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Why Wasn’t #Netanyahu Ever Indicted in the US?
Milchan-Netanyahu nuclear trigger smuggling caper impunity
In 2002 Richard Kelly was sentenced to a very mild prison sentence for selling Nuclear Triggers to Israel in the eighties.
BenjaminNetanyahu worked at Heli Trading and was active in this nuclear smuggle ring.

A former Pentagon analyst was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison on Friday for passing U.S. defense information to two pro-Israel lobbyists and for sharing classified information with an Israeli diplomat.…
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💠Condemnation of the Iranian regime by international figures for launching a new wave of arrests and imprisonment of dissidents in #Iran.
1️⃣ ISJ Urges @UN to Secure Release of Iran’s Political Prisoners.
💠The international condemnation of the #Iran'ian regime for #HumanRightsViolations & the start of a massive wave of arrests of dissidents.

2️⃣ #Nobel Laureates Call for Release of Elite Iranian Students.
💠Internl Condemnation of #Iran'ian Elite Students’ Arrest & Calls 4 @UN to Intervene

3️⃣ The #Romanian Parliamentarian Committee for a #FreeIran condemned the Iranian regime’s arrest & torture of 2 Iranian elite students, #AmirHossainMoradi & #AliYounesi…
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Ein Antifaschist ist nur der, der gegen jede Art von Faschismus ist, egal von wem gegen wen.
Anti-Kartoffeln/"Antideutsche" Translantifa, mit Deutungshoheit über die Antifa, bedingungslos hinter NATO/Israel stehend &sich selber faschist. Methoden bedienend, sind keine #Antifa!
#Antifa Sind Verfassungsschutz-finanzierte Anti-Kartoffeln = die deutschesten aller deutschen "Antideutschen" als brave Transl-Antifa ohne Antikapitalismus wirklich noch Linke? Oder sind sie nicht längst als Handlanger in die herrschende Klasse gewechselt?
#Antifa #Translantifa Sobald die US/NATO/EU im Spiel ist gibt es keine Nazis und keinen Faschismus, oder es gibt keine Jobs in den Systemmedien ...
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while international community remain visibly silent, when it comes to #yemen, #SaudiArabia is facing astonishing ambitious western pressure, when it comes to the detention of a #Prince.
a #thread.
Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz and his father are held in detention since January 2018.
After being detained for around a year in the high-security Al-Ha'ir prison near #Riyadh and later in a private villa with his father Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, 2/
the prince, "who who apparently espoused no political ambitions" was "moved to a secret detention site in March, multiple sources told AFP."
"He was mysteriously returned to the villa last week to be reunited with his father, three of those sources said." 3/
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New. "Which of following statements comes closest to the EU's role in your country during coronavirus?"

"The EU helped my country"
Germans 40%
French 41%
Italians 30%

"The EU has not helped my country"
Germans 60%
French 59%
Italians 70%

Redfield & Wilton May 22-25
"What is your interpretation of how the EU and member states responded to the coronavirus crisis"

"Member states acted together, as one"
Germans 18%
French 13%
Italians 9%

"Member states acted separately, on their own"
Germans 71%
French 73%
Italians 83%
"There should have been more economic support from the EU & less affected member states to help badly affected states"

Germans 45%
French 69%
Italians 85%

"Neither agree nor disagree"
Germans 34%
French 21%
Italians 10%

Germans 12%
French 3%
Italians 2%
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Is It Safe to Reopen Schools? The empirical evidence and a growing body of scientific work say yes. My piece via ⁦…
Researchers and European authorities said the absence of any notable clusters of infection in reopened elementary schools so far suggested that children aren’t significant spreaders of the new #coronavirus in society.…
Denmark became the first Western country to reopen schools on April 15; infections among all age groups have been decreasing since.
“Our interpretation is that it may be that the children aren’t that important for the spread of infection,” @TyraTgv said.…
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Gary Miller: if you read nothing else today.

If you voted them in, you’re an idiot.
If this shit doesn’t make you seethe with rage at the level of criminal negligence, you’re an idiot. If you think “Boris is doing a good job”, you’re an idiot. Below, is an accurate timeline
of recent events. People need to be put in prison, regardless of who they are.
I know It's unfathomable people are still defending this shower
December 31st China alerts WHO to new virus.

January 23rd Study reveals a third of China’s patients require intensive care.

January 24th Boris Johnson misses first Cobra meeting.

January 29th Boris Johnson misses second Cobra meeting.
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The #GeorgeFloydMurder is the latest in a long history of #racist atrocities visited on Black people & minorities in the US & elsewhere.

If u are in some position of authority, power, privilege & have a public platform you need to speak up and be counted. A v personal #thread
I am brown of Indian origin, but when asked, I always say I don't really know what #racism looks like, I have almost never experienced it, and I am in a position of power and privilege so I don't think its appropriate for me to speak about it. But today, I write about it here ...
I grew up in India, when to the @LSEnews & took a investment banking job at #Lehman. When I flew back to #India, I went to the UK embassy in Delhi to get my work visa. That was my first #racist encounter. He barked at me, said he could turn me down coz "too many of us in the UK"
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Starting at 9: @EP_Environment Committee debating the #EUClimateLaw

Look out for:
-Lead MEP @JytteGuteland supporting 65% emissions reduction
-What others in @TheProgressives say
-Committee president @pcanfin's take
-Live updates from us!

The good, not so good & how to fix it in @JytteGuteland's #EUClimateLaw report. A thread 👇

✅ 65% by 2030
✅ Climate neutrality targets per sector
✅ EU Panel on Climate Change to advise on targets
✅ Approach based on carbon "left in the budget”
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Cause of #WorldWar2 - are we leading into #worldwar3 - seems highly likely

1. Treaty of Versailles
2. Japanese Expansion
3. Fascism
4. Hitler and the Nazi Party
5. Appeasement
6. Great Depression

#India #Nepal #America #China #Pakistan #Australia #EU #Britian #Africa
1. Treaty of Versailles (US China trade war)
2. Japanese Expansion (Chinese Expansion)
3. Fascism ( Nationalist govt around d world )
4. Hitler and the Nazi Party ( Modi rise of RSS Hindutva BJP party India)
5. Appeasement (South Asia )
6. Great Depression ( Covid19 aftermath)
#worldwar3 #america #canada #huawei #nepal #india #eu #britian #australia #japan #russia #pakistan

If history has taught us something every war started mainly due to #worldwar1 causes:

1. Mutual Defense Alliances
2. Imperialism
3. Militarism
4. Nationalism
5. Immediate Cause:
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@KrahMax 1. Der #Wiederaufbaufond ist doch nichts anderes als der #EuroBond, eine Vergemeinschaftung der Staatsschulden in der #EU und der Dummdeutsche, mit der schwarzen Null & den höchsten Abgaben, darf die Zeche bezahlen!
@KrahMax 2. Idiotenland #Deutschland zahlt jetzt fast €100 Milliarden netto in den #Wiederaufbau-Fond & bekommt €29 Milliarden.

Die #AfD muß hinterfragen wer genau die Milliarden bekommt: #GreenEnergy & digitaler Aufbau - Wer sind die Firmen, die hier Milliarden abschöpfen?
@KrahMax 3. Und wie viele der Milliarden des #Wiederaufbau-Fond fließen wieder in die Tasche von Beratern (#VonDerLeyen's Freunde bei #McKinsey)?
Wie viele Milliarden fließen in die Tasche von Firmen an den Politiker in den "Empfangsländern"(vorallem #Italien & #Spanien) beteiligt sind?
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A first reaction to the @EU_Commission announcement of the #recoveryfund #mff and other aspects of the Euro 750 billion #fiscalstimulus package to be launched by @vonderleyen today ...

A twitter #thread

"it is too little, it is too late and it may end up being watered down"
My initial reaction and response to the Franco-German #recoveryfund proposal was captured here on @POLITICOEurope and remains largely true ...…

This is not a macro economic significant sum
Nor is it a step towards a #fiscalunion or even just #eurobonds
According to @Reuters #Italy will get Euro 82 billion in grants and euro 91 billion in loans. #Spain will get euro 77 billion in grants and 63 billion in loans. Italian and Spanish GDP in 2019 was Euro 2,000 billion and Euro 1,400 billion and may fall by euro 300/200 billion 2020
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The #UK and #EU may not reach a trade deal by end of transition. What would ‘no trade deal’ look like?
NEW @UKandEU report tells you everything you need to know.
Spoiler alert: #WTO terms will make trade between the UK and EU more difficult. THREAD…
Before I get to the substance, I want to thank @CSBarnard24, @hayward_katy, @DavidHenigUK, @hhesterm, @EmilijaLeinarte, @SamuelMarcLowe, @StevePeers, @CoppetainPU, @jdportes, @jillongovt & @NLehl.
The report is an updated version of a version we first published in 2018.
The UK is a member of the @wto.
Post #Brexit, it must establish an independent presence separate from the #EU.
The UK’s commitments—pledges about the level of access it gives—are currently bundled up with those of the EU. The UK now needs to disentangle its commitments.
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Tomorrow is #Venezuela Eid.

A flotilla of 5 #Iran tankers w/ gasoline & alkylate (to improve the quality of domestic gasoline) for 1,800 gasoline stations starved, is approaching the Caribbean, with the 1st vessel expected to reach it tomorrow Sunday. Image
US sanctions prohibiting the sale of oil products to #Venezuela. US oil service providers ceased their operations in the country, contributing to the country’s oil collapse. Only 10% of #Venezuela capacity of 1.3 million barrels per day is delivered due to lack of refineries.
#Venezuela fuel produced is low octane as most of the country's alkylation units are out of service. Imported alkylate could improve the quality of domestic gasoline.
Venezuela has not only lost access to the US oil market but has also lost access to the US financial system.
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#EU #Palestine #Isrsel #Terror #Aid

The EU appears to continue to fund non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Palestinian territories that employ terrorists. An EU representative also assured the Palestinian NGOs that a new EU counter-terrorism clause would not change this.
On August 23, a cell of the PFLP terrorist group carried out an explosive attack and murdered teenage girl Rina Shnerb, 17, her father and brother were seriously injured.
After Israeli security forces smashed the terror network, the investigators found that several of the arrested worked for Palestinian NGOs, some of them in senior positions. The organizations are funded by the EU.
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At an unprecedented time of crisis that one hopes will never recur, when all other taboos 1) state aid 2) open borders 3) GCC declaring ECB / ECJ decisions illegal 4) unprecedented domestic aid schemes etc have been broken, this was a time to break the real taboo on fiscal union
And that opportunity has now been missed. The taboo that has been broken is a small one that is at best incremental (aid to poorer MS already happens and so does EC/EU borrowing) when what was needed was the taboo of fiscal union to be broken, even if the magnitude were modest
I don’t think Euro 500 billion spread over 3-4 years is a “huge” sum given magnitude of what is happening. Given limits on asymmetry of capital key vs. grant key it’s unlikely to be more than 2% of gdp. Add constraints on asymmetry of QE imposed by @BVerfG Italy may be worse off
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The #COVID19 is the the global transformational reset button for the fourth industrial revolution sought by those World Economic Forum et al. We witness a global consolidation of power, inclusive of UN & WHO as the 4IR rolls out. Data & nature: the post2020 coveted class assets.
#WEF: "We partner w/ governments, leading companies, civil society, & experts from around the world to co-design & pilot innovative new approaches to policy & governance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

#2020Reset #IoT #5G #Blockchain #AI

#WEF Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Founding Partners:

MESS Turkey
Motsepe Foundation
Reliance Industries
Kaiser Permanente
Koç Holding
Latham & Watkins
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AnyVision - Face Recognition Technology Intro
Introduction to our cutting edge AI based facial recognition technology.

Israeli Face Recognition Startup AnyVision to Deploy Thermal Cameras at Tel Aviv Hospital
Face recognition startup AnyVision Interactive Technologies will deploy thermal cameras at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. #coronavirus…
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Coming late to the story but I can’t be the ONLY one thinking the “Hamiltonian” “Game-Changing” [insert your superlative here] Franco-German #RecoveryFund proposal is in fact neither “a Hamilton moment” nor Game-Changing nor, in fact, even adequate ... “Much Ado About Not Much”
It only offers a modest (and temporary) increase in the spending ceiling of the European Commission budget 4 a limited period of time to borrow and and transfer an additional euro 500 billion over 3-4 years. As a % of EU GDP it’s less than 1% of GDP/ year so macro insignificant
There are limits to how asymmetric the grants can be with no country likely to get more than twice its share so 2% of GDP or so. Is that helpful to a country like Spain of Italy? Yes! Is that game changing? Not at all. In economies contracting by 10%-20% its a palliative at best
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Das erst 135 Milliarden Euro vor Zinsen "Solidaritätsgeschenk" unserer Regierung zu Lasten der hiesigen #Steuerzahler - genau auf die Weise wie es NICHT gemacht werden sollte!… via @manager_magazin
1. Die Dimension: alle wissen, dass es eher 2 Billionen sein werden, Kosten für #Deutschland in diesem Modell 540 Milliarden, 6.500 Euro/Kopf, mehr als 15% vom BIP
2. Gerechtigkeit: da die #Vermögen laut Credit Suisse relativ zum BIP bei uns geringer sind als in den Empfängerländern stellt sich die Frage, ob das gerecht ist. Bei uns Vermögen/BIP 3,8 in #Italien 5,5 (das hat nichts mit Verteilung zu tun)…
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Hey @DeutscheBank, you make a decision: make a #PositiveImpact to the fight against the #ClimateCrisis, or continue to support fossil fuels! A #Thread in english. #divest #followthemoney #gofossilfree #dbagm #BanksAgainstFuture
In 2019, the german climate activist @luisamneubauer said at the annual general meeting “It is the Deutsche Bank, which like no other bank, is stealing our future.” 💯 Whereupon CEO #Sewing announced "fewer projects to finance fossil fuels".… 2/12
In order to avoid a similar situation this year, a PR campaign was rolled out in advance and now advertises in a press release with "ambitious sustainability targets".… 3/12
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One of @MichelBarnier's complaints after the last round of #Brexit talks was that the #UK was seeking mutual recognition of qualifications for service providers on a similar basis to #EU member states. What does that mean? A short thread: 1/
#EU officials say that #Britain wants #UK lawyers and auditors, for example, to be able to operate in the #EU as they do now. "Today there seems to be a real lack of understanding of the automatic, mechanical consequences of leaving the single market," @MichelBarnier said. 2/
It's worth noting that, even within the single market, mutual recognition of qualifications for services providers is still very much a work in progress. This @EU_Commission webpage sets it out well:… 3/
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Very pessimistic @TheEconomist editorial on #EU this issue. Fully agree with the failings/challenges identified but editorial distorts the Union’s history in two ways. 1. Says that EU has had a ‘sense of direction’ in the past & this time EU has lost its way. @BrigidLaffan
1. At the end of the 1970s following the two oil crises, EU had many common problems but no agreement on direction/solutions. Found that direction in SEA & single market. In fact @TheEconomist was also very concerned by EU capacity to govern. @BrigidLaffan
2. Treaty change which the editorial suggests was continuous was in fact episodic. First major treaty change post Rome took almost 30 years-treaty change not the EU norm for much of its history. We should expect treaty change to be episodic. @BrigidLaffan
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