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Sep 12, 2021 31 tweets 20 min read

#HopkinsFire reported at 2:01 PM 9/12 off Hopkins St in Calpella.

🔥20x20 ft spot fire

Map is approximate. Follow this thread for updates. 👇 #HopkinsFire burning in #Calpella in #MendocinoCounty
—2:09 PM 9/10—
🔥1 acre burning in the Russian River drainage.

Support from CAL FIRE requested.
Sep 11, 2021 16 tweets 4 min read
My step-grandpa, Carl Richard Bischoff, died in Arizona yesterday after a five year fight with multiple myeloma. One of the most altruistic men I've ever known, he stepped in as a surrogate grandfather to me when my stepmom, BJ, became part of our family.

1/16 Almost 15 years ago we both under went surgeries- me dental surgery and Carl for colon cancer- like two freshman college roommates we were holed up together unexpectedly at BJ's house - eating soft foods, hopped up on pain killers and watching bad television for a week.
Sep 10, 2021 8 tweets 8 min read

#DiamondFire reported at 1:42 PM 9/10 near Diamond J Ranch, 17825 Spruce Rd Ext, Middletown

🔥1-2 acres
🔥Slow rate of spread
✈️ Air attack requested


Map is approximate.

I will update THIS THREAD with updates. 👇 ImageImage #DiamondFire in #Middletown in #LakeCounty.

—1:55 PM 9/10—
✈️ Air attack has arrived

—1:58 PM 9/10—
🔥1-3 acres
🔥Slow rate of spread

🎥… Image
Sep 10, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read

#VineyardFire reported at 9:27 AM 9/10 as a fire started by a lightning strike outside of Cloverdale, yet in Mendocino County.

🚁Helicopters are working the fire
🔥1/4 acre just east of Cloverdale Peak

Follow this thread for updates 👇 Image #VineyardFire
—10:50 AM 9/10—

Fire is “looking good” and “not much smoke” from the air crews working the fire.
Sep 10, 2021 10 tweets 6 min read

#RockFire reported at 11:06 PM 9/9 east of Hopland in Mendocino County. Waiting on EXACT location of fire.

Crews have been trying to make access since 11:10 PM 9/9. They're almost there.

Follow THIS THREAD for updates. 👇 #RockFire
—12:12 AM 9/10—

🔥30-40 acres
🔥Slow rate of spread
✈️ Night air attack requested.

Night attack is working Caldor Fire, but they will come to Rock if needed.

🎥… Image
Sep 10, 2021 10 tweets 6 min read

#WallFire reported 9:55 PM 9/9 as flames in a field near 1100 Wall Rd in Napa.


Unfortunately, the camera keeps moving.

I will update THIS THREAD for the time being with any new information. 👇 Image This is on the Napa-Sonoma border, honestly. Just east of Sugarloaf State Park.
Sep 1, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read


There is "an alarming trend" of evacuated residents leaving irrigation, garden hoses, and sprinklers on roofs following evacuation orders in attempts to protect property. 1/5 "As a result, Lake Tahoe Public Utility Districts and water purveyors are experiencing drawdowns in their water supply since evacuation warnings and orders went into effect."

Neighborhood water tanks & wells are at maximum capacity and being drawn down. 2/5
Sep 1, 2021 39 tweets 34 min read
Here is a thread of places offering discounts and freebies for you during this trying time. New offerings will be added ASAP. Call ahead to verify, as needed! Please RT. 🍽️FREE LUNCH & DINNER🍽️ for #DixieFire & #CaldorFire evacuees and survivors at FISH in #CarsonCity, NV. No questions asked! They serve it daily from 11:30 AM-5 PM. 775-882-FISH (3474)
Sep 1, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
MEDIA: I know you are distracted by new shiny things but the #DixieFire is still burning. More evacuations yesterday. More homes and structures are being lost. A lot of resentment is circulating amongst evacuees and survivors. Don’t forget them. Because they will remember this. And this mainly refers to Northern California media. No one cares from national media anymore and I don't expect them too with the Caldor situation. Except maybe industry news.
Sep 1, 2021 41 tweets 38 min read
Here are ways you can donate to help survivors & evacuees. Remember, cash is always preferred! This list will be updated regularly. Thank you for your donations! 👇 🐻GOLD COUNTRY WILDLIFE RESCUE🐻
@gcwrescue is helping to rescue, rehabilitate, and release WILD animals impacted by the Caldor Fire. Donate:
Aug 31, 2021 6 tweets 4 min read
🙋VOLUNTEERS NEEDED🙋 #DixieFire #CaldorFire
Here is a list of volunteer opportunities to help evacuees, survivors, and animals impacted by these fires. New opportunities will be posted.👇 ⛑️RED CROSS OF NORTHERN NEVADA⛑️
Needs volunteers to help provide relief and support to evacuees at the many evacuation centers in the region. Apply online or contact or call (775) 225-3392.…
Aug 31, 2021 20 tweets 5 min read
I've been thinking about a lot of folks writing/Tweeting about how "we never thought this could happen" to the Tahoe Basin.

I disagree. A lot of people did. Tom McClintock did! Obama did! Heck, I did (but I've been blabbing the whole state will burn since 2017)!


1/17 1. In the 1870s much of the basin was cut for timber. In the 1880s you'd see large trees that were not cut down in the 1870s with a lot of space between them. Today, the forests are overwhelmed with trees and little space.

Aug 31, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
Good evening new followers! Welcome! 🤗
-I'm an independent professional journalist who uses social media to report on wildfires. I'm a proud member of the @SPJ_NorCal and the National Press Club.
-I report on Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Lake, Solano, Marin and portions of Yolo.
1/ -I also dabble in other regions if I know the landscape or community. For example, you might see me posting resources/info about Caldor Fire.
-I also report about Sonoma-related food and politics.
Aug 31, 2021 11 tweets 4 min read
#CALDORFIRE Press Conference thread 👇 5:30 PM 8/30. I will post anything of interest below.

-Fire crews are being challenged in Echo Lake.

-Fire has down into Christmas Valley and Meyers. Not impacting structures at this moment. Lots of 🚒 resources in area. #CALDORFIRE Press Conference thread 👇

Per CAL FIRE: We have been preparing to deal with fires in Tahoe for a while and more resources are en route.

Firefight will continue over next few days due to spot fires, dry conditions. Next two days will give better assessment.
Aug 28, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Nothing says "I'll be damned" when your smooth jazz ("But I hate Kenny G!") loving friend begs you to go see Dave Koz at Charles Krug nine months ago and you agree. Low and behold, the day finally comes and the air quality sucks and it's 100 degrees.... get out your Cambridge N95 mask (and loan one to her), put on a cute dress you'll get dry cleaned, and tell yourself "it's like hanging out at the Alley Cat back in the day when people could smoke inside."
Nov 30, 2020 11 tweets 5 min read
Gov Newsom has said that if ICU and hospitalizations don't stabilize or decline purple counties will go back to stay at home orders again with some modifications. He said they will be assessing the situation in the next day or two. #California #COVID19 That would put 51 counties back on a form of shelter-in-place similar to what we experienced in the spring.

This is via the Gov's daily press conference.
Nov 2, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read


❎Aggressive questioning of voters about citizenship, criminal record, or other qualifications to vote
❎Falsely presenting oneself as an election official/poll worker
❎Spreading false info abt voter requirements (i.e. ability to speak English, photo ID - not a requirement in all states)

Oct 2, 2020 17 tweets 6 min read
TWEET THREAD - Evening report from CAL FIRE about #GlassFire TODAY. This is from a Facebook post (link will be posted at end).

👇👇👇👇👇 #GlassFire CAL FIRE evening FB report

Red Flag winds haven't really surfaced.
We will see those winds increasing overnight.
Smoke is starting to clear = wind surfacing.
Red Flag was extended into Saturday morning.
Oct 1, 2020 16 tweets 10 min read

In this feed I will tweet any new information about the fire as presented by CAL FIRE to media.

Fire is pushing towards Oakville community. Resources actively engaged in structure defense and suppression.
Oct 1, 2020 7 tweets 4 min read
🚨Whitehall Ln to Bella Oaks including...
🚨S of end of Bella Oaks Ln w to SoCo line N of Oakville Grade/Dry Creek Rd, W of Hwy 29, up to 500 block of Wall Rd

Please prepare to leave if asked
📢Bella Ln to Oakville Grd including...
📢S end of Bella Oaks Ln to SoCo Line north of Oakville Grde/Dry Creek Rd, W of Hwy 29, up to 500 block of Wall

Oct 1, 2020 22 tweets 19 min read
Here is your #GLASSINCIDENT report for 10/1. This comprises the #GlassFire #ShadyFire and #BoysenFire. These fires have all merged into the GLASS FIRE.

📸: Morning from Mt St Helena

✅56,781 acres (up from 51,266)
✅5% containment (up from 2%)
✅26,623 threatened (up from 26,290)
✅Cause is under investigation