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APAC, China analyst. Passionate abt past & future & democracy. History, int’l relations PhD. Futurist. Proud EU citizen. Opinions mine. RTs, likes=interesting
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23 Dec 19
A thread about European single market that certainly isn’t a common one when operators and telecom market are concerned. According to SCMP, out of 50 commercial contracts that Huawei has signed, 28 are with operators in Europe, incl. Deutsche Telecom (new deals freezed), 1/
Vodafone Spain, Vodafone UK, EE (UK), Elisa(Finland), Orange(Spain), NOS(Portugal) &many more. Although Huawei’s equipment has triggered national security concerns, n even that the European Commission in March issued a non-binding recommendation on Cybersecurity of 5G networks 2/
but without a binding strategy and regulation (or standard) on 5G security, the decisions are left with individual member states and in many cases de facto individual telecoms operators. Markets are fragmented with tens of different security standards. Simultaneously, 3/
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1 Nov 19
Twitter Friends, let’s go conspiracy theoretic. Have I become paranoid or was this strange? Friday night at 6pm, I got a no ID call:
“I am calling fr Kowloon (!!!) doing a Hong Kong demographics survey, takes only a few minutes”. A slight Indian female accent addressing me 1/
on my name & checking it’s me. Yes. (Then my daughter shouts fr side: never admit anything and I am like “what did I do?”?) Then the caller: how long have U been in HK?
Me: where are you calling fr again?
She: this is a demographics survey.
Me: how do you know me and my name?
She: We hv a research departm.
Me: I am not a Hongkonger, why do you call me?
She: It’s ok, this only takes a few min. How long have u been in HK & hv you been in your current job the whole time?
Me: I don’t feel comfortable w your survey.
She: Hang up.

Paranoid yes/no?

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12 May 19
Pointing that the US is the root cause of the trade war hints that China’s unfair trade practices should have been quietly accepted. It so terribly easy for liberal Europeans to point finger to one direction while keeping conveniently quiet of anything “uncomfortable”.
The above makes one wonder if liberal Europeans are actually relieved that Trump believes in unilateralism instead of engaging the European allies (as many observers say he should). Europeans can keep on dreaming of the lost globalisation in their convenient bubble. #IamEuropean
What I am crying after here is for the Europeans to start to show some spine, start to defend their true values instead of just conveniently enjoying them.
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