waste in an EJ community despite the new and historic environmental justice legislation passed last year.
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Diablo Canyon should not have been built in the first place. Closing the plant’s reactors is the right thing to do for #climate, California’s safety, global security, and #environmentaljustice.

@Sammy_Roth @GavinNewsom @JenGranholm @ENERGY

Why would #California, @GavinNewsom, @PGE4Me, and the feds use billions of taxpayer dollars to rush through a relicensing of Diablo for only a few years of operation, when they still have 3 years to prepare for the closure?

Are they going to overturn the whole coastal conservation regulation on thermal power plants just for Diablo Canyon to squeeze in a few more years of operation?
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1st paper from my PhD - Making a case to consider trust, justice, & power in conservation relationships -
out in @ConBiology, with @aidank & Sam Staddon @GeosciencesEd
Summary 🧵 (1/9)
Open-access paper here 👇…
Trust is seen as key by conservation scientists & practitioners for the cooperation needed to achieve their goals. We explored relations between conservation org-Indigenous Peoples & Local Communities, large-small orgs, & intra-org conservation worker relations (2/9)
Through a focused review, we find trust-building interventions are often conceived to incentivise local cooperation within dominant paradigms. Prevalent framings inc. how to build trust to ensure compliance, remove local opposition, & encourage belief in conservation (3/9)
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Current research on microplastics is the stuff of nightmares-

They’re dangerous, they’re spread through our food, they're in the air... they’re everywhere

Thread 1/x
#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food
Much of the research is trapped behind paywalls, and only reported on in a limited, fragmented pattern

-like so much else when large corporations cause environmental damage and impose widespread health impacts on the public

#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food
The growing risks of microplastics are a direct function of an ongoing push by the same sociopathic corporations that are driving the climate crisis

#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food…
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1/15 So-called “chemical recycling” or “advanced recycling” are not the safe, green, or “circular" technologies often described by the petrochemical industry. Let’s take a deeper dive and look at a few examples in today’s #FacilityFriday🧵. @CLF
2/15 All so-called “chemical” or “advanced” recycling technologies burn plastic or other waste – or turn it into fuel to be burned elsewhere. Any supposed “raw materials” that come out of the process are purely incidental. #FacilityFriday @GAIAnoburn…
3/15 Burning plastic ≠ recycling. So-called “chemical recycling” uses a two-step incineration process. Step 1: expose plastics to temps as high as 2,800° F to create fuel and waste byproducts. Step 2: burn the dirty fuel and the waste. #FacilityFriday…
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The story of Black people in the #EnvironmentalJustice movement is rooted in the civil rights movement and the fight for racial justice. #CJABlackCaucus

Check out the Black EJ Timeline and webpage
The Black #EnvironmentalJustice movement helped birth the #ClimateJustice movement of today. CJA’s Black Caucus is working to archive and tell these stories. Building narrative power through the collection of written, oral, song, and visual historical preservation.
The Black Caucus is working to develop a Climate Justice Peoples’ Teach-In geared towards Black communities and designed to spark the next generation of Black climate and environmental justice leaders.
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No, @POTUS, you didn't have to sell off those ☣️ #oil leases ☣️ in the Gulf of Mexico.
@TheDemocrats have a dilemma. They need to choose between their #environmentaljustice voters or #oilandgasindustry donors. Put your heads together with the @WhiteHouse and look at bad poll numbers again.
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730+ groups call upon global leaders to deliver #RealZero through rapid & permanent emissions cuts & real solutions, not dangerous techno-fixes, like carbon capture, blue hydrogen, geoengineering, or carbon markets & accounting tricks.
A thread 🧵
This call comes as governments and corporations at #COP26 unveil “#NetZero” climate pledges, many of which are being used to greenwash climate inaction and justify “business-as-usual” fossil fuel production.

#NetZeroIsNotZero #KeepItInTheGround
“Climate leadership will not be measured decades from now, but rather by the pace and scale of concrete, near-term actions taken today.”

It's time to invest in #RealZero solutions, no more techno-fixes, geoengineering, carbon markets, or accounting tricks.
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NEW report by @SRtoxics makes clear: Plastics pose a threat to #HumanRights throughout their whole life cycle.
A human rights-based approach to #PlasticsPolicy is urgently needed to #BreakFreeFromPlastic & uphold #EnvironmentalJustice.
A thread 🧵
"It's urgent to address the interface of plastics & #HumanRights. The gaps & shortcomings in the area are posing a truly global threat. A rights-based approach to the plastics lifecycle can help prevent & redress human rights infringements." — @SRtoxics.
Indeed, from extraction to production, through transport, use, and disposal, plastics are impacting at least 10 of the most fundamental human rights.


Read more in our statement ⬇️ ⬇️…
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"Since the revelations in Flint, dozens of cities have been found to have dangerously elevated levels of lead in homes, schools, and daycare centers." Elevated lead levels in water is a public health issue across the nation. #ph260720 #cleanwaterforall…
The @NRDC article highlights the fact that elevated lead levels in drinking water have also been found in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Newark, New York, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C. #ph260720 #cleanwaterforall
How does lead enter our drinking water? The @EPA estimates that there may be an upward of 10 million lead pipes servicing water in the US. @NRDC estimates upwards of 12 million. Corrosion of these pipes leads to contamination. #ph260720 #cleanwaterforall
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NEW: Chair @RepMaloney, Chair @RepRoKhanna, and Rep. @Ilhan led more than 50 Democrats in sending a letter to @SpeakerPelosi and @LeaderHoyer requesting that they include the repeal of #fossilfuel subsidies in the #BuildBackBetter Act.… Image
In their letter, the Members underscored that ending fossil fuel subsidies is an essential step in achieving #environmentaljustice in the United States.
Studies indicate that the pollution generated by the fossil fuel industry disproportionately affects the health and well-being of communities of color.
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👋 fellow scientists trying to contribute work on environmental and social determinants of health

#EnvironmentalJustice work is critical and difficult

Wanted to share R2 comments received from a top journal in our field, which we were not invited to respond to @marydotwillis
Comment 1: "Any time I see the term "xxx* + justice," I immediately think I'm being hustled by some virtue-signaling ignoramus who is incapable of doing something good for himself or society."

R1: Actually justice is one of the 3 ethical principles from the Belmont Report
Comment 2: "I revert to the overly simple idea that justice is following the law. If you are within the law, that is good enough for rough and ready justice."

R2: This is not the definition of justice--a fair distribution of costs and benefits.
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The goal is to make sure aerosol counts are lower. We often use the analogy of cigarette smoke building up in poorly ventilated room as a visual analogy for being in a room with an infectious (speaking) supershedder. Lower counts = lower risk. CO2 alone won’t tell you this. 1/3
Having lower PM in a room has many health benefits. People often focus only on CO2 but if you are in a room where it is difficult to increase ventilation, you have no choice but to add HEPA filtration. In this case, aerosol sensors (with size) are your only helpful metric. (2/3)
PM measurements tell you how effective your HEPA filtration is—shooting to be in upper left corner (see below). There is no question that avoiding the situation in the lower right corner lowers risk of infection. CO2 measurements alone cannot be used to assess this. (3/3)
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1st day of the #Slovenian 🇸🇮presidency of @EUCouncil Watch this space for live updates from @EURACTIV 👇
For a short take for what's on the menu today in #Ljubljana, check out…
#Cybersecurity and #AI will be one of the priorities for 🇸🇮@EU2021SI, first briefing of the day by @BostjanKoritnik, responsible for #DigitalTransformation, who says "it is important for us to create a high level of trust in human-centric #AI"
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With the incredible Hazel Johnson, the “mother of the environmental justice movement” and founder of People for Community Recovery, Altgeld Gardens, Chicago, in 1990. #environmentaljustice
In these photos, Hazel and I were blockading a hazardous waste incinerator on Chicago’s Southeast Side. Tireless activism by Hazel and others shut down this facility and scores of similar incinerators during the next decade.
Legislation now before Congress would designate every April “Hazel Johnson Environmental Justice Month” and posthumously award her the Congressional Gold Medal. Thank you @RepBobbyRush.
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A thread by BRD for your consideration:

Today is #ArmedForcesDay- too often a day where politicians offer platitudes about sacrifice and gratitude while they continue to send our troops to kill and die in endless wars for profit and power- not justice or freedom. #NoMoreWar /1
They praise us at their events while they gut our healthcare and sidestep accountability for the rampant sexual assault, pollution and abuses on and around our bases. #ArmedForcesDay2021 #MilitaryMeToo #EnvironmentalJustice #AuditThePentagon 2/
They pat us on the back while they line their pockets with corporate "Defense" industry campaign donations and ignore the the hunger, houselessness, and avoidable traumas our families are grappling with. #ArmedForcesDay #22aDay #MoralInjury #HousingFirst #HousingIsAHumanRight 3/
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(1/5) Our research project @giub @unibonn analyses entanglements of urban renewal, airport expansion/ construction& affordable housing near international airports #airports #aerotropolis #displacement #contestations #sustainability #ecomobility #policy #politicalecology
(2/5) Airports act as symbols of modernity, Aero-cities become nodal points for industry & top priorities for urban planners, city developers & national governments both in G. North and South. #aviation #ecosystem #cityplanning #Mobilität #Klimagerechtigkeit
(3/5)Airport expansion/constructions are witnessing land struggles+displacement of local communities+ethnic clashes. Aviation-related conflicts call for questions on sustainability, environmental justice, citizenship & human rights #landacquisition #EnvironmentalJustice
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An evening of readings and dialogue among distinguished poets and young poets of tomorrow— a chorus of diverse voices exploring the transformative power of words at the intersection of disability and climate justice.
This event will include Closed Captioning in English, Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) in English, American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, and image descriptions.
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In-depth individual interviews of 25 #women #workers at the Ambassador Bridge produced #breastcancer risk understandings & agency narratives.

Kathy said: “put us all together, and pretty soon you have just got lots of stories that all have the same ending.”

A thread

The research captures & explains layered & multifactorial influences on women’s narratives of #breastcancer risks & related agency and to see how #health and health knowledge are constructed in a #nested set of relationships.

Multiple information sources influenced #women’s #breastcancer risk and agency narratives.

Social, cultural & experiential information were all included.

#Workplace & #environmental exposures & socio-cultural aspects of work & environment were critical to the narratives.

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