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The Central Valley Regional @CaWaterBoards has reported that a recent collection of water samples from cyanobacteria #AlgalBlooms along the #Stockton waterfront contain microcystins up to 220 times higher than the “danger” level.

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Our ED: “We are grateful that the @CaWaterBoards continue to make water quality testing a priority throughout the #SFBayDelta and along the #Stockton waterfront, the most populated urban area within the Delta with CA’s largest #environmentaljustice community percentage-wise. (1/
"We are, however, deeply disappointed in decisions being made by @CA_DWR because none of their plans for the Delta or #cawater management include solving the HABs issue for our region or for Northern California tribal communities suffering with the same water quality problem. (2/
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New work led by Xingying Huang on extreme #AtmosphericRiver storms in California in a warming climate is out today in @ScienceAdvances (open access)! A thread discussing our findings and their implications follows. #CAwx #CAwater #CAclimate (1/n)…
Top-level findings: we find that the most intense atmospheric river storms in California will be become considerably more intense as the climate warms, bringing substantially more precipitation overall as well as higher precipitation intensities. (2/n)…
We find that largest *absolute* increases in extreme AR precip occur where you might expect: along windward slopes of Sierra Nevada & Coastal Mountains. But...the largest *relative* increases occur in historically rain-shadowed areas--Central Valley & Sierra lee side. (3/n)
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Weather/climate programming note: (1/3)
Our extreme #climate event attribution piece will be out this Friday in @OneEarth_CP (expect a Tweetstorm, and brief discussion in an upcoming Weather West blog post!). #CAwx #CAwater
Then, in early July, our extreme California #AtmosphericRiver & #ClimateChange paper will be out in @ScienceAdvances (expect a dedicated Weather West blog post). #CAwx #CAwater (2/3)
In Aug/Sep, I'll have dedicated post discussing our recently published paper on #ClimateChange-caused increases in extreme CA wildfire conditions (& possibly also additional work, still in review, examining population exposure to public safety power shut-offs). #CAwx #CAfire(3/3)
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The Central Valley Flood Protection Board is floating a draft “statement of no objection” letter once again, without circling back to the #SFBayDelta community for full and robust input. #cawater Read more here:
The Board’s return to simply drafting language for approval tells us that public participation will require Delta residents once again having to rally to oppose state actions that fail to address Delta community needs... (1/2)
...rather than being given the time to give thoughtful input to the need for comprehensive levee protection in response to Delta sea level rise, storm surge, and river flooding concerns. (2/2)
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Our new work on #ClimateChange & autumn wildfire risk in California, led by Michael Goss, is out today in (open-access) ERL. We find that climate change has already doubled the frequency of extreme fire weather days since 1980s.(1/6) #CAwx #CAfire #CAwater… Image
Historical increases in autumn temperature & decreases in precipitation have led to increased number of days where aggregate Fire Weather Index (FWI) exceeds historical 95th percentile, which are strongly associated w/large wildfires.(2/6) #CAfire #CAwx… ImageImage
This historically observed increase in autumn wildfire risk in California is generally consistent with climate model projections for the same period. #CAwx #CAfire (3/6)… Image
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For those looking for some good news this week, I do have some from a California weather perspective: a sudden burst of potentially quite heavy Sierra Nevada snowfall (along with widespread rain elsewhere) is likely this weekend into early next week. (1/3) #CAwx #CAwater ImageImage
Over the next 5-7 days, a pretty broad swath of 2-3 foot snowfall is possible across Sierra Nevada. This will be a cold system, so accumulating snowfall possible down below 2,500 ft. Rainfall accumulations elsewhere will be fairly widespread and mostly moderate. (2/3) #CAwx ImageImage
Clearly, this is very good news! It is, however, still important to keep these numbers in perspective. Snowpack currently at only 38% of avg., & is "missing" ~24 *inches* of liquid SWE. Even after upcoming big snowfall, we'll still be massively behind. #CAwx #CAwater (3/3) Image
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New work led by @SciGibson @NASAJPL! We take a deep dive into northeastern Pacific high pressure ridging, including trends, implications for California drought, #AtmosphericRiver activity, and possible underlying physical mechanisms. (1/6) #CAwx #CAwater…
We find several distinct "flavors" of high pressure ridging that tend to recur historically. Each spatial configuration affects atmospheric river activity & western U.S. precipitation in a distinct manner. (2/6) #CAwx #CAwater #AZwx #ORwx #WAwx…
All three ridge types (north, west, and south-centered) are associated with drought in California and the Colorado River basin, but only "north-type" ridges are associated with drought in the Pacific Northwest. #CAwx #ORwx #WAwx #AZwx #UTwx #CAwater… (3/6)
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Light coastal rain showers (and mountain snow showers) are still expected to end prolonged dry spell in NorCal this weekend (finally!), although significant precip not expected. Then, early next week... 1/3 #CAwx #CAwater Image
Early next week, a stronger & dramatically warmer system is expected to affect SoCal. Widespread, locally heavy rainfall is likely from this warm/wet #AtmosphericRiver--but only in far SoCal. Very high snow levels due to subtropical airmass. 2/3 #CAwx #CAwater Image
Thereafter, there is uncertainty regarding how the pattern evolves. Best chance of additional precip is in SoCal; unfortunately, in parched NorCal, ensembles still suggesting continued below-average precip through mid-March. #CAwx #CAwater #CAfire Image
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Tonight we are at the last Delta Tunnel Scoping Meeting in Redding. @CaliSalmon and the @winnememwintu Tribe organized a rally beforehand. We will be live tweeting the meeting and comments. Image
A clip of the rally before the meeting.
More pictures of the rally walking into the scoping meeting. ImageImage
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More record high temperatures possible over the next few days across California. With ensembles projecting zero precipitation in San Francisco and Sacramento through Saturday evening, February 2020 now virtually certain to be driest in history across most of NorCal. #CAwx ImageImage
Models now suggesting Sunday system may be an "outside slider"--missing most of CA to the west and possibly leaving NorCal dry, cool, and windy. Scattered SoCal rain showers and Sierra Nevada snow showers still possible. #CAwx
Still some hints of the possibility of a wetter pattern by mid-March, but ensembles are mixed on this and would likely not occur until 2nd week in month or later. Based on current forecasts, I would not hold my breath for a "March Miracle" this year.... #CAwx #CAfire #CAwater ImageImage
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New research led by Xingying Huang on simulating extreme U.S. Pacific Coast #AtmosphericRiver storms. We found that our high resolution weather model configuration yielded substantial improvements in extreme precip representation. (1/3)… #CAwx #CAwater Image
We selected extreme AR events between 1980-2017, evaluating model performance specifically for the *most* intense precipitation in *wettest* regions. This modeling framework forms basis for forthcoming work on #AtmosphericRivers in warming climate. (2/3) #CAwater #CAwx Image
One selected storm was Dec. 12 1995 event in N. California, which brought a violent windstorm to portions of SF Bay Area (100+ mph gusts!). This was actually a formative weather event of my childhood--it's one of the reasons why I'm an atmospheric scientist today! (3/3) #CAwx Image
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New research led by @k_r_gonz points to striking #AtmosphericRiver warming trend along U.S. West Coast in recent decades. We found that ARs have already warmed by > 2°C (3.6°F) in some months--faster than previous #climate projections had suggested. (1/8)…
#AtmosphericRiver warming signal is robust in all regions during at least some months, including coastal Washington, Oregon, & California. But warming has been greatest in central & southern CA, especially during January & March. #CAwx #ORwx #WAwx (2/8)…
This #AtmosphericRiver warming appears to be driven by both local and geographically remote warming, but appears to scale most closely with near-shore ocean and local background (non-AR) temperature trends. (3/8)…
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A federal judge dismissed portions of a water lawsuit by the Agua Caliente tribe, ruling against its attempt to quantify its rights to groundwater.… @EvanWyloge
This decision comes after an earlier court ruling that the tribe holds groundwater rights dating back to the creation of its reservation in the 1870s.
That ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals stands. But the federal judge ruled this time that the tribe “does not have standing to pursue its quantification and quality claims.”
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